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Kristen Stewart Can't Stop Reading Hate Mail & Wants To Disappear!

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Kristen Stewart Fans Turned Against

Hell hath no fury like a Twi-hard scorned…???

We doubt there’s many people in the world right now who’d want to switch places with Kristen Stewart!

Not only did her cheating scandal turn her friends and costars against her, but now it seems that her own fans are jumping OFF the KStew train, as well!

It’s been an agonizing waiting game for Kristen lately, as she hopes Robert Pattinson will decide to forgive her for the affair and take her back!

Gurl definitely hasn't been taking things well, as we recently reported how she's been drowning in guilt and hasn’t been showering or talking to anyone!

Well, not only is she super deep in depression, but, as a source stated:

“She is a complete mess. She’s torturing herself by constantly reading the nasty stuff being written about her.”

Supposedly, she can’t separate herself from the hate-filled rants, which has led to her loss of appetite and lack of sleep!

The source went on to say:

“She’s said some pretty crazy things lately, like how she’ll die if he doesn’t take her back or how no one would care if she disappeared off the face of the earth.”

Perhaps Kristen thought she’d be let off the hook, by fessing up and coming out with a statement so soon after the affair??

Guess things didn’t quite work out that way, seeing all the backlash she’s been receiving!

While we know she's in the wrong, we hope she will be able to find better ways of coping with her guilt from her "momentary indiscretion."

[Image via WENN.]

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154 comments to “Kristen Stewart Can't Stop Reading Hate Mail & Wants To Disappear!”

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  1. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Who? – oh lookie, the homophobic assh@le "Yes You Bore Me" is posting the SAME SORRY ASS SCRIPT under his fake profile #2. You're transparent hateful, hypocritical poser. ANd wishing PH harm for DOING HIS JOB & reporting on Celeb gossip showcases just how fu@ked up in the head you TWI-TWITS are. Kudos crazy! :)

  2. ThatGirlxoxo says – reply to this


    Re: McM – as bad and unforgiving as what she did is, and as much as you dont like her, you have no right to encourage her in suicide. Its just mean and cruel. Provoking someone to that extent may as well be murder. You have a very hateful personality.

  3. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: overthere – Look everybody, It's the TWI-TWIT SPAMTARD - yahhhy! The posts wouldn't have the same impact if YOU weren't here to CRY-WHINE "FAKE STORY" under every TWI-TWIT blog. You all by yourself generate LOTS OF $$ for PH - yahhhy! Kudos for being a stupid, nutter of epic proportion! :)

  4. 104

    I don't really get all the Perez hate? Haha, I mean this is his job, latest gossip on celebrities, this is why people come on the site. Kristen is a big girl, she knows the territory, being an actress = no privacy. I mean it sucks obviously that this is being spread across every tabloid and web site, but as a celebrity she knows by now the lack of privacy and should learn to conceal her nasties better, not in broad daylight. I do however, feel most terrible for Robert, he did nothing wrong and does not deserve this shit.

  5. true says – reply to this


    Learn to 4give people what goes around comes around. shutup caint nobody trash talk hr cuz it aint about u . leave her alone cuz it aint ur business n secrets thats 4 da whole world 2 C get a life n mind ur own business

  6. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: grt777 – Your "WHAT IF" scenario doesn't hold any water. You don't what would happen if the tables were turned so stop your stupid speculating. We ALL know you are one of the stupid TWI-TWITS who fabricated unbelievable stories to minimize the culpability of your false idol. I don't hate KSTEW, but i DO hate all of you OBSESSED FANatics for your many, many, many, insane falsehoods.

  7. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: newdayokay – You are a TWI-TWIT!

  8. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Chris_Mc – Says the cry-whining TWI-TWIT? lOlz! I'll believe a crazy bum on the street who talks to himself over one of you delusional FANatics. And that includes PH, haha! XD

  9. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: McM – "WAAAH! WAAAAH! WHIIINE!" - the TWI-TWIT… Of cours you "agree" w/the other comments - you're the same TWI-TWIT making them under a new profile. Perez doing his JOB & reporting gossip isn't "bullying" you crazy fanatic so please shut up & stop cry-bitching under EVERY post under umpteen diff profile names. Good grief you're lame-sauce! And FYI, the more you cry-bitch, the more I will respond to your dishonest dumb-fu@kery making Perez Hilton MORE $$ per post/click. AND HE'LL NEVER STOP RUNNING THIS STORY - MUAH-AH-AH-AHHH!

