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Jenna Jameson Wants Mitt Romney To Win The Election For The Very Reason Liberals Don't

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Jenna Jameson hopes mitt romney protects her money

So she can pay less taxes!

In the worst argument a supporter of Mitt Romney can make (in the eyes of a lot of low-to-middle class liberals, at least), Jenna Jameson says she is voting for him because she's rich.

The XXX star told sources:

"I'm very looking forward to a Republican being back in office. When you're rich, you want a Republican in office."

Her comment refers to the fact that Romney is against tax hikes for the wealthy, while President Barack Obama wants to raise taxes on those who make more than $250,000 a year.

Gurl should do a little more research before she heads to the voting booth though.

A former Justice Department official has said that the Republican presidential candidate has promised to "vigorously" prosecute pornographers under federal obscenity laws.

Oooo…that probably won't help her career or her "rich" bank account.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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35 comments to “Jenna Jameson Wants Mitt Romney To Win The Election For The Very Reason Liberals Don't”

  1. 1

    she's blonde. she's stupid. perfect combination.

  2. 2

    This is what's wrong with America. Once people become rich, THEY have amnesia about how they got there, but the public remembers!

  3. 3

    This is coming from a DRUNK DRIVING & DRUG ADDICTED PORN WHORE MESS…..Remember That!

  4. 4

    Neither candidate is worth a shit. You have Romney, who has no idea what the "average" citizen has to do to get by. Then you have Obama, who in four years accomplished forcing us all to buy health insurance even though the supreme court gutted his idiotic plan by removing the Medicaid mandate. And as an added bonus, in four short years he managed to go from being against gay marriage to totally for it, just in time for elections. The worst part of that is that the homos fall for it. Morons.

  5. 5

    Jenna speaks the truth.
    More courgeous than the rest of the glittarti, who know to keep silent, as if they were surely locked up in Anne Frank's attic, in Nazi occupied Netherlands.
    Romney: “I have paid taxes every year — and a lot of taxes.”
    Obama: “Well, I’ve spent a lot of taxes”.

  6. cj says – reply to this


    I hope her cancer comes back and takes all her alleged "money" that she got.

  7. 7

    Typical IQ of Republicans these days

  8. 8

    So, where was this key legislation of raising taxes, when Obama held super majorities in Congress and the Senate?
    It can't be that Obama's own Democrat Senator and Congress critters refused to raise taxes, 'cuz they know they wouldn't be reelected, could it?
    They know that higher taxes is the kiss of death to economy.

  9. 9

    Hollywood legend, Clint Eastwood, says, he's backing Mitt Romney for President because country needs a boost somewhere and it's not higher taxes.
    Thanks Clint for standing up, finally!

  10. ShyGirl87 says – reply to this


    Isn't a relative goal of most people in the country to make money. What's wrong with trying to keep as much of it as possible. A vote for Romney means that your still contributing to the country through taxes, but you get to keep a little more in your pocket. Anyone who argues with that is CRA-CRA, seriously THINK ABOUT IT!

  11. 11

    Nice face there, cat woman.

  12. 12

    Re: kappuhcheenoh – You hit the nail on the head my friend. So true.

  13. 13

    A real class act. I hope she wiped the cum off of her face before she said that.

  14. fpj/kmpbiuy says – reply to this


    She earned that money on her knees! You didn't blow those guys, she did! She has a right to her money! If you want blow all those guys for lot of cash go ahead! let her keep what's her's!

  15. 15

    She's an idiot.
    Romney's an idiot.

    Maybe she'll be his running mate.

  16. 16

    Well, I guess Romney's comments regarding "women needing to work in order to have self-worth" have found a receptive audience. Mitt has made a career from screwing people that he barely knows.

    Furthermore, every iteration of the Romney/Congressional GOP "tax reform/deficit reduction" plan essentially consists of the middle and lower classes "assuming the position".

    In their minds, the only issue to be negotiated is how far we'll have to bend over.

    Meanwhile, Mitt plans to rid America of pornography in order to prevent a collapse of society … which makes perfect sense if you are worried about millions of people going blind and developing hairy palms.

  17. 17

    WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT THIS WHORE'S OPINION BECAUSE WHY? You tabloids print this nonsense like we should somehow pay attention to their opinions. I don't get it. She's nothing worth even printing her name. I guess the world has turned to advice from people like this? NOT! Most of us are smarter than that.

  18. Shaylynn says – reply to this


    Re: ShyGirl87 – EXACTLY! Also, still the United States, and she still gets to have an opinion.

  19. God says – reply to this


    Are we supposed to care what a low class porn star diseased slut thinks? If we do we got some serious problems with are priority in the world

  20. 20

    Yes, he is rich and he will do everything he can to make himself and his rich friends richer and the poor class poorer and to finish the job of anilating the middle class.
    That is the slogan of the GOP!

  21. 21

    LOL That figures. You have a typical blonde with no brain voting for a mormon moron who wouldn't know middle class if it impaled him.

  22. 22

    Considering the fact that she's had numerous abortions, has been involved in quite a few lesbian relationships, is a drug addict/alcoholic, & does porn, you would think she would vote for anyone but him.

