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20 comments to “facebook-are-all-the-homophobes-gonna-boycott-these”

  1. SMH says – reply to this


    Stop tossing around the word homophobe. Just because someone doesn't approve of same sex marriage doesn't mean they hate homosexuals

  2. 2

    i love the fact that you say whatever you want Perez! doesnt seem to matter what you do or say people will ALWAYS disagree and think that they are some how superior to you!! look at what you have made!! you have fans all over the planet!!! jealousy is a curse poeple ;) Let them haters hate!!!

  3. 3

    Once again, and as usual, you have it all ass backwards, Pumpkinhead. Your "homophobes" just want quality cars, good products, reliability, excellent service etc. irrespective of some pro-gay rating. What they don't want is to be told what kind of car to buy or sandwich to eat based on YOUR criteria.

  4. 4

    Re: TullyTooly – You're an idiot!

  5. 5

    This os so stupid. No company is 100% anything. The top guys in these companies may believe one thing but not every single worker thinks this way. I am positive there are homophobes working at all these companies. And I am positive that Chick-Fil-A has people working there who are for gay marriage. Workers who vote and donate money based on their individual stance. There could be a Starbucks worker who donates apart of his pay checks to the same organizations Chick-Fil-A does. A Starbucks worker whose extra hours and job in general is made possible by you and all the other costumers who keep Starbucks in business.
    I don't really care if you go to Chick-Fil-A or not, but to say that a company is 100% pro anything is stupid, because they aren't. A company includes every man and woman working there and I guarantee not all of them agree on anything.

  6. 6

    Again, a company uses donations for good PR(to get free advertising) by showing how they support people, not try to do harm to a group. If they support traditional marriages… donate to concealing groups to stop all the divorces going on in the country.

  7. 7

    Re: Cashmere Jay – What criteria did he give on this article? According to the 12 words above the picture, this information was supplied by the Human Rights Campaign, and only passed on by Perez…I think you might be stupid…Actually I know your stupid.

  8. 8

    ill say it again

    hiding ur hatred behind christianity is no longer acceptable so now they are trying to hide their hatred behind free speech again not acceptable and the politician that suggested they do it needs throwing out … bigotry has nowhere to hide

    i doubt all the 4wd driving people with the fat or deformed kids are going to stop guzzling the junk food long enough to think they are being hateful to a whole sector of society for no reason and impinging on basic human rights again for no reason but free speech is not a mask for bigotry im sorry …

  9. H93lo says – reply to this


    You always say people should have their own opinion, maybe not all of us support same sex marriage but don't oppose it either= honestly learn to respect our thoughts as we do yours

  10. 10

    Re: perez posse number 777

    DEFORMED kids??

    How dare you. Preaching tolerance and calling the disabled DEFORMED?

  11. 11

    I will only drink coke products if they abandon Chick-fil-a

  12. 12

    Really who the fuck gives a shit about all this crap people are people who they are is who they are. Perez grow the fuck up and quit whinning

  13. Jeff says – reply to this


    A smart corporation would not take a stance 1 way or another. It's just bad business.

  14. EyesWideOpen18 says – reply to this


    Why do you continue to be a hypocrite? I used to like you a long time ago and I continue to read your site, however, I find it ridiculous for a person to be just as prejudice and hateful against someone having a personal belief, which you are using your first amendment right to be completely closed minded to the other side like you say they are to "your" side. You do the same thing with bullying. You are so anti-bully yet you made a career of bullying celebs (A-Z list) and others to build your empire. You only use an argument if it benefits you Perez which is sad and teaches nothing but more hate. Who are you to say they are homophobic, when they are just stating they believe in traditional marriage? Not that you aren't allowed to be gay or you won't be served for being gay. This isn't the same issue as Rosa Parks. She was mistreated, no one mistreated anyone here. In fact you are attacking them. Can we call you hetero-phobic because you are so adamant that others have to accept your beliefs or be shunned, run out of town, hell why don't you tar and feather them. If you believe that strongly then don't go there but don't force YOUR beliefs down others throats.

  15. eyeswideopen18 says – reply to this


    This is America and we all have a right to our beliefs and to voice them under the protection of the 1st amendment. Don't continue to feed the gov't to take over our rights due to the Politically Correct movement. People are different that's what makes us unique and special. You should know best. Promote love not hate!!!!

  16. eyeswideopen18 says – reply to this


    @perez posse number 777 You are a bigot because you call people names because they do not think like you. You are a hypocrite. No one said they hate homosexuals. If they are Muslim or Catholic they claim to not believe that either, so why are you just attacking Christianity as a whole. I'm sure you'll have something to say since people like you can dish it out but not take it. I'm being real. You on the other hand are not. The major population does not get special treatment for their sexual preference being hetero therefore stop making it like it is any more then your sexual preference. If you want to be accepted then be you and who cares what people think about you. Why don't you state that you think its wrong because it is an attack on family or marriage then I could possibly see that. It should be as the old days, it is nobody's business who you sleep with!!! You know how parents usually don't like their teens bf/gf but the child wants to be with that person more because it isn't allowed. Well maybe people are anti-gay cause people like you that attack them and not show them reasons to be more understanding.

  17. 17

    Most of those companies are Freemasons but I like anyone who is kind, personally. I also believe that no matter what your orientation, you should have the right to do as you please, as would a hetero couple would if you wanted to be married. Freemasons are evil but it all brings you back to the Bible, which I haven't ready yet but had the surprise of being gifted with one recently and I plan on reading it fully. I think God loves everyone who loves Him and worships Him.

  18. JakeB says – reply to this


    SO SO SO happy to see Delta in the mix. I am Flight Attendant for Delta Air Lines, and I am more than proud to say so. Delta is a company that cares about all of its family members. Delta (a company which shares the same city with Chick-fil-a) cares about the LGBT community. I am so proud to work for a company that says "equal rights for all, not just some!!!!"

  19. JakeB says – reply to this


    Re: Cashmere Jay – KIss our GAY asses.

  20. 20

    This isn't even like 1/3rd of the companies with a perfect score. Abercrombie & Fitch, Levi Strauss Co., Barnes and Noble, Nordstrom, Macy's etc etc all have perfect scores.