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If only we could zip up our angel wings and fly over to Ojai right now... We'd sprinkle our beloved sparkle child with hope, love, and low-cal bonbons. … Read more…

9 comments to “Robert Pattinson Contemplates Life Decisions; The Sadness Over Kristen Is Overwhelming”

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    Gosh, pansy, why can't you go to Ojai? Is it because you have decided to take a stand against oil companies because homosexuals in the middle east are executed for being gay and so you refuse to buy gasoline or have anything to do with transportation that requires gasoline to run? Have you decided that, instead of bullying a restaurant chain that does not, in fact, have an anti-gay policy, you're going to face off against people who willingly kill gays? Are you now going to eschew all products and services that benefit the oil barons in that part of the world? No? You're going to keep driving your car and flying all over? You find it less dangerous to bully a restaurant chain than to stand up for your persecuted brethren in middle eastern countries? Why am I not surprised, you worthless homo?

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    What the fuck? The man has talked to no one, he is in hiding, but someone, People know exactly what he is thinking. What a fucking joke. There is no way this is not made up. And before anyone says "one of his friends must have leaded this", think again, no friend that he would confide in would run and tell a gossip mag. But then again, facts were never an important issue for gayboy and his website.

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  4. 4

    When did People say this? I haven't seen the article.

  5. 5

    PH you USED to be the one to find out the REAL story…now you sound like just another GLOSS blog. I mean, I LIKED when you got the dirt!! Why are you now so GLOSSY!!
    Bring back the OLD PEREZ!!! I mean, not be mean, but come on…you used to get the stories…not just gloss over them. Stop letting us down!

  6. 6

    Who uses words like gosh? Who uses words like pansy? Who uses words like homo?

  7. coffeella says – reply to this


    SHE crusted his selt estee ////je meeds spsace and frirnds rigjt now…

  8. coffeella says – reply to this


    Find you now and rest

  9. 9

    Finally a Pattinson without that baggage . His heart will heal and that stupid girl will be replaced