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77 comments to “Jeremy Renner Thinks The Kardashians Are 'Stupid, Stupid People'”

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    He is so right!

  2. 2

    Yeah Jeremy!

  3. 3

    Hey Perez, reach a little deeper, I think you missed her arsehole while you were kissing her arse… Bloody pathetic

  4. coronalover says – reply to this


    Oh no no, Kim! Please do respond so we can laugh how stupid you are. Pretty please???

  5. coronalover says – reply to this


    Oh no no Kim. Pls do respond so we can laugh how stupid you are. Jermey, Im your new fan! Thank you!

  6. 6

    That is one of the most accurate statements I've ever read on this site. Jeremy nailed it.

  7. 7

    Well, they are not intellectually smart, I would be bored to tears sitting next to one of any of them at a dinner party, but they are incredibly good a promoting themselves and selling sex & drama. They are the perfect fit for our reality show craze.I do not admire them, and what bothers me is the mold they have set for becoming rich and famous for essentially nothing. Bruce Jenner was at least an amazing, talented athlete who brought pride to the USA. I love celeb gossip and Hollywood glamour - but I count the Kardashians among those who have made it ever so sleazy. The public will tire of them soon. And this is my last comment about them. ILB

  8. Charles Negan says – reply to this


    This man speaks the truth

  9. 9

    i officially love this guy

  10. 10

    lol, what? Like they're not? The whole family is a bunch of fame prostitutes and Kris is their pimp. Selling their soul just to make a buck.

  11. Truth says – reply to this


    he's absolutely right! i love with people with ACTUAL TALENT call them out. she doesnt even have s e x talent and that's how she got famous.
    and ps- Perez, how much are the karTRASHians paying you to kiss their butts? lol.

  12. Ang says – reply to this


    WHY do you LOVE them? Come on, they are all famous for being famous. And Kris cheated on her husband, Mr. Kardashian…fuck her.

  13. Classikh says – reply to this


    Why was he even asked that question? Just like the Jon Hamm, Renner has expressed his opinion on a stupid question so don't expect appologies from someone who has the courage to speak his mind.

  14. 14

    F*ck off, Perez!! He's right.

  15. 15

    It's the TRUTH and I respect him for saying it so eloquently :)

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  17. boston61 says – reply to this


    Perez you have become such an insufferable celebrity f*cker. No wonder this site has been abandoned by just about everyone.

  18. 18

    Why do reporters keep baiting actors to speak on the KKK'S. Why do actors bother to help perpetuate their name. I would never watch their show or buy their products but I am with Re: coronalover – I hope she ignorantly responds and maybe Kanye will write a song about it….yeah!

  19. Jboogie says – reply to this


    Jeremy Renner=My new hero
    He's SO right!

  20. 20

    I just liked him a little more…

  21. 21

    not nice but SO TRUE.

  22. 22

    Everything he said is true!!! I love him!

  23. Ways2BWicked says – reply to this


    Right on, Jeremy!

  24. 24

    I just became a Jeremy Renner fan. lol

  25. saraha says – reply to this


    Perez, I am exhausted with you defending her. She contributes NOTHING to society except a huge behind and a few bikini pics.

  26. 26

    I love Jeremy Renner more now for that comment. He said what I've been thinking all along. I don't watch any of that Karsdashian garbage or read their crap. I couldn't even tell you when or on what channel their on or what they do exactly. I have no clue as to the point of their existence in front of the camera.

  27. 27

    Ibahaha I love when people with actual talent and actual careers call out this disgusting family. Lol I guess fame wh0ring is their taken.

  28. 28

    Are you kidding me? Their whole persona is acting like stupid bimbos. That's how their television show makes them out to be because people think it's cute and funny. But it's not, it is STUPID. They want to be household names but they don't care how they get there. Which is stupid, have some dignity. Unlike Jeremy Renner, who is becoming more and more famous by actually working for it and being good at what he does. He has talent.

  29. 29

    oh I'm sorry, I hadn't realised that being a fame whore (and an actual whore) meant being smart. and I used to have respect for prostitutes…

  30. 30

    Ho hum. Tomorrow he will say it was taken out of context. Whatevs.

  31. 31

    Jeremy is spot on. Perez I am surprised with this transformation you have performed on yourself, that you would continually report on these people. Take the higher road Perez and please stop reporting on them.