  10. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Karma Chameleon – Exactly what I said. Thank you. :)

  11. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Suzanne Snyder – "She's only 22"… "ONLY"? She's a grown ass woman & your attempt to minimize her culpability by pretending she's a "child" who didn't know better is pathetic. "My God, give her a break"… NO. She brought this media frenzy upon herself by being a cheating, 2-faced skank. HERSELF. "She made a mistake"… NO. a "mistake" is showing up at the wrong time for dinner it's not carrying on a scandalous affair for MONTHS while being a 2-faced liar to your faithful boyfriend & lover's wife whom you pretended to befriend as you bought her kids ice-cream - - ICK! Typing that makes me feel dirrrty! "She owned up to it"… NO - the Bitch got BUSTED. She made the public apology because unlike you DELUSIONAL TWI-TWITS, the public & RPatz weren't going to cry-whine "FAKE! & PHOTO-SHOP!" She made her PUBLIC APOLOGY for the TWI-TWIT "fans" - NOT for RPatz. She was trying to do damage control even then because she's a selfish, self-centered slut who cares only for herself & her needs. What a despicable human being she is. "How many people do you know that really do that?????????" NONE. No one I know is low-life enough to behave the way this immoral TRAMPIRE did.

  12. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Ohiogirl – "I'm not a fan BUT I'm going to defend her cheating ways as if she were Mother Theresa feeding the homeless!" YOU TWI-TWITS ARE SO FU@KING TRANSPARENT IT'S COMICAL. lOlz! Thanks for the laugh :)

  13. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: What? – "Please let's not start giving people license to do bad things because they are 22. Remember learning "do unto others . . . " when you were 5. Well it still applies at 22"… AMEN. Thank you for a sensible post amidst the TWI-TWIT crazy

  14. Spucky says – reply to this


    The only person who's got the right to be mad at her is Robert. That's it! People should leave her alone. Everybody makes mistakes,no one is perfect. That's life!! And if i was Kristine… I would walk with my head up high and say "it's none of ur biz fool!! Chill the f… Out and leave me alone!!!

  15. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: deb – "This girl is 22 years old! everyone seems to have forgotten this fact. She's allowed to make MANY mistakes. People need to stop acting so self-righteous. People only cheat when they're unhappy in a relationship, so Rob can't be all that anyway!" - - Are you the "Debbie Does Dallas" Debbie? That would explain why you condone such MORALLY BEREFT behavior. As the intelligent, non-TWI-TWIT poster said before you, pretending her "age" gives her a pass for being a giant whore is ridiculous. NO. She's NOT "allowed" to be a cheating skank who break hearts & ruins lives (& families w/small children in them!). You might be a low-life of her caliber, but the majority of civilized society frowns on selfish, self-absorbed actions of the TOO RICH & BORED. Blaming RPatz for the infidelity of the WHORE he was with is all kinds of PATHETIC. People cheat because they're disgusting, self-centered, psychopaths who don't really care for the people they live with & pretend to love. You sound like a cheater yourself trying to excuse your own sick, degenerate behavior. Sorry, that dog don't hunt here. I will always call a spade a spade & a low-life dirty cheating whore a low-life dirty cheating whore. Don't like it? Then don't come to a gossip site where you know the TRUTH is going to be spoken by non-TWI-TWIT FANatics.

  16. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: this is it – "she's absolutely right. no one would care if she disappeared and this is pre scandal"… lOlOlOlOl! I was not a fan of her mediocre acting. Perhaps you're right? :)

  17. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Genghis Khan – "There are tons and tons of fine, morally upstanding, good women who have made your mistake in their youth" - - Nice attempt at a supportive letter BUT WHAT THE HELL??? No. There are NOT "tons" of upstanding, good women who've made KStew's mistake. Minimizing the culpability of her selfish, self-centered actions is WRONG. You are telling young girls all over the world it's not a big deal to cheat on their faithful boyfriends of several years & it's commonplace to carry on w/married men w/kids because you're a "FAN". How pathetic is that??? Furthermore, what's up with this — "What the married man did was actually worse. Not to shift much blame off you, of course"… That's exactly what you're attempting to do. They have EQUAL culpability; They BOTH did what they did willingly. Pretending KStew isn't as culpable is as WRONG as your first ridiculous minimization of her God-awful actions. It's possible to be supportive W/O CONDONING SELFISH, HURTFUL BEHAVIOR. Please work on that. Finally, she's NOT really reading these sites :) So send her a supportive letter if you want her to see it - - and W/O the minimization of her culpability, thank you very much!

