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59 comments to “Kristen Stewart Shacks Up With Producer Friend And INFURIATES Robert Pattinson In The Process!”

  1. Poo Loo says – reply to this


    Why are you bashing her? What about Rupert? It takes two.

  2. 2

    Gossip Cop has already stated it as false of her staying there. Even if she did, doubt anything would happen, if she can even bring herself to the shower I doubt she is up for sex and I doubt that he would want to have sex with her smelling.

  3. Cheryl says – reply to this


    If Pattinson dumped her then why does it matter who she is staying with. He is NO angel! He cheated on her twice but she slips once and he is upset for her turning to a FRIEND! Hmmmmm double standards! NICE

  4. milena says – reply to this


    leave the kid alone!

  5. john says – reply to this


    John Mayer and Colin Farrel both offered her a place to stay.

  6. Really?! says – reply to this


    False story that has already has been proven wrong. Do you even bother with the truth? As for how often she showers how would you know in the first place? Talk about creepy.

  7. TeamMariah says – reply to this


    Kristen, strengthen up and take responsibility for your actions. MOVE ON.
    Rob most likely isn't man enough for her if she had to turn to the director for comfort or whatever (and he cheated too, who the fuck does he think he is to force this double standard BS on her?!). Nonetheless, these two need to be #TRIUMPHANT enough to rise above the gossip column and move on.
    Live your life to the fullest. The on-going drama will only feed the festering souls that live off of it and has nothing for you. Give us something good and positive to talk about.

  8. marcus says – reply to this


    hello friends lets just wish rob and kristen the very best i have a strong mind and i thank we as twilight fans and rob and kristen will get through this.

  9. Late to the Party Prez says – reply to this


    It's already confirmed FALSE.

    1. Just because he defends her doesn't mean they are "living" together, or "hooking up."
    2. IF Rob was mad/upset about her staying with some guy then that shows he still cares. Plus he shouldn't get mad if the rumor of him staying with Reese it true!

    3. This is just more RUMORS starred by "inside sources" to keep fuel to this fire going!!!

  10. 10

    I'm really over this story….this site irritates the shit out of me everytime I come to it, maybe time to move on to funnier and better like dl i s ted

  11. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: ToriBorn – This is true…this story is complete bullshit…Rob could care less and the producer is gay…..I can't believe people believe this shit

  12. michelle says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who? – so true

  13. says who says – reply to this


    Re: Late to the Party Prez

    There was never a rumor that he stayed with Reese but that she made a home she owns available to him

  14. 14

    I'm thinking Pervertez should put KS up for a couple weeks. He doesn't see fit to bathe either. People at that Kitson store were complaining about a musty fetid odour for hours after his CD signing.

  15. 15

    For the sake of their stockholders, I hope studios stay far, far, away from her in the future. Pot DOES kill brain cells.

  16. emmytori1 says – reply to this


    i no reese is a married woman, but you have to think what was going on in kristens mind when he moved in her home. right now there both hurting and so what if kristen moved into the producers house. hes a friend. rob is hurt so every man that kristen comes in contact with he thinks she is going to sleep with. rob she loves you and no one else. get this thru your head. stay away awhile. then go and see her. this will help. then you will no if you want her back or not. quit being nasty. this isnt going to help. you both love each other. its plain to see or you wouldnt be so jealous. i hope you can work this out between you two,because you meant to be together.

  17. 17

    When a person's character flaws are revealed; it is wise to accept this knowledge as a blessing even though it hurts like hell.

  18. 18

    So why do you copy and paste shit that's already been debunked on other sites that have real sources or that check facts before posting? You're a lazy flaming turd, Perez. Stop hating on and bullying Stewart, you hypocritical piece of shit.

  19. yeah says – reply to this


    Re: TeamMariah – Ok, now I go to cheat my husbund and thanks to you I know what I'll say him if he'd find out: "You are not man enough for me or you'd o'kay with this!"

  20. 20

    Another MADE-UP STORY
    debunked yesterday.

    COME ON!!!!

