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Ann Curry Screwed By Today Show Again!

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Ann Curry bull shit

NBC just will NOT give ex-anchor Ann Curry a break!

A Today show insider says that after being pushed out of her job and replaced by a "more ratings friendly" anchor, the network made Ann some lofty promises — none of which are panning out.

Our source says:

"Ann was promised a much bigger role in covering the Olympics when she was demoted from being a co-host of the Today show."

Apparently, Ann was told she would cover the opening ceremony on the ground with Matt Lauer & Meredith Viera. Clearly that didn't happen!

"For reasons not revealed to Ann," the former co-host got the boot … again.

Now, the "devastated" ex-anchor has to settle for a messily couple of days of coverage, as the source continues:

"Ann will be appearing on the Today show either Thursday or Friday this week and will be contributing to coverage of the closing ceremonies next Sunday."

Oh, well, isn't that generous of them?? LOL!

At least Ann can rest easy knowing the horrible ratings and reviews Today's snooze-worthy coverage of the Olympic games have received has absolutely NOTHING to do with her!

[image via NBC]

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30 comments to “Ann Curry Screwed By Today Show Again!”

  1. 1

    as Marjorie implied I can't believe that anyone can make $4763 in four weeks on the computer. did you read this link..

  2. 2

    Getting away from Matt is a PROMOTION!

  3. 3

    OMG whats the drama around this sour woman's firing? They don't like her, they don't want her, get over and move on. How pathetic.

  4. 4

    Maybe Matt was being racist like that vid posted earlier that he wasn't being sexist or racist on

  5. 5

    Re: Nolan Ross – 'Indian giver' is without a doubt a racist comment. As for his comment about her undies - may not have been sexist, but definitely crude.

  6. 6

    I just do not get what is going on with the people at NBC. They screw over their employees constantly (Ann and Conan as the biggest examples), and they completely undermine and insult their viewers (Olympics coverage comments). How is this network even still around? I have a feeling they will be seeing some very depressingly low numbers once the Olympics close.

  7. Maria says – reply to this


    I don't know why anyone watches this show anymore. Matt Lauer is a pompus ass, who only care about how much money he makes and who HE wants to work with. I think he hasn't come out yet as well.

  8. 8

    Who's making these decisions? Jay Leno?

  9. Heh says – reply to this


    She should just sue them already, she has been way too nice throughout this whole thing they are walking all over her and she needs to lawyer up!

  10. NBC sucks says – reply to this


    NBC sure loves to screw people over, take Conon o Brian for example. Fuck you NBC

  11. 11

    Ann should take a "buy out" on her NBC contract - force their hand
    and jump ship to another network where her years of experience would be put to good use.
    She has been completely disrespected and relegated to the back burner for heaven knows how long
    I'm sure that CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX.. enough news channels and shows out there that she could be a regualar contributer to until they find her a special niche to showcase her talents - like her own prime time hour perhaps about serius events
    I now watch GMA instead of Today in the mornings and enjoy them tons

  12. Naleo says – reply to this


    NBC, Today, & especially Lauer are "losing it" by the minute….going from bad to worse to worst! Lauer has been & is completely threatened by Ann Curry! It's the complete manner in which Ann was "fired" that the viewers are upset about & w/not forget nor
    let go of until Lauer & NBC make the wrong right! Until such time Today, NBC, & Lauer w/continue to experience the Law of the boomerang! The true soldier is Ann Curry! Viewers are not stupid! W/o the viewers, NBC, Today, & especially Lauer are nothing! Ann Curry is definitely due an apology & likewise the viewers! NBCs decision to fire Ann Curry obviously was NOT a business one but a negative request from Lauer himself! Lauer need to go - period!

  13. 13

    "for a messily couple of days of coverage, " really?? shes going to be a mess, or make a mess or the set will be a mess, which is it?? Oh never mind you FUCKED UP again. Maybe you mean measly ?? dipshit.

  14. 14

    Have not watched the show in years, when my computer crashed two weeks ago and was at Office Depot for 5 days, I watched TV and GMA was really pretty good - they have a Summer Concert Series one day per week (watched No Doubt) and also liked Judge Judy.

  15. 15

    Matt has turned into an ugly, ugly little man. The fact that we all know he has a ittle harem on the set is so repulsive to me. Haven't been able to stomach the show since Katie was Supreme Bitch.

