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52 comments to “Kim Kardashian Is Half Naked And About To Get Dripping Wet!!”

  1. jennifer says – reply to this


    she's getting fat!!!!!

  2. jayjay says – reply to this


    I'm glad I'm first to comment before all the haters come on. Kim looks stunning as usual. She puts herself out there(knowing the haters will say something nasty) in order to show that you don't have to be size 00 to look and feel great. What i have to laugh at is that most of the haters are probably curvy girls anyway. do they not realize that when Kim posts these pictures it helps them as well. She is taking the ppot shots in order for you haters to be able to flaunt what God gave you. You should appreciate that at least. To the guy haters all I have to say is your just mad that you will never have a chance to be with her so quit while you are ahead. Thank you in advance to all the haters for commenting on my comment commenting.

  3. Angela says – reply to this


    She is so full of herself

  4. Amelia says – reply to this


    Re: jennifer – umm… her tummy is flat…

  5. jayjay says – reply to this


    Re: jennifer – Stop being a BULLY! If you don't like her why do you seek a site about her? Don't you feel silly? I hope no one has ever said that about you, your mom, sister, aunt, or grandmother. so do you now feel good about writing something so nasty?

  6. 6

    She is so full of herself it's unbelievable. Having self-confidence is awesome, but modesty goes a long way

  7. 7

    Re: jayjay – I agree - a full figured woman looks great. But these stupid self-taken photos - tacky, lame, and desperate.

  8. 8

    She looks beautiful. It is good to see this picture after the bone-thin Miley Cyrus picture. Kim is IN SHAPE and has a gorgeous body, always has! What a great role-model of a HEALTHY woman!

  9. perezputo says – reply to this


    She's kinda fat

  10. 10

    Re: jayjay – Shut up Perez. We all know that you're being paid by this whore, so STFU.

  11. Ewwwww says – reply to this


    It's the only way she knows how to stay current is by showing her nasty ass body to the world!!!!

  12. Michelle says – reply to this


    How conceited can a person get? She looks great but with all the troubles with the economy this makes news?

  13. jayjay says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – I wish I was Perez because I wouldn't have to defend my comment from Ignorant people like you. You look silly coming on a site about someone you don't like. I hope that nothing nasty is said about anyone you care about or even yourself. You sit behind your screen and write hateful comments, how pathetic.

  14. 14

    Mama Pimp Jenner told her to do it

  15. me says – reply to this


    Can't she do anything other than brag about the way she looks? Why can't America value the human soul?….looks fade.

  16. 16

    Such a vacuous vein girl with a stupid life!

  17. 17

    Her vanity & shallowness are nauseating but mostly sad. These constant "look at me! look at me!" actions just show what a juvenile, insecure and empty person she really is.

  18. purplewatch says – reply to this


    If she's rich and has lots of luxury, why exactly does she need to communicate with us e everydays joes and get our love and appreciation???

  19. 19

    This chick needs her boyfriend's fashion line to design her a tent.

  20. 20

    Famous for nothing.
    Posting half-naked pictures of yourself on a almost daily basis to stay media relevant…how low can you go as a human being ?

  21. 21

    shallow we all know she dosen't like 2 smimm

  22. 22

    Re: liquid kitty – a burqa?

  23. andree says – reply to this


    fuck that hell yeah i love kimkardasion we ard frends and we date lol find ur self expossed lim and single…..

  24. 24

    She looks fine.. regardless of whats real or whats fake on her.. she's not fat. she has curves. and she is damn proud of NOT being a stick like most of hollywoods women.

    the only thing wrong with this photo is the fact that she needs a larger sized bikini top. having underboob rolls doesn't look good.

  25. AshleyV says – reply to this


    I love Kimmy! Ppl are ridiculous. It's just a bathing suit picture, she looks fabulous as always. I wish I had her body!! She's not being self-centered, conceided, or any of the stupid comments ppl are saying. She's secure of herself and confident. Why hate on that? Is it because your not? Either way she's living her life, happy, successful and smart. Stop jocking her, if you don't like her then whatev's you don't phase her. Your just a sad pathetic person with too much time in their hands to leave hateful comments lol.

