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Kristen Stewart Had A Meltdown With Trainer RIGHT AFTER Rupert Sanders Affair!

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Well, well, well!

Perhaps SOMEONE was acting out over a guilty conscience!

One day after indulging in her affair with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, Kristen Stewart was spotted absolutely LOSING IT on her personal trainer in the streets of El Lay, apparently screaming and waving her hands while she went off on him!

Ch-ch-check her out (above)!


We wonder what he said that set her off like that?!

Either way, gurl, that look is NOT very becoming on you!

Tisk, tisk, tisk!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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108 comments to “Kristen Stewart Had A Meltdown With Trainer RIGHT AFTER Rupert Sanders Affair!”

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  1. She-Ra says – reply to this


    If Kristen ever commits suicide, feel free to blame Perez, people. This constant bullying by him is beyond awful!

  2. Shan says – reply to this


    About time she gave us a different facial expression. Its like Blue Steele and Magnum all rolled into one. lol

  3. TEMPE says – reply to this


    Is this what Deepak teaches you Perez, hounding after her ?

  4. 4

    Their were other pictures of the two as well. This isnt her trainer. It's the director of Cali. She wasnt spewing at him, she was imitating someone else.Their are other pics of the two laughing together after the pics were taken. KS is wearing the same clothes she wore on her last date with Rob. She's not in a gym parking lot. The dude is carrying a breifcase.

  5. 5

    don't blame the trainer. she is just another self indulged hollywood ahole. and for the record perez, i doubt he had any knowledge of her self indulgent romp with the rupie. where do these actors & actresses brains and dignity go when they acquire a little fame and notoriety? they need to wipe their asses just like everyone else. not so special.

  6. 6

    This whole Kristen Stewart meltdown seems staged to me. First those cheating photos were so out in the open it was like they were begging for the paparazzi to take photos of them. Then the fact that she actually released a statement I don't know just seemed kinda odd to me. Now she's flipping out on people out in the open once again for everyone to see. Something just seems fake to me about all of this.

  7. 7

    seriously. bully bully bully. don't say how against bullying you are when you are a TOP contributor. it is one thing to post a story, but every word you write is disgusting.

  8. 8

    Re: HurkaDurka – Makes sense. My first thought was that guy does not look like a trainer.

  9. eee says – reply to this


    That's not her trainer, it's the director Nick Cassavettes. And no wonder she was "dropped".

  10. Intellex says – reply to this


    Re: She-Ra

    If she ever committed suicide, Perez would probably have an orgasm. He is proving himself to be scum of the worst kind.

  11. Linda says – reply to this


    Your dumb. Shes clearly imitating someone or being silly. I feel like u run out of stuff to post so you make up shit with old material. nobody points their finger anymore.

  12. jen says – reply to this


    That is not her trainer, that is the director of "Cali" Nick C.

  13. 13

    In other pictures of this event she is showing of her stomach. Maybe she is pregnant and that is one of the reasons she pulled out of Cali.

  14. 14

    Re: She-Ra – you're ridiculous. only she is responsible for her life. perez just copies and pastes stories from everyone else. so blame them too. stop being so naive.

  15. MEL says – reply to this


    It's no secret you don't like Kristen, Perez… But do you honestly think that by constantly throwing condescending comments at her are making you look any better? This is a REAL person. Yea, she fucked up, but that's no reason to literally cut her at the knees. If you really dislike her that much, then stop posting stories regarding her personal life. Do that in the dim, lonely privacy of your own home.

  16. KW says – reply to this


    Maybe it's time to leave this poor girl alone! Granted she did bring this on herself however she made a mistake. It is hard enough for her to live with and deal with the consequences of what she did without everyone running her down all the time. People make mistakes all the time and unfortunately for her, her mistakes are broadcasted over the whole world. Could you imagine what it would be like for you to have your life broadcasted everywhere with no safe place to go?!? Cut her some slack. She manned up for her actions and was honest now let the four adults involved deal with the extremely terrible situation that they now have to face.

  17. 17

    Acting out over a guilty conscience? Any picture or story about her is somehow being twisted to tie in with cheating. She could be eating an apple and you would find a way to equate it with the cheating. We get it, she cheated and you really hate her. But everything in life is not fueled by one past action. Let it go.

