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Kristen Stewart Can't Stop Reading Hate Mail & Wants To Disappear!

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Kristen Stewart Fans Turned Against

Hell hath no fury like a Twi-hard scorned…???

We doubt there’s many people in the world right now who’d want to switch places with Kristen Stewart!

Not only did her cheating scandal turn her friends and costars against her, but now it seems that her own fans are jumping OFF the KStew train, as well!

It’s been an agonizing waiting game for Kristen lately, as she hopes Robert Pattinson will decide to forgive her for the affair and take her back!

Gurl definitely hasn't been taking things well, as we recently reported how she's been drowning in guilt and hasn’t been showering or talking to anyone!

Well, not only is she super deep in depression, but, as a source stated:

“She is a complete mess. She’s torturing herself by constantly reading the nasty stuff being written about her.”

Supposedly, she can’t separate herself from the hate-filled rants, which has led to her loss of appetite and lack of sleep!

The source went on to say:

“She’s said some pretty crazy things lately, like how she’ll die if he doesn’t take her back or how no one would care if she disappeared off the face of the earth.”

Perhaps Kristen thought she’d be let off the hook, by fessing up and coming out with a statement so soon after the affair??

Guess things didn’t quite work out that way, seeing all the backlash she’s been receiving!

While we know she's in the wrong, we hope she will be able to find better ways of coping with her guilt from her "momentary indiscretion."

[Image via WENN.]

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154 comments to “Kristen Stewart Can't Stop Reading Hate Mail & Wants To Disappear!”

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  1. 1

    And I'm sure most of the hate mail is coming from you, esp the way you harass her on your site. Karma is a big bitch though.

  2. 2

    How about you give her a break perez, at least in this one post. What…you think because she's the cheater and a famous actress she can't start hurting herself or even suicide? Seriously, leave her alone! I'm not even a fan, but I feel really sorry for all the stones everybody is throwing at her. It's not like she killed someone!

  3. 3

    Wouldn't blame Robert but still, poor Kristen, this should be a private matter and Kristen doesn't deserve this shit from people that has nothing to do with it and didn't even like her from the start because of Rob.

  4. 4

    Cannot understand why everyone is harassing Kristen Stewart. She is no different than Angelina Jolie, yet everyone adores Angeline. Why worship one tramp and attack another tramp? How do you differentiate? Should Kristen go and adopt 10 kids so she can be "forgiven"?

  5. karmabitesperez says – reply to this


    Perez, you've made more mistakes than this girl ever will, caused pain and hurt to innocent people, people struggling with their sexuality, people who were sick with addiction issues. You are a motherfucker. You are harassing this girl and i will never return to your site. If you got a fraction of what you doled out you'd jump off a cliff you shithead. I hope you get your just desserts. Like others have said, it's just a matter of time and karma's going to bite your ass. Ask your buddy Deepak about how that works.

  6. HateCheaters says – reply to this


    Cheaters are pathetic and have low self esteem. However… why aren't people harassing the husband? He made VOWS to his wife and children… WAY worse when cheating happens in a marriage. I'm glad Robert realized what kind of person she was before they actually got married. That would've been much worse.

  7. 7

    Re: onyx1590 – Agreed, I don't remember Chris getting this much shit either, not even Tiger got this much shit.

  8. Jamie T says – reply to this


    You are such an asshole. Your site has been throwing the most hate at her and it's really proven that you haven't changed. It's one thing to report but to constantly put her down. ENOUGH

  9. samlewis says – reply to this


    LEAVE HER ALONE YOU ASSHOLE! i liked you up until this scandal you've shown you haven't changed at all

  10. 10

    Talking about someone having suicidal ideation isn't a gossip or news story. Maybe you should tell your "source" that if these things are true they should be contacted some professional help, rather than a gossip site. Sad that you'd be sharing stories like this.

  11. 11

    hope she doesn't do anything stupid….. besides, give it a couple months and NO ONE WILL CARE!!!

    ***plus the more the media and bloggers feed into her "woe is me" the more they probably push him back to her…. he loves her and no one wants to see their loved ones hurt, regardless of what she did.

  12. sallie says – reply to this


    You are aweful Perez. Grow up. depression is a serious matter whether it's true or not. Why don't you save us all some oxygen and STHU!!!