  21. lalala says – reply to this


    When I saw this I laughed my butt off. I dont even know what to believe but this sounds like a tv series where something happens every 2 seconds that just completely throws you off track and your just looking like 'what the f*** is goin on aroud here'!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Karen says – reply to this


    Kristen and Rob should get back together. They are a beautiful couple.

  23. Lisa says – reply to this


    So, she is crushed and staying with a friend - what is wrong with that? Just because she is staying with a friend who happens to be male that doesn't mean anything is going on! And if Rob wants to know what Kristen is doing there then why not ask Kristen instead of calling Agnelli? I get that Rob is hurt but he needs to grow up! Rob needs to check his ego at the door, talk to Kristen and figure out where they stand and how he feels so they can move on whether it's together or apart!

  24. 24

    this is bullshit besides if it were true who cares he dumped her already..if he still cares why not go to some couple therapy or something..he´s not that innocent either cause he cheated on her twice before all this happened..Oh and btw perez GTFO!!!

  25. 25

    Perez Hilton, you know this is a load of BS. Even if she's staying at Giovanni Agnelli's I doubt Rob would have to worry about anything amorous going on between the two considering Giovanni is gay. You made a good point about Hygiene. When Kristen met up with Rupig she had just left the gym after a hard workout. I doubt she was planning on getting romantic with him. I don't believe the photogs for a minute.It's obvious in the photo's Rupig came onto her. I bet they have photos of her trying to push him away. He's a 41 year old with experience in seducing women. Kristen isnt the first woman he's come onto. I'd bet money he's cheated on Liberty before. Why is everyone blaming Kristen? Rupig is the older man with a wife and kids, preying on a young starlet. The photos show him as the aggressor. Theirs not one photo of Kristen groping him.Ive seen two of her giving him a hug with one arm.

  26. 26

    Re: john – Oh, I bet they did. Kristen is only hated by the twihard little girls. Every hot guy in Hollywood can't wait to have a shot at her now that she's single.

  27. 27

    Re: Lisa – Youre right Lisa and Giovanni Agnelli is gay, he's a friend helping a friend. I doubt it's true. What I don't like (if true) that Pattinson buys a house for the two of them to live in. As soon as the going gets tough, he KICKS HER OUT?!?! He left why not give her time to heal as well. I can't even begin to fathom how why she would make a public apology to one of the magazines that pay these parasites to hound them, to stalk them. People mag, Us mag, pay these parasites big bucks for photo's. Someone gave Kristen some bad advice. Kristen should have called EW magazine and made her statement through them. I think she jumped the gun because Rob wouldn't talk to her. Kristen should have made the president of the corp to sign a contract stating they would back off if she gave them the public apology. Will Farrell was mocking the fans reactions. He was in no way "slamming" Kristen. People mag, Us mag, Perez, have all made this out to be the other way around. It's making them look stupid, like they don't get it. Will Farrell calling her a "trampire" was a riot. He was joking, mocking the stupid fans of Twilight . Conan loves Kristen. It was all on good fun. I was LMFAO.

  28. Alex says – reply to this


    Sandly i am so confused. I read gossip cop and they say that everything Perez writes is basically all a lie. After this whole KStew and RPat story came out i dont even read perez anymore bc he bashes KStew and never the married man she was with. sigh* I'm off this

  29. 29

    NOW SHE IS WITH A "FRIEND"… LOL YEAH OK.. straight white trash.. let her get what she deserves.

  30. deb says – reply to this


    This is all so stupid. Kristen is 22 years old! She doesn't know what she wants at that age and everyone is being way too hard on her! I have never really like either Kristen or Rob but I think this media storm is ridiculous! They are not married, they can do what they want! Stop acting like she is a Scarlett women that is doomed forever!

  31. Toni S. says – reply to this


    I blame Sanders. He used his power and position to compromise this young girl. Shame on him. If you watch the video of the two of them it appears she is trying to hold him off or pry him off. As usual the woman is the marked one; the woman bears the brunt of the fallout. Hey she's 22, he's in his forties. And why is his wife so critical…she's always posing in lace and underwear. this couple is trouble. Kristin needs to learn how to tell powerful men to buzz off if they are pressuring her.

