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Rupert Sanders Gets Grilled About KStew Affair While Grocery Shopping

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This is SUPER awkward!

A few guys with a camera decided to approach Kristen Stewart's cheating partner, Rupert Sanders, at a grocery store parking lot in El Lay and asked him about the scandal.

He doesn't seem thrilled to be getting the attention (above) and doesn't seem to have any good answers either. Plus, he gets so flustered, he drops his cabbage on the concrete! Yuck!

This is generally what happens when someone gets caught having an affair with an A-list Hollywood star, so he better get used to these questions and might want to think of some kind of a response!

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42 comments to “Rupert Sanders Gets Grilled About KStew Affair While Grocery Shopping”

  1. demode says – reply to this


    He shouldn't have had an affair, but man, those guys hounding him are assholes. No one is perfect, and all the hate being thrown at this guy by people like Perez is ridiculous.

  2. 2

    People should mind their own business.

  3. TEMPE says – reply to this


    Know what ? It's that personal commentary by you that getting to be really annoying. Who the fuck are YOU to cast judgement ? Stick to reporting without the personal commentary.

  4. Chelsey says – reply to this


    This is somewhat malicious and is frusterating to watch. I hate it when people go out of their way to be mean or to get a reaction. He was grocery shopping and these kids find it ok to film themselves harassing him continuously. They say "Just a quick comment and people will leave you alone?" Who are they? Diane Sawyer?

    I believe Rupert was in the wrong - as was Kristin. The embarrassment this has caused Robert is heart wrenching. No matter what the story is though - Rupert doesnt deserve to be harrassed by wannabe news journalists who's greatest accomplishment will probably be the 1000 you tube hits this video recieves. To ask a guy "how's the family?" when you know well enough that he is loosing his? That's just dirty. These guys dont care. They just want to embarrass him and hurt a stranger. Bullies.

  5. whatever says – reply to this


    this is called bullying. doesn't matter if you're rich or poor. and you continually posting shit about him and kristen is disgusting.

  6. 6

    my gush….people just leave them alone…….stop the witch hunting. at least they admit and already apologised for their wrong doing. they didn't deny the mistakes they commited……..what do you want from them? kill themselves? just moved on its their fucking own personal life not yours, so whats your fucking business……

  7. lesli says – reply to this


    This is just horrible. Yeah, I get it the dude cheated on his wife but to harass him well he's simply grocery shopping is disturbing. Plus the man filming him keeps saying one comment and the people will leave him alone that is beyond a lie. He will not be left alone people will just want more. && perez I like you and all but get over this story already it's annoying!! If you are going to continuously post about this at least let it be truth and not annoymous or close sources say because that's all BULL.

  8. 8

    Wow. Those guys are assholes, and who are they to bully Sanders? I'm horrified that you condone this type of behavior. Aren't you the one who was so vocal about how wrong bullying is? Oh, that's right. You're only like that when it's the homos being bullied; doing it to anyone else is okay. You're a total scumbag, you worthless pansy.

  9. Cassie says – reply to this


    This just makes me sick to my stomach! So he had an affair.. He's only human and we all make mistakes. And he's has been punished severly. so leave him alone!

  10. Harly Q says – reply to this


    Perez, you may have not filmed this, but the fact that you posted it, and your comments to it, shows that you are still a BULLY!

  11. sof says – reply to this


    I wish people would leave them alone. I imagine before there were cameras EVERYWHERE plenty of celebrities cheated and moved on with their lives. Marylin Monroe, anyone? Jesus, leave the poor people alone.

  12. 12

    Jeez, I don't know how celebs can deal with this crap. Getting hounded by people constantly has to be frustrating.

  13. 13

    Enough! Come on Perez I thought you were committed to stopping the bullying?? You continue to pick on Rupert and Kristen. yet give your "goddess" Angelina, (who did the exact same thing) a free pass.

    What Rupert and Kristen did was wrong, but many others who YOU Perez idolize have done the same thing. STOP THE BULLYING!!

  14. loriso says – reply to this


    yeah, he's a loser, but so are the guys hounding him. These guys judging him are just as bad as he is. They're obviously just doing it for kicks, to belittle him and make themselves feel better, which makes them even worse. I mean come on, the guy didn't commit murder. He had an affair which happens every day all the time. He doesn't deserve to be hounded like that. Ridiculous. Go hound a child molester or a rapist, not this normal guy.

  15. 15

    this is sick, if he keeps being bullied like this, I'm going to feel sorry for the cheaters instead of the cheated. venting on the internet is one thing, chasing a stranger down to hurt him is another altogether. Yes, he's a public figure, but still shouldn't be treated this way.

  16. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    What happened to not being a bully?
    Even by not filming this yourself - posting it to your site just makes you as guilty as them.
    The best part is that Rupert SAYS NOTHING - so you went out of your way to post this to further bully people you don't know.
    I hope you come back to Toronto. I hope someone else punches you in the face.

  17. 17

    My god! Yes, they made a mistake, but for fucks sake, people are overreacting like crazy when it comes to this "scandal". I think it's mainly because so many people hated Kristen Stewart even before this happened, and now that they've got this on her they're practically foaming at the mouth. Ridiculous. Perez, this is getting to a point where you're acting malicious and pathetic. Take it down a notch for crying out loud.

