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Katy Perry Is DONE With Russell Brand Talking About Their Marriage To The Public! Wants Him Gag-Ordered!

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Can't say we're too surprised!

We even said THEN how shocked we were with how candid he actually got!

Remember Russell Brand's very frank comments about his marriage to Katy Perry during his interview with Howard Stern last month?

Well, apparently, the pop sensation is LESS than thrilled with his constant discussion of their personal life in interviews, and despite the fact that he usually speaks very highly of her, has contacted her lawyers and told them to serve her ex with a gag order!

Insiders explain:

"Katy is fed up with Russell constantly making reference to their marriage in interviews. While it's mainly harmless and often even complimentary, she's sick to death of his comments being splashed all over the news and magazines. Katy went berserk after the interview with Howard Stern. She called lawyers and told them to put a gagging order on Russ to prevent him from speaking to her in public again. Katy vowed never to reveal the ins and outs of their marriage break down or speak about Russell in any way. All she wants is the same in return."

Certainly understandable to us!

Obviously, they've both moved forward with new relationships, and there truly doesn't seem to be any bad blood between them since the split, so we would like to THINK that he wouldn't have any qualms about just leaving the past in the past and respecting her request for privacy!

Here's hoping they can do just that without having to get it court-ordered!

[Image via WENN.]

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55 comments to “Katy Perry Is DONE With Russell Brand Talking About Their Marriage To The Public! Wants Him Gag-Ordered!”

  1. whatever says – reply to this


    how hypocritical when she has used her marriage troubles to further her career and garner sympathy. look at her most recent song, wide awake it is obviously about her marriage. she can use it to make herself look better but he cannot talk about when asked too.

  2. 2

    You picked him and dumped him….Suck it up. It is not like people in the real world can get their ex to quit talking around town about their break-up_ why are you so special

  3. jackie says – reply to this


    Oh no…isn´t she dating John Mayer now? Please Miss Perry…learn of it and think it over…there are a lot of better possibilities!

  4. 4

    It happened. It is life. He can say whatever the hell he wants.

  5. Kate says – reply to this


    That slut hypocrite should STFU and NOT Russell! Didn't she do a movie about her failed marriage? Didn't she write songs about him? Russell has NOT said ANYTHING. She's so FAKE. I hate her.

  6. Rumples says – reply to this


    So she can show and talk about her marriage in a MOVIE and obviously in her music, but he can't so much as talk about it? What a hypocritical loser. As if asking him to take the brunt of the blame and file for divorce so *she* wouldn't look bad. What a disgusting personality.

  7. DDDD says – reply to this


    Oohh complains the girl that used to talk about it all the time and even used it in her movie!!! Oh bitch, please.

  8. Lilian says – reply to this


    Poor Russell has ONLY said good things about that stupid Hollywood wh*re! And he's NOT "constantly discussing" about her! He has only talked on Howard Stern and said how much he loved her! Is that so bad?

  9. Mary says – reply to this


    He PR team is working hard again. Hypocritical whore! She wants once again our sympathy. But NO mrs Perry. You have showed your true colors. Dating 3 guys in 7 months? You are NOT a victim, and NOT innocent. Russell has only talked with the best words about u, and u with the worst! Bit**. I hate u.

  10. 10

    What a crock of BS. She CONSTANTLY talks about their relationship, used it in her stupid movie, plus she even supposedly wrote a bunch a songs about it for her new album. Since it wasn't part of their divorce agreement, there is no way she can prevent him from speaking about her wherever he wants. He hasn't even said anything negative about her. From what he's said, you can tell that he genuinely cared for her, it's obvious the feelings weren't mutual. She seems to think that it's perfectly fine for her to do something, but he can't. Probably because she's a control freak and still can't accept the fact that he was the one who filed for divorce.

  11. ttts says – reply to this


    This HYPOCRISY needs to STOP! Katy and her PR team have continusouly bashing Russell by spreading fake rumors about him. She did a MOVIE dedicated to her failed marriage & portrayed herself as the poor victim & blamed Russell for everything. She disses him in songs, music videos, awards shows appearances. And yet she has the nerve to ask him to stop talking!? You stupid slut Perry! You are so ungrateful! The poor guy didn't say anything bad about u. U should thank him for not revealing how bitch u are.