  13. 13

    (oops! caps lock syndrome)

  14. 14

    You know what I find interesting about this whole saga? If the tables were turned and Robert were the one who cheated I doubt that there would be much venom. People seem especially hateful towards Kristen.

  15. 15

    Isn't she worth $75 million; I'm sure she'll get over it…..

  16. 16

    You are a BULLY!

  17. 17

    This story is a lie. Perez lies. No facts. No sources. NO ONE in this town will talk to him.

  18. 18

    the only one who would care if she disappeared off the face of the earth is that fatass bitch on youtube…feel free to kill yourself kristen…

  19. McM says – reply to this


    I do read your site on a daily basis…but I have to agree with the other comments. You say how much you have changed, yet you take every opportunity to bash and bully this girl. She is 22 years old and made a mistake, which I am sure as hell will never be able to live it down thanks to people like you.

  20. Karma Chameleon says – reply to this


    Everyone taking about karma. Ever think that maybe this is karma coming back to BITE KSTEW in the ass for her actions? For every action there is a reaction and everyone needs to consider that. Especially so if you are in the public eye. But having said that, I know it is a bad situation for everyone involved. I hope for her sake she does have caring friends to guide her through this tough time in her life.

  21. Suzanne Snyder says – reply to this


    She's only 22
    My God, give her a break
    She made a mistake
    She owned up to it
    How many people do you know that really do that?????????

  22. 22

    Re: FlaLady
    Good point. I'm not a fan of Kristen - but gee, she didn't kill anyone - she made a mistake and she seems sorry. Quit harassing her, Perez.

  23. What? says – reply to this


    Please let's not start giving people license to do bad things because they are 22. Remember learning "do unto others . . . " when you were 5. Well it still applies at 22.

  24. deb says – reply to this


    This girl is 22 years old! I think everyone seems to have forgotten this fact. She is allowed to make MANY mistakes. People need to stop acting so self-righteous. People only cheat when they are unhappy in a relationship, so Rob can't be all that anyway!

  25. 25

    she's absolutely right. no one would care if she disappeared and this is pre scandal

  26. 26

    Dear Kristin,
    What you did was wrong, but it doesn't make you a bad person. But it makes what you did bad. Being with a married man is extremely wrong, but good people can do very wrong things. Especially if they are very young. There are tons and tons of fine, morally upstanding, good women who have made your mistake in their youth. Please don't be so hard on yourself. What the married man did was actually worse. Not to shift much blame off you, of course. Forgive yourself, apologize to the wife (once), slap that old goat, and move on. And keep it private. It will fade away.

  27. Andy says – reply to this


    This is not Angelina. I'll tell you why. Angelina was single, Kristen was in a 4 years relationship. This Rupert guy has 2 little kids, Brad and Angie didn't have kids. There's no graphic evidence that he cheated on Jen, he fall in love with her costar, got a divorce and started a life with her. It's not the same.

  28. 28

    this is total BS. while im not a fan of hers, and dont really condone what she did, i dont think this should still be a breaking story. youre kidding me right?! if a man cheated on a woman in hollywood, we'd all shrug our shoulders. but when a woman cheats, she is scorned by every possible outlet, its horrible. what she did was horrible and inconsiderate, but give it a rest! she wasnt married to the man. society needs to stop branding women who do this as 100X worse than the men who do it. how about equality between sexes?

  29. carliana says – reply to this


    wow, perez, You're still the bitter bully you were before, you're just more selective now. You're absolutely GLEEFUL on each post about her, using sarcasm and exclamations like an idiot sixth grade gossip. If she ends up killing herself, hope you'll be able to sleep well at night, knowing you helped contribute to the pain she suffered.

  30. caliluv says – reply to this


    Perez is the flip side of the same coin as MIchelle Bachman and the like. Moralistic assholes who condemn others with self-righteous glee. You're showing your true, ugly, bullying stripes, asshole

  31. Gary says – reply to this


    This is someone releasing this shit wanting people to feel sorry for her like not showering, I doubt she is that down about it all that she wants to die, nor should she be, she fucked up but life will go on…she can afford to never work again and she will find love again.

