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Russell Brand: 'I'd Rather Be A Drug Addict'

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Russell Brand Drug Documentary Heroin

Actor and comedian Russell Brand is getting ready to show the world what he was like at his lowest of lows!

In a shocking new documentary about his drug addiction, Russell can be seen smoking heroin in his 20s and talking about some of his DARKEST times.

However, although he's now sober, it seems as though Brand STILL finds himself longing for his old drug-addicted life!

Russell confessed:

"This is when you know it's a disease. It doesn't matter that I was sat in that flat in Hackney and now I'm in the Savoy. I'm jealous of me then. It doesn't make a difference to me. The money, the fame, the power, the sex, the women - none of it. I'd rather be a drug addict."

Wow…SO sad!!

Of course, Russell still remembers the horrible consequences of his addiction, which caused him to lose many friends, family members as well as himself.

Brand went on to say:

"You'll take it [heroin] until it takes your life. It'll take everything until the last thing and you'll gladly give it that rather than give up drugs."

Russell did eventually go to rehab for 12 weeks in 2002 to get clean and we hope he stays on the straight and narrow!

The doc, Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery, is scheduled to air in the UK later this month.

Stay clean, Russell!

[Image via WENN.]

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19 comments to “Russell Brand: 'I'd Rather Be A Drug Addict'”

  1. Stan Katzer says – reply to this


    Russel Brand is hillarious even if he does look like a hippie/biker! Stan Katzer

  2. Pusi Waters says – reply to this


    Looks like Sarah Silverman with foreskin
    in other words a stinky weasel

  3. 3

    I like him and wish him all the best and hope he can stay off the drugs. It would be a waste and a loss if he leaves this world too soon over drugs. I also hope he'll be happy and enjoy his life. It's so short. Good luck Russell.

  4. erika says – reply to this


    All he ever does is brag about his past drug addictions. There is literally nothing he says where he doesn't mention heroin. Yawn

  5. Kate says – reply to this


    I love Russell so much that it hurts! Stay strong Russ! I wish I could give u a big hug right now!

  6. boheme19 says – reply to this


    It is incredibly irresponsible for him to make such a statement. Both for himself and for any others who might be influenced by what he says. You should be careful about what you put out there. Of course, most drug addicts are very delayed and emotionally immature. Hope someday he grows up enough to be able to say he deeply regrets his drug use and wishes he had never wasted precious time from his life!

  7. Jillybean says – reply to this


    Sadly he is describing how it actually is to be addicted. As heroin or oxycontin grabs a hold of you and luckily I got help as he did but it doesn't change the fact that we both long for it no matter what….I just miss it like an old love…it really is the worst thing that has ever happened. I take vivitrol which blocks opiates and alcohol so if I do relapse I get really sick and not high. I pray for the day that I feel whole again, not sure if it will ever happen.

  8. 8

    Re: boheme19
    I don't think he means to be immature it is just the nature of the disease. He is just being honest which is part of recovery.

  9. Nina says – reply to this


    It's all Katy's fault. I hate that who*e. Russell wanted to have her babies. That's why he is sad now. That's why they got divorced. I made the mistake to watch her boring movie, and I got upset when I saw her saying "a baby can't have a baby. And I'm still a baby".

  10. 10

    So let me get this right. He has a new show, and suddenly he's all over the tabloids more than usual? How much they paying you?

  11. 11

    he means that is the hold it has over ur brain and body is so strong even stronger than money fame or anything else ..

    unlike other drugs heroin replicates ur brain chemicals and the brain then craves it over and over .

    You only need it once to get hooked

    i love russell and wish him every hope in the world to stay strong and make his way to help others …hes a beautiful soul

  12. 12

    that's an honest statement. I deal with addiction too, and I could probably say the same thing. All us addicts could go out anytime, and we always have to be really honest with ourselves about the allure of drugs. But at least if we can be honest about that we can also be honest about the consequences and the whole story, and hopefully that will then keep us from going out.

  13. 13

    Re: Nina – He wanted to have her babies? Are you that stupid? Men can't have babies!!!

  14. 14

    He's so annoying. not funny and fugly as fizuck! prolly smells like fresh goose dung!!

  15. 15

    Why does he always look like he needs a bath? Nasty!

  16. 16

    I don't find this guy funny or good looking. What the heck did Katy see in him? He looks like he needs a good scrubbing!

  17. Faith says – reply to this



  18. whoa says – reply to this


    He is not funny…with his high pitched voice, unwashed body and drug/sex addicted ways….go take a shower you dirty ho…

  19. 19

    Take a fucking bath you disgusting piece of trash! I hope to God he does go back to drugs and hopefully joins Amy Winehouse in Hell.