  18. PEREZ IS A TOOL says – reply to this


    You want people to believe your a changed man but you are more of a douchebag than EVER before! Getting a thrill over a man grocery shopping that is going through a risk of losing his family is your sense of news…..
    Would you do that YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY and ruin their lives and tear them a new one???? No! You shut the hell up and also… this is classified as harrasment. And you getting excitment off this is disgusting! You are going to hell for what you do to people and how you treat them. You will NEVER learn and i hope someone punches you in the face again, because NO ONE LIKES YOU… NO ONE! Everyone that is commenting on the article is telling you what an ass you are for posting this so get the hint… be a man and admit that this is not right!

  19. PEREZ IS A TOOL says – reply to this


    YOU POST THESE STUPID PICTURE THAT PEOPLE SEND YOU THAT SAY "I LOVE PEREZ" have some balls and post the ones that hold up signs and say how much they hate you…. i will be sure to send you one shortly! :)

  20. rox says – reply to this


    That's just not cool.
    The guy made a mistake, a bad one, sure. But wtf is this?

    Show a BIT of respect for his family, AT LEAST.

  21. Lakas says – reply to this


    he is hot. i'm proud of u Kstew

  22. 22

    well, he is handling it good. But still, even if he cheat, no on deserves this from people that had nothing to do with it.

  23. df says – reply to this


    You're a liar.

  24. 24

    His poor kids.

    It bothers me how Perez (and others) point their fingers at kristen while he drools over previous "other women" like Angelina Jolie and Jaffar Kardashian.

  25. Tracy says – reply to this


    Now this video of him fumbling around with his groceries and lettuce falling and looking pervy and annoyed, lips tight and switching off camera with the cart… IS pure Comedy!

    How you like them apples now Rup!

  26. Tracy says – reply to this


    Calm down folks, this was actually light harrassment for a guy who performed the worst affair tactics of all in a park. Instead of encouraging his lead actress to go home to her partner, he took advantage and now has to deal with all the media scrutiny he knew she dealt with and lets see how he does under the microscope.

  27. 27

    Really, this is generally what happens huh, people approach and harrass you in a parkign lot. You aer such a fucking dickhead. This never happens, and shouldn't. What should have happened is he should have told them to get a life, go fuck themselves, and get the fuck out of his face.

  28. lesley says – reply to this


    This is so cruel. If the people who were recording and harrasing him had people in their face when they made bad decisions in life, how do you think theyd feel!! Its almost horrible to watch because it shows a bad side to our nature. Wanting to get a reaction and bullying. Its none of our bussiness just because they are famous. Theres not one person on this world who hasnt done something they regret, but they dont have the whole world watching them and judging!

  29. sel says – reply to this


    Re: Tracy – DUMB ASS

  30. 30

    He doesn't look flustered in the least you stupid fuck.

  31. george says – reply to this


    Re: jaderainbow – normal guy?

  32. 32

    He drives a piece of shit. What a loser.Obviousely he's still living at home with his wife and kids look at all those groceries. What a luxery it would be if KS and RP could be so lucky to go out like normal people. If youre going to fool around on such a nice boyfriend, do it with someone who's in your league. This guy isnt in her league.

  33. 33

    I could give a flying fuck about this guy. He's Rupig. He's a loser.

  34. 34

    Lazy fuck can't even be bothered to put away his cart. Fuck that guy.

  35. 35

    Re: demode – He deserves it. It's about time this guy recieved some backlash. Perez, leave Kristen alone PLEASE. Go after Rupig.He's the one with a wife.Why should KS be publicly flogged?

  36. 36

    Re: Brains of the Operation – I agree. I always put my cart in the cart holder. This guys a pig!! LOSER!!! Makes me happy he's being harassed: )

  37. 37

    GOD SAKES LEAVE HIM ALONE SHEESUES hes doing his shopping i wouldnt want to eat that apple after some creepy paps touched it and yes amused he put the cart there i would do just that HAHAH…leave the guy the fuc alone sheeit …this is just pure harrassment …

  38. Stace says – reply to this


    Ok, if this was staged as some of you seem to think I bet he is seriously reconsidering the genius of the plan after this. I, under no circumstance condone cheating, in fact I am sure there is a special place in hell reserved for cheaters and with all the reason but, my God, I think the above is taking it too far! He will be forever sorry, but regular cheaters don´t have stalkers at the groceries. Let them get over this on their own, it is already awful as it is.

  39. cabbage seller says – reply to this


    my cabbages!

  40. free says – reply to this


    He's obviously doing the family shopping, meaning he still (or again) lives back home with his wife and children. Much ado about nothing much.

  41. Nonjudgemental says – reply to this


    This is just wrong. People cheat get over it. And since none of actually know RPatz, Kstew or Rupert we can't judge these people since none of us actually know the situation. So let's all stop pretending like we know what's happening here.

  42. 42

    …jeez…all he did was put meat in the stew !…hope he doesnt put that cabbage in there though…..