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32 comments to “Nick Jonas CONFIRMS He's In The Running For American Idol!”

  1. 1

    Better him, I guess, than his gay-faced oldest brother who's reduced to doing a reality show with his big-nosed wife. I'd rather there be NO Jonas on the judging panel, but I suppose he's the least offensive of the three.

  2. 2

    I never thought of him.. he might be really good! Interesting…

  3. 3

    when are they ever going to pull the plug on that show?

  4. marcella says – reply to this


    Not good for Nick….This show has become the "Clown Car" of reality TV…Carey is twice as old as Nick and god knows that Randy is at least 30 years older then him…What kind of chemistry do they expect??? This show will be cancelled before the end of 2013

  5. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    I HIGHLY doubt that this NO-TALENT TWIT is going to wind up on such a show…he is doing this to keep his name in the media. I mean…who is he but some dumb Disney manufactured freak …..IF they were to accept him, the ratings would go south faster than his dick upon seeing that BIG NOSED wife of his naked…..Just say'n …..

  6. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Opps ! Am I mixing him up with his brother…the one who married that BIG NOSED chick … ? My bad - but honestly…are they all not inter-changeable ?

  7. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    This one seems to be the LEAST HAIRY of all the brothers …….

  8. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Have you all seen his ARAB body guard in the background…'Abbdullah' ? LOL ! It is, in fact, his hairy gay older bro .. ! LOL !

  9. 9

    Seriously??? i think i just puked a bit in my mouth… steven tyler leaves and they consider him??? I've always been a fan of American Idol, and for the most part loved all the judges. PEREZ you would kick some ass on that judging panel. I look at Nick Jonas, and think 'lame'………..

  10. Hailee. says – reply to this


    He is very musically talented, writing one of their hits at the age of 14 in 10 minutes. He is gifted and I'm glad American Idol recognizes this. As Nick has a lot of expierence in song writing and putting things together, I believe he would give fabulous advice to aspiring performers. Good job Nick!

  11. Rude. says – reply to this


    You guys are being quite RUDE.

  12. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Not 'rude' - just telling the truth. Again, this no-talent turd is likely lying, and is the FARTHEST one being considered for this show. He just ain't got it ! Sorry…but who was he…some two-bit singer from some Diney-manufactured auto-tuned boys group that lasted like 3 years ? C'Mon ! The 47 fans he has left would not be enough to raise the ratings of A.I. Sorry… gotta tell it like it is !

  13. Be-ATCH says – reply to this


    One hit wonders as judges … ? Methinks not ! His hairy ass will be back doing state fair shows…that is where he belongs…like all good Disney manufactured CRAP !

  14. 14

    Stopped watching it when Simon and Paula left, think the show has run its course.

  15. Zip says – reply to this


    I won't be watching with this guy as a judge, as he can't sing, and isn't a very good writer. He is one hack of an ex-child star, not even as talented by light-years, as the Hanson brothers.

  16. 16

    Re: Be-ATCH – why do you keep comenting so much if you dislike him??? just shut the fuck up already. If you don't have nothing nice to say than don't say anything at all. Geez

  17. 17

    I hope he gets picked. He could be a great judge

  18. 18

    Nick Jonas on American Idol would be almost as big of a bust as the protests at Chick-Fil-A.

  19. Briee says – reply to this


    Nick has the fucking experience to be a judge! I am proud of him. He has written and produced for 10+ artists, he has been singing since 12 years old, he has been on broadway multiple times, he is so talented musically and instrumentally wise. He has the mind of a 40 year. He has accomplished so much in the last few years. Being an american idol judge would be great for him. I am glad they considered Nick.

  20. bluemicoa says – reply to this


    Re: Hailee. – you're right, Nicky is talentive.

  21. bluemicoa says – reply to this


    Nicky will be a great judge, he's talentive anyway.
    Will some of the guys plz stop giving rude comments on him.
    Get a life.

  22. guest says – reply to this


    he will be an amazing judge, hes so talented and hot. #NickOnIdol :)

  23. guest says – reply to this



  24. BOOM says – reply to this



  25. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    uMMMMpULLING DOWN THESE celebutards IS WHAT bE-aTCH DOES ! tHIS NO-TALENT twat IS not GOING TO BE A JUDGE - MARK MY WORDS ! nobody knows him, or cares about him ! ! ! !

  26. 26

    "Any one but Perez" Who knew that waxing your eyebrows could give your career such a boost?

  27. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Pretty sad that his '47' fans have to start a 'write - in ' campaign to attempt to get this no talent twit in as a judge … :)

  28. 28

    Re: Be-Atch – Wanna know what's sad? the amount of hate you have torwards someone you don't even know. I feel sorry for you

  29. 29

    he might have been a good choice, but now they have Mariah Carey, I can't see him fitting in with her. They need to find judges with experience,talent and sucess who can gel with the Diva.

  30. Howie says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – Why do you use "arab" as an insult? That is so racist!

  31. Nataliene says – reply to this


    I've never been a huge Jonas Brothers fan, but I've always thought Nick was very talented. He seems wise and has been in the industry for a long time. I think he'd make a fine judge. Better than Demi Lovato for X factor.

  32. anonymous says – reply to this


    Ha,ha,ha, ho,ho,ho, hi,hi,hi, he,he,he, hu,hu, hu………….Nick will be one of the AI judge sitting next to the talented Maria C.After 3 years absent, I was so eager to watch AI again because of Maria Carey, too bad I have to pass watching AI again this year.