  32. Lyshy says – reply to this


    Ok. I believe cheating is wrong completely, but seriously? No longer a fan of somebody who made a mistake?? Too crazy.. Let he that is without sin cast the first stone…. And if they are no longer her fan because she made a mistake in her personal life, then they were never really a fan…

  33. Emilia says – reply to this


    Re: karmabitesperez – just want to say thank you.. You've said everything I've been wanting to say to this bully…YOU PEREZ ARE A BULLY

  34. kelly says – reply to this


    fuck off, asshole. Why dont you kill yourself? you would be doing the world a favor if your always this bitter and hateful towards people you dont even know.

  35. riley says – reply to this


    your a jerk

  36. casey says – reply to this


    Re: this is it – fuck your negativity, get a life bitter one.

  37. 37

    im not going to lie.. I'm starting to feel really bad for her.. everybody makes mistakes…

  38. Lisa says – reply to this


    Oh Puh–leaseeee!!! She's not killing herself. She's a f'ing actress and she'll say anything to manipulate Robert's feelings so he can give her the attention she's desperately seeking. She needs to get a fucking clue and stop waiting for a miracle that's never going to happen. She cheated, she humiliated him, she got dumped, she should fucking move on!

  39. 39

    this is all so fake, it's comical.

  40. Serious??? says – reply to this


    Keepin' this short. You are writing about a PERSON! *gasps dramatically* yes perez they are human too! GIVE HER A BREAK! These things happen all the time! whys her case so different but seriously stop you are taking this too far!

  41. seriously????? says – reply to this


    You are a BULLY! IF YOU TAKE I TOO FAR YOU WILL DISPLEASE YOUR READERS! I CAN SEE IT NOW "Perez cyber-attack kristen stewart!" we'll see how you like being on the other side when people despise you and other sites encourage it! YOU were-ARE- part destroying kristen emotionally!

  42. 42

    This photograph is a perfect example of why people can't stand this girl. On top of the world, she is, with acting opportunities and money beyond her talent and education! And she has to do the "I'm miserable" body language! And she needs to see a shrink! She is giving back her success, with her F ups! She's giving it back!

  43. LINDSEY ANDERSON says – reply to this


    SHUT THE FUCK UP PEREZ youre a heartless monster who doesnt deserve to talk shit about anyone. how would you like it if the entire world knew everything about your flamoyant self? oh yeah i forgot thats what you want!!! FUCKING LOSER. kristen made a mistake, and MISTAKES ARE A CONSTANT IN LIFE. she'll learn her lesson just like the rest of us have :D stay strong kstew.

  44. Have sympathy says – reply to this


    Give Kristen a break. Where is all the outrage towards Rupert? He is old enough to be her father, is obviously a philandering narcissistic asshole that took advantage of an impressionable 22 yr old. HE knew better. He seduced her, lied to her, deceived his wife and family, not to mention breakIng a sacred vow! Yes, Kristen was wrong and she made a HUGE mistake. For that she will have to live with. Rob may take her back or maybe not. What matters is that she learns from this and becomes a better person. As for you, Perez, stick it where the sun don't shine…..oh wait, you'd probably like that. Pick on someone else for a change. Like Rupert.

  45. Lmm says – reply to this


    "wow, perez, You're still the bitter bully you were before, you're just more selective now. You're absolutely GLEEFUL on each post about her, using sarcasm and exclamations like an idiot sixth grade gossip. If she ends up killing herself, hope you'll be able to sleep well at night, knowing you helped contribute to the pain she suffered."

    Word. Perez - You're a douche, a misogynist And a bitter, bitter little man likely sporting a tiny dick. Stop picking on this girl. You're no better than the homophobes you're always bellyaching about. You give gays a bad name. douches like you that are the reason people are against gay rights.

  46. PJ says – reply to this


    You would probably love it if she did hurt herself. You vile bullying bitch!

  47. 47

    Well I have not seen her in any movies (sorry not my style) but she always looks kind of sulky and pouty to9 me, sorry.

