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J. Lo And Pitbull Smoochin' On The Floor Stage?

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jennifer lopez pitbull stage kiss muy caliente casper smart enrique iglesias

Ruh-roh, Casper Smart!

Once a pit bull locks its jaw onto something, it never lets go!

J. Lo and Enrique played to a packed house in Anaheim on Saturday and special guest star Pitbull made a special appearance on stage!

If his presence wasn't surprising enough, the Cuban-American rapper grabbed somebody sexy and told her "hey" planted a big wet kiss right on her cheek!!


Judging from her stunned reaction, we don't think Jenny from the Block was expecting to get to first base with Mr. 305 Worldwide right there in front of thousands of adoring jealous fans!!

Was it just silly theatrics or do U think there's a little bit of Latin lovemaking going on behind the scenes?

[Image via AP Images.]

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17 comments to “J. Lo And Pitbull Smoochin' On The Floor Stage?”

  1. HerrDreads says – reply to this


    Pitbulls are stoopid and wishful. Stop making me laff.

  2. Frances says – reply to this


    This is very tacky……JLO you need to put limits to your interactions with other male performers. Specially when you have a boyfriend. If you don't care about Casper Smart anymore, then just stop pretending. Do not humiliate him anymore. I'm your fan, but very disappointed with you. Not only did you make him look like a fool with this pic, but you cut his Dance Again performance with you to make room for Pitbull. Was that really necessary.

  3. 3

    oh no…not a kiss on the cheek. what a bunch of skanks. *and for you slow ones, that was pure sarcasm*

  4. 4

    That's who she should try in bed. I bet he's a tiger. mmmm…

  5. 5

    He's just being a flirty Miami Cuban boy! Plus it's totally normal for us Latinos to kiss each other hello lol!So not a big deal!

  6. 6

    Good thing celebrities don't actually read this blog, it really stirs the pot

  7. Frances says – reply to this


    Re: fulana – You're right latinos like to kiss on the cheek which is cool, I do it all the time (latina here). But as latinos we can be very passionate about what we like too. We don't have to agree, but there's just something about the picture I don't like (sorry). Maybe it's just because I'm a JLO&Casper fan. Can't blame me for loving the bears.

  8. Marie says – reply to this


    Re: Frances – I love the BEARS too, & I think I know what you don't like about the picture casper is not in it. I like JLO&Casper & i like watching them dance another thing I thought they would do something special together ’cause it's his hometown. Maybe a breakup is on the way it doesn't matter if we like it. Then again - maybe not. Lets see.

  9. 9


  10. 10

    Get her papie!

  11. 11

    Eww she needs to get tested for stds after all the men (and man-child) she's been with.

  12. Erin says – reply to this


    it is NOT ok to say that pit bulls lock their jaw! they do NOT have locking jaws, and unfortunately someone will read that and see it as the truth. Miami is voting today on breed specific legislation, and Lennox the pit bull in Ireland was put to death just because he was a pit bull. This erroneous statement is part of the reason people things pit bulls are inherently dangerous. Very irresponsible comment from someone who seems to really love animals in many other posts.

  13. Animal Lover says – reply to this


    Re: ErinRe: Frances
    I agree. Yet, I'm sure rapper Pitbull never meant to hurt the breed in any shape or form…it's just a 'figure of speech' kina statement. I do hope that one of these days he clarifies what he means by it all…he owes it to all the "innocent Pitbulls" of the world…!

  14. Tara Noel says – reply to this


    If you owned a pitty, you certainly wouldn't be getting on with this kind of talk. FOR GOD SAKES PIT BULLS JAWS DO NOT LOCK! you closed minded fool! Pit bulls are just like any other dog…ONLY BETTER!! this type of media attention really isn't good for the breeds once perfect reptutation, but people like you perez are making it worse. Thanks! you have no idea what its like to fight for your family member on a daily basis so they are not judged or possibly put down just because of their appearance. DONT OWN A PIT BULL? THEN YOU HAVE NO OPINION!

  15. Becca Billingsley says – reply to this


    For someone who claims to love animals & touts themselves as an animal activist, Perez Hilton is certainly showing his ignorance with the locking jaw comment. Maybe one of these days he'll lock his jaws & stop spouting such idiocy.

  16. Tara Noel says – reply to this


    Re: Animal Lover – you obviously do not own a pitty….if you did you would hate to see a public figure getting on like perez is for all the world to see…when people see stuff like this, they will believe it…sadly…if you owned a pitty, or is a true pitty lover, you would be angry to see that people are still beliving the bull shit myths that the media started about the greatest family dog.

  17. Becca Billingsley says – reply to this


    For someone who claims to love animals & touts themselves as an animal activist, Perez Hilton is certainly showing his ignorance with the locking jaw comment. Maybe one of these days he'll lock his jaws & stop spouting such idiocy, the world would be so much better off without his constant obnoxious commentary.