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Liberty Ross & Rupert Sanders Fight For Love?!

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Well hot damn, Rupert! You are one lucky adulterer!

While we were 99% sure Liberty Ross would kick her cheating, Kristen Stewart-fondling husband Rupert Sanders to the mother lovin' curb, it seems she maaaay be willing to forgive his wandering peen in favor of marriage counseling!

Earlier this week, the crumbling couple were spotted leaving a Century City office building that is chocked-full of lawyer types, but apparently the pair were seeking out psychological help in the form of a therapist.

BUT, just yesterday, Liberty was seen wandering around El Lay without her wedding band… again (above). Hmmmm.

Alright, mayyybeeee Rupert really IS sorrowful and regrets ever falling for Snow White's blood-red lips, and for the sake of their children, it WOULD be better if Liberty and Rupert attempted to work this sh*t out… but then why no ring, Libs?

Perhaps it's more of a threat than an implication of divorce, and you know what? Rupert SHOULD be scared.

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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8 comments to “Liberty Ross & Rupert Sanders Fight For Love?!”

  1. 1

    And how, pansy, were you SO SURE? You don't know Liberty Ross. You don't know her husband. In fact, you don't know ANYONE involved. You don't know anyone who knows these people. You're such an outsider that you have to steal stories from other sites. So please do tell us how you were SO SURE that Liberty Ross would kick her husband to the curb. I'm sure we'd all like to know just how delusional you really ARE. You, who have no experience with relationships outside of the unhealthy one you have with your enabler mommy can share with us just how he knows what a heterosexual woman would or should do in her situation. You are SUCH a fucking loser, you ridiculous deviant.

  2. 2

    Other sources are saying she isn't wearing the ring anymore because Rupert wants to earn her trust and forgiveness back and when he does he wants to be the one putting the ring back on her finger. BS, all of it BS I call.

  3. pinkflowery says – reply to this


    lol.. I'm loving the 'big cross *get away vampire!* look!

  4. 4

    She loves it. Look at that smile, look all the press she's getting. Now people want to take her picture again, paparrazzi want to follow her, she feels so important again. This chic is a loser.

  5. CH says – reply to this


    LIBERTY IS FIERCE! Why should she hide? Why should she look greasy, holding a carton of ice cream all moped out? She did NOTHING WRONG. You know who did do something wrong? Our favorite soap avoider, Kristen, and Liberty's husband. Liberty is seeking justice and holding her head high. A couple months ago, on the Snow White carpet she was interviewed saying Kristen is amazing. Liberty used to be a Kristen supporter. And Kristen screwed her big time. Or should I say, screwed her husband big time. I think Liberty is a classy and hot individual. Maybe kstew should take notes.

  6. john says – reply to this


    old and ugly

  7. 7

    I am sure her two children are a major consideration in her decision. Wish her well.

  8. Mar Mar says – reply to this


    Re: john – I think Liberty is not as attractive as Kristen. Liberty's hair and too bright lipstick are unsightly. And, what is up with her smiling? I agree with another commenter that she loves the attention. Very strange woman!