  48. 48

    as Billy explained I didnt know that a stay at home mom able to get paid $7613 in a few weeks on the computer. have you read this webpage N u ttyRi c h d o t c o m

  49. Reality says – reply to this


    Wow. Someone who actually admits to their mistakes and apologizes instead of covering them up like the rest of the world. Anyone who criticizes her (or anyone for that matter) is a self-righteous assh*ole. Good for you Kristen for doing what you thought was right after the fact, regardless of the backlash. That takes guts.

  50. jett says – reply to this


    Wow, really? So not the case. Dude, leave her alone.

  51. noisa says – reply to this


    Perez, you're an embarrassment. All your bullshit gay-tolerance rhetoric is compromised with how you've handled this scandal. You've illustrated intolerance, bigotry, sexism, and knowingly diffusing lies in one fell swoop. Please stop pontificating about how the world needs to become more tolerant of gays when you turn around and show you're one of the biggest hypocritical bigots out there.

  52. Cas says – reply to this


    I will not call you nasty names and be hateful but what i will tell you isn't any different than what most of the people on here will agree to. You have not changed a bit. She is young and while that is NOT an excuse, things like this happen every day. For you to even mention her depression in a mocking manner is sick. You sit on this web site and post every suicide that happens because someone might not be exactly like someone else, & then you go on a hate filled rant about this girl for weeks. Hypocrite at its best.

  53. Bitemyarse says – reply to this


    Re: noisa
    Why do people like you get on sites that you are offended by? Dont get on here, dont read it if you dont like it.

  54. delia says – reply to this


    You're such an idiot, always telling us about how various teenagers committed suicide due to bullying and being outed for their sexuality. Then you turn around and hammer down hard on krsiten for having cheated. Why do you think her depression is any less important? CAuse she's not gay? you're such an idiot, you do more harm to your cause than any good. You make a mockery of what truly constitutes bullying others when they are already down and depressed.

  55. cornwall says – reply to this


    Perez, in your honor, the next time some gay teen tells me they are depressed and want to die, I'm going to respond with sarcasm, make light of their depression, and basically call them a liar who's just trying to get attention. You're welcome!

  56. noisa says – reply to this


    Re: Bitemyarse – This isn't rocket science. I'm not offended, I'm pointing out the fact Perez is a fucking hypocrite. He's always covering when gay teens turn to suicide due to being alienated and rejected and bullied. What's the point of him covering these sorts of stories for awareness if he turns around and does the same thing to someone else? There's nothing different between him and the people he chatises and judges.

  57. Bitemyarse says – reply to this


    Geez, why are you fuckers sticking up for these celebs. They get paid enough money to put up with the critisism. You guys are standing up for these celebs and they probobly wouldnt even give a fuck about "normal people". i dont care what celebs say in interviews, they are full of shit. Kristen Stewart doesnt even like her fans.

  58. donatella says – reply to this


    You're a prick. I had a family member commit suicide after making some vague assertions that he didn't want to live anymore. You think it's funny to mock someone who's depressed enough to feel hopeless? Have at it, and rot in hell while you're at it.

  59. perezisskinnyfat says – reply to this


    perez iss a fucking asshole

  60. Bitemyarse says – reply to this


    Re: noisa
    I get your point noisa, I spose i just think that these celebs must expect this kind of attention when they make it big. They probably have thicker skin than most.

  61. thejazzynator says – reply to this


    I wish this wasn't made into such a big deal. Who cares?! They need to settle things in a civil manner behind closed doors and the press is just eating this up because of the stupid fandom that surrounds twilight and them as a couple in the movie. Well little twilight fans, this is called reality and people do some stupid things sometimes but they are both adults and need to handle this like adults. Grow up folks. Got to be kidding me they're both grown stay the hell out their business.

  62. Bitemyarse says – reply to this


    [re=6146144]Re: thejazzynator[/re
    Hey you are commenting too so as far as im concerned you are just as into it as everyone else. If you are on this site you must like some juicy gossip.

  63. rita says – reply to this


    oh fuck off perez, she kissed her nonboyfriend, big fucking deal. this is hollywood, katy perry is getting pissed on by john mayer this very moment, how is this the news piece that's getting your attention dumb ass.