  26. 26

    Still on the Kardashian payroll Perez?

  27. 27

    Re: jayjay – Oh please. We're sick of her. You as well.

  28. 28

    Re: jayjayRe: jayjay – Oh please. We're sick of her. You as well. And if she doesn't like being "bullied" as you so quaintly put it, she should stop flaunting herself out there.

  29. Red says – reply to this


    Of course she looks gorgeous!! And honestly, if I had the money to get the same exact plastic surgery that she got, I would be gorgeous too! She doesn't have to work hard or clean her house or cook. If she wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth, Kim would be some regular looking big butted chick walking around Walmart like the rest of us! It's not about her looks but her money.

  30. 30

    Re: jayjay – One of the Kardashians no doubt!

  31. 31

    obesity is not cute

  32. 32

    Another Miley Cyrus. Posing and take her own pictures. lol

  33. 33

    This is NOT about the way she looks but about how pathetically she tries to attention whore herself!!! I mean look at that. I't so pitiful that she NEEDS to have that attention. Why didn't she post pics like that right after she left her hesband? whore.

  34. Rae says – reply to this


    She needs to grow up , stop supporting these idiots

  35. 35

    Re: purplewatch – because she's a braggart, that's why her family's famous to begin with- showing off their glam and rich lifestyle.

  36. imam says – reply to this


    you liek

  37. 37

    She had the worse shaped body in the world.

  38. 38

    Is it any wonder that this girl has no true sense of reality? The shame she feels in herself she buries in a camera lens. All these photo ops are just to make herself feel better. If only she understood that the shame and disgrace she feels will not go away no matter how popular she is or how rich she becomes. Spend some time in therapy Kim, especially before you recreate, and learn how to deal with your demons, being a "reality" star is nothing to be proud of, and really you should strive to become more in life then just a tabloid sensation.

  39. 39

    Re: jayjay – i think she looks good but do you really think she posted this pixs because she was thinking about helping young girl out there feel good about their bodies??? i think many people will disagree with your statement.

  40. keetalongfellow says – reply to this


    good gracious, all this women knows how to do is take pictures of herself, lol. I'm ready to see a different side of her!

  41. MichJB says – reply to this


    Re: pollopicu – You nailed it - she's nothing but an attention whore.

  42. 42

    Fat whore. No idea why anyone gives a fuck about she and her talentless, worthless family.

  43. 43

    Go away bitch!

  44. 44

    You are INSANELY CREEPY PEREZ!! Seriously youre revolting and so is she, so NOBODY is surprised you two have buisness deals together. Slimey no talent losers seek out other no talent losers apparently.

  45. 45

    Re: jayjay – UMMM are you fucking retarded?? This site is NOT about Kim Kardashian last time I checked. And its obvious your perpetual love for "curves" means your a bitter fat girl yourself. Sad.

  46. prg says – reply to this


    soon we will be hearing that her laptop was hacked and her naked pics are leaked

  47. 47

    she looks like she's sticky

  48. nadia says – reply to this


    omg iam tired of all u haters talking shit about her! just give it a rest n stop going on her sites just to say mean things ooo n she is NOT fat those r called curves for those of u who dont know wat is the difference between fat and curvy! LOVE U KIM! AND ALL THE KARDASHIAN CLAN!

  49. 49

    she doesnt help anyone but herself

    fake tits and a fat ass is not helping anyone , fake marriage fake show there is nothing real about her except her inflated ass and insane vanity to show off the inflated ass..

  50. 50

    its no surprise shes back on here could barely keep her fat ass off here while the shootings went on now back on here apprently she thinks shes more famous than big stars but its obvious shes nothing but Z LIST fat ass hairy weird shape body zlist…

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