  32. 32

    oh, perez! don't kiss these celeb's asses! i know you've learned a lot about business since you first started, i see how you try to be more positive than negative, but kissing ass is kissing ass-you work in the world of the rich and famous so maybe you are blinded as well but making money does not make you smart! nor does having a lot of followers on fb!

  33. 33

    Re: it-is-what-it-is – i didn't mean to like this comment, i don't know how to unlike it.

  34. Mimi says – reply to this


    You know that you agree with him Perez but you can't say it or mama Jenner would come after you. Bah…you don't have the balls to say a thing about them. Glad Jeremy doesn't care and speaks his mind. He's so right. I hope the Karashians go away soon.

  35. 35

    No. they are stupid, stupid, stupid money-grubbing fame whorres.
    Why are they on TV, and why are people watching them?

  36. 36

    He's wrong. They are stupid, stupid, STUPID, people.

  37. 37

    How dare he speak the truth! I love how so many real celebs dislike the Kardasians.

  38. maleek monroe says – reply to this


    yes those stupid filthy rich people ;)

  39. 39

    Couldn't agree more, love him!

  40. Nemesis says – reply to this


    Couldn't agree with Jeremy more….they are not only stupid…stupid people they are Boring….Ignorance can be fixed…Stupid is Forever!!!!

  41. 41

    Like anyone cares what E!'s Anal Porn Queen thinks….

  42. someonehad2 says – reply to this


    He's right. But I think Perez is on the K family payroll. This site mentions that fat cow family more than any other site. PEREZ, you pig, stop spotlighting this family! Get a life.

  43. 43

    an intelligent and honest man.

  44. 44

    hey pervez, momma K just called and wants you to come over, she has a turd impacted in her ass and needs you to lick it out for her. BTW, she also said as an asside to me,"if that nasty liyyle cocksucker doesn't get here right the fuck now, he'll never get another dime out of us."

  45. Classikh says – reply to this


    Re: saraha – I completely agree to this. She went to Haiti to look like shes a good person after all the negative attention she recieved for her marriage. Has anyone heard of her doing anything else for charity after that trip?

  46. 46

    And, he is correct!!! Bravo to him for telling it like it is and not being PC and shying away from being honest. I like/respect him even more and may just actually go see his new Bourne movie at the theater instead of waiting for it on DVD. He has talent, brains and beauty. Me Likey!

  47. 47

    Agree with him

  48. Leslie says – reply to this


    He is SO RIGHT!!!!!

  49. 49

    Could he get more hotter?????

  50. daph says – reply to this


    he is damn right!!!

  51. lillie says – reply to this


    i completely agree with jeremy renner. he said what we all were thinking.! if it weren't for kims video with ray j no one would know who they even are.! they're talentless losers with nothing better to do but have camaras in their faces all day for the world to see.!

  52. nexx says – reply to this


    Perez just called her stupid too. Just not THAT stupid lol. So even the person kissing her ass thinks shes stupid.

  53. Jules says – reply to this


    True, and there are so many of them!

  54. 54

    AGREED!!! Think a few others in Hollywood are also now voicing their opinions too. Must be a real slap in the face for struggling and hard working actors to see these no talent people getting so much attention, fame and money.

  55. 55

    Don't you DARE take this back or retract this, Jeremy!

  56. nikki says – reply to this


    Yes she is stupid!! What is wrong with you Perez? P.S. Can you be any more dull while giving your gossip bit on 97.1? Seriously, speak slower.

  57. kkk says – reply to this


    haha yall just mad oh and jealous…..they have no talent but they are geting bucks…blame it on luck…kardashians, darlings, just let these bums blow steam

  58. 58

    I'm Team Jeremy on this one!

  59. Mico says – reply to this


    I like Jeremy so much more now. I can't stand the Kadouchebags.

  60. Jess says – reply to this


    Y'know what I find totally funny…not once does Jeremy mention the Kardashians. He made a general statement about media whores and somehow it's now all about the Kardashians! Obviously everyone agrees…ESP since the media is the one putting their name into this story. LOL
    Regardless…this just makes me love Jeremy Renner even more!!! :)

  61. 61

    Wait, who is this guy again? And no, none of them are stupid. They say ditsy, dorky, funny things just like the rest of the population and it makes them that much more human. Plus has anyone even noticed that they all run successful businesses? They do well for themselves, and they are a loving, tight-knit family that happens to be on tv. People need to get over themselves and stop being so JEALOUS.

