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One Direction's Zayn Malik Looks Stubbly As He Stumbles Out Of The Pub!

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One Direction Zayn Malik Middle Finger

Get out, get out, get out of his head FACE!

Well if there’s One Thing that One Direction’s Zayn Malik can’t take, it’s those pesky paps!

After spending a night at the club with some pals in London, the 1D member was reportedly NOT allowed back into the club, after he stepped outside for a bit!

Clearly, Zayn was not happy about it (above), as he flicked off the photogs!

Hmm…what could be going on with Mr. Malik?? Usually, he looks pretty put together like the rest of the boys, but Tuesday night proved to be a different story!

His girlfriend Perrie Edwards was also nowhere in sight…and neither were any of his groupmates!

Uh oh…something tells us Simon Cowell might end up having to have a few words with the bad boy bloke!

[Image via WENN.]

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49 comments to “One Direction's Zayn Malik Looks Stubbly As He Stumbles Out Of The Pub!”

  1. 1

    What is he…12, and he's already a RAGING ALCOHOLIC.

  2. Boo says – reply to this


    Still fuckable.

  3. Gonzo says – reply to this


    He"ll be wishing the paps follow him in 5 years when he's a hasbeen boy band member.

  4. 4

    Re: Gonzo – Agree, no way to treat his fans. Will be another hasbwoeen band in a year or two unless they get really lucky.

  5. Claire says – reply to this


    Wow okay, he had a few drinks and went to the club, what other nineteen year old has done this? ALOT! Ok if it isnt you BACK OFF! he is fine

  6. iAshly says – reply to this


    He is still hot!!! ;)

  7. hinderloa says – reply to this


    wow even the way he flips off is great i can't even flip off like that if i tried that…idk how his fingers can stay so close to his middle one

  8. Cassidy says – reply to this


    So what he's a little stubbly and he was out with some friends, he obviously just didn't feel like getting ready, he was probably drink too, theres nothing wrong. He's legal to so why not? Perrie is on holiday with her mum.

  9. Noelle says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but are any of you haters going to tell me right now you've never had a few drinks and never gotten slightly frustrated?

  10. Cam says – reply to this


    Perez sit back down please and learn the facts. You personally have been to London and know 18 year olds can drink and hes over 18. And obviously hes young so he wants to go out partying. Also Perrie is on vacation wither her mother. And he isnt called ,"Bradford Bad Boi." for nothing

  11. Noelle says – reply to this


    Re: Cam – I applaud you for knowing your 1D facts and actually saying something

  12. Mya_G. says – reply to this


    He's 19. 18 is the legal age over there… And he was most likely drunk..

  13. lucidity says – reply to this


    Wait how is this offensive to his fans when he's flipping off the Paparazzi? Uh, I don't think so and he's of legal drinking age so who gives a fuck. But damn, the guy is HOT as fuck.

  14. ShalleneZ says – reply to this


    Haha! So funny how the haters who commented below act like little saints. Cause you guys have never been drunk before. . . RIGHT!!!

    Plus you guys are hating on a guy who actually did something with his life, making millions while you guys spend your life hating on them, not like they'll actually care! I think they are too busy counting their money, and their fans! Plus Zayn is giving the finger to the paps… Not the fans! Get your story straight.

  15. sarah says – reply to this


    how did I KNOW perez was going to write about this,he's been on zayn's case for a while now,thinking he's the going to be the first to leave the group and that's he rebelling and bullshit,HE IS 19 YEARS OLD,he was WASTED at that club and had paps in his face,i would probably do the same thing,they're just normal boys,they've always said they aren't clean cut and try to be themselves, most their fans are over the age of 13,like i'm 17.

  16. Lynn says – reply to this


    Makes him hotter. NBD.

  17. Jordaneer&Directioner says – reply to this


    Uhhmm, Zayn is 19 and so what if he's drunk? Who honestly gives a flying fuck? Oooohhh, he flipped off the pap. Who gives a shit. He's 19, not 11. He can do whatever he wants. He's an adult. You've been going after Zayn for a while now. First " rebelling " and now this? Who honestly cares? So do all of us Directioners a huge favour and leave Zayn and the rest of One Direction alone. Fuck off.

  18. mayytekhannnn says – reply to this


    He is still Muslim? It's Ramadan, can't he stop his clubbing after the month of Ramadan, I guess his dad must be pround. Iam a Zayn Malik fan, but Zaynnnnnn come on.

  19. Someone says – reply to this


    Doesn't he know it's Ramadan? Muslims must stay away from alcohol all throughout the holy month. Great role model.

  20. emily22 says – reply to this


    Wow all the people hating on here are acting like they've never had a drink and flipped off someone! He's fucking 19! The drinking age over their is 18! He's allowed to drink and party just everyother young adult! Second he was drunk and probably high to, I'm sure if you had people flashing camera at you and wouldn't leave you alone, you'd flip off the paps to! Fucking hypocrites!

  21. emily22 says – reply to this


    And also, Perez, stop saying "Oh looks like Simon Cowell is going have a few words with hin" LIKE NO! Fans LOVE it when the boys disobey management, cuz their management are fucking pricks! And we also LOVE when they get drunk, flip off people, swear, have sex, get high! You know why?! Cuz that means that they're just being themselves! They're normal fucking boys!