  12. Oh please. says – reply to this


    She is saying this who has used her songs and her MOVIE to talk about him? What a hypocrit! I think she needs to take a long look in the mirror. Why is she mad because he said only nice things about her? Was that an act in her movie crying over missing him, I think so (fakest "crying" I've ever seen!) They have both moved on, leave him alone Katy! AND tell your PR team to cut it out too, along with your so called friends (um, Markus?) Perez, you need to stop drinking the Katy Kool-Aid!

  13. 13

    I guess she needs something else to paint him as the bad guy to deflect from her dating a man slut. Getting her friends to tweet crap about him was not enough. He has handled things so well, and never said anything bad about her.

  14. Zeta says – reply to this


    "his constant discussion of their personal life in interviews"???? Really Perez? Hypocrisy much? Russell has only talked only ONCE about Katy & the divorce, and that's because Howard Stern was asking him ridiculous questions & Russell was trying to defend Katy. Plus, I remember well Katy is the one who made a WHOLE FILM about how sad she was during her marriage. That fake Perry bitch.

  15. Helen says – reply to this


    Well if she's mad at Russell who's only talking with the most beautiful words and full of respect about their past together…wait to see what John Mayer is going to say to the press when he dumps her! A "sexual napalm" no2 maybe? You slut! Give Russ a break! He was too good for your fakeness.

  16. 16

    that vow she made to never speak about the divorce… is that anything like the vow she made when she married russell?

  17. 17

    Re: Helen – I doubt she will be sexual napalm. More like 'nice' like he said about Aniston.

  18. TRUTH says – reply to this


    she hawked a movie AND an album off the back of him!! HYPOCRITE

    He only answers when asked, and replies with dignity and grace. In fact last month he had strong words with the British talk show host Graham Norton for bringing up his failed marriage.

    She needs to get over herself, c'mon she punched a British looking prince in her latest music video- who do you think that was a reference too!? she is PATHETIC. And frankly Perez your constant pandering to her is PATHETIC TOO!

  19. LOL says – reply to this


    Re: Helen

    you are absolutely right! - "you;re body is a candy cane" possible quote from John Mayers latest song HA!!

  20. 20

    Considering that his comments in a few interviews will be long forgotten in less than a year, and that ridiculous movie she made will be around on DVD forever (unfortunately) …
    This dumb bitch is FUCKING DELUSIONAL!
    Looking for more attention, as usual.

  21. 21

    Really?! She seems to be the one who won't bloody shut up about it.

  22. onlytruth says – reply to this


    "you can keep the diamond ring, infact u can keep everything except for me" lyrics from her song Part of me……. bitch u r singing songs about it, he can say watever he wants……

  23. 23

    she cant tell him what to say about his own life and experiences! who the hell does she think she is? Its ok for her to use the publicity for promoting her music and even playing on it in her videos with not very subtle references. Russell has always been candid about his life and she was part of his life so he cant just act like it never happened. His life is his material for his act.

  24. 24

    yeah i hate when people talk about how i'm such a wonderful person and defend me if someone talks shit about me even though we're broken up. i completely understand where she's coming from! she sounds as dumb as she looks… and acts. she was so lucky to have russell

  25. 25

    katy perry should shut the fuck up.

  26. dantexist says – reply to this


    I could not let this pass!!! This proves this woman is brainless and clueless. Didn't she finish high school. How can you GAG Russell B. when Katy P. is the one insulting, pretending to write songs (that other people writer for her) about her failed relationship, releases a horrible film and references her failed marriage and wants this guy gagged. He only speaks positively of her which has actually made me somewhat simpethetic for her. But now I know this chick has flipped her bird. LMAOOOOOOO!!!!

  27. mary kate says – reply to this


    i don't think he said anything that bad. especially if you read more of the interview. seems like he was walking on eggshells…

  28. ange says – reply to this


    he's a dirtbag, always has been

  29. 29

    You lucked out Russel! Glad u got the f outta that!

  30. 30

    Re: Kate – You are so right she put out a moviementary all over the world that shows her marriage breaking up …IN 3D no less 4ever people can watch it own it…What a silly ——

  31. Tatiana says – reply to this


    Let's see…If you are desperate to remain in someone's life and they have obviously moved on, looking happier than ever, what do you do? I've got it, tie them up with frivolous lawsuits! Especially if they were so desperate to be rid of you they gave up a house and $20 million.

