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Kristen Stewart's Cheating Guilt Consumes Her!

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kristen stewart affair consumes her conscious

Like the sweet, sweet blood of Edward's desire, the guilt of cheating on Robert Pattinson consumes Kristen Stewart to the 10th degree!

Her conscious has been ripping away at her ever since the day she was photographed with Rupert. Immediately calling it quits after the heated car-sesh, she knew she had wronged the most beloved man in all of Young Hollywood.

And then he moved out of their Los Feliz home into Reese's ranch — cutting off all contact with KStew, leaving her to rue the affair even more. One source tells People:

"Kristen's sad and upset and desperately wishes she could turn back the clock."

But sigh… she can't.

So what's a girl to do?? Hang with Jodie Foster, that's what!! While Robert seeks a listening ear with Reese, she finds one in Jodie.

Meanwhile, the Twilight stars are totally TEAM EDWARD on this one. Yeesh… it's gonna be a rough promo tour for KStew!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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57 comments to “Kristen Stewart's Cheating Guilt Consumes Her!”

  1. 1

    I think she should, but she's not only to blame, Rupert and her should be equally blamed. They both made the choices to carry on the affair, and they both should deal with the consequences. They put a wife, two kids, and a boyfriend on the line. Their adults and knew what they were doing, yes people make mistakes, but this one was huge, what is his wife gonna tell the kids, Kristen and Rupert publicly humiliated both his wife and her boyfriend.

  2. fancypants6 says – reply to this


    Oh my Lord! Let this story rest already! We all know she feels awful… and that Rob is not taking her back… and that he is Reese's ranch…. and that he is still in LA, not London…. and no one has heard much of anything from Rupert… enough already. Team Jacob!! Forget about it… move onto other things.

  3. 3

    sucks for her.. she's probably going to get booed at the premieres..

  4. Valentina says – reply to this


    she is the one that fell for her boss..
    she is the one that put her car for the cheating
    she is the one tha put her body for him to lick it
    there is nothing wrong with sex, however, in a car, with praying eyes surely spotting at them, ugh what stupid little brain of both of them..stupidity epitome

  5. Cupcake says – reply to this


    What happened to not being a bully? Cause you are currently being the worst kind. People cheat, get over it. You are hurting the people who got cheated on more because you insist on dragging it through the mud and making it a public issue instead of a private one.

  6. bncp says – reply to this


    Rob is not Edward in reality life, as we know he had said he does not agree with Edward's dealing with some way. So why Rob should take cheating Kristen back to him, it is big humilite to him. Her affair is achiement to get future hollywood recognized with any director no matter what the man is Rrupig or someone. In order to make her hollywood carrer that she can do any thing, being grief attitude, regret to her sexual session. But please donit say you loves Rob again, you are not truly loves Rob. Your just a disgusting girl makes people sick.

  7. janet says – reply to this


    Conscience not conscious. Look it up.

  8. JulieQ says – reply to this


    Yes Perez, you're being so SO mean that it's getting annoying. Have some compassion.

  9. emmcee47 says – reply to this


    Re: janet – Thank God someone else caught that too. I'm getting sick of the errors.

  10. 10

    Seriously Perez, GET A FUCKING LIFE. Stop with this fucking Kristen Stewart hate, we get it already. These aren't even fucking stories, its just you being an inconsiderate asshole.

  11. 11

    Okay, first of all, it's "conscience". To be "conscious" is to be awake. I highly doubt Stewart is being eaten alive by her awakeness (which I don't think is even a word).

    Secondly, it really is a weak jab to say that an entire cast of adults is lining up to take sides like this is "High School Musical" or something. Get a grip, wouldja? Yeesh, indeed.

  12. Amy says – reply to this


    So I guess when she arrived at lax from Australia promoting swath and Had2bu was written on her hand that Rupert could have been the one who wrote it or Kristin about Rupert and all the fans were going nuts thinking that was her message to Rob.

  13. 13

    Who knows what's real and what is for publicity? Amazing how these major scandals surface whenever a movie needs to be premoted… If she did cheat, I don't blame the man for breaking up and moving on… You don't really love and respect someone if you cheat on them, and who can ever trust and respect a cheater again?

  14. Trinty says – reply to this


    It is ashame but she did it to herself. Now she has to deal with it.

  15. Smh says – reply to this


    I bet Rupert told her that he won't leave his family and now Kristin is trying to back peddle, her safety net is gone now.

