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Kristen Stewart To Shy Away From The On The Road North American Premiere?

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Kristen Stewart On The Road North America

Prepare yourself, KStew!

She might be a no-show for On The Road’s London premiere this week, but will Kristen Stewart make an appearance on North America’s red carpet?

While all eyes have been on Robert Pattinson lately with his Cosmopolis promo tour, we can’t forget that KStew has a flick coming up soon, too!

It’s just been announced that Kristen’s film, On The Road, will hold its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival!

Sounds like Stewart has about a month to pull herself together, because the festival is set to run from September 6th to the 16th!

Wonder if she’ll decide to face the press or opt out of this one, too???

[Image via WENN.]

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22 comments to “Kristen Stewart To Shy Away From The On The Road North American Premiere?”

  1. 1

    I don't think it is a case of her pulling herself together, I think it is more about those ridiculous twi-hards who have no doubt threatened her to no end.

  2. 2

    She DID NOT opt out of the London premiere. She was never supposed to be there in the first place. Get your facts straight.

  3. 3

    She was never meant to be at the screening (not premier) in London. And PREMIER? It's already up in the cinema where I live and has been for a while.

  4. 4

    I read the LA premiere wasnt until December. She has a lot of time. Why should she shy away? She has nothing to be ashamed of. Remember this is an rated R movie. Adults will be at the premiere. Not teenybopper Twi fans

  5. Candace says – reply to this


    I really hope she goes, she worked hard on this film and it's special to her, she should be proud to promote it. Canadian Twihards arn't as crazy as American ones :) LOL JK, well not really. ;P

  6. Heh says – reply to this


    Yeah time to man up Kristen, life goes on

  7. 7

    some one please tell me what is so hot about this chick, she is not attractive, every pic i've seen of her, her expression is one of someone shitting a out a porcupine.

  8. 8

    Re: raypearson – And what is so hot about you then? I think Kristen is one of the hottest woman in Hollywood if not the hottest. Love her hair, face, smile, legs. She has a fantastic laugh. She is her own person and not the stereotypical beauty that is anorexia with plastic today.
    It's a personal opinion, if we all would find the same things to be attractive then it would be kinda boring wouldn't it, and it would also be impossible to find someone if we all were attractive to the same things.
    Every picture of her is one of someone shitting a out a porcupine? Well sir, be kind to take a look at your own avatar, assuming it is you, you look like something a horse shit out, eat it and pucked it back up. Remember, you point one finger at someone there will be three pointing back.

  9. ohno says – reply to this


    Re: ToriBorn – shut ur face toriborn AKA twihard fan, suck a fat D and choke til u die

  10. 10

    Re: ohno – TwiHard fan, I hate Twilight and the only reason I'm bothering myself with it is because of Kristen, been a fan of her way before Twilight.
    Not saying I'm saying she did good to cheat or anything, but you can still be a fan. I'm a fan of the girl I see, her movies and love her interviews. But what she does on her free time is none of my business.
    So why don't you shut your face sense you don't have anything good to say. I was just pointing a finger back, that's all.

  11. Sarah says – reply to this


    I hope she comes. The issue with Rob is personal not professional. Torontonians are mature enough and would welcome her.

  12. ewwww says – reply to this


    No one cares, at least not sane people! Let her slink away into obscurity where she wants to be and belongs. Just stop posting about her.

  13. Mary says – reply to this


    Re: ToriBorn – That's great but what about her shitty attitude ? She was at a photo call for otr and the professional photographers were begging her to take her sunglasses off and she didn't give a shit. What about all her flipping everyone off all the time,even at movie premiers? She has NO class! She used to embarrass Rob all the time with her immature,tacky antics. She thinks she is too good for everyone and doesn't appreciate what she has. It's not all about her cheating with a married man ,it's about the type of person she has shown herself to be when she's not putting on her quirky girl act.

