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The End Is Near! Jennifer Lopez Ready To Dump Boytoy After XXX Peep Show Bust!

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Guess that pre-birthday gay XXX peepshow really did some damage to Jennifer Lopez's relationship with Casper Smart!

Despite the back-up dancer's assertions that he was just lost and went through the wrong door, the booted American Idol judge is apparently feeling a little on the fritz about the whole situation!

A source explains:

"She is taking some time to think about things. They are still together. But the photos have shaken her up. [She] has never been great at picking men, and this feels all too familiar to her. They have not split yet, but it's fair to say they are cooling off a bit. The pictures have created a distance between them. Even if Casper is telling the truth, and he didn't mean to walk into the doorway, it just proves how young and immature he is. He should have been more careful, he knows he is often being followed by paparazzi. Jennifer cares about Casper, they are certainly very close. But he is not the love of her life. She can live without him. If she does decide to split from him she'll be ok. She just needs some time to think about whether Casper is worth all this trouble."

Makes sense to us!

She's had a lot of very public break-ups, we'd want to nip things in the bud if they were looking like trouble, too!

Hopefully they can both just appreciate that it was fun while it lasted and not get too torn up about it!

[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “The End Is Near! Jennifer Lopez Ready To Dump Boytoy After XXX Peep Show Bust!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    Maybe next time she will do a thorough background check. Her relationship with him looked desperate before - now it is just ludicrous.

  3. 3

    Perez, when are you going to post pictures of your soooooooooo successful signing at Kitson? Was it hard for you to try to make a few staff members look like a crowd clamoring for your shitty CD full of gay music? The fact that you're not crowing about what a triumph it was is very telling. Please tell all of us how many CDs you sold at your signing … and don't inflate the numbers. Was it one? Maybe two?

  4. 4

    I love when they hide their faces from the press, something they court endlessly! She's an overgrown child, and an over-rated and over paid talent.

  5. 5

    I thought Jennifer was all for Gay Rights & Casper frequenting Gay Glory-Holes in the back of New York Porno Shops is his right!

    Jennifer needs to get tested to see if she's INFECTED!

  6. 6

    Casper will not have been gone more that 1 minute and Jennifer will already have a live-in boyfriend….

  7. 7


  8. 8

    How can a "sourcce" know so much?

  9. A says – reply to this


    So what happened to her suing? I guess she now knows that its the truth. If it wouldn't be for Selena and the producers of the Selena movie needing someone with an ample behind like Selena to play her, JLo would be a nobody. She made it on the back of Selena's death.

  10. 10

    So its possible he's bisexual…is it that scandalous? Most girlfriends of celebrities have pics of themselves snuggling and being "friendly" with other chicks its always something to high five over…I dunno…..as long as everyone is being safe whats the issue? I think they had chemistry for real no matter what pics come out.

  11. Dixie Dinah says – reply to this


    Did anyone ever question Is he a dick sucker ?
    I doubt that, just some things we take for granted, and him sucking dick was one of them
    Jen is a poor over the hill slut, who needs a man, any man to make her feel loved
    Feel bad for her kids, I'M sure they already are so confused

  12. 12

    How hard is it to dump someone? It wont take me a minute, honestly. But i've heard this news of JLo planning to dump her boytoy since last week. if what you're reporting is true then i wonder what's taking her so long?

  13. 13

    Who will the next lucky man to be bedded by JLo? /sarcasm

  14. Piacci says – reply to this


    Hey Butt Pirate Perez. You didn't answer the question. How did your signing go and did you see in the news what a collosal flop your gay friends had at the kiis in at Chick Fil A. Looks like the hetros are starting to take back the front page. Running scared aren't you queen bee.

  15. 15

    Jlo is pathetic. She exploits her kids on her tour and Gucci ads, and exposes them to men that move in and out of her life. It's one thing to do it without kids (and not still technically married!) but to involve her kids is just stupid. In time, her kids will be a reflection of her stupidity.

  16. 16

    Stupid SP!C BITCH!!!

  17. 17

    Re: Sweetness24 – Agree 100% !

  18. Wrenn says – reply to this


    How can she not see that this guy is gay?? Really?? How stupid can one woman be???

  19. 19

    Actually it was reported that he went to the ATM located right beside it because he was getting his hair cut. The barber supported the story saying he doesn't take debit/credit cards. What establishment doesn't take cards in 2012 is beyond me, but whatever.

  20. 20

    bring back marc he was the best he had class and actually cared this guy is young dum and full of c** how can u build a lasting romance on that ..Re: Lady Who? – lololol

  21. 21

    shes such a diva she not only showers she has to shower in purified holy water flown in from timbuctoo

    just dump him already…

  22. 22

    He "got lost and went through the wrong door" isn't that the excuse he uses everytime he accidentally slips it in her a$$hole?

  23. 23

    While whores like KK give expensive

  24. 24

    While whores like KK give very expensive sports cars to their lovers, J-Lo gave Casper a pick-up truck.

  25. 25

    So she wants to control his every move? what else is new? she so insecure in relationships. I cant stand her. She thinks she's all that but take away the makeup & Hair team and she'd scare us all dead. She has no talent and her movies go straight to DVD.

  26. HoneyWest says – reply to this


    Well now you know who Casper is now, gay boy toy! I hope she get herself tested, she might be infected. Casper either foolishlyassumed he wouldn't be noticed…or didn't care. He strolled into the massage parlor entrance with his head held high as though he didn't care who saw him. Which means Jennifer should take this as a warning sign and motivation to learn who Casper really is. This could be a wake up call Jennifer needs. I don't think this relationship will last. She will end it! Well he may fun but is a far cry from marriage material. If i was Jennifer Lopez, I would be really careful, he is a snake!