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Amy Winehouse's Ex On Life Support

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Ugh, how sad!

Yesterday we reported that Amy Winehouse's ex-husband of two years Blake Civil-Fielder was found in his apartment choking on his own tongue while unconscious.

At the hospital, Doctors induced coma so they could efficiently treat Blake's severely ailing condition, which is believed to have been caused by mass amounts of alcohol and other substances.

Blake is reportedly still on life support.

Our hearts go out to Blake's loved ones, especially his 15-month-old infant son whom he shares with current girlfriend Sarah Aspin.

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Amy Winehouse's Ex On Life Support”

  1. facts says – reply to this


    you cant choke on your own tongue

  2. 2

    the kid would be better off without this scumbag in his life.

  3. NurseSteph says – reply to this


    It's actually impossible to choke on one's tongue, just so you know.

  4. 4

    You said he was chocking on his vomit. You don"t even read you own posts? *sigh*

  5. 5

    It would be best for everyone if he just killed himself (overdose) His family doesn't need a junkie and he is a drain on everyone else. What a sad waste, just like Amy. They can be together in junkie hell. I know it sounds harsh, but it's true. They were just wastes of humanity.

  6. NorCalAli is an idiot says – reply to this


    Re: NorCaliAli – NorCalAli doesn't rep NorCal very well. Addiction is considered a disease. These people aren't wastes of humanity–they need help. At least Amy could sing… What can you do? (Besides saying stupid things, I mean.)

  7. 7

    Pull the plug!

  8. 8

    Let's all watch Perez as he oozes fake caring and sympathy for the guy and the loved ones involved; I remember Perez saying really hateful things about Blake, and Perez is gonna be the same phony prick he always is in these situations. I wish we could exchange Blake for Perez and then turn off the life support. Fake bastard.

  9. The truth says – reply to this


    So now drug addiction is a disease!?! Always helps to have that disease designation to get hospitalization to foot the bill. I'm just curious how one catches the drug abuse disease? Please explain.

  10. 10

    The way I see it every time a crackhead ODs that means that there's either one more job available for some straight hard working person or one less bum on public assistance.

  11. 11

    hypocritical fool, you bad mouth drugs and cigarettes, yet own production and push the most abused drug, alcohol. you are just another drug dealer asshole.

  12. Cheezees says – reply to this


    First he was choking on his vomit, now he was choking on his tongue (impossible by the way). So which is it, Mario?

  13. 13

    Remove the support already. It's obvious he wants to be dead, so let him die. Quit wasting people's time with such selfish behavior.

  14. 14

    Re: The truth – The whole drug addiction is a disease argument is pretty controversial. People seem to get offended by calling it a disease because it's a choice to start doing drugs or drinking. Whereas cancer is a disease you don't purposely get. There are arguments for both sides calling it a disease or a behavior issue. And really it's both. A little over half of addiction is due to genetic predisposition. That doesn't mean if you are born with that you automatically will become an addict. It has to due with your life decisions as well. Like heart disease, it's partly genetics and partly the way you choose to live your life.
    It's easy for people to judge drug/alcohol/sex/food addicts because it's something you start on your own. Which yeah, isn't so smart. But a mistake like that can lead to a lifetime of dependance on a substance. Really think about it, something so awful controlling your life. And addicts know it's killing them, it's just hard to stop. And even after getting clean the want is always there. I, for one, am over 5 years clean and I still get the urge. My grandpa, 20+ years clean still gets the urge. It's just always with you.
    I don't really care, though, if people call it a disease or not. Some people get pissed off about it and argue one way or the other. I'm just happy to have kicked this problem, and wish every other addict sought help too.

  15. 15

    Re: The truth – Drug addiction is a disease, it's an inherited trait passed on through one's genes. It's what you choose to do in life to stay clean!

  16. Savonna says – reply to this


    I'm surprised it took this long to happen. Sad though but how many chances has this spoiled loser had to get help & stay "helped". I do hope he recovers & gets better & uses his mishap to help others not make the same mistakes. Sad really. If nothing else for the sake of his little one.

  17. The REAL truth says – reply to this


    Re: The truth – Ugh, you're probably one of those ppl who think people should just "get over" being depressed, too. Can't "catch" mental health disorders/disease either. That a problem for you that people get medically treated for it?

  18. jenny says – reply to this


    pure fucking evil some of the shit you guys say. have a heart