  18. loriso says – reply to this


    Eh, I dont buy it. It looks like she's goofing around or maybe telling him how someone acted. Doesn't really look like she's angry.

  19. damnit says – reply to this


    Re: the1 u luv 2 h8! – i was just saying this last night! i completely think those pictures are fake of her kissing that rupert guy- i mean you know "who you are" (with being so popular from twilight) you know paparazzi is everywhere you go, and those cameras mustve been in clear view! this is all a fake, probably to make the whole new twilight movie premiere big because everyone will want to see them.

  20. 20

    am i the only one that thinks perez is absolutely right?! it was KRISTENS fault that she cheated on rob it was probably KRISTENS fault that she was yelling at the dude and it will be KRISTENS fault if she commits suicide. just saying.

  21. Sabotage says – reply to this


    Re: kalliek

    You are an idiot.

  22. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    And being an asswipe is not a very becoming look on you Perez.

    I won't even waste my time getting into it but let's point out the first obvious issue - THIS ISN'T EVEN HER TRAINER!

  23. Carrie says – reply to this


    NEWS FLASH!!!!! Kristen Stewart didn't brush her teeth this morning because her guilt was too much to bare, and then she farted; also due to the guilt eating her up inside. GOSHH PEREZ SHUT UP ABOUT THIS. Kristen Stewart was an annoying actress but seriously….your constant slander is making me actually feel sorry for her. Stop reporting on nonsense crap you have ZERO proof of…oh wait…isn't that called journalism? My bad, wrong site.

  24. katy b says – reply to this


    you know perez, you if you did your reseach, you would see her smiling and laughing with this same guy a few frames after this one. i dont know why you have such a need to bully and hate on her. you dont know the girl, chill the fuck out.

    you say your against bullying, yet when it comes to kristen you bully her.

  25. 25

    Uh, yeah, so these pictures are old. They also show them laughing together after this. She was probably mimicking someone.

  26. elizabethmatherlywolf says – reply to this


    Re: kalliek – You are right. This is Nick Cassavetes. Pics of her with her trainer on a different day show that he is a younger guy. Perez has always hated on her starting when she was only 17!!!!!! He never hates on Madonna!!!!!

  27. 27

    Re: CutiePieJaz – you are properly one of those that hated her before.

  28. 28

    Do you EVER get anything right anymore? No. You do not. Your laziness is showing, as is your total disregard for your readers; you can't get off your ass and CHECK shit before posting? Asshole.

  29. 29

    Re: CutiePieJaz – So you approve of his hating and his bullying? You think Perez the hypocritical scumbag is right? Then you're as big of an asshole as he is. True story.

  30. 30

    Her trainer probably tipped off the paps.

  31. dense_perez says – reply to this


    What is 'unbecoming' would be you lusting after every male star out there. You wouldn't know class if it slapped you. All of these comments are so that you get more hits on the advertising you put on your site. Nothing more. So in other words, asshole, you are trashing a 22 yr old woman just for the sake of greed. How friggin' low is that. Did she make a mistake??? Hell yes, and has anyone here EVER NOT make a mistake by the age of 22. LET IT FUCKING GO, YOU WASTE OF OXYGEN.

  32. PEREZ IS A TOOL says – reply to this


    1.) this is not her trainer
    you are one of the worst people on this planet and if you want people to take you seriously (WHICH THEY NEVER WILL) then get your shit right… because now i feel like everyone just makes FUN OF YOU. People come on this website to treat you the waty you treat everyone else.

  33. PEREZ IS A TOOL says – reply to this


    Re: CutiePieJaz – i am going to convince myself that you ARE PEREZ HILTON OR ONE OF HIS PUPPETS! Like are you that STUPID!?- i can answer that for you …. the answer is yes!

  34. Alberto says – reply to this



  35. PEREZ IS A TOOL says – reply to this


    Re: dense_perez – you are a genious! Thank you for talking shit to this douchebag… he WILL NEVER LEARN!

  36. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    Re: CutiePieJaz – Yes. Yes you are the only ass mucher that thinks Perez is right.
    Why is it okay to bully people YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW???
    You are just as much of an ass clown as Perez.