  32. Lizzyem says – reply to this


    You just seem to print any garbage you see anywhere about people. I doubt you have ever vetted any of your sources. Even after things are debunked, you continue to print the same crap. Not just with these two - but with everyone. You sure are a piece of work.

  33. 33

    whole story sounds like BULLSHIT to me. if true pattinson needs to stfu, grow up and grow a pair of balls, instead of crying like a girl. You weren't married so fuck the hell off.

  34. 34

    Re: Really?!Re: Lady Who?Re: Late to the Party PrezRe: Yes You Bore MeRe: overthere – et alia,,, PEEREX does not know how to spell, nor know the definition of TRUTH

  35. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Cheryl – Bitch please. I don't recall reading any gossip mags w/exclusive RPatz cheating pics - that's all your TRAMPIRE idol KStew. There's no "double-standard" here stupid 'cuz it never happened. That's just what you crazy KStew TWI-TWITS are telling yourselves so the YEARS YOU WASTED OBSESSING weren't for naught. Newsflash ditz - they were. KStew is a selfish, self-centered, thoughtless, morally bankrupt, lying, cheating whore. OOPSIES!

  36. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: HurkaDurka – I would've kicked that dirty, lying, bitch out too. And called the cops the next day if she was still there. I don't tolerate low-life cheaters & for you to advocate RPatz to tolerate one only show-cases your Twi-Twit CRAZY. Oh & Will Ferrel was making fun of nutters like YOU - and KStew. You might be crazy enough to distort reality & actually believe your own lies after the fact but we're not, lOlz!

  37. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Toni S. – The only delusional nutcases who would believe this garbage you're *SPAMMING* beneath all the KStew stories are the TWI-TWITS who cry-whined "PHOTO-SHOP!" when this entire scandal broke. It takes 2 to tango honey & KStew was smiling in those pics of married RSanders kissing her nether regions & nuzzling her neck. So please, STFU & stop pointing your crazy TWI-TWIT finger of blame at him - and (how fucking dare you???) Liberty Ross. KStew was having an AFFAIR w/him for MONTHS & being a TWO-FACED LIAR to RPatz & LRoss the entire time. KStew is a lying, dirty, skank & the more you delusional-asses try to defend her indefensible actions the more I will point out how god-damned tupid you are. For all we know, KStew initiated the relationship w/flirting - She DID tll a magazine that "SHE DOES WHATEVER SHE WANTS"… Bottom line is you're not KStew or RSanders - you don't know & are just talking out of your ass 'cuz you're crazy. Aces!

  38. 38

    [re=6142926]Re: KStew is a TRAMPIRE[/ re] christ girl, you really need to get a life in the real world

  39. "WAH! WAH!" - Twi-Tw says – reply to this


    This is all FAKE!! Another "GOSSIP" site said so!! And Perez is a BULLY for doing his "JOB" & covering this story! And this is ALL Rupert Sanders fault 'cuz KStew is a saint! And ROBSTEN FOREVER! And I won't be coming back EVER (except that I'm never really leaving so I'll see you again at the next KSTEW RPATZ post where I'll beging my cry-whining *SPAM* in 3-2-1…

  40. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – "Get a life in the real world"… Says th OLD MAN posting on a tween gossip blog story? Yeah, I'll get right on that! (Just as soon as the TWI-TWITS stop cry-whining, Haha!)

  41. Toni S. says – reply to this


    Look, I have my opinions. I like KStew. I am not going to blame a young girl when a much older powerful man is involved. I think we should all be able to voice our feelings without being vulgar and so very mean. Why are most people bashing her while very little is said about him? I hope these two can work it out. I feel the media is driving her crazy. I pray she gets support. As for Will Ferrell…I feel he came across a bully picking on a young starlet like that. I wonder if his own kids or relatives are beyond reproach. I am not saying what happened was right but I do feel there was something suspicious about it or at the very least a show of sad indifference by a mature powerful man with responsibilities.

