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Janet Jackson, Rebbie & Randy: All Reports Are FALSE! We Just Want The Truth!

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If there’s one family that's no stranger to drama, it’s definitely the Jacksons!

After numerous reports had recently come out regarding Katherine Jackson’s whereabouts and a scuffle between Janet Jackson and her niece, Paris, it seems as though the record is FINALLY getting set straight!

A statement made on behalf of Janet, her brother Randy and sister Rebbie states that reports of Katherine being kidnapped, as well as Janet slapping Paris and verbally abusing her are completely FALSE!

It seems that Michael’s siblings are primarily concerned about the wellbeing of his three children and their mom — but that they believe the executors of MJ’s will have been up to some shady shiz!

As far as Janet, Rebbie and Randy go, they claim they are NOT after any money in regards to the will and just want to carry out Michael’s final wishes!

As for the King of Pop’s other siblings??? Guess that’s up for debate!

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16 comments to “Janet Jackson, Rebbie & Randy: All Reports Are FALSE! We Just Want The Truth!”

  1. 1

    What they consider shady is the executors not giving them any of the money the estate has been making. Michael isn't alive to support them anymore and their money is running out. Get a Job!!

  2. Hd says – reply to this


    liars… A bunch of psychopaths… what they are… i wouldn't be surprised if the father is not behind all this crap… Like the kids don't know their own-well being? holding the mother away while they kids ask about her?
    And what about that message Janet sent telling the others not to allow them to contact Katherine?

    Horrible troupe… They should all be locked out of the kids' lives. once and for all. Keep the kids away from those freaks. Let them grow up far away from all the shit and drama these freaks have fed on for years…

  3. 3

    Not buying it. Don;t believe it, not for one minute. They want a piece of the pie and if they really think anyone believes them they need to think again. They are pathetic. Nice try, but it's falling on deaf ears to me. It's obvious what their intentions are.

  4. 4

    The executors have made the estate profitable for MJ's heirs. Rebbie, Randy, and Janet want to get their greedy hands on what they haven't earned and so don't deserve. They serve THEIR interest, not those of Michael Jackson. I've always believe that most of MJ's siblings are grasping, lazy, entitlement-mentality darkies, and they've proved me right. I'm disappointed to see that Janet is among the welfare set of her siblings, but now I know her to be as shifty and stupid as the rest of them.

  5. Someone says – reply to this


    The difficulty with Janet's and Randy's and Rebbie's position is even if they are right they have lost all credibility NOT because of what the executors' statements but because of the statements of their mother in court and Michael's children and their own actions. If I were in their position, then I would be making it clear why 10% of the estate is excessive. The fight that the will is a fake is weak as they have not addressed the possibility that Michael signed it in New York and the LA location was a mistake. They have no handwriting expert saying it's a forgery and the legal window for disputing it is past. It's also not their job to dispute it.

  6. 6

    Their plan blew up in their faces and they know it. Now they are only backpedaling to try to save face. Too late. WE ALL SAW IT COMING A LONG TIME AGO AND THEY actions are exactly what we expected AND WORSE.

  7. 7

    $ure you are not concerned with the $$$$…..didn't the court already say the will is legit. And isn't the estate making money and getting Jackson out of debt??? Maybe they could have been believed, if they didn't kidnapp Mama Jackson, and cut off her contact with the three kids she was in charge of, and not let the kids even know where she went! And Miss Nasty Janet….we saw the text, when Paris was saying she needed to talk to her grandma…you said "PLS DON'T LET THEM"….And further, you tried to get the kids, and when that didn't work, tried to grab their phones so they couldn't tweet their concerns about missing Grandma. And that press conference you had your mom do…Miss Nasty, you kept your evil eye on her the whole time! $o no, we don't buy it i$n't about the money……of cour$e it i$$$$$$$$$

  8. 8

    What a crock of BS. People who say they just want the truth are ALWAYS up to no good, don't care about the truth, and are typically the ones who are lying. Interesting thing is these are the three that Michael wanted NOTHING to do with. Contrary to what most people believe, he and Janet were not close at all and prior to his death, the two hadn't spoken or seen one another for something like 5 years. Janet's actions also give a whole lot of credibility to the rumor about her being nuts and mentally unstable, which has been floating around for years. And for the last couple years, I've also heard rumors that she's broke, because she spends money frivolously and that her "new worth" is on paper only. Michael's final wishes ARE being carried out and I'm positive they didn't include his siblings. If they would have, he would have had it where one of them cared for his children. The fact that he didn't tells you EXACTLY how he felt about them.

  9. 9

    whenever anyone says it's "not about the money", you know without doubt it absolutely THE MONEY. lying sacks of greedy shits.

  10. JC says – reply to this


    This family has always done some shady shit and, and then claiming that it's FALSE when it hits the fan.

  11. 11

    I am a little surprised that Janet is involved in this, thought she had a fairly successful career of her own but maybe I am wrong.

  12. DeeDEe says – reply to this


    Michael Jackson was a great Dad. When Paris did not know where her grandmother was , she had the self esteem to advocate for herself and siblings. Her aunt and uncles are lying bullies.

  13. 13

    MJs final wishes were loud and clear, nothing to them, period. Respect that and disappear filthy and greedy people. Showed your true colors, you should be ashamed.

  14. 14

    The family blames the doctor for the death of Michael Jackson. I wonder if Michael just ran himself to death trying to support his brothers and sisters. He knew who he could trust, thats why he put his mother in charge. They are all cockroaches. Thank god Michael taught his kids to have the courage and brains to know when something wasn't right.

  15. Robert says – reply to this


    If you people think for one minute they care what any of you buy or believe you are stupid. You are nothing but a bunch of negative haters that secretly wish you had their celebrity. You people are pathetic and need lives.

  16. 16

    Wow…I am shocked by all these very negative comments. It's interesting cuz these are the three siblings I believe..the others, I'm not so sure about.