    Maybe, if you're lucky, one of the Black Eyed Peas will give you a black eye too.

  37. Zoe says – reply to this


    Lol.. that is not her trainer Perez get your peeps straight, that is Nick Cassavetes the director of Cali. Good God you'd think you'd dot your i's and cross your t's before you print. Guess not.

  38. Veronica says – reply to this


    You know this was fake, right? The rest of the pictures are of them both laughing…she was pretending to be mad because he showed up late and left her to deal with the papz. Totally BS!

  39. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    Speaking of being a bully, two-faced little shit…
    You know how now when you are on this stupid site you see him singing praises of Kelly Clarkson?

    Well I also remember a few years ago when the best moment of my life happened (Perez being punched in the face in my home town Toronto) and Kelly Clarkson said this:

    American Idol singer Kelly Clarkson, who was in Toronto for the awards, suggested many celebrities would be pleased to hear about the incident.
    She told Kiss Radio: 'I’ve gotta be honest with you, he’s going to get a lot of flowers. I’m not talking about Perez, I mean the manager.
    'I’m not saying that violence is the answer, but what did you expect? You can’t say that much c**p about people and not be able to take something.'

  40. 40

    She might just be goofing around, acting out something she's telling him about. This is ONE photo. Come on.

  41. got to be joking! says – reply to this


    blaaahhhaaaa! don't worry kristen stewart is way to self absorbed and in love with herself that she could never bring herself to doing away with her existence.

  42. Jacqueline says – reply to this


    That's Nick Cassavetes director of Cali.

    I hate kristen, but lets keep it real, folks!

  43. thirdy lopez says – reply to this


    I hope she does acting like this in her movies…

  44. Cacie says – reply to this


    That is Nick Cassavetes. Not a trainer.

  45. 45

    She doesn't even look mad…she looks like she's joking around with him if you actually look at her facial expression. Stop making up stories where stories don't exist.

  46. Pando says – reply to this


    He told her that he couldn't help her fitness regime if she insisted on getting hammered and coming to her workouts hungover all the time. Our little "shy" KStew is really developing into quite a little Diva.

  47. mel says – reply to this


    OMG Perez u need to stop with the kristen bashing WTH man give the girl a break you act like shes the only person in the world to ever cheat….i really hope she doesn't read your site because your constant bashing would probably drive her to do something suicidal….SMH i thought you stopped being a bully…what a shame…

  48. grace says – reply to this


    Seems like you didn't post the pictures of them laughing right after.

  49. ced says – reply to this


    these were the photos taken that time — they were not even arguing, she was imitating someone for fun, they left laughing together.. SERIOUSLY STOP THESE LIES. ENOUGH ALREADY PEREZ.

  50. CookieParty says – reply to this


    another fabricated story…on to the next.

  51. Tj says – reply to this


    Why r people defending her. She is a skank. She deserves what she gets.

  52. ced says – reply to this


    kristenstewartdaily.org/gallery/displayimage.php?album=1292&pid=44198#top_display_media here are the complete photos taken that time. check it out for urselves

  53. 53

    Looks to me like she is acting here, not actually yelling at him. As if she we play scolding him. I wonder if that illegal mexican housekeeper your mom get's her stories from actually did any research.

  54. ciera says – reply to this


    perez, the donut shop is on the line. they miss you.

    you are such an annoying prick.

  55. Robvondoom says – reply to this


    This years Harvest will be the best yet.

  56. Bb says – reply to this


    Re: CookieParty – Come on Perez, leave her alone. You were doing so much better about not being a bully but this Kristen stuff has brought out the worst in you again. She is a 22 year old girl who made a mistake and also owned that mistake. Leave her alone and let her heal. Pretty sad when someone has to hide out from people like you. Stay strong Kristen!!!

  57. lexa says – reply to this


    Everyone is always bitching she never shows emotion and when she does she's not pretty enough. Shut up plz

  58. es says – reply to this



  59. Lola says – reply to this


    Please this is probably not even about him. she is probably steaming out about tabloids an shit!! cry for help

  60. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: PEREZ IS AN IDIOT – amen to that.. And was that not his wake up moment..I guess it seems he needs another wake up moment.. But unlike you Perez I don't wish you harm.. Just think before you type…you amaze me.. Because I know if this child were to harm herself you'd be the first sending condolences to her family.. How sick are you.. Your no better then those ignorant Homophobic's ..NO NO YOUR THE WORSE KIND…

  61. Andrea says – reply to this


    That guy isn't her trainer, that's Nick - the director from Cali! You really need to check your sources, all you write about her and a lot of other celebs is whatever your heart desires! Nothing of this is real!