  16. 16

    This is mean. you sound creepy happy about the situation.

  17. jdaher says – reply to this


    She is being judged extremely harsh. I am not condoning infidelity, but, after all, Kristen sounds remorseful and lest not forget she is human! Perez, stop judging Kristen and being mean spirited about her mistake!!!!!!

  18. jdaher says – reply to this


    Re: JulieQ – Completely agree with you! JulieQ I am getting so irritated at Perez Hilton, he is bullying Kristen for her mistake.

  19. Virginia says – reply to this


    Am I the only one who thinks that Sanders fell for Kristen because she is a younger version of his wife?
    Seriously pathetic. Thank our youth-driven culture. Not that this is the only reason he cheated on his wife, but when you look at pics of them beside each other (Kristen and his wife) it's really icky.

  20. 20

    Re: jdaher – Against bullying myself, but I'd hardly call it a mistake…cheating is a deliberate choice, one which carries a consequence…merely stating the obvious.

  21. Virginia says – reply to this


    Re: Rosette Nebula
    I totally agree. "Cheating" requires action, not just thought or words. If you're willing to complete the action of cheating, then you should be prepared for the reality of consequences.
    Calling it a "mistake" is so stupid. "My tongue just fell into her mouth, it was such a horrible mistake." Really?

  22. 22

    Re: Virginia – hahaha exactly!

  23. this blows says – reply to this


    I was a huge Robsten fan before all this and then for the past week I really hated Kristin and couldn't look at her but now I have been looking at a lot of pics of her before the scandal and I just can't stay mad at her. I love her and can't help it, she is so damn pretty and I love all her facial expressions and I like her acting too. I hate that she hurt Rob but I am still a fan I now realize. Yeah now I can go back to enjoying Twilight….I miss Robsten though so I still can't go back to my robsten wallpapers :-(

  24. 24

    It pisses me off when cheaters say they regret it or they feel remorse. You knew what you were doing when you were fucking the dude. Did they both suddenly get amnesia when they were together and forgot that he was married with children and that the man that she was messing with had a wife and kids?! Uh NO! They're both idiots.

  25. 25

    Being in the same industry as her, im sure Pattinson knows what these series of articles do for KStew. They are letting her appear hurt and sorry for what she did. Too bad he knows that it's nothing but media damage control. =) Since she cant do anything about him now, she's frantically saving all she can about her career and fan perception of her. After all, she still needs more money from us by way of more movies.

  26. Mitch says – reply to this


    She's young and hot, she'll be fine.

  27. Michelle says – reply to this


    Just leave them alone! It doesn't matter what we think or do, this is between them! Everyone has issues and deals with things in differnt ways. Let them deal with it themselves, its not a fun thing to handle either way!

  28. suckitracistscum says – reply to this


    oh good grief. "conscience" not "conscious". basic literacy is important if you make a living writing - even if it is a rag of a website.

  29. 29

    Why do you give so much blame to Kristen and not to that piece of sh!t Rupert! Yes, Kristen was wrong. Fine. But she is 22, and he is a grown assed man in his 40s with a wife & kids. He was her director. She didn't cheat all by herself.
    It sounds like Kristen is owning her part in it, but no one seems tocare about the creep who was in it with her. He is hiding behind his wife and kids and staying out of sight. He needs to own this and take some of the load off Kristen. I'd say she is 40% to blame and he is 60%. At least.

  30. MD. GOLAM KIBRIA says – reply to this



  31. 31

    Re: Britney1113 – Rupert just let her know that she was an easy lay, thats all to it

  32. 32

    shes not sorry she has 40 million and blockbuster not sorries

  33. 33

    Re: lemonbird – you blame her because she took Robs Clothes and jewellery to a date with another man, who does that. She even has the promise Ring on. She is a sick person

  34. 34

    In my opinion, people don't just cheat if they are in a happy, healthy relationship. I'm not condoning cheating, I've been cheated on and it sucks. But, how about you try to be just the tiniest bit open to the idea that maybe…..just maybe Robert Pattinson is not the perfect human being you envision either…..that it's not all black and white……that it might just be a complex issue that nobody aside from the two of them will ever fully know or understand and as such you should quit being so OCD about "reporting" every single thing a friend of a friend of a friend of the dog walker has to say and get on with some other stuff once in a while???