  64. 64

    lololol just take nutty madam and times that by thousands … those are u fans

    every photo her and rob have a agonising look on their faces and pushing their hair back for god sakes there is a world out there suffering while ur self entitled break down is going on do some charity work for god sakes be the new angelina but stop sitting around in ur self pitying 40 million dollar state its sickening …

  65. diablo says – reply to this


    overkill, perez. Leave her alone already, you would have been one of those assholes who stoned women back in the olden days.

  66. courtney says – reply to this


    She is wrong- I would be VERY upset if something happened to her or if she "disappeared off the face of this Earth." She is one of the most beautiful & talented actresses that I know. I would still trade places with her because I think that she is so awesome.

  67. niki says – reply to this


    first of all perez isn't bashing on her. if anything he's sympathizing with her and supporting her.
    2nd, i dont think everyone should hate on her so much. the other guy planned this, he's older, married with two kids, of course they should've both known better but especially him, shes still young and vulnerable to making mistakes. it's not all her fault. and she did come clean rather then him having to find out some other way. and she made a public apology.

  68. 68

    Re: rita – hahahaha pissed on by john mayer hahah funny

  69. 69

    YES I WOULD TRADE PLACES WITH KRISTEN FOR 40 MILLION sheesus people … get back to ur 4 dollar a hr miserable lives and stop the hate mail shes got so much money im sure that can sooth her troubled nerves .. anguish no more…

  70. Kls says – reply to this


    You need to back off. It's one mistake, people make many in their lives. Seriously consider how you would feel if you made one stupid decision and you had the whole world looking down at you and calling you a bad person. People like you are what leads many to make a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  71. 71

    Why is everyone hating on Perez? He is only doing his job! I love reading all about celebrity gossip, especially anything relating to Rob, hence why I am here and reading these juicy articles, regardless if they are true or not I take them with a grain of salt and read them for my own entertainment value only. Kristen and Rob are the only people in the whole wide world that know exactly how they are feeling emotionally and how they are dealing with the situation at hand, everything else is speculation. Having reporters, media and papz write horrible false stories and capture embarrassing photos is all part of the territory of being famous, if I was worth 75mill I don't think I would be too concerned.

  72. 72

    I don't feel sorry for Kristen at all, she made her bed so now she must lie in it. Remember Kristen has not only broken Rob's heart, caused upset between a marriage AND family unit but she also has let down & disappointed A LOT of fans, this girl was meant to be a role model and was and still is adored by many tween, and very young girls. Saying she is 'only' 22 doesn't make it any better! At 22 she should of known better, no excuses and Rupurt is a sleezey creep who should be getting just as much shit from the media but lets be real, hes not as famous as Kristen and really who are we more interested in reading about, honestly? A cheaters a cheater in my book, if I was Rupurt's wife I would leave his ass and take him to the cleaners and if Rob does take Kristen back all my respect for him will be gone, he will look like a weak chump in my eyes…..Love your work Perez, look forward to the next installment xx

  73. Ayeellanaa says – reply to this


    and it is people like you, Perez who drive people to the edge with your over opinionated and uneducated comments. So what she cheated, she obviously regrets it and you are milking it for all it's worth and showing how irrelevant you have become, you spend more time on her than you did reporting about James Holmes. Your lack of credible sources and constant low jabs are proving to more and more that you are scum of the earth.

  74. Chillax62 says – reply to this


    Perez, it's the likes of you that makes people actually want to kill themselves. is she the first woman in this planet to cheat? And jeez they did not even F***! So what is the rant and rave all about? I'm no fan of K or R but your constant bashing is not just ridiculous now, but an insult. This is nobody's business and it's not fair to bring someone down like that. Even Charlie Sheen's downspiral did not get this much hate from you so cool off! Talk about worthy things and stop acting like a precos. Like Nolan Ross says, karma is a bitch. "KStew", as you call her has blood in her veins, not water. Let's see if you'll post another sorry ass message if she actually breaks down cause of your bashing. (Just like you did with Michael Jackson until his death). I almost started to like you again but dang, this is really lowlife attitude.

  75. KristenIsSufferingToo says – reply to this


    Maybe it wasnt all KStews fault ppl! Maybe she got FORCED into sleeping with him! Maybe Its a publicity thing tht they had to do! Maybe their were problems with her and Rob so she got stressed! Damn It! What if the pic with the director was PHOTOSHOPPED to make it look like KStew! Maybe its all TRUE! But you cant just be blaming Kristen for all this! Others were involved

  76. 76

    Re: FlaLady – I beg to differ. Everyone does NOT adore Angelina. There are plenty of people who can't stand her.

