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Three Planes Almost Collided Above The Reagan National Airport!

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US Airways almost had three planes collide in air

So scary!

Three planes flying above the Reagan National Airport in Washington D.C. almost crashed into each other on Tuesday due to "miscommunication."

What could have been a disastrous incident occurred while air traffic controllers were making adjustments for landing and departing aircraft because of bad weather. 192 people aboard the three planes were just 12 seconds away from colliding at 400 mph!

Thankfully, the tragedy was avoided. The Federal Aviation Administration explained the situation by saying:

"During the switchover of operations, miscommunication between the Tracon and the DCA tower led to a loss of the required separation between two regional jets departing from Runway 1 and a regional jet inbound for Runway 19."

Sources say that all three plans were operated by US Airways. The airline has since issued a statement saying "we are currently investigating and working with the FAA to determine what occurred. The safety of our customers and employees is always our top priority."

We're just glad everything turned out okay, but sincerely hope that the airline industry LEARNS from this potentially deadly mistake.

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5 comments to “Three Planes Almost Collided Above The Reagan National Airport!”

  1. needsnews says – reply to this


    i crezyyy about this blog.

  2. needsnews says – reply to this


    hey god tu mane kyare aava plan ma beshvano chanse aapish?

  3. Simon says – reply to this


    So all three planes were US Airways aircraft and your picture shows… oh yeah, a British Airways plane. Well done! ^^

  4. 4

    Re: Simon – This was on the news last night, and the FAA made it VERY clear that the three planes were nowhere near collision. Perez is a lying douche who loves to create drama where none exists. I don't know why he's such an asshole.
    Re: needsnews – Yes, Perez, we know this is yet another one of your fake accounts to make it look to potential advertisers that some of your readers like you. And that's pretty fucking pathetic. Did it ever occur to your teeny, diseased brain that if you have to resort to that, that there's something really wrong with you and what you've been doing? You're an idiot.

  5. fact check says – reply to this


    For future reference, planes that are either landing or taking off are traveling no where near the speed of 400 mph. And since the planes were in different stages of landing and taking off, they were at completely different altitudes.

    Also the planes that were in this news story were all regional jets - aka much smaller than the 4 jet-engine plane you have pictured. Stop scaring the public!

    Otherwise, I like your blog