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Kelly Clarkson & The Fray Are Awesome Humans!

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Aww you guys!

It seems Kelly Clarkson and members of The Fray gifted some $$$ to a stagehand who recently suffered a stroke during the Stronger/Scars & Stories summer co-tour!

The 57 year-old crewman apparently fell victim to a hemorrhagic stroke in Pheonix, AZ on August 1st, and was rushed to the hospital… but unfortunately the man did NOT have health insurance.

When Kelly and Co. were asked to sign a get-well card, they - along with other concert workers - instead collected all the cash they had and gave the total amount of $2,200 to the man so he could pay his hospital bills!

AND Kelly and The Fray are setting up a fund for the stagehand, who remains in the ICU.

It's always SO lovely to hear about people using their power and wealth to help others… what a glowing example of human goodness!

[Image via WENN.]

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7 comments to “Kelly Clarkson & The Fray Are Awesome Humans!”

  1. 1

    that's nice and all, but these fuckers are worth millions. Couldn't they just have paid the full balance?

  2. 2

    I saw The Fray when they opened for U2. I wanna see Kelly Clarkson but she's not coming here. I have all her albums. Me– the same girl who never bought any of Gaga 's or Britney's music. Kelly is different from those 2. She actually has talent. Kelly is like the American version of Adele. I like Kelly's new album Stronger. It's empowering & uplifting. It's not a whiny pity parade like a lot of other girls are doing these days.

  3. 3

    if he doesn't have health insurance, it can cost him over 1000 bucks a day….i mean, yeah, it was a nice gesture from them, but considering how much they're worth, 2,200 dollars? it wouldn't make any difference in their bank accounts if they added a couple of zeros more…but for the poor guy, it will definitely solve a LOT of problems…

  4. 4

    Kelly has always been such a sweet person. This does not surprise me at all. I am sure when all is said and done, they will have helped this man out big time. Just goes to show you how important it is to have health insurance. A lot of famous people would not have helped him at all. Shame on any of you who says anything bad about what they are doing to help this guy.

  5. Amber says – reply to this


    WOW a whole 2,200 bucks when they wipe their ass with that much…kinda lame of them to not just pay the whole amount of the bill…its not like either one of them would have noticed the money being gone…

  6. 6

    kelly fucking clarkson is fucking republican. fuck her!

  7. Jessica Taylor says – reply to this


    You guys are awful, both of them could have easily not bothered at all considering they probably didn't know the guy but they didn't, they did what they could to help and whoever doesn't respect them for that has a problem! And besides bank cards have a limit they only have took out so much money! Not much of the fray fan but that's nice to do that! And f course love Kelly<3