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Tom Cruise Wants To Buy Mel Gibson's Old Connecticut Mansion To Be Closer To Suri

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Mel Gibson's former mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut has only been on sale for a few weeks, but the current owners may have already found another rich Hollywood star to buy it for $33 million!

Tom Cruise is reportedly innerested in the 15,862 sq ft estate which includes 75.7 acres of gorgeous green scenery that surrounds the massive building!

Thanks to his recent divorce from Katie Holmes, Jack Reacher wants to find a suitable an extravagant home on or near New York City so he can be closer to Suri.

If it's just the two of them, we can't imagine how close they'll be in this GIANT house, but at least they can play some challenging games of hide-and-seek. With 15 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms, the 6-year-old will have LOTS of hiding places to choose from.

Feast your eyes on the perfect pad (below) and prepare to be jealous!

[Image via WENN & Realtor.]

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17 comments to “Tom Cruise Wants To Buy Mel Gibson's Old Connecticut Mansion To Be Closer To Suri”

  1. 1

    He probably needs a big place for all his Scientology people. Who knows! It made sense for Mel Gibson because he had 9 kids growing up, but for Tom Cruise it sounds ridiculous.

  2. 2

    ooooh yes that movie room is what i fantacize about im going to make a movie room in my next place likely in the cupboard but hey .. i dont know why katie had to go to new york i dont see why she couldnt divorce then move back near where she was b4 i hardly think new york is better for suri…

  3. Josephine says – reply to this


    Anyone can buy anything id he has the money… but the mansion is really disgusting. Absolutely the worst mansion, who was the >Architect is there was one?. No doubt that will never reach the italian style and class. who wants an outdoor chess game? poor thing that Suri girl.!!!

  4. Angelina says – reply to this


    Overpriced, too isolated in case of medical emergencies, not located near ocean (no yachting, or beach fun), major land overhaul in order to build a landing strip for a small plane, interior of house will need major renovations (i.e. bathrooms, kitchens, movie theater and etc.).

  5. 5

    Poor Suri. It looks like a lonely place for a little girl. Plus, it's ugly and outdated.

  6. 6

    I just have one question! What about his other children??? Seems like he is making alot of effort to be closer to Suri but not so much for his other children! I could be wrong but I just think that its because he wants to keep an eye on Katie.. I wouldn't go out anywhere without a bodygaurd if I was her.

  7. 7

    Tom Cruise is reportedly "innerested"…..

    What are the Job Requirements for your editors & censors?

  8. cari says – reply to this


    If this is true, and not made up by some random person Perez talks to, then it's not for ONE small child. He would make it the NorthEast conference center for Scientology… guaranteed. A pathetic power grab on Cruise's part. BTW…we don't want you scientoloholes in the NY Area. Kapeesh? and a side note re: Perez' continued annoying use of 'inneresting'. He started it after Batman Begins. Thomas Wayne (Linus Roache) used it in his vernacular. Perez thinks it makes him sound cool. IT DOESN'T.

  9. 9

    Remember how his two older children "chose" to live with daddy instead of mommy? Yeah, it's not only because they were "brain washed" by scientology, it's because he bought their love, just like he's doing with Suri. While Kate is trying to give her a normal childhood, daddy will buy her anything her little heart could desire and, at some point in time, she will demand to live with daddy. Kate may think she's won, but the clock is ticking.

  10. Fran says – reply to this


    I love Tom and Im happy for him. Next time I hope he marrys someone older and more mature than Katie. He doesn't need the drama in his life.

  11. 11

    I find it interesting that Tom is able to see his daughter. When a Scientologist leaves the cult they're forbidden from seeing their family members that still remain in the so-called religion. I would love to see the Scientologists rise up in great numbers in protest. Course, it won't happen since they're all brainwashed and robots.

  12. Angelina says – reply to this


    Re: so.il.girl – I read a news story about Connor's and Isabella's (his children) living arrangement. The story stated that Connor and Isabella live with their dad (Tom Cruise) in a mansion in Beverly Hills, California that Cruise reportedly paid over 30 million dollars to obtain. I would imagine that like most parents who own multiple homes, the children live in the homes with their parent(s). It is something that does not have to be stated…it is simply taken for granted.

  13. 13

    @Angelina no it's not too isolated in case of medical emergencies it's about 30 minutes south west of heartford so that means university of Connecticut amongst other hospitals in the vacinity. stars chosing to live in Connecticut in lieu of hollywood is nothing new Katherine Hepburn was a connecticut native and Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward moved to Westport in the early 60's to give their daughters as normal a life as possible

  14. 14

    Interesting, isn't it that he wants to be close to Suri, but wouldn't let Nicole see her kids.

  15. 15

    It's too bad that Suri isn't able to stand or walk on her own. Poor kid.

  16. 16

    All the steps Katie Holmes took to prevent Suri indocrinated in Scientology doesn't seem to work. Tom Cruise will never let Suri go. Even with Katie's bodyguards around Suri all the time, Tom and cohorts will still lure Suri to Scientology underhandedly. Mark my words. All the divorce did is to free Katie from Scientology but Suri doesnt have the same options. She will never be free from her father and his creepy cult.

  17. Sera says – reply to this


    With Suri and his new gfriend