  32. Lina says – reply to this


    So wait a moment…just months ago she tried to directly profit from their relationship by including it in their movie. He says a few gracious words about her and she tries to serve him a gag order? I'm gonna go beyond saying that's hypocritical and say that it is downright narcissistic.

  33. ashley says – reply to this


    IS SHE KIDDING? what a hypocrite. she made her stupid movie 50% about their divorce and the only comments he EVER makes about her and their marriage are extremely nice, complimentary toward her, and respectful. she needs to get a grip, girl is obviously way hung up.

  34. Louise says – reply to this


    What a hypocrite she is. She writes songs about him, makes videos and films, makes money on her break-up and he has been strictly a gentleman. I heard the Howard Stern interview, and I was impressed as to how discreet he was. Boy did he get out of that relationship in time.

  35. 35

    Ofcourse she doesn't talk about it in the meda, HE DUMPED HER. He was all set with her and dumped her ass! That's why she doesn't want people knowing it.

  36. 36

    But she can write songs about him, right? Hypocrite. If you don't want Russel talking about you then don't use your ex-marriage to write songs and make money. At least Russel isn't getting paid for it. Oh and didn't her movie talk about it? Hmm

  37. 37


  38. michelle says – reply to this


    russel has to keep talking about it in order to stay famous and that's what katie is trying to avoid..keeping him famous.

  39. 39

    SHES ONE COLD FISH thats how people work on conclusions they talk about things .. shes desperately disrespectful and immature russell has a right to talk about his life its HIS LIFE he was married to her ..

  40. 40

    sounds hypocritical

  41. 41

    Hello. In Katy's movie she pretty much said that she was single handedly trying to make it work and he wouldn't compromise and made him look like a jerk.

  42. Thom Aitken says – reply to this


    I think Katy is the one that needs to stfu, Russell has every right to talk about their marriage considering he was part of it also he could of taken her for $22 million but didn't so I think him talking about their marriage (which he's talked about positively) is some sort of collateral damage

  43. 43

    If anyone needs a gag order put on them, it's Katy. I am so tired of her obnoxious songs and that pathetic excuse for a singing voice.

  44. 44

    this whole marriage was just a sham and a publicity stunt

  45. 45

    Quoting nameless insiders again, you lazy hack? Why do people believe anything you post? The chances are better than not that what you steal and post is WRONG. Most of it is made up.

  46. 46

    Wait a minute, Russel Brand hasn't said much of anything about the marriage!
    SHE was the one who put the marital break down in a MOVIE!! What a hypocritical idiot. She just wants someone other then herself look like a bad guy in this whole thing.

  47. 47

    What a bunch of BS! I have never seen him be disrespectful of her or their relationship, can't say the same of her! If she can sing that horrible song, "Wide Awake," he should be able to say whatever he wants.

  48. Vera Lynn says – reply to this


    Woooow… What a hypocrite she is!!! She can sing about it, act in a video about it and play in a movie about it, but he cannot talk a gentlemanly manner about it. Miss Perry, you are a sour bitch!

  49. 49

    She needs to shut the fuck up. He let her keep all the money, which no chick in the world would have done. She should feel lucky that he introduced her to the adult world, not the teenage world she sings music for.

  50. sjcatman says – reply to this


    Didnt he leave her because he was sober and she does too many drugs???

  51. prg says – reply to this


    katy perry carrer is hanging by a thread i wouldnt be suprised if she released all the song off her album as singles lol

  52. Louise says – reply to this


    Funny how all the crappy stories about him seem to emerge when he is in the spotlight. This interview with Stern was over a month ago, and now that Russell performs at the Olympics, this gag thing is an issue all of a sudden. The timing seems perfect to bring back the spotlight on her and what a victim she is. How petty and pathetic.

  53. 53

    …boy, she really turned out to be a moron….

  54. Burnt says – reply to this


    Re: michelle – Doubtful…he was famous long before she was and will continue to be famous long after her 15 minutes are up. The shelf life of pop stars is not that long.

  55. Just Mozzy says – reply to this


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