  62. manny says – reply to this


    hahahah! Finally. maybe when more people with REAL talent come forward and say the same thing, the Kardashians will take the hint and GTFO of town!

  63. Amanda says – reply to this


    Re: BlessedMama – Oh please…no one is jealous of this famewhoring family. And did you seriously ask who Jeremy Renner is? The fact that you know more about a talentless family than an a-list actor is pathetic

  64. ASHLEY says – reply to this



  65. Hb says – reply to this


    Kim k is a huge ass. Her mother is the brains not her.

  66. Kim Superstar! says – reply to this


    KIM K SUPERSTAR! I am 30 years old and act like a vain and self-obsessed 13-year old. My dream was always to become a princess but i became an anal pornstar but I still think i am a princess. My body is full of plastic surgery. My boobs, ass, lips ,teeth, cheeks, nose facelift etc. are all bought and paid for, courtesy of a plastic surgeon. If you think my hair is beautiful, is because it`s fake. I was also jealous of Paris Hilton and put out a SEX TAPE because she did. I idolized Paris Hilton. I used to hang on her like a koala bear all the time to get my picture taken by the paparazzi. Until 2007 i did cocaine. I know there are picture proofs but i will deny it forever. My Whore Mama, Kris, fu@ked the poolboy while my father was at work. The result was my pathetic half sister khloe who is a whore, just like me.

  67. prg says – reply to this


    i heard mama jenner held a meeting on how to promote this statement on e news

  68. 68

    Go Jeremy

  69. Bia says – reply to this


    i absolutely agree! Kardashians are nothing more than just a brand name that used several sex tapes to promote itself in the first place!

  70. 70

    Re: BlessedMama – "Who is this guy again", he only got nominated for an academy award in the Hurt Locker, starred in The Avengers, The Town, The Borne Legacy, and the recent Mission Impossible. The fact that you need to pretend he's a nobody makes you sound like a jealous person. And no the Kardashians are not business women, they are nothing but a face. Other people do all the work they come in and take a picture and get paid. They are not hard working anything. They strip their clothes off and take pictures with a product. They do not design their clothes, they do not concoct their perfume, they do not open restaurants. The just put their face there. No hard work, whatsoever.

  71. Joe says – reply to this


    Amen Jeremy Renner! There are 15 million other stupid, stupid people following you in stupidville.

  72. 72

    im going to buy the dvd of the new bourne movie i got all the others..
    hes soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo RIGHT … AND so nice and so talented

    yes they are vapid untalented and pretty much useless in everything except self adoration and self marketing of the self adoration

    alot of the high up celebreties cant stand them which is obvious and unafraid to say so..

    dont worry if jeremy or the alist gave perez the time of day he would kick the kks to the curb like a used up gypsy condom..

  73. 73

    he should never of sat next to mother kk at ;'THE TALK”

  74. joe says – reply to this


    I agree with jeremy ..Not only are they stupid people but all of them are one more ugly than the other and the fact that they make all that money and should not care what people say is BS as they onlly make the money because someone pushed for them and it was not them who got them where they are. And people are the other idiots who watch and follow them….Why woudl you???????? Kris Humphries should thank his luck y stars hes away from that ugly no ltalent brutally arrogant lush KIM K…I would not touch her if she turned over millions to me!! GROSS.I actually like Kris and feel bad he taken by this B**** I hope he gets her good and drives her to insanity that she looses all her money!! THIS IS HOW MUCH I HATE THIS GIRL AND HER WHOLE FAMILY!!!

  75. Stacy says – reply to this


    Fans of these sisters will have to excuse me, but I think JR is totally right. Plus, I think Kim kardashian is so tacky that she puts JLo to shame, I can´t get past all the fake and the forced. However, beeing a kind of "fellow" actor, he should have kept it to himself, after all, you never know whem it will bite you back in the ass.

  76. 76

    LOVE LOVE LOVE him for saying it!!! The moment people stop talking these idiots (famous for a sex tape…really? really? THAT is not talent…nor is whoring yourself out to every event or tv appearance), their "fame" will finally end.

  77. Danielle says – reply to this


    I agree with Jeremy Renner. I hate the Kardasians. They are untalented and stupid.