  22. emily22 says – reply to this


    Re: Someone – Umm his management won't let him fast you idiot! And I don't know that much about Muslims or Ramadan but I'm pretty sure some still do drink or whatever and he's 19, if he wants to drink then he can drink! Thats none of your business! So stop juding people you don't know and stop talking about shit you know nothing about!

  23. prg says – reply to this


    he looks gross

  24. sky says – reply to this


    Thay doesnt even look like Zayn

  25. Catie says – reply to this


    Everyone hating on Zayn should grow up! He is jut a 19 year old boy and he got drunk, who cares! What other 19 year old hasn't done that? Being famous shouldn't Change how much fun he is allowed to have. He is a normal 19 year old boy, some people need to lay off a bit. And people saying "no way to treat his fans" can u read? The article says he was doing it to the paps and also I know alot of fans would have love to been given the finger buy a drunk zayn. Also saying "what is he… 12" I'm farily sure a 12 year old wouldn't be alowed to buy Alchole in a pub… he is 19 get ur fact wright.

  26. Zaynstarkhn says – reply to this


    Re: emily22 – Ummm how do you know that his Management donr let him fast? Any proof?

  27. ZaynStarrrKHN says – reply to this



  28. Jessica says – reply to this


    ..well they dont call him bradford bad boi for nothin :-L……He's still my boo, just sayin.

  29. directionerforever says – reply to this


    He still looks hawt

  30. Someone says – reply to this


    @EMILY22: You're a fucking loon, you know that? First off, I'm Muslim so I know all about it. What I also do know is your a pathetic fan girl of his that will come to his defense regardless of what he does. You seriously need to get a life and chill. It's obvious that in your mind you have set up an imagination of being with him when that will never happen, so I suggest you wake up and focus on yourself and not him or my harmless comment. Dumbass.

  31. HaterzgonnaHATE says – reply to this


    He's old enough and he's flipping off the paps, not the fans! Cmon guys! Wouldn't it get kinda annoying if someone tried to poke around in your life? He has a reason to send them the bird! Leave him alone!

  32. Kezia_Kiara says – reply to this


    im laughing my face off!!!! XX still love him!!!!! XXXXX

  33. ZaynLover says – reply to this


    Woahh… I'm still one his Fan's.
    But this is just CRAZY!?!?!
    Oh well im still ur fAn

  34. 34

    Zayn's still hot

  35. 35

    It isn't that big off a deal you guys! Peeps with camera's aren't to use them on really innocent people he's 19!! He's old enough for this so the people who are complaining saying mean stuff should mind there businesses and let him be him !!! I'll always love you Zayn no MATTER WHAT .

  36. Selena says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – You do realize fans love him because of who he is. We don't care if any of the boys do something like this. We love them for who they are.

  37. tommosmile says – reply to this


    he was just an angry boy at the moment guys calm the fuck down. HASDILEO;GSDGVKLG

  38. Honey says – reply to this


    Omg he looks so different ere i almost dint believe that was im, only gt reassured cuz of his tat but nehow wht the hell stop drinkin zayn it dnt suit u! U look so different here like a drunken skinny thing!

  39. emily22 says – reply to this


    Re: Zaynstarkhn – Management won't let him fast because then he would dehydrated and he has to be able sing seeing as their recording for their nest album and preforming for the olympic's closing cerimony. Pretty sure that's proof enough!

  40. emily22 says – reply to this


    Management won't let him fast because then he would dehydrated and he has to be able sing seeing as their recording for their nest album and preforming for the olympic's closing cerimony. There's your proof!

  41. emily22 says – reply to this


    Re: Someone – Woah you don't know anything about me so stop being all ignorant. And I wasn't really coming to his defense! All I said was that the 1D management won't let him fast. And that's because is he did fast he would probably get dehydrated and he needs to be able to sing seeing as they're recording their second album and are preforming at the closing olympic cerimony! And actually no, I don't imagine dating or marrying him because I don't want to date or marry him! Ya he's hot but I wouldn't want to date him! Especially considering all the hate I'd get! Don't fucking assume shit about people!

  42. Zenlilly says – reply to this


    OMG He is Muslim and he drinks! That's forbidden in our relegin He should pray to Allah for forgivness

  43. Hey says – reply to this


    @Emily22: Please provide proof that his management said that instead of constantly repeating yourself, otherwise everyone is assuming you made it up. As a Muslim, no one has the right to tell me NOT to fast, considering it's part of my religion. That would be like me telling a Christian that works for me not to donate to the church because you need to save your money. As a public speaker, fasting hasn't effected me in any way.

  44. Zenlilly says – reply to this


    Re: Hey – Agreed He if he wants to fast they can't stop him

  45. 45

    zayn can do whateves he wants, but show some respecy 4 ur fans.

  46. 46

    show some respect zayn.

  47. darlene says – reply to this


    show some respecy zayn.

  48. 48

    I is hard 4 me to see the boys in onedirection grow up. I mean girlfriends,kisssing,cursing,innappropiate photos. I love 1D w/all my heart but they should not try 2 growup 2 fast. BTW love one direction video diaries!!!

  49. 49

    Re: Honey – I agree with you