  77. 77

    Faaaaaaaaaaaaaark your such a hypocrite Perez all you ever do is slag her and what, you think if you say something remotely civil about her you'll get your angel wings, ha! No chance for you my boy,your a mean and nasty person who's only out to look after number one. Your such an ass!!!!!!!

  78. urasnake says – reply to this


    You really are enjoying this, aren't you ?
    Where's WILl.I.AM when you need him !
    Although I'm sure Kristen could take you down herself, you sad excuse for a human being.

  79. Lilly says – reply to this


    OMG, I care about you. I love you, Kristen! Nobody can judge you!!!

  80. 80

    Re: FlaLady – this is a VERY good question! I don't sympathize with either of them, not just one or the other. They both made their own decisions and put themselves in whatever position they're in with fans or now ex-fans.

  81. monkeypod says – reply to this


    jesus. cut the girl a break.

  82. Chris says – reply to this


    Re: FlaLady – The difference is Angelina Jolie was free and single. Kristen was in a committed 3 year relationship which she had no plans to end. Angelina and Brad were a love match while Kristen and Rupert were clearly just in it for cheap thrills. Jennifer Aniston herself said that she didn't think Angelina and Brad slept together while they were married while there is concrete picture evidence that Rupert and Kristen engaged in some affair. It is very different and much more sordid and disgusting. Brad and Jennifer also had NO children. Angelina Jolie never befriended Jennifer Aniston.

  83. 83

    Re: Have sympathy – I want to hope that everyone feels the same about Rupert. What he did was absolutely worse. I think the reason Kristen is getting so much more hate for it is because 1. She is an actress, she's seen a lot and is very popular right now as is her relationship with Robert. So people know her more than they know a producer; and 2. All the girls/females/males who love Robert hate her for hurting him. I give them both blame, not just her. He did do wrong to his family, but so did she. Forget about Robert, he was a boyfriend, they come and go. She helped come between a family, not just some relationship.

  84. Another Kristen says – reply to this


    She needs a break over this. It's enough already. Let them work it out or not. She has an amazing life in front of her and she will find someone new just like Rob will.

  85. 85

    I know kissing is considered cheating but it's not that big of a deal! I'd rather have my husband kiss another woman the have sex with her. Kissing I can get over. Give the pool girl a break!

  86. 86

    And to those who are saying, it's no one's business or we should stay out of it… KRISTEN made it our business when she told the world she cheated!! She didn't just keep it between her and Rob. So she wanted us all to know what happened obviously.

  87. Kristen says – reply to this


    Yes, I'm a Kristen, too. But I wonder how many of these people who are so quick to judge have made the same mistake. Congressmen, presidents, regular people… hell, Rupert Sanders. Where is the hate for him?

    Oh, I forgot, when women cheat, they're whores. When men do, it's forgivable.

  88. Charly says – reply to this


    Re: FlaLady – Stop comparing Angelina with Kslut! Angelina is a beautiful, intelligent, talented actress, who never did something so disgusting as what Kristen did! Kristen is unattractive, talentless not very smart woman, who got some connections and was chosen to play Bella Swan. If not for Twilight, no one would ever knew, who Kslut is!

  89. Antony says – reply to this


    To make a mistake when you are young is normal! Dont worry kristen all can a mistake now the word for you is awful, tomorrow will be better. If Rob will not give you second chance mean that he doesn't love kristen, because only who love know to forgive!Kristen go ahed!!!

  90. 90

    Yeah they're not married. But the loser director was. Kristen hung out with his wife, took his kids out for ice cream, all while screwing their Daddy behind their Mommy's back. Yes…what an awkward shy girl. Screw the kids! Leave poor Kristen alone! Lol continue on Perez. Kristen is a slithering snake. I only feel sorry for THE CHILDREN.

