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CNN Hopes To Boost Ratings With Prime-Time Reality Shows And New Personalities!

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CNN reality show and new tv personalities

This will be a first for a 24-hour news channel.

CNN is suffering from the worst ratings in 20 years and is apparently pursuing the reality route to make up for it.

We hear the network is taking calls with Hollywood's top talent agencies and reality producers for various pitches which include a late-night talk show featuring a panel like The View, FIVE reality shows to air on Saturday and Sunday nights and new on-air personalities that aren't so traditional.

The first of these personalities will be traveling chef Anthony Bourdain, who already has a show set to air on the news network on Sunday nights by early next year.

How exciting!

As long as executives don't get rid of Anderson Cooper, we're looking forward to seeing what new programming CNN decides to adopt.

Speaking of which, how about a show for Perez??? LOLz!

We're just kidding actually completely serious. Think about it, CNN ;)

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8 comments to “CNN Hopes To Boost Ratings With Prime-Time Reality Shows And New Personalities!”

  1. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    First off it doesn't seem that you have a press agent etc. You instead resort to shameless begging which can be cute-for a second but it's totoally unprofessional.
    Secondly , what do you bring to the table ? An apperance on a 2nd rate talk show, a cameo on Glee ? You've made some galring factual errors interviewing Fiddy and a rick group as I recall and most of all you don't seem a natural as an interviewer.
    You're demographics are great BUT they are internet gay hags as we all gays know….they tire of a fem acting, talking gays and are not loyal.
    Another problem for you despite the "life change" you'll always be famous for the douchebag that bashed Hollywood.
    Your personal involvement with up & coming recording artist's is dismal at best and NONE of them have become household names in spite of your horrible promotional ways which always come out as desperate. You way overhype at best avg acts-people remember. Sure you bandwagoned with Lady Gaga etc but you didn't "discover" them and nuture their growth.'
    You bring nothing to the table.
    To sum it up, you're just like Tom Cruise on Oprahs couch, jumping, screeming but you've only made an ass of yourself……dial it down dude.

  2. 2

    Soon they will forget why they started CNN in the first place and start airing reality shows, cartoons and stupid dramas.

    Think I've seen this happen before… Oh yes, MTV.

  3. 3

    Tv has seriously gone to shit. I have been a netflix customer for about 3 years now, and before that went without tv for 2. I mean nothing, just reading books at home. Now I can predict they will have women with bursting cleavage..if they already don't. This is what happened to the history channel, the learning channel, etc. I will never ever be a cable customer again. I got so sick of flipping through the channels and seeing women half naked, or with half their tops missing. Mostly about senseless shows like the kardsashians, and whatever else shit has been on.

    Let's not forget all the teen reality shows where the girls look like porn stars. Then society wonders why men are attracted to little girls.

  4. 4

    When are you going to post about the 9 Nobel Peace Prize recipients that are protesting the release of "Stars Earn Stripes" (this is the program that kicked off Jack Osbourne, in case your "sources" didn't tell you)? You are such a 3rd rate hack.

  5. 5

    The reason: CNN began as a great news network. It turned into the "Clinton News Network" with a shameless left-winged agenda, so it is now nothing but a propaganda machine for the Democratic party, so far to the left, they have one foot in Moscow.

  6. 6

    Re: pollopicu – so instead of watching all the trash on TV, now you come here to see half naked women and read about every gay subject in the world.

  7. 7

    Re: nationalenquirer – "Another problem for you despite the "life change" you'll always be famous for the douchebag that bashed Hollywood."

    what life change? he is still a douche bag liar.

  8. 8

    reality shows on what WAS the first and best source for NEWS on TV. I'm guessing their extremely liberal bias has cost them millions of viewers. I and THEY want NEWS, not political indoctrination. I believe that this fiasco has become the all time winner in the epic fail deparment.