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No, You Cannot Take Derek Hough's Picture While In The (Gay) Club

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We're not sure what to think about this one!

A fan claims he saw Derek Hough "shimmying with his buddies" at a Salt Lake City gay club in "skintight, shiny silver pants" recently and said the Dancing with the Stars regular was reportedly not cool with the prospect of being photographed.

According to The National Enquirer, a fan approached Derek and at the club and the dancer freaked out about having his picture taken.

The fan confesses:

"I'm a big fan of Derek's, and I always thought or HOPED he was gay… I went up to Derek and said, 'excuse me' and asked very nicely if I could have a photo taken with him… He couldn't have been more rude or a bigger diva!"

That's shocking to hear! Derek has always come across as a pretty nice guy!

The fan continued:

"I was like, OK, he’s clearly not comfortable about hav­ing his picture taken in a gay bar. If you’re not gay, then what's the problem? Derek's behavior was very suspect."

Suspect? That's a bit of a stretch.

We can fathom a few thousand reasons why ANYONE might frequent a gay bar, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Maybe the pro dancer just wanted to, uhh, dance? The source added:

"Derek very well may not be gay. But he sure was dressed pretty, and he threw an impressive hissy fit when I asked for a photo!"

And we can dream up just as many reasons why someone might not want to be photographed — like you've never had a bad hair day!

We don't know whether he's dating co-star Katherine Jenkins but plenty of straight folk enjoy gay clubs. Derek says he's straight and we have no reason not to take the man at his word.

We aren't sure why he didn't want to be photographed but the DWTS vet doesn't owe us an explanation.

His private life is just that — private.

Even in Utah, shimmying isn't a crime.

[Image via Brian To/WENN.]

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17 comments to “No, You Cannot Take Derek Hough's Picture While In The (Gay) Club”

  1. 1

    Who cares if he is gay or not. A night out with friends at a gay club does not equal gay either. It just means they want to escape straight people drama

  2. 2

    I think Derek and Caspar would make a cute couple. (Seacrest would be SO jealous)

  3. 3

    And to add to the fact I uploaded a picture of an apple I took to be an avatar, please explain why your moderator rejected it?

  4. Dan85 says – reply to this


    umm didn't you spend a couple years of trying to force people into thinking that he was gay? Now you're like his private life is his private life? WTF! Shouldn't you have drawn a cock by his face or something? lol

  5. Carolyn says – reply to this


    Facts are out that Derek's people said none of what this person is saying is true. Try to report all the truth. Another site that likes to put their own spin on things. Media is full of Trash. Why do people follow you?

  6. emeraldfire says – reply to this


    the national enquirer??? seriously?? can you at least TRY to do a legit story?? just try

  7. anon says – reply to this


    I was about to congratulate you on your turnaround from outing (or trying to out people) by saying his private life should be private. Then I remembered that you're all about invading peoples' private lives, and the fact that you posted this stupid nothing story is pretty bad in itself, inviting speculation. It's your job, and all, but you can't help but be hypocritical when you worship and expose celebrities and say they should have their privacy. I agree, but I'm reading this, so I'm part of the problem. You have to take responsibility for your role here.

  8. 8

    Wow his private life is just that private?? Really thats rich coming from you Perez, the man that dogged Neil Patrick Harris and others, asking anyone and everyone for stories about the people they had slept with, and asking if anyone same sex slept with them to get in touch with you! AND you spent years dogging Derek and his cast mate Mark Ballas to come out of the closet! You are the biggest hypocrit on the internet Pere Hilton. Thank God THE TALK stopped having you on their show maybe they realized what a complete and utter sleeze you really are!!

  9. 9

    "His private life is just that - private"?????

    I read your site so obviously I know what you do, but isn't it sort of ridiculous to make a statement like that when your very livelihood is exploiting people on a daily basis? I mean, where is that phrase on the 10,000 posts about Kristen Stewart? That would be like Jenny Craig saying "oh no, a person's weight, we never ask that. none of our business" lol.

    That said, I don't believe this "source" for a minute. you mean he was so wronged, yet didn't think to take a pic anyway, even from a few feet away. And NO ONE else in the whole place saw a celebrity from a popular TV show who has been rumored to be gay and thought to take a pic either? Absolutely didn't happen.

  10. Gerald says – reply to this


    The sarcasm and snark dripping from this is hilarious. ;)

  11. 11

    Re: rosebud99 – Caspar is DISGUSTING!!!! I'm a woman and I sure wouldn't care if HE (Caspar) was gay!

  12. 12

    EVERYBODY in Hollywood knows that Derek is gay, even Perez, but here he is trying his best "I'm not a bully" impersonation….probably to avoid a lawsuit? Who knows. He just sounds so fake here its pathetic.

    And Derek…if you don't want anyone to know you're gay then don't hang out in gay clubs. There are all kinds of places to go out and dance and have fun in this world, you know?

  13. met him says – reply to this


    he was with friends dancing at Thomson Hotel Club in TOronto and my girlfriends went up to him and asked for a photo with him and he said no he was just there to dance no pics - he was rude as well and this was not a gay club so I'd say he just doesn't like taking pics with fans.

  14. 14

    99% of celebrity's lives are FAKE & MADE-UP; they are actually some of the most sick & twisted people on the planet….

  15. 15


  16. 16

    Re: cuddlybear_john – Thank You cuddybear, for telling it like it is, Perez is one of the biggest hyporcrits when it comes to his current position on this topic. I'm SO glad someone else saw through his phony personality.

  17. 17

    Perez, You are just a stupid asshole!