  91. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Nolan Ross – We already covered this - Karma isn't a bitch - you cry-whining TWI-TWITS are. R-E-A-D-I-N-G comprehension too much for you FANatic? She's NOT reading fan "mail" - she's SUPPOSEDLY reading all the (TRUTHFUL!) things being said about her morally bereft actions online. Gossip sites doing their job & reporting what sources say isn't "HARASSMENT" - it's their JOB tantrum throwing thumb-sucker. For the love of God, put on your big boy pants & deal with it loser.

  92. Renota Johns says – reply to this


    Kristen if you really are reading all these , I want to say that no matter what you are feeling it could be alot worse. There are some people who hopes you fall even lower. You lost the most wonderful thing you could have. A faithful loving man. Do you know how rare that is all your years in the business of hollywood. No one ever last longer that a couple of years. Rob would have been faithful to you for life. Children with him would have been a blessing. Good character carries threw the genes. You are stupid the dumbest female on the planet.

  93. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: onyx1590 – "Leave her alone"…??? Perez Hilton isn't bothering her, he's doing his job. And if she does anything else that's STUPID & SELFISH it won't be his fault - it will be ALL hers. Just like her morally bereft cheating. That wasn't PH's fault either though the TWI-TWITS are happy to fault the "media" (& anything else under the sun!) 'cuz they're in denial over their false idol's actions. Further, to be clear, this "source" comes from HER CAMP & is stating this to make her seem sympathetic - something I don't reserve for two-faced cheaters. Too bad, so sad. She made her slutty bed & now she gets to sleep in it (alone!)

  94. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: ToriBorn – "WAAAH!" - Lady Who aka You Bore Me aka AussieGirl71 How many times do you post under different profiles? Is this like your job? lOlz! Newsflash, I didn't care for her one way or the other - I was indifferent. She gave me the reasons to hold her in contempt on a slutty, silver platter. She's a grown woman who has said in magazine interviews "I DO WHATEVER I WANT" & that she wanted someone to "FU@K HER UP" - - - this is who your precious TRAMPIRE idol is - - - a selfish, self-centered, thrill-seeking SKANK who willingly carried on an affair w/a married man for MONTHS. All the while she was being a 2-faced, calculating, psycho (psycho's don't care about other people or their feelings, look it up!) lying to her boyfriend (think about it - they were living together so he was more like her husband) & LRoss & kids whom she knew & had a FAKE FRIENDSHIP with. KStew is a low-life. These were HER choices. She wasn't forced - she was just "BORED" w/her committed relationship & glamorous life. Boo-fu@king-hoo! Cry me a river. The spoiled starlet wanted MORE than the perfect life she already had. She made this morally bereft bed & now she has to sleep in it. ALONE. Nolan Ross NOW you can say "Karma is a bitch" it came back to bite her in the ass!

  95. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: FlaLady – I agree. Which is why I STILL hold Angelina Jolie accountable for being a cheating TRAMP no matter how many kids she adopts.

  96. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: karmabitesperez – "WAAAAH!" - Cry-whining TWI-TWIT… I think it's fair to say Karma bitch that cheating bitch KStew in the ass, don't you?

  97. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: ToriBorn – aka "hates cheaters" - RSanders ISN'T THE CELEBRITY cry-whining TWI-TWIT. How many times must the OBVIOUS be spoonfed to you before you stop cry-whining the SAME sorry ass complaint? KStew is a TRAMPIRE. Embrace reality, your false idol fu@ked up for the world to see; She brought this upon herself. HERSELF.

  98. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Jamie TRe: samlewis – Leave Perez Hilton alone you assh@les. He's just doing his job. If only your FALSE IDOL TRAMPIRE had done that he wouldn't even be posting about her, would he cry-whining hypocrites?

  99. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: scoutshonor – I would agree w/you, however… I'm of the belief that PH is being DRAMATIC for hits & that this source is from HER PR CAMP to make her seem sympathetic. That's what hr PUBLIC APOLOGY was for too - it was NOT for RPatz - it was for the PUBLIC so her "FANS" wouldn't hate her so much… Everything this bitch has done has been calculated. Everything. The more reason I hold her & her morally bereft actions in contempt.

  100. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: SillyGirl304 – Agreed. Posts from her PR CAMP which make her look pitiful make me want to puke. The 2-faced cheater is getting the fallout she deserves & brought upon herself. These kinds of posts milking sympathy are pathetic.

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