  42. 42

    Re: raypearson – Yeah if Rob loved her so much he should have put a ring on her. She's fair game. Rupig is the married one. Why all the fault on Kristen? Rupig was her director a man of authority, married with kids. Who knows the line of crap he fed Kristen. Rupig is the home wrecker. He wreaked his home, he wreaked Kristen's home .He knew they were the most famous couple in the world. The guy seems like a world class manipulator. In my opinion it was sexual harassment. I bet he harassed her throughout production, tipped off the paps, he wanted to break Kristen up. He didnt care about his wife and "heavenly children." He wanted Kristen, she's young ,famous and wealthy. Everything he and his wife are not.

  43. Toni S. says – reply to this


    I think we could all be less angry and mean at one another simply for voicing differing opinions. If one person is rude, then others are goaded into responding in like fashion. I do not see an age limit on this blog. Many people of all ages have an interest in movie stars and their lives because they are larger than life. Many of us feel we might have an important comment or simply want to talk to others about what has occurred. Certainly there are pressing issues that we all have to think about but like I said there are times when we get drawn into the lives of famous stars, politicians…what have you.

  44. name says – reply to this


    Wow didn't realize how many crazy fucking people there are out there,shit!! I don't see how kristen fans always said how she strong she is and a bad ass etc….now all of a sudden she isn't capable of rejecting advances from a man,or oh Rupert is more powerful, or oh Rupert lured her into letting him go down on her,or Oh he was her boss….give me a fucking break already!! Kristen had the love and attention of the world telling how awesome she is,how pretty etc… Kristin is feisty and she would be quick to tell anyone to fuck off especially some dude hitting on her. Kristen is probably richer and more powerful than stupert will ever be(especially now) and she already finished the movie he was boss to her on. In those pictures it looks like Kristen is really into him,she doesn't look scared and he isn't forcing himself on her…u people are nuts!!! Also him being so much older than her doesn't make him manipulative or a predator…I could see if she was 16 but no she's a grown ass woman and has been for a few years now. I still enjoy her acting and am a fan of her work but I don't think what she did was momentary or was forced on her. Wow

  45. 45

    what a stinky dramatic mess has rob been showering did rupert shower in the photos she looked pretty dishevelled maybe she didnt shower then …

    eww just eww

  46. YelLow says – reply to this


    Lies ..

  47. 47

    Re: emmytori1 – Isn't Reese like 30+ weeks pregnant?

  48. 48

    Shower? I did not think she did that before the break up.. LOL

  49. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Toni S. – You have your DELUSIONS (not opinions) KStew's a big name Hollywood actress w/oodles of fame, power & $; there's NO imbalance of power btwn her & RSanders no matter how badly you want to *spin* your story. Your assertion that she was "forced" is false, stupid & crazy. She's a grown woman who said in interviews "I DO WHATEVER I WANT" & she wanted someone to "FU@K HER UP" - this is who your false idol is: a selfish, self-centered, thrill-seeking SKANK who willingly carried on an affair for MONTHS. All the while being a 2-faced, morally bereft psycho (look up the definition of psycho!) lying to her boyfriend (he was more like her husband) LRoss & kids whom she had a FAKE FRIENDSHIP with. KStew's a low-life. These were HER choices. She wasn't forced she was just "BORED" w/her committed relationship & glamorous life. Boo-fu@king-hoo! Cry me a river. The spoiled starlet wanted MORE than the perfect life she already had. She made this bed & now she has to sleep in it. So STOP *spamming* the contrived crap you are about Randers & LRoss. Liberty's a VICTIM in this & for you to demonize her (and RSanders, LRoss, RPatz, WFerrel (& HIS "FAMILY"!) & everyone else under the sun in order to prop up your false idol shows how sick in the head YOU are. Seek professional help for your FANatic obsession & embrace reality nutter. KStew made her bed of bad choices & now she gets to sleep in it. Just like she wanted.

  50. 50

    Re: KStew is a TRAMPIRE – HELLO, I'm not a Twihard any more than Will Farrell is. He was joking. Your seriously lame if you don't get it. I can careless if Kristen cheated on Rob. When men cheat, theirs never any serious backlash. When a woman cheats she's a tramp? Kristen wasn't married to Rob." Yes, the director was married, so that's not good. Kristen was living with Rob Pattinson, so he must not be that good either."Quote made by Chelsi Lately. It's true. When a woman cheats it's usually because the boyfriend isnt that good.

