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Drivers See Man Hanging From Billboard, 'Dying For Work!'

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Whoa! What a powerful statement!

Las Vegas drivers were seriously disturbed when they saw what appeared to be a man hanging from a billboard on I-15.

Above the horrifying sight was a spray-painted message on the black billboard that read, "DYING FOR WORK."

A second billboard was soon spotted with the another hanging man, but this time, the message read, "HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY WALL STREET."


If you watch the news clip (above), you can see the startling sight in action.

It was later determined that the unemployed men were actually mannequins, so obviously this was passive-aggressive political activism at it's most creative …and frightening.

Currently, there are no suspects involved with the incident, but any investigation will be handled by the Las Vegas Metro police department.

Meanwhile, the message is ringing loud and clear. Wonder if Anonymous was behind this..

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16 comments to “Drivers See Man Hanging From Billboard, 'Dying For Work!'”

  1. fid says – reply to this


    This is a powerful statement. Why oh why are people in the US so concerned about inept reality "stars" and not giving any thought towards why corporations got away with ruining your country?? The divide between the rich and poor is baffling, with more edging towards bankruptcy. Stick up for yourselves and stop worrying about unimportant issues, hopefully you guys can gain some perspective and regain some of your standing back.

  2. cari says – reply to this


    Why don't they lay blame with the ones who started it all. Bush and Cheney. And I mean Bush Sr. because W was put in there to be their patsy. And blame the Republican machine cause they aim to do it again with Romney. You think losing your job and your home is bad? Wait til you see what a two-class country is really like. Only very wealthy and very poor. Have you ever visited India? Do the research.

  3. 3

    These reporters are heelarious. An investigation into what…Free speech and expression? Of course they can take it down if becomes a public safety issue. The blonde "certainly not something you want to see" REALLY it isn't a reality you want to live in either but suicide rates among unemployed men are only second to the depression era. Don't look at that either. Or because you married Taylor Armstrong.

  4. DR says – reply to this


    Something like this happened this month in the Dominican Republic too. A man was hanging from a bridge, but it turned out to just be an ad for a local movie.

  5. 5

    Sadly this sounds like the M.O. of a small ad agency in the town I live (and they do have national accounts). They do these billboard "placements" and then when there is an interest they unleash their "campaign".
    No one ever says how effective it is-except them!

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  7. David says – reply to this


    The only thing that is loud and clear is that people have become LAZY!!! If you live anywhere near Las Vegas you would know that construction is beyond busy right now. They are experiencing labor shortages beyond anything they have ever experienced before. Yet they cannot find people that are willing to do the work. Common statements - It’s too hot:( It doesn’t pay enough:( It is too hard :( well boo hooo. So let’s sit home and collect unemployment and blame everyone else for our blatant laziness. Oh and while you’re at it. Why not bitch and complain about getting those illegals out of our country because they are stealing all of those jobs away from you. People really have the ability to rationalize whatever they need to stay ignorant in today's world. Start taking responsibility for your actions and get your lazy ass off of the couch and get a job. The excuse of no jobs is getting old and obviously not true.

  8. John says – reply to this


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