  62. stfu says – reply to this


    Oh bullshit, from all the pics it looks like to me that they walk up together laughing,smiling and then end up getting in a fight and it shows him walking away and she is,left standing by her car with different expressions on her face including, confused,shocked,and then sad….go look again. It's amazing the rose colored glasses some of you have on.

  63. fred says – reply to this


    I want to tickle her.

  64. 64

    Perez, shame shame shame on you. You're a bully.

  65. 65

    Wow. Stellar reporting…especially considering that you ran just one photo out of many, the rest of which show her and Nick Cassavetes –not her trainer, just in case you didn't know — laughing right afterward. This is what happens when you make presumptions without having any actual facts or primary sources to back yourself up.

    It kind of makes one wonder how many other photos from the original, scandalous lineup US magazine didn't run, doesn't it? I mean, nobody really thinks we saw ALL the photos, right?

  66. EBo says – reply to this


    Wow, Perez you're such a bully…. says frequent visitors LOL

    Are you trying to tell me KStew didn't know this would happen if she got caught?

  67. 67

    Boohoo wah way Perez is breaking Kristens balls. What a bully! That poor Kristen! Hanging out with Rupert sanders' wife, taking her Kids out for ice cream, while screwing her husband behind her back. Yeah Perez leave poor Kristen alone! Lol unreal. Two children are affected by her disgusting actions yet people feel sorry for Kristen? Get your priorities straight people.

  68. emma says – reply to this


    she is just mucking around. give her a break and stop twisting shit to fit headlines

  69. 69

    What is it with you Perez, you bullying, nasty, ugly, stupid, worthless no-good pigf*cker? Why do you hate Kristen Stewart so much? Is it mabye…hmmm, jealous! Leave her alone Perez. Oh, and by the way, word is your blog is tanking! Who comes here except to give to you what you give to others…sh*t. Loser.

  70. 70

    Re: TEMPE
    Yep. He is still a bully. How many of his rotten posts are about her ever day? Why would ANY company advertise on this piece of sh*t site? ONLY crappy companies would.

  71. 71

    I also hear her Attorneys are…umm, interested in some of these stories. Hmmm…. Is Perez creating the news? Lying? Who knows…one thing is for sure, the other TRUE Hollywood gossip sites are not devouting so much time to this…what does that tell you? Someone's in trouble if they don't knock it off.

  72. AJ says – reply to this


    Shows you know jackshit Perez, thats the director Nick Cassavetes you fucking dumbfuck!! Just STFU about Kristen already. We get it your team Robert. Congrats!! Now fuck off!!!

  73. 73

    Re: EBo
    hey, f*cktard. Frequent visitors… read you MORON…the story is no longer the "Hollywood gossip" it's about Perez being an obnoxious bully. Contrary to popular belief…idiot, not all traffic to a website is good. Read the comments. Would you advertise on here? The story is now people so tired of his crap and his ego, that some visit a few minutes a day to let him know what a douche bag he is. Now FO.

  74. gabz says – reply to this


    Re: She-Ra – I was saying the same thing

  75. Lana says – reply to this


    @She-Ra are you serious? IF! she ever does it (and I hope she won't) it won't be because of this it will be because she's not brave enough to face the consequences of her acts, she's been receiving hate way before this so why would it be any different now because she's heartbroken for something she bought to herself? she's not the first nor the last to experience something like this if she ever wants to get over this situation she will, and this is not the only site that's saying stuff about her so don't make stupid comments about her doing something so awful because of someone else

  76. ilovealion says – reply to this


    That's not her trainer! That's Nick Cassavetes - the director of Cali.

  77. ojlaw23@yahoo.com says – reply to this


    Wow I really think people need to quit talking about her ending her life, that is just sick to even mention!!

