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The Who! Kinks! Muse! NBC's Axed Olympic Performances! WATCH HERE!!!

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Don't worry disgruntled American Olympic viewers!! NBC may have failed at portraying the London 2012 Olympic Closing ceremonies in alll it's epic, musical glory, but we've got you covered!

Ok so yes, NBC DID broadcast wunderbar performances from the Spice Girls and One Direction, among others, but hold up…

ICONIC legends The Who playing Baba O'Riley (above) was axed from NBC's broadcast! And the former lead singer of defining rockers the Kinks performed his ODE to London AKA Waterloo Sunset, yet NBC nixed it in favor of what… four Jessie J songs? (We love her too, but fair is fair!)

And lest we forget Muse's insane, theatrical rendition of Survivor, THE OFFICIAL OLYMPIC SONG (below)… oh wait, we NEVER EVEN SAW IT!

Thanks again NBC!

Really, way to pander to mass appeal while cutting artists who HAVE mass appeal AND who play a major part in music's cultural history.

We only hope NBC redeem itself at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia, or we shall be saying do-svidaniya (goodbye in Russian!) to the peacock-feathered network.

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14 comments to “The Who! Kinks! Muse! NBC's Axed Olympic Performances! WATCH HERE!!!”

  1. Auj says – reply to this


    Thank you, Perez. I was so down that NBC cut The Who. You are a sweety. Love to your puppy too.

  2. mike savage8 says – reply to this


    miley cyrus look like a crack head

  3. ClaireUK says – reply to this


    WOW……..That's all that comes to mind, I'm from the UK and to me The Who, The Kinks and Muse ARE what make British music, so much better than the spice girls and one direction. Cannot believe you guys missed out! Shame on NBC!

  4. 4

    NBC also cut George Michael performing his new song White Light completely!! And in Canada CTV cut the first half of the song to go to commercials. Both Networks should be ashamed of themselves for cutting out Great Artists. The Spice Girls reunion for the closing ceremonies was overhyped!!! NBC owes the United Kingdom a very large apology and an apology to each of the artists they cut!! They didn't need to break away for commercials that much and if so they should have taken that time from the overly self service show prior to the Closing Ceremonies!!!! The peacock network should have its head in the sand today for such a failure!

  5. Jessica says – reply to this


    Hate to say it, but NBC actually did air the Who they just waited until later. Yeah it aired around midnight on the east coast (I watched it) but you can't discredit the network and say they didn't air it when they did.

  6. KansasBlack says – reply to this


    The Who didn't do Pinball Wizard, the Kaiser Chiefs did. The Who did Baba O'Riley.

  7. Poppet says – reply to this


    Wait so NBC didn't air Muse? You know, the actual ANTHEM of London 2012?!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha bunch of stupid wankers.. Muse gave one of the, if not the best live performance last night.. Matt Bellamy's voice is out of this world!
    Shame on NBC..

  8. TB says – reply to this


    THANK YOU, Perez! I stayed up until 11 pm last night waiting for Muse & The Who, because I didn't know NBC had cut them. Thanks for making it possible for me to see their performances.

    I'd also wondered why the fireworks at the end were so short, but when you cut the final act, I guess the fireworks get cut too. (*sigh*)

  9. 9

    NBC really should hang their heads in shame. Most Brits are fed up with Jessie J. Too much Jessie! Needed Adele! Liam singing 'Wonderwall' without Noel, should have been axed.
    Why axe performances? just letting viewers down. Keep hearing not very positive comments about NBC.

  10. 10

    What the hell is wrong with NBC? And I heard rumors that Jimmy Page was dissapointed that he wasn't invited. WTF? How do you not include him at all, cut out some major rock legends and show Fuckin' Russel Brand lip-syncing and four Jessie J songs? The only way Brian May from Queen didn't get cut is cuz he agreed to be featured with Jessie J. She was great and I'm glad I got intoduced to her, but it's like she's blowing NBC or something.

  11. kab says – reply to this


    thanks for posting the who, the kinks, and muse. much appreciated. :)

  12. 12


  13. joe says – reply to this


    agreed 100% jimmy page did end the last Olympics in china, by playing whole lotta love to take the mantle to london. robert with jimmy though, it what should have happened.

    queen and brian may are NOT zeppelin! would be nice to see radiohead as they are the BEST band in the world right now and right from outside of london.
    The Who is nice and all, but frankly.. not Page & co. (jason, jones, plant and page should have been there)
    NBC not broadcasting The Muse just c o n f i r m s just how 'out of touch they NBC are!
    Well they did broadcast Wish You Were Here. Too bad only Nick Mason was there, being Gilmour and Waters would have played if ASKED and pushed to do so!!

  14. Laura says – reply to this


    thanks for supporting muse