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5 comments to “twitter-it-is-still-legal-in-29-states”

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    I think that the government needs to back the fuck off when it comes to private industry. That means that it doesn't need to be telling me who I have to hire and how I have to go about firing someone. If I own a business and decide I don't want someone working for me anymore, it's MY business and the government needs to stay the fuck out and STFU. Here the thing, moron: If I decide I want to fire a flamer who works for me because his OTT flaming is detrimental to my business, in my eyes those are grounds for termination. That YOU don't like it is tough shit. Move on, pansy. Gays are such a tiny percentage of the population that they don't merit the attention they get these days. We have REAL issues to worry about like our economy. Just move on.

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    It should be legal in all 50 states!

  3. acey says – reply to this


    No..I think it sucks…but times are changing and people are finally getting a clue, Im not gay but feel everyone has the right to love and be loved by who they choose or want and to get fired of it?? Thats fucking wrong.

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    I've kind of got mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I do not believe in discrimanation, on the other hand, Yes Your Bore Me has some good points as well.

    As a victim of age discrimanition, I urge you to look into that. I am (involuntarilly) retired now after my job was sent to India and I know it is out there (on some job apps they ask when you graduated college or high school for example).

  5. Essence says – reply to this


    As this is a touchy subject, I'm going to use logic, and not personal opinion. North America is a continent that claims to be a God fearing, bible supporting people. The bible states that homosexuality is wrong, therefore legalizing homosexual marriage is a hypocrisy onto itself.