  78. emeraldfire says – reply to this


    and the pics only surface now? i call bullshit, and also, leave her the fuck alone you loser

  79. Ilovealion says – reply to this


    I don't think this was a case of "acting out a scene" or imitating someone. She's not that good of an actress. And why is she pulling her pants down in front and showing him her belly? Like LOWER belly? Odd and gross.

  80. Ilovealion says – reply to this


    Re: stfu – — I totally agree with you. The order of the pics were backwards. She has an "oh shite" look on her face after he walks off and then she just looks… Sad.

  81. 81

    No joke there are more pictures of this. She then is all calm I think she is joking abound in this picture because a few seconds later she is just leaning against the car and they are talking. The **REALLY** strange part is she looks down the front of her pant I'm not kidding either. PEREZ post that picture please!!!

  82. 82

    This is the picture of her looking down her pants. He even tries to peer in there.

  83. Dan says – reply to this


    Guess you didn't bother to look at ALL the pix, or maybe you did, but chose not to acknowledge them. They are both smiling afterward. Looks like she was telling him a story or imitating someone. I suppose whatever makes Kristen look worse is the plan of the moment. It isn't bad enough that she cheated on her boyfriend with a married man. Lets all burn her at the stake and decide if she's a witch after she's dead.

  84. 84

    Why do people come to this site if they hate Perez?

  85. 85

    i was thinking shes saying "YOU SAID I SHOULD TELL THE TRUTH AND IT WOULD BE ALRIGHT " you were wrong!

    clearly she likes to take her sh*t out on others

  86. Nana says – reply to this


    where are the rest of the pics….She wash't yelling at him…..it wasn't for real. They were laughing about it later.

  87. Stace says – reply to this


    Blue socks with olive green broad shorts and dark sneakers? Tsk, tsk, Nick C.
    Isn´t that what we are looking at? Or is it this poor girl that I didn´t care for before this but now I feel kind of sorry for?

  88. nicki says – reply to this


    Perez isn't bullying her you guys need to stop
    he gets sent pictures, his job is to blog, and so he does
    there isn't any hate speech
    if anything he writes about how he hopes they can work it out, he's more supportive of her by talking about how other women have made mistakes, and how she's trying hard to make it up

  89. Pam says – reply to this


    thats what she get— SHE CHEATED! and lets expect the media/reporters/people will talk nasty stuffs about this girl. this is karma for her. bad karma!

  90. Mollie says – reply to this


    1. That's not her trainer and 2. that picture is from early July.. Check your "sources". xo

  91. stonerbitch says – reply to this


    LMFAO - yall are as bad as hilton, and for fucks sake - quit repeating the same shit over and over - just sayin!

  92. franco says – reply to this


    Re: HurkaDurkaRe: HurkaDurka – Hey, came on here to write the exact same thing. Photo totally taken out of context to make the girl look like a diva. Perez, you should be ashamed of yourself and your bullying ways. No respect for people like you.

  93. 93

    Congratulations Perez once again you outdo yourself, you must spend hours trying to find new ways to criticize and bully her, if they were giving out awards for douchbags you'd win hands down!

  94. amvolley says – reply to this


    Alas, people are so quick to judge her. While she's not one of my fav actresses, she's 22 and still has some growing up to do. While male actors cheat MOST of the time, it isn't made into a big deal but because she's WOMAN, she's cruxified for it. Such a double standard.

  95. Diana says – reply to this


    Please check your facts - that isn't her trainer, it's Nick Cassavetes, director of Cali.

  96. Rickie says – reply to this


    Re: CutiePieJaz – How can you sleep at night knowing that you're a heartless person ???

  97. sik_gurl says – reply to this


    I have one question for all of you who think Perez is an asshole, bully, idiot, etc… If you think so ill of him, why do you come to his website?

  98. Liv says – reply to this


    I think its funny how everyones like "Perez your the reason if Kristens commits suicide, or your so mean," and such. but you keep looking up information about celebrities on Perez site. like what do you expect? this is what he makes his money on and you should know that. my advice, if you dont agree with him, do go to his site.

  99. Gina says – reply to this


    Re: She-Ra
    You are so right…Perez is a BULLY, but you left out that he is also a LIAR! This article is NOT TRUE!

  100. 100

    Why is she trained by a sloppily dressed white-haired man?

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