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Kristen Stewart Comes Out Of Hiding! Spotted Working Off Her Cheating Frustrations At The Gym!

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Gold's Gym is about to experience a boost in membership sales!

Cuz they're the lucky establishment Kristen Stewart's been frequenting since cheating on Robert Pattinson!!

A source from the Venice gym says she comes in "here and there" while a male trainer gets her fit and ready (presumably for her new role in Cali).

We're also betting she's going for the endorphins! Gotta do whatever it takes to bring that happiness back now that Rob's being a stranger!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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38 comments to “Kristen Stewart Comes Out Of Hiding! Spotted Working Off Her Cheating Frustrations At The Gym!”

  1. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    When are you going to give up on this whole "cheater" thing?
    No matter what story you post, even if it has NOTHING to do with Kristen or Rob, you find some way of mentioning that Kristen is a cheater. You start to sound like a high school, glue huffing, dumb girl.

    When are you going to stop Mario? When the girl starts cutting herself?
    Then you will start with your "poor her", "anti-bullying" bullshit when guess what? YOU were the biggest bully of them all.

    You will never change.

  2. 2

    Since you are obviously PERFECT ….. why don't you try leaving her ALONE ! At this point in time you have become a bully. Is that what you want to be known as, a bully? I thought you were all about anti-bullying? Seems like, for the headlines, you forget your own "ethics"!

  3. 3

    who gives a fuck

  4. 4

    That picture is from the end of June.

  5. 5

    I never figured her as a gym type girl. It's good for her to get back to normalcy though. We all mess up……learn from it and move on.

  6. 6

    Re: 19bun56 – He's only anti-bullying when it's the homos being bullied. If HE is the one doing the bullying and the hating, then it's okay with him. Perez is a loser and a hypocrite. If something suddenly happened to Stewart, he'd be posting all kinds of gushy things about her and trying to imply that they were buds (like he did with Any Winehouse). It's too late to ask him if he wants to become known as a bully, because he already is. He is a disturbed deviant who has no ethics, no empathy, and at this point, is taking up space and oxygen that someone more worthy deserves. His day is coming.

  7. 7

    What BS! This girl doesn't work out, just look at her body! She's thin because she's in her 20's. Like her personality, she's lazy, idle, and un-educated!

  8. perezneedstogetlaid says – reply to this


    Mario you know in your heart of hearts you're lashing out because you're still a virgin (you must be coming up to, what, 40 soon?) who hangs out with his mom and has no friends. That must make one very bitter. She is a 22 year old girl you fucking idiot. Who knows what she did and who fucking cares other than those involved? You know, you've bullied the fuck out of lilly Allen, Lindsey Lohan, Amy Winehouse and the list could go on. You've not changed and no one is going to buy your sad ass shit you asshole. When you do have sex one day (with someone other than your mom or your dog) you will see that it's fun and sometimes people do make mistakes and do it when they shouldn't. That's their fucking business.

  9. prih says – reply to this


    site de merda…parasita,nojento……essa foto é de 2011…TA AQUI:

  10. 10

    Isn't that an old picture of her+ didn't they say that statement before? I'm surprised you didn't post the pictures of her arguing with her trainer and showing of her stomach just says after she was caught cheating (but it was before the pictures became public).
    Even if it is a new picture, it just shows that the media is overdoing by making it 10x as bad.

  11. 11

    First that pic is from june of 2011 and second.. no is slim and has a small frame as it is. going to the gym even if she is only strength training won't give her the definition she will need for her ripped role in Cali. It took me about 6 months before I was able to get out of the skinny fat look. its not an over night process

  12. WOW... Really?? says – reply to this


    You talk all of your talk about how you have changed from the way you used to be and you haven't changed at all!!! When Britney went through her troubles you were on her, making your tacky relentless comments, without a care. Same thing with Jessica Alba and now you are singing their praises and kissing their asses. People make mistakes, they cheat…. we are human. You bad mouth the Kardashians about not having any talent…. WHAT TALENT DO YOU HAVE??? NONE. Not even the tackiest media outlets are being as tacky as you are. Are you hoping to console Rob?? Stick to reporting facts. You are a bully… That's a fact. You are a Hypocrite…. That much is a fact. You may have lost weight but you are still ugly on the inside…. That much is a fact. Finally, You are part of the reason people still think ALL GAYS are tacky… THAT is very much a fact. Grow Up!!