  16. ANNA HULTIN says – reply to this



  17. 17

    I no longer watch The Today show, I think they treated Ann Curry like shit! NBC sucks BIG TIME! I would tune in, if I knew exactly what day Ann would be on, but you said, Thursday or Friday………I won't waste a Thursday tuning in, if Ann will not be there!

  18. peggy duckett says – reply to this


    I really liked Ann sorry they did not keep her have been watching another network or not watching at all,.

  19. 19

    If you noticed Gutherie is still a REALLY BIG YAWN. As far as saying Curry was weak in cooking shows, she showed more initiative in doing something than just standing there like a dummy. Gutherie just stands there, is stiff and really no personality. Very rough when she interviews people, no personality, no compassion.

  20. JAY JAY says – reply to this


    NBC's is evil. Who's all behind this? She's such a hard worker and was very loyal to her company. I can't believe they continue to publicly degrade her.

  21. mamanelle5 says – reply to this


    Matt Lauer is the culprit………………….take my word for it. They should have fired him long ago.

  22. mamanelle5 says – reply to this


    Re: Maria – I wish I had used pompous ass in my comment…..it fits him to a "t"

  23. 23

    You knew Ann Curry was never had clout at NBC in 2006 when after years of being Katie's understudy she was passed over for Viera from another network. There's eerie shades of Conan. Matt's been tired of the Today gig for a while as it reflects in his attitude, but NBC has nothing else for him with that kind of national exposure, no 60 MIN or 20/20. He wants the Nightly News, but Williams isn't giving up that chair for at least another 10-20 years. Also after seeing Katie go to another network & flop, he wouldn't be too eager to follow.

  24. jroberts says – reply to this


    I love Ann Curry! I think she's beautiful! She did an amazing job on the Today Show! She's intelligent too! I wish her all the best for the future! She has so much talent! I also loved her wardrobe and thought she always looked amazing!

  25. Ruth says – reply to this


    Enough of this woman already. She wasn't that good. NBC's biggest mistake was putting her in the co-anchor spot in the first place. She was very awkward, Samantha, Matt, Al & Natalie seem so much more comfortable without her

  26. johnconners says – reply to this


    NBC - Nothing Butt Clowns network contiues to make moronic moves. It was great TV watching Ann Curry cut lasers thru Matt "the Nose' Lauer today. GOd that was fantastic. Curry wanted to go "Chimp" on "the Nose". I wanted to see her drop a beat down on the little punk. What a loser. NBC is going to be number 2 behind GMA. Lauer has to go Capus. Lauer is the problem with the Today Show. GMA rules !

  27. 27

    NBC - Nothing Butt Clowns network does it again. Did you see Ann Curry laser cut Matt "the Nose" Lauer today. Wow. That was fantastic. Jim Bell being the moron he is, didn't realize how many people would love to see this. "the Nose" Lauer tried to make a phoney welcome and Ann stuffed him with her eyes, not even looking his way. Steve Capus has to be totally stupid to not realize Matt "the Nose" Lauer is the reason nobody wants to watch Today anymore. After 40 years of viewing Today, I now watch GMA each morning and it is refreshing. Al "Fat Albert" Roker is old news and just plain bad. Get rid of Jim Bell, Lauer, Roker and possibly, just possibly some viewers will return. Somehow I doubt it though. GMA rules.

  28. OxfordCorner says – reply to this


    I have already QUIT watching the today show, the last day Ann Curry was on. I watch CBS now. For me its the principle of it all. They fired her for no good reason, and I don't agree with it. They are just like the rest of Corporate America. I am so through with the show for how they treated DEAR Ann. I hope Ann will go to another network. I also think it is so unfair how Matt gets paid way more than Ann ever got. She did not come close to his salary. Just goes to show another way they treat women, they don't get paid as much as the so called big dogs, the men. Ann We Love ya, and I think about you all the time, and wish you the best. I hope you get to another network since you were treated like Dirt.

  29. Diane Baker says – reply to this


    I am so disappointed in NBC for their treatment of Ann Curry. Ann earned her way to co-anchor and I think did an excellent job interviewing. She has a special knack for showing compassion when appropriate and she has a great sense of humor. On the other hand she can cover a disaster or interview a dignitary. NBC should be ashamed of how they have treated Ann. If I were her, I would leave the network.

  30. twotirefire says – reply to this


    Re: NBC sucks – YES! you said it best: FUCK YOU NBC!!