  18. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Andy – While I appreciate your detailed differentiation of Angelina Jolie vs KStew, for the purpose of factual accuracy, I'd like to point out something you didn't mention (or perhaps know?) Jolie made a habit of falling for men on set - mostly married men. Billy Bob's live in girlfriend was dumped for AJ - and didn't they have kids together??? If not him, I know someone she had an affair with had kids - google it! You'll see that AJ's not a very nice person herself (when it comes to her love-life) & had a history of doing that kind of thing. That's why when I dated an actor, I never got serious with him. I could never handle him kissing other women on set for fear they were like Jolie (or now, KStew!)

  19. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: amitch90 – aka HURKA DURKA… do you really think posting the SAME cry-whining TWI-TWIT nonsense under a diff name is going to make you look like a "new" person? Really??? lOlz! You are a delusional whack-job.

  20. 120

    Re: KStew is a TRAMPIRE – Love your work

  21. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: caliluv – Perez Hilton, for the HUNDREDTH time is NOT "bullying" KSTEW by reporting the latest gossip on his site. That's his JOB you TWI-TWIT moron. Please do the sane world a favor & shut the fu@k up. Thank you.

  22. nana twilighter says – reply to this


    Hay.Kristen. Ian with you. Girl. No one is perfect. My prayers are with you. I would give you a hug. Shame on you director.your old enough to be her dad.

  23. perezisanasshole says – reply to this


    HOLY FUCK all you do is harass this girl. perez, you think you're fucking perfect? news alert, your "job" is being a pathetic bully (and here you support the anti-bullying movement, you fucking hypocrite). you disgust me. I am happy to say you are losing me as a viewer of your site after seeing how awful you've been towards kristen. you have gone BEYOND reporting the news… you have down right been hounding her. it takes that one little push to push someone over the edge and you are definitely the piece of shit that's doing that to her (HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL?!). let her mourn with her mistakes in private. karma's a bitch, and it's coming for you…fuck head.

  24. janejane says – reply to this


    Kristen…love your work and hope you are well. I'm not a fan of writing to stars, but think you have a lot of great things ahead of you. I hope you and Rob reconcile, if that's what you want. He'd be crazy to let you go. Speaking from experience, life is too short. Please knnow there are a lot of us that wish you well.

  25. gargamel says – reply to this


    Perez The Stew is $75 million and counting…u know why?…all these paranoid haters will watch her movies too…Remember they have to take down notes at HOW SHE SUCKS in acting…while the fans will just sit and may not even pay attention to the story….i could just sit in the theatres and close my eyes and hear her voice. While the haters eyeballs pop out from their brains in anticipation of her expressionless face…who is more retarded now?

  26. gargamel says – reply to this


    There's one paranoid ANTI-TWI-TWIT here who's trying to wage an all out war against the many…it must be tough hangin out there for 3 years for your Moment In Time…lol.Goodluck ..u couldve went to college and be finished by now instead of lurking and waiting for fucking years for this thing to happen..i remember ure one of the hyenas

  27. Patar Sinabutar says – reply to this


    God Bless You!!

  28. 128

    Get off Perez's back man! He is only doing his job. If you do not want people in your business well HELLO i'm sure we all know that's what comes with fame. The lady is a cock-hungry whore end of. I seriously do not get this baby-darling bs! The fact that people know may heklp her to ditch a the next guy rather than cheat on him. I don't believe in this animal instint garb. We all have brains and we all know others have feeling. So if you want people to be nice to you try being nice to people i.e. DON'T CHEAT

  29. Dereka says – reply to this


    What amazes me is how many people are buying into this post. Really?? smh.

  30. 130

    Girl, stop hating on yourself! You made a mistake, it happens. Just give it some time and if you start another relationship just be honest when you want to leave it. Or be in an open relationship. Take a vacation, help the needy or just find something to keep yourself busy. xoxoxo you have love coming to you from Texas.

  31. Nellya says – reply to this


    Give her a fucking break!!! Damn.

  32. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Gary – "This is someone releasing this shit wanting people to feel sorry for her like not showering, I doubt she is that down about it all that she wants to die, nor should she be, she fucked up but life will go on…she can afford to never work again and she will find love again" - Gary … AMEN! Thank you Gary for being a beacon of rational sanity amidst a sea of TWI-TWIT CRAZY. Of course she'll go on. The obssessive FANatics who come her posting under umpteen diff profiles are stupid & crazy - AND SOME OF THEM ARE ADULTS!! Adults acting like full blown delusional retards. Amazing.