  13. Chris says – reply to this


    Are you going to keep identifying her because of one mistake? For someone who keeps preaching about not being so negative…..let this 22 year old girl move on and let it go.

  14. 14

    I need to know; what do We, As Rob/Kristen/Twilight FANS WANT? It would be great if they could 'try' to be together, even just for the Promos for BD2, but its time to give Kristen a Break, I am STILL & ALWAYS a Super Fan! Snuggles to All, Jen in Tulsa,OK

  15. Wrong says – reply to this


    This was from the end of July, I mean really, keep up.

  16. -.- says – reply to this


    These photos are really old. Nice try.

  17. 17

    Remember Perez, Karma's a bitch only when we're a bitch. So stop being a bitch Perez. Leave this young woman who you do not know ALONE!!!! To much negative energy is not good for your soul. Oh wait, you don't have a soul or so it seems.

  18. 18

    I doubt anyone will ever see her in a mini copper again!! This is an old photo.Leave her the fuck alone. Youre just jealous like all those other haters because she had Rob Pattinson we all know you want him bad just like all the other teeny boppers. Kristen neednt worry about the haters, theyre all just a bunch of whiny bitches. People make mistakes.Who are you or anyone else to judge Kristen especially when YOU DON'T KNOW HER!!!

  19. oh please... says – reply to this


    old picture perez

  20. ohplease... says – reply to this


    Re: 19bun56 – but you say cheater in quotes like KS isn't a cheater?? i dont't understand. wasn't she caught making out w her MARRIED director??? and before you tell me that Sanders is the douche and KS shouldn't take all the blame, I KNOW. but he's a nobody. KS fucked up. What did u think that all reports r gonna start with "POOR KRISTEN STEWART, DON"T CALL HER A CHEATER. RS HAD A GUN TO HER HEAD". she did this to herself

  21. 21

    Re: WOW… Really?? – Youre stepping over the line!!! Don't bring gay people into this. Perez is a shithead it has nothing to do with him being gay.

  22. Clear says – reply to this


    Hahhahahahaha what an old picture !

  23. andrea says – reply to this


    this pics not new……..retard :L for a journalist your pretty shite

  24. mgak says – reply to this


    This pic was taken year ago bull shit !!!! i don't remeber when they even tell us there are together so what is going on whit this cheater Stupid American People do you even have a brain ?

  25. oh please... says – reply to this


    Re: HurkaDurka – not judging her but there is a BIG difference between a mistake and a choice. Her tongue didn't MISTAKENLY fall into his mouth. BIG difference.

  26. Tams says – reply to this


    Um unless she wears the same thing to the gym all the time, this is an old pic from months ago. Geez. Check your sources!

  27. 27

    Re: oh please… – Give me a fucking break. Who cares if she made a "choice" that was a big mistake. She's human. Humans make choices that are big mistakes.Little girl. Teeny bopper.

  28. L says – reply to this


    This picture is old. Get over it.

  29. Whatever says – reply to this


    This picture is from 6/30/2011!

  30. kristen says – reply to this


    next time you want to make up a story about someone maybe try and find a more believable picutre… one that ISN'T one of the first few photos to pop up when you type KRISTEN STEWART into google.

  31. 31

    Re needstogetlaid that the funniest shit I've read so far so agree with you, so according to Perez its a no no to bullying gays but ok to bully anyone else he deems fit, my comment to him would go b$@$w yourself!!!!

  32. Real Kristen Supporter says – reply to this


    Re: kristen – Instead of issuing false photos and news wish her to get out of this. Just leave her alone. OMG isn't there any other celebrity. she's just a human. let her be.

  33. 33

    Re: kappuhcheenoh – Actually, she used to have toothpick legs. Not anymore…

  34. lol says – reply to this


    lol, it's not her :)

  35. Enough Already, Kids says – reply to this


    Re: prihRe: kappuhcheenoh – +1Re: 19bun56 – Since this stupid gutter rat missed the basics… News flash: Screwing married men is bad, being screwed by a married man is bad, and stepping out on your boyfriend to screw a married man is bad.

  36. kendra says – reply to this


    whatever,,kris stew is better off without rob patt..kris stew you are the best actress..just go on..we love u..

  37. 37

    there is no Cali and she stays fit so she can continue rubbing her A$$ into Ruperts crotch

  38. 38

    Re: kendra – now write an apoligy to Ruperts children