  35. Kelly Negle says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart is a CHEATER!! There is never an excuse for cheating ! You know what your doing and when your doing it ! You know your hurting someone ! Plus almost all the time someone finds out and gets the word out to your boyfriend or fiance . JUST BECAUSE YOUR YOUNG IS NOT AN EXCUSE!!!! An excuse for young people is getting drunk , sneaking to a party , and cursing alot . CHEATING IS WRONG !!! So she can stop trying to get the sympathy vote because she will never get all of the twihards back . I refuse to watch her movies. After the hunger games came out i stopped caring about twilight . So to Kristen Stewart I say ENJOY THE KARMA CHICA!!!!

  36. 36

    I was shocked when she admitted to it right away. Who does that in Hollywood? I was impressed but at the same time, a little dissapointed. They are both to blame, but I hold the old, married man with kids responsible. You know what I also noticed, Kristen is a cheater. When you say, 'once a cheater, always a cheater.' you don't really assoiciate it with women. But didn't she cheat on her actor boyfriend with Rob?

  37. 37

    your little description of her feelings is pathetic. You are such a homo. Like you have any fucking clue how she feels, or if she cut anything off right away, or if she's still fucking the dude. Idiot.

  38. Keith says – reply to this


    I disagree. Rupert deserves MUCH more of the blame.

    a) He's married
    b) He's her boss
    c) He's older and should know better

    She is a 22 year old that cheated on her boyfriend. That is it. She was not married and she got seduced by her boss. Now SHE is being shamed by the internet more than the man who turned his back on his wife and family to take advantage of a position of power and a hot vulnerable girl?

    Give her a break. She made a mistake. I want to believe that the attention is because she is famous but the harsh reality is that its likely because she is a woman. Either stop printing this kind of story, or remind everyone that her folly was small in comparison to her boss's. I'm pretty sure if this were any other industry, he would be fired.

  39. poopin says – reply to this


    10th degree, huh? try "Nth" degree, not 10th!

  40. 40

    I don't like Twilight. I think it's one of the most horribly written cliche love stories around. But I do like Kristen and Rob. I like them as actors and as a couple. But I agree with most of the people that already commented. It takes two to tango and the Rupert is equally to blame. I'd like to see Rob and Kristen work things out but the only way that's ever going to happen is if Rob gets his head out of his ass and talks to her. Everyone keeps saying how he's refusing to talk to her. She has nothing left to loose, she admitted to what she had done, which is rare on and of itself, and is trying to make things right. There's no reason for her to lie. I'm not saying he has to take her back but he should at least try to have a civilized conversation with her. They're actors but they're still just people, who make mistakes. They're young and if this situation has made Kristen realize that they only person she wants to be with is Rob and Rob can find it in his heart to forgive her, they can work it out.

  41. 41

    You go on about bullying all the time and how horrible it is, then you treat Kristen Stewart this way, stop bullying her and leave her alone- Get a freaking life.

  42. anna says – reply to this


    Rob should realize that she showed him who she really is: a selfish spoiled brat who only loves herself. He should dump her and find a woman who deserves him.

  43. Gofrogp says – reply to this


    Thank God they don't still burn witches at the stake!!!!!
    She' s 22…leave her alone…go focus on how to be better people

  44. 44

    Everyone who reads these posts, then comments these posts, then goes to read the newest ones and bitch about those are mega hypocrites… get over it. Its his site, he can post what he wants, and if you really didn't like it you wouldn't be here.

  45. Lucia says – reply to this


    God damn it, cut her some slack! I'm not saying what she did was right, but come on! He is the one who has a wife and kids. And instead of talking about 'the affair', everyone is talking about kristen. And by the way, everyone makes mistakes. We learn from them and move on. But the media is making it extremely hard on kristen. Let them heal..!

  46. 46

    I may be wrong, but I have always thought Kristen was gay! The fact that she is hanging out with Jodie Foster makes me think I am right!
    She cheated because she is trying to find herself!

  47. 47

    This may have been a subconscious way out of a relationship for Kristen. It's a long relationship for someone of her age. She should have experience of more than one relationship at her time of life, otherwise how can she know what she wants. She's too young to commit. People are being too hard on her. And infidelity is very common. Being unfaithful doesn't make someone a bad person. She is a very professional actress but she's been acting since her childhood and not had a chance to develop a normal life. People are being too harsh.