  23. 23

    The fact he opposes her job makes this extra hilarious. Honestly, I think people should have to know something about politics to be able to vote. People with the IQ of a rock shouldn't be able to choose who because President. Hell, she couldn't even choose a decent career. Screwing your way to money is not the way.

  24. 24

    She MAY have money but not for long as she is hooked on drugs by the LOOKS of her. She is just a NASTY NO GOOD WHORE.

  25. 25

    Agree with her and am voting for Romney, Obama fooled me once, not again!

  26. 26

    Well the honesty IS refreshing!

  27. 27

    Anyone but Obama! Romney 2012!

  28. Shut up WHORE. says – reply to this


    Jenna Jamison didn't become a porn star because she's "SMART"… The dumb bitch needs to STFU & stop speaking out loud. Unfortunately we live in an age of reality TV where ignorance is lauded (Palin anyone?) & the stupid people become leaders of lemmings.


  29. Shut up WHORE. says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle – lOl @ the PSEUDO-CHRISTIAN TeaBagger Bigot lauding a "PORN STAR" 'cuz she's saying something he likes about the RACIST REPUBLICAN party! You hypocritical assh@les will praise SATAN if he endorsed RMoney, wouldn't you? lOlz! To be clear, "quoting" a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR as you did w/RMoney doesn't mean jack. Mandate Mitt is a LIAR, LIAR & HIS MAGICAL UNDERPANTS ARE ON FIRE - Haha! Homeslice hasn't released his Tax returns like his Daddy did 'cuz he's got something to hide - like the FACT that he didn't pay taxes as his former Bain pal stated. Do you stuck on stupid TeaTards EVER tell the truth about ANYTHING? You LIE as mush as RMoney does, damn.

  30. Shut up WHORE. says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle – Oh lookie, the TeaTard TROLL is back, *spamming* this page w/as much GOP LIES & PROPAGANDA as he possibly can for his craptastic candidate RMoney! Clint Eastwood supports gay marriage & has spoken openly about how crazy the Republican party has become. If he's endorsing "MORE TAX BREAKS FOR THE RICH AT THE EXPENSE OF THE POOR & MIDDLE CLASS" Mitt it must be dementia setting in… D'oh! Seriously, the soundbyte "I think the country needs a boost" says LITERALLY NOTHING about the horrible economic policies Mandate Mitt would implement George W Bush #2 anyone? That's the Republican fucktard who got us into this mess & Mitt is promising to do what he did on steroids. Wake up & get a clue dumb TeaBaggers.

  31. Shut up WHORE. says – reply to this


    Re: luvs2hustle – And the TRASH-TALKING TeaTard is back, lOlz! SHOCKER! A few things RWNJ, President O NEVER had a "super-majority" - this is just a Fox Fakework talking point they use to propagate the MANY LIES they tell about O not doing things he wanted to. The FACT is, educated voters understand it's the GOP Republican TeaBagger Party who has OBSTRUCTED EVERY GOOD PIECE OF LEGISLATION. Fact. On President O's inauguration night, thy even held a meeting VOWING to do just that - talk about Benedict Arnolds! Your shitty Republican party is TREASONOUS. *google* Thom Hartmann to see the video or read about it in Mediaite. Now we know why Pasty-faced Mitch McConnel (R) said their #1 priority is to ensure President O is a 1 term President. Shady motherfu@kers. As for the rest of your BS, The Bush tax breaks for the rich were scheduled to conclude 2 years into his term & the O administration ended up extending them another 2 years 'cuz the GOP was holding millions of struggling Americans on unemployment hostage at Christmas… So, the question remains, are you really this fucking stupid that you don't know or remember that this happened? Or are you just another TeaBagger bigot low-life lying about it? Either way, nothing you say is truthful or worthy of anyone's consideration.

  32. Shut up WHORE. says – reply to this


    Re: ShyGirl87 – "Isn't a relative goal of most people in the country to make money"… Yes. The problem is the poor & middle class will NEVER be able to make $$$ if Mitt RMoney is elected because he is a candidate for the top 1% Rich. His policies would HURT average Americans like you & me. (Think Gorge W Bush on steroids) PRO-TIP - Instead of running your mouth on Gossips sites about stuff you clearly don't know or comprehend, you'd be better served by researching the crappy candidate you're currently talking up. And stay away from the Fox Fakework & RWNJ blogs - you'll only find carefully edited GOP LIES & PROPAGANDA there, not the facts.

  33. 33

    wow her face sure has gotten freaky and weird with all that surgery. havent seen her for years and Im shocked.

  34. 34

    I'm not against Republicans (on a fellow human being level)..but these are the type of Republicans that give the smart republicans a BAD name and makes liberals hate them even more. With that said, she's a silly whore who is too greedy and pathetic. When are these rich ppl going to realize that THEY are the minority? POOR people are the MAJORITY. So sad….these ppl make me sad.

  35. Ravi says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – That's not even accurate - there is no medicaid mandate, you're thinking of the medicaid expansion. All the court said was that states could refuse to accommodate folks who are newly eligible for medicare, allowing them to also refuse the new money appropriated for that. It's not gutted. There's also the whole part where Obama ended the war in Iraq, ended discriminatory military policy that barred gays from serving, and he gave most people a giant tax cut.