  51. 51

    Re: yeah – You don't need to say anything to him. The cheating says enough. A young woman has the right to good sex. 22 is to young to settle for bad sex.

  52. 52

    Re: KStew is a TRAMPIRE – I'm a fan of the books. Not the movies. New Moon and Eclipse SUCKED!! Twilight and BD1 were ok.I'm not a twi-hard at all.YOU ARE!!! Youre the one who's butt hurt Kristen Stewart broke Robert Pattinsons heart.I'm on the side of a Kristen Stewart. My God she's been with 2 guys her whole life. She was to young to be in a commited relationship.

  53. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: HurkaDurka – LOL @ YOU pretending to not be a TWI-TWIT! Why else are you cry-bitching your defense of that skank KStew under EVERY SINGLE STORY? You might be a dumb bitch but other people reading aren't & we can see right thru your stupid denials. Furthermore, get it straight, the ONLY fool saying "when men cheat they don't get a back-lash" is YOU. It's simple: The reason KStew is the focus in the gossip blogs is 'cuz she is the celeb - HOW FUCKING STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE, TO NOT GRASP THIS COMMON SENSE FACT? KStew was LIVING w/RPatz - he was practically her husband. She CHOSE to be a 2-faced lying skank & have an affair w/a married man. She WILLING put on & wore the mantle of adulteress for MONTHS. If she wanted out of the committed relationship she shouldn't have been a WHORE - she should've just said so & moved on. How can you defend this slut? Oh wait, I know - Morally bereft birds of a feather flock together. Ugh. You disgust me as much as she does.

  54. Toni S. says – reply to this


    As I said, I am not demonizing Liberty Ross. Perhaps I spoke too soon about feeling they seemed an odd couple to me. Perhaps I spoke in the heat of the moment but I don't think I need therapy because I truly feel sorry for Kristin Stewart because she is young. I know she is extremely rich, I know she appears to have had it all and she blew it but I still think HE should have know better and not crossed the line. You know Trampire you are awfully caustic, severely mean, and foul-mouthed. Do you think you are the only person who is validated by what force in the universe to speak and put forth your opinions. And who is spamming?! You are! Man you hate KStew to the point where you are sick. Your language is so strong! What are we talking about here…infidelity…OK, we all know what that's about or we”ve experienced it. In the end, it's really none of our frickin crap business anyway. And whatever we say ain't gonna amount to a hill of beans! OKAY… I really feel sorry for everyone involved. I hope they can all forgive and forget and get on with their lives. I even feel sorry for R.Sanders. I hope he can salvage his marriage. Trampire, you could raise anyone's blood pressure. What's scary to me is that you could hate KStew so much. You think I'm sick cause I'm standing up for a 22yr old…come on, lighten up! Who do you think you are…God?!

  55. Botmo says – reply to this


    I'm going against you all. I looked at the pictures and saw a young girl being pressured to have an affair by an older man. Her body language is telling him no, but she doesn't want to offend him because HE IS HER BOSS! essentially. I'm in my 50s now, but I was put in this position more than once when I was in my 20s. You're flattered, your angry, but you just don't know what to do in order not to burn the bridges with someone who controlls you life. So you play a game to let them down easy. You might even kiss them. But you don't want any of it. That's what I see in those pictures - look at her face, look at her feet. She was put in a very bad position by this creep and she handled it as diplomatically as she could. Either that, or she did have an affair and was trying to end it.

  56. Maggie says – reply to this


    it hard to find a good man..she messedup…

  57. alishadaniellesmith says – reply to this


    I'm so sad that kristen cheated on rob but i just know they are both so hurt over it and it's so sad. I honestly just want to see them get back into eachothers arms…they love eachother. Kristen wouldn't make that mistake again im sure, it wont ever be the same but they so obviously want just to be together… i hope all works out for them

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