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19 comments to “E.L. James Is Only Woman On Earth Who Believes It's 'Far Too Early' To Cast 50 Shades

  1. 1

    Hate to be a party pooper but I am so tired of hearing about this series, everything about it. Mommy porn

  2. 2

    Maybe when they make this into a movie the screenwriter can add a plot and some depth to those shallow characters. Oh, and maybe some decent dialogue would be nice.

  3. rox says – reply to this


    not the only woman on earth.

    It's a good book to fantasize about.
    It will be a shitty movie.

  4. Whoa says – reply to this


    I love the idea of Alexander Skarsgard, very good call Perez.
    Love the idea but Damn those poorly written books were hard to get through.

  5. Bhav says – reply to this


    No way! Jessie Pavelka is perfect for the role of Christian Grey, and he's around the right age.

  6. tatkealt says – reply to this


    Emilia and Alexander?!!! For real?!!!! They are not even an inch close to Christian and Ana!

  7. 7

    Alex Pettyfer needs to play christian grey!!

  8. 8

    I loved the series. It was a great trashy beach read for me this summer. But I don't see how it could possible be made into a movie. Maybe an HBO series or something. Why must every popular book series be made into a movie? Some just belong to stay in print only.

  9. 9

    The only way this these books could be made into movies that were faithful to the book they would have to carry an X rating, they maybe could get away with an NC-17 but I doubt it. You can't gloss over the level and types of sex from the book, if you did it wouldn't be Fifty Shades.

  10. lilly64 says – reply to this


    if you could clean-up Lyndsey Lohann she would be perfect for Ana and too bad jonny Depp didn't have the sie and coloring ooohhhh yaaaa Jonny DEPP He has the tallent to pull a Christian off . Don't know if he would even consider it But I can HIS HANDS HIS EYES the man has the swank to pull it off nicely Depp has the depth.

  11. anaorestes says – reply to this


    Too many typos.

  12. Rrgilston says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Perhaps read my book.

  13. Rrgilston says – reply to this


    Re: Nolan Ross – True. Less is more.

  14. Jules says – reply to this


    Re: Whoa – World Without Safewords was a fast fun read. Literary too.

  15. 15

    I have the answer to end this all. Michael Fassbender, (Magmeto-X-Men 1st class, Inglorious Bastards), should BE Mr. Grey!!!! Check out his GQ spread!!! Hence my avatar;) Keira Knightly or Mila Kunis could pull off Anastasia. Im rooting for Knightly!!! She is very sensual in her movements and acting. I refer you to the scene in X-Men, where Fassbender kills the two Nazi soldiers in the bar…..HELL-O!!!! All in white….which seem to be his color of choice at times;) Amd his VOICE!!! I could listen to that man grunt for a lifetime!!! I only ask that you BLOW this up!!!! Im telling you! It. Will. Work. I BEG OF YOU CASTING GODS!!! Please DO NOT pick Ian. Please. I would derive no pleaser from watching or fantasizing about him. FASSBENDER FOR FIFTY!!!!!

  16. opinionated says – reply to this


    I really don't understand all the hoopla about an 'openly gay' man playing Grey. Seriously, as long as he can act and portray an amazing Christian Grey does it really matter?
    Should we also say no one who is happily married should play him either? Reality and fantasy are two different things, as long as the actor can play christian grey well, i don't care who he's sleeping with/in a relationship with in real life.

  17. patrizia says – reply to this


    Alexander Skarsgard and Kristen Stewart

  18. Kay says – reply to this


    They sure seem to be dragging their feet on this movie. You'd think they'd want to strike while the iron is still this hot.

    Perez, please. Alexander Skarsgard isn't nearly attractive enough to portray Christian Grey.

  19. Lady Grey says – reply to this


    The Perfect Mr.Grey would be Wesley Brown