  14. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    "I think it is more about those ridiculous twi-hards who have no doubt threatened her to no end."… Says the ridiculous TWI-TWIT who posts under every story to defend KStew's immoral actions? Hey Pot, the Kettle is laughing it's ass off at you. :)

  15. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: ToriBorn – aka "overthere" aka "HurkaDurka" aka "Yes, You Bore Me" aka "Lady Who" aka a whole lot of other fake names… YOU SAID: "you look like something a horse shit out, eat it and pucked it back up. Remember, you point one finger at someone there will be three pointing back." <– LOLOLOL! Says the KStooge TWI-TWIT w/o a profile pic? Don't look now, but the fingers are all pointing at YOU… Ya fu@king FANatic. :)

  16. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    More like the studio is having reservations about her promoting this movie when her built in "fan-base" imploded over her MONTHS LONG ILLICIT AFFAIR WITH A MARRIED MAN. How can you "promote" something when you attract negativity & contempt like a lightning rod? For the sake of the movie, I hope it's got other stars in it (OH YEAH, RPATZ GOOD FRIEND IS IN IT, LOLZ!) to generate box-office draw. Otherwise the producers & director are gonna take a hard hit on this. KStew is a box office kiss of death right now. Oops! No one to blame but herself.

  17. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: HurkaDurka – "Why should she shy away? She has nothing to be ashamed of. Adults will be at the premiere. Not teenybopper Twi fans"… Says the teeny-bopper KStooge TWI-TWIT? (Hi Lady Who! :) Aka Perez is a Tool, aka Tori Born, yadda, yadda, yadda…) She's got "NOTHING" to be ashamed of except for her C@CK HUNGRY TWI-TWAT.

  18. Iris says – reply to this


    Kristen will be at whatever premiere she needs to be. Even if she has one fan left in the world she will be there for than one fan. People underestimate her. She thrives in difficult times. She is staying out of the spotlight because of the scandal but also because she does not have anything to promote at the moment. Rob is out there promoting his work and she will not be out trying to compete because that's not who she is. It is his time to be in the spotlight and she knows it. When the time comes for her to be out she will. She was out in LA a few days after the scandal. There are photos of her in what appears to be a disagreement with a male person which if unfortunate because she does not need any more bad publicity but the very fact that she appears to be defending herself in a public setting is a good sign that she may be down but she won't let anybody kick her while she is down. e

  19. 19

    Re: Mary – Like Robert said, they twist words and make up things, don't believe everything you read. but lets say they are true, I don't care because I will still love her, she is amazing.
    Re: KStew is a TRAMPIRE – I'm my own person but I doubt you are. It's a lot easier to just write a fake name than make an account. Before I got this account, my name was the same except the first comments I went under my real name which is Victoria.
    I have a profile photo but it just wont shows, but it's isn't of me. I wasn't the one calling someone ugly first, I would never do that unless that person would call someone else ugly. I'm just giving back the medicine, I'm one if the three fingers.
    Like I said, I'm my own person and would never fake an account to prove a point or so I could win on it. You on the other hand seems to know a little to much about fake accounts.

  20. Mary says – reply to this


    Re: ToriBorn
    I have seen videos so yes I believe it. She is a selfish,spoiled,ungrateful bitch oh but u love her anyway and she is awesome because those are such admirable qualities.

  21. 21

    Re: Mary – I think the only one that deserves to be called the B word here is you sense you are judging without knowing her.
    I think she is fantastic and I don't really have anything to do with the cheating and it's only Rob who should make that decision really. That is private Kristen, I admire working Kristen, get it?

  22. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: ToriBorn – No we don't get it because — SELFISH, SELF-CENTERED WHORE KSTEW IS AN AWFUL ACTRESS. Just admit you're an OBSESSED FANATIC TWI-TWIT & then pretty please w/sugar on top SHUT THE FU@K UP & stop being a raging hypocrite. (FYI, making an account for a site you constantly cry-whine about hating is the epitome of insanity wouldn't you agree nutter?)