  48. x says – reply to this


    Re: Valentina – Were you fkg there? No to that like everyone else. Stop putting the blame on just her. IT TAKES TWO. Fancypants6 is correct LET IT REST. you people talk like they are the only ones who cheat… and if you really think that you all are a bunch of L Square weenys with no life.

  49. chloe says – reply to this


    Maybe if we leave them alone, stop stalking them and taking photos, stop asking for interviews, maybe, just maybe then they would have the time to work things out. the media and the "fans" tweeting her abusive stuff is just going to make everything so much worse.

    It takes two to tango, Rupert isnt getting hate, he still has his family, i know cheating is wrong, but if they are going to take it to this extent with Kristen, they should be doing it to Rupert.

    Leave them alone and then they can figure it out like adults.

  50. strength says – reply to this


    Kristen should have told Rob she needed his help. Kristen is guilty of having a 'secret from Rob meeting' trying to unsuccessfully handle being pursued by her director boss. I don't call a meeting in broad daylight, in a public place, kisses from her director, wearing Rob's hat, an affair or cheating…I call it sexual harassment. Kristen looks uncomfortable in all those 'cheating pics,' and totally in love in the most recent pics with Rob, And had she had more time Kristen would have told Rob she tried to handle it unsuccessfully herself, it was revving up, and she needed his help–as her heart was always with Rob. Who goes to have an affair or cheat in broad daylight, in a pubic place, wearing Rob's hat–her heart was always with Rob. Kristen did the best with the little time she had with her public apology–as her heart was always with Rob. And, Kristen will continue to need Rob's help with this director. Kristen may have initially been flattered, feels guilty for not telling Rob sooner, and feels naive for how this all played out. Kristen is guilty for not telling Rob then, and Rob is guilty for not going to Kristen now. Rob if you don't wake up soon, you are going to lose the love of your life over public kissing. Make Kristen your fiancé and take as much time as you need to rebuild the trust for not being told sooner. Kristen has definitely learned–and she never stopped loving you.

  51. mcm says – reply to this


    why is it that Kristen seems to be portrayed as the villain of this entire cheating issue. Rupert - being the older and should have been wiser considering that he is married and has kids should have also thought about his own emotions twice, thrice, many times prior to winning a much, much younger Kristen. Rupert seems to be conveniently taking on the silence of the media and allowing Kristen to take all the blame.

  52. Samantha Smith says – reply to this


    This is ridiculous. Twilight saga is a movie its not real life. People cheat! It just happens. Love takes alot of hard work. Being in a relationship you say and do things you regret. Its not perfect like hollywood would like to portray it. People are flawed so relationships are ultimately flawed. I hate how hollywood creates this false image of how love is supposed to be and then we expect our partners to attain it. Kristina made a mistake. I dont support her decison but what happens is up to kristen and rob and is no ones business. No knows the ins and outs of their relationship or what happens behind closed doors. Give them a little privacy.

  53. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Oh for fuck's sake - Give it a rest TWI-TWITS. Your idol is a selfish, self-centered, thoughtless, immoral, cheating, TRAMPIRE! It's NOT RPatz fault, it's NOT RSanders fault - IT'S HER FAULT. She's an adults NOT a child. Embrace reality.

  54. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Samantha Smith – "I hate how hollywood creates this false image of how love is supposed to be and then we expect our partners to attain it"… lOlwhaaat??? Um, Love IS supposed to be something you can trust & I do expect for my partner to remain faithful. You TWI-TWITS are so fucking stupid; I hate that you can breed, lOlz!

  55. Samantha Smith says – reply to this


    Re: KStew is a TRAMPIRE – I am not a twi-twit and their is no need to be rude. I have a bachelor of science from CMU and applying for a master in social work and health administration. So maybe I am qualified to have children and raise them properly. In reference to your comment. I never said that I didnt expect my partner to be faithful rather I'm making the point that love is complicated and that its not pure bliss/romance. Also most people failures are their own not put on display for millions of peoples gossip/entertainment. I'm sure we have all messed up but aleast you or I didnt have millions of people watching.

  56. Richmond Auto Repair says – reply to this


    My brother suggested I may like this website. He was once totally right. This submit actually made my day. You can not consider simply how a lot time I had spent for this information! Thanks!

  57. Navin says – reply to this


    Is it guilt? Or is she just kicking herself for getting caught? It's funny how this 'guilt' only came after everyone had found out…..I'm sure that relationship had been going on for a while.