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Rupert Sanders Can't Believe He's Losing Liberty!

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rupert sanders losing liberty ross fast

It's looking like a losing battle for Rupert Sanders at this point.

Not only has Liberty Ross refused him access into their home, she's yet to keep him updated on the future of their marriage.

But honestly… why should she at this point??

As one source puts it:

"Liberty is not making this easy for Rupert, not surprisingly. She is refusing to see him right now and has not spoken to him about if they have a future together or not. Rupert is willing to do absolutely anything and everything he can to save his marriage, he realizes this is the worst mistake of his life, and he cannot believe he was so stupid.

The thought of losing his wife and children, who he loves more than anything in the world is killing him. Liberty has told Rupert she just doesn't think she will be able to trust him again. This affair went on right under her nose and she feels like he has made her look like a fool. Rupert is just hoping it will blow over soon and he can win her back, but that is looking increasingly unlikely."

We all make mistakes, but it's shocking how many people think cheating is something that can just "blow over!"

We're not saying he doesn't deserve to be taken back, or that he shouldn't if he makes true amends, but he has to start looking at it for what it really is before he can tackle it — a deep, raw wound that needs the finest of TLC!

…not something as trivial as he treated it when he recklessly swapped spit with Kristen Stewart!!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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10 comments to “Rupert Sanders Can't Believe He's Losing Liberty!”

  1. 1

    Ooooooh, ANOTHER KS cheating story, how wonderful. Let's see, you still hate her, it's all her fault, and you're in love with RP. It really is fucking stupid at this point. No one fucking cares! They didn't bang, who cares? You didn't do this when Angelina stole Brad. Oh but that's right, you're a bully, you pick and choose who to report and hate on. You're a fucking prick, go fuck yourself already.

  2. 2

    KS wasn't worth it, man. If he was cheating with Charlize, I could understand it, but Stewart??? Just a waste!

  3. 3

    I looked at the cheating pics. I swear they wanted to be caught. If you are cheating, WHY would you go out in the public? You know the paps are EVERYWHERE!!! I don't know how far the photog was, but you stop on the side of the road and start canoodling and you don't think someone won't see it????
    Either they wanted to get caught or they are very stupid… I hope it is the former.

  4. Heh says – reply to this


    This is why you DONT cheat! what an idiot! He is 100% responsible for what happened because he is an adult and Kristen is still a bratty child

  5. turretgunner says – reply to this


    It pretty much comes down to that old saying "You play, you pay." If Liberty decides to stay with him, Rupert should pray at least twice daily for the rest of his life to the supreme being of his choice. He crapped all over his beautiful family and will be extremly fourtunate if he doesn't come out of this with a schedule for when he is allowed to see his children. Maybe in the future he will let his brain do his thinking for him and not a different part of his anatomy. What a moron.

  6. turretgunner says – reply to this


    Re: Heh – Yes, Ruper Sanders is a complete a**hole for what he did to his wife and kids. But I am really sick of hearing how KS is just a helpless child in this mess. She's 22 and infinitely more social savvy than a typical 22-year old. She knew what she was doing was wrong, extremely stupid and likely not to end well. Now she has to face the consequences for her actions. That's life. She will likely lose the man she professes to lovesand probably a few friends to boot. Hopefully, she will grow from this messthat she helped to create and learn from it.

  7. 7

    Adios to the dirt bag.

  8. lalala says – reply to this


    I know it take two to cheat but still she is 22 and he 41!!! did he not feel like a molester when he was with her I mean she is mature and all but she's sooo short. She looks like a teenager!!!

  9. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Kristin and Rob are like all couples that date and split up. Normal for their age. They are not married. The Rubert/Liberty thing is different — marriage and children. It cannot be solved in a day… or a week. She has to access whether to go to counseling and try again, or what to do. It is not an easy fix. Leave them alone. Let her figure it out. And boo-hoo for him… not being allowed back in the house… too bad. Stay in a hotel and await your wife's decision. He will be lucky not to lose everything to her. He needs to pray a lot and feel a lot of remorse.

  10. lyan says – reply to this


    leave his dumbass