  33. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Lyshy – #1 - CHEATING is NOT a "mistake"; A mistake is the atrocity on your head you call a hair-do. Carrying on an illicit affair for months w/a married man, while bing a 2-faced manipulative liar to his wife & kids & the wonderful, faithful, committed boyfriend you have at home is being a C@CK HUNGRY WHORE. #2 - Why are you a "FAN" of any actor? I look up to moral, upstanding, citizens who care about other people & the world. KSTEW is a SELFISH, SELF-CENTERED SLUT WHO ONLY CARES ABOUT HERSELF. I was never a FANatic like you are but now I hold her in contempt. She has no one too blame but herself & her hungry TWI-TWAT. #3 - *THROWS A BIG ROCK AT YOUR FU@KED UP HAIR-DON'T* I'm w/o sin - I NEVER cheated on a person i (claimed) to love like your false idol TRAMPIRE did. Let's be clear, actors are people like you & me who've had the connections & good fortune to be in an industry where you get paid MULTI-MILLIONS for 3 months worth of work. The rest of their "JOB" is publicity - Red Carpet events, promotions & schmoozing in thousand $ dresses. That bitch KStew was doubly blessed 'cuz her acting sucks. I should feel "sorry" for the immoral little starlet who threw it ALL away 'cuz she didn't care & was bored? BOO-FU@KING HOO! Cry me a river. I'm not a stupid whackadoo like you weirdos are.

  34. 134

    Kristen is young and has immense pressure on her shoulders. I feel sorry for her. Being in the spotlight can be a very lonely thing. She did wrong but her apology is sincere and we need stop reporting news from these unreliable sources.

  35. jup says – reply to this


    I am sure everything is going to be ok. I like Kristen, but everybody makes mistakes..I hope she is going to be ok and she gets another chance with Rob. I am surpsised that everybody is accusing Kristen when it is clear that Sanders is the one to blame.

  36. San says – reply to this


    Not a fan of Twilight never watched it/read it. But seriously this witch-hunt has got to stop. She cheated. Yes it's wrong. But every single one of us have made mistakes. Done things we're ashamed of. So what gives us the right to hound her with abuse? The most annoying aspect of all of this is that the director she cheated with seems to have gotten off lightly. As far as I'm concerned he's the most guilty in all this. He's what a 32 yr old married man? With two children. What the hell was he doing chasing after a 20 yr old girl? He's the one people should be pointing fingers at. How does a grown man with a family go after a girl just barely out of her teens? She will probably take this as a learning curve and never dream of making the same mistake again. The director however will probably carry on the way he was. If his wife and kids weren't enough to stop him this probably won't be either.

  37. san says – reply to this


    Hold on I just checked Rupert Sanders is 41 not 32 like I said before. All the more reason to hound the guy, he's freakin old enough to be her father! Why is everyone blaming the kid (yes compared to him she is a kid. It's extremely easy for a man in his 40s to manipulate a girl in her very early twenties). She will learn from her mistake and hopefully become a better person. He won't. If at 41 you haven't learned to be a good person, good husband, good father, then chances are you never will.

  38. gargamel says – reply to this


    …well if u keep bashing on our baby girl,…we will come back in her defence…u should thank us coz u get to vent your frustrations thru the fans who suck up all your angry energy so U COULD STAY ALIVE…i think it's more frustrating if u end up in a hospital bed nursing a repaired aneurysm induced by STEW-HATING…tsk tsk…like i said…your hate just translates to ca$h for this hate-site…which i doubt u will be able to sustain…this issue will be forgotten but THE STEW will just continue to BANK CASH and pretty soon u haters will be wasting away your life again WAITING FOR HER TO FUCK UP…maybe another 4 years?? because u dont need to look far,..it's mind-boggling isn't it…WHY ARE THERE SO MUCH FUCKING FANS???WHY CAN'T SHE JUST DIEEEE??? WHY ARE THESE STUPID FANS LOVING HER SOOO MUCHHH??? Sweethearts don't fight it…don't be hard on yourselves…THIS STEWART HATE CRUSADE DIED 4 years ago…there's no ressurection for a lost cause. Peace.

  39. jen says – reply to this


    Why is everyone on her side for? Come on she is just seeking attention that is all and only cares about herslef. The only thing I feel sorry is that she is getting death threats and hate mail yeah that is over the top

  40. Niki says – reply to this


    I think everyone needs to back off a bit. Yes, kissing a married dude in a car isn't classy but, like many others have said, she didn't kill anyone. We didn't see this level of hate when Chris Brown bashed Rhianna half to death, so why is it coming out for this FAR less serious situation? I am genuinely concerned for this girl's mental health if this level of persecution continues. Perez, could you at least try not to sound like you are enjoying every minute of situation? It really is quite cruel.

