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Hobble Hobbit Over Here! Second Trailer For An Unexpected Journey Released!!!

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Sweet breakfast cakes and golden ale!!

We discovered a brand new trailer for part one of Peter Jackson's upcoming Hobbit trilogy!

Ch-Ch-Check out even more Middle Earth madness (above) and your friends will be asking you, "is that a ring of power in your pants or are you just happy to see An Unexpected Journey?"

Those of you who have watched the first precious trailer about 19,000 times like we did might be shocked so little new content was added.

We're glad they don't give away the entire story beforehand like some of this summer's movies did, coughcoughSpiderMancoughcough.

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6 comments to “Hobble Hobbit Over Here! Second Trailer For An Unexpected Journey Released!!!”

  1. 1

    Perez, you need to hurry over to the radar and copy the story about why Sharon Osbourne is really quitting AGT … apparently she now thinks that NBC owes her son a gig because he has MS, even if there was no commitment. What a bunch of shit; I won't be sorry to see her leave AGT. But hurry, Mario. You want to steal something in a timely manner. Maybe you can pretend it's an exclusive?

  2. tim91 says – reply to this


    This trailer is seven months old. Do some research for once!

  3. 3

    I don't know if I'm just being stupid but that trailer doesn't look any different than the first one to me, nor can I find a second online anywhere.

  4. getbiw says – reply to this


    Even worse then NBC time delay. This trailer was all over youtube more then 6 months ago. #perezfail

  5. 5

    Sorry but I liked Lord of the Rings better, read them both when I was in college. Hobbit was kind of boring to me.

  6. Optimus117 says – reply to this


    For those of you bashing this report, this trailer actually IS slightly altered. The 3 seconds from 1:57 to 2:00 featured the dwarves fighting the trolls mentioned (and briefly seen as statues) in Fellowship. Now it just shows Gandalf and company running through a forest.
    A miniscule change, for sure, but a change nonetheless. Make sure you've got your facts straight before criticizing. The description on the story even makes a reference to being "shocked so little new content was added."