  41. denise says – reply to this


    I loved her so much. and when I friends showed me what she did I did hate her. but when I read this. poor girl. I won't be that hard on her she is still loved! i think? I still love her come on everyone makes mistakes!

  42. Roguesblight says – reply to this


    Re: karmabitesperez – Amen! Angelina was a homewrecker that broke up a marriage yet everyone loves her. I haven't liked her since!

  43. 143

    Hey, I am all for riding the *ss of cheaters! Cheaters are loosers, although…she only kissed this guy? A kiss is bad when you are in a relationship, but cheating? I don't think that is what it is. Her and Rob need to have a serious talk. What reason did she have? Are there doubt in her love for Rob? They will only discover what is wrong if they talk. And both need to grow up and have this discussion before they possibly loose what they may have. And Rob needs to NOT LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR BUDDIES ARE SAYING! What others have to say isn't a factor. They only think of themselves, even your families are only thinking about if they like or dislike the person you are with. Kristen and Rob need to talk is the bottom line. Unless she did more with that man….then kick her to the effing curb Rob! I been happily married for 23 years and talking works believe me!

  44. The Doctor says – reply to this


    Re: karmabitesperez – um… how about….. yes?!?! Adopting 10 kids would be a really good start! After all, Kristen is as talented as a rock! Talent-less dumb girl had it coming by screwing the only good thing that ever happened to her!

  45. beijinger says – reply to this


    Re: delia – I totally agree with what you said. If this was about some random kid killing themself for being cyber bullied people would be talking about how terrible and tragic it is. HELLO…..just because she is famous does not make her less of a human being. All of the hate being expressed about someone they don't even really know is appalling . They act as though they are an actual part of her relationship. Just remember, you who are so judgmental, karma is a bitch. I hope you are all perfect or you better watch out!

  46. anonymous says – reply to this


    Poor Kristen. Hey, everyone makes mistakes–and boy did she!–but we all deserve to be forgiven. {I'm just wondering if she would have confessed if she hadn't have been discovered…}

    Cut her some slack, guys. She is only human.

  47. 147

    Is she the first person to have cheated in all history ? Did she started a world war that I'm not aware of ? This she killed a beautiful healthy baby ? Leave her alone ! It's just HUMAN NATURE

  48. 148

    K-stew could use some positive energy directed at her by right know so, I will send her love and protection energy even though I am not a fan because you are all treating her like the whore of Babylon. For Gods sake, be careful what you put out Perez,

  49. Twihard_teamRobsten says – reply to this


    I still love kristen. No matter what she's done, it doesn't give you the right to treat her like this. Does it make you happy gossiping about other people and ruining their lives. I love both Rob and Kristen and i might be one of a small minority but i will stand up for them and so will a lot of other twihards. It does not matter what they have done. Kristen is still a person so get over it. She cheated so what?
    Imagine this was you and people were treating you like this. How would you feel? Think about that next time gou treat someone like this

  50. ADarkHorseRider says – reply to this


    Kristen "Trampire" Stewart doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy for she is a two-faced hypocritical, manipulative, deceiving, bold face lying, cheating, disloyal, home-wrecking, SLUT!!! SHE DESERVES EVERY NEGATIVE COMMENT ABOUT HER…I HATE HER…AND HER CAREER IS OVER!!!

  51. Bumble Bee Lover says – reply to this


    I have only found 3 types of people that "try" to defend KSlut's actions: 1.fellow cheaters that can relate, 2. a small rag-tag group of delusional "die-hard" fans that think she can do no wrong and 3. radical feminist that believe just because she was born a woman she is automatically a victim. All of them people need to face the fact that KSlut is a degenerate low-life who doesn't deserve your sympathy!!!

  52. TKO Kristen Stewart says – reply to this


    This trash's career is over!!!

  53. gargamel says – reply to this


    Haters just dont get it…It's never gonna change…She has throngs of fans (extrapolate that in million dollars my dears) that will continue to support her for her WORK…So now you realize that none of ur name-callings can change that….would u settle down now?..Coz i for one couldnt wait to see her next movie even if i just have to sleep in the theaters…Yeah that's how kstew magic works. She's like our own personal brand of heroine

  54. gargamel says – reply to this


    Yah….uve been declaring that for 4 years now…Maybe in ur head it's over…..that's not what FORBES said..

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