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MJ Continues To Foot His Family's Bills From Beyond The Grave!

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Even years after his death, the King of Pop is more generous than most!

Tuesday morning, we discovered Michael Jackson's Estate filed paperwork to help Janet out by paying the mortgage on her swanky Sin City condo!

Katherine Jackson and her daughter may not be on speaking terms now but, for awhile, Momma Jackson occasionally crashed at Janet's pad.

That's why the Estate executors feels it's fair and necessary to assist the onetime pop-star in her mortgage payments!

It turns out, however, that these documents were filed on behalf of the Estate just before the entire Arizona fiasco and they're still waiting to be ruled on by a probate judge.

Regardless of the judge's ruling, we imagine Momma Jack might steer clear of her daughter's home for the foreseeable future!

[Image via FayesVision/Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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16 comments to “MJ Continues To Foot His Family's Bills From Beyond The Grave!”

  1. Stacea says – reply to this


    Janet and her Siblings make me SICK!!!! wHAT HAPPENED TO ALL jANETS MONEY? tHE MONEY BELONGS TO HIS CHILDREN period!!!!! he would roll over in his grave!! I read his autobiography and even when he was alive he wanted nothing to do with The Jackson 5 make your own money LOSERS!!!!

  2. Misslisa says – reply to this


    Re: Stacea – I believe it. How sad you are going to rent out your home to your Momma. I hope the estate folks say NO

  3. skankeliminator says – reply to this


    WTF!! There is no way this bitch can”t pay her own mortgage! cheap and greedy HO!!

  4. 4

    Well, I guess this makes it obvious that those rumors that have been going around for the last few years about Janet being broke and not being able to pay her bills are actually true. This is just sickening. What kind of person makes their mother pay when she stays at their home? Shame on you, Janet! What a disgusting person you're turning out to be!

  5. 5

    WTF? How does Janet need help? She hasn't had any recent hits, but she still has had huge tours and many hit albums in the past. I thought she would at least be worth $100 million on her own. She's never been the type to squander money on mansions and Bentleys. Where did her money go?

  6. Gonzo says – reply to this


    Janet is a disgusting,greedy woman.

  7. Rob says – reply to this


    You all are really stupid if you believe this. Sad that people will believe anything. Ironic that the outlet that started this has removed it from their site. PH will once again be retracting his messy post again really soon I am sure.

  8. shameless says – reply to this


    Shame on Janet Jackson. She has plenty of her own money!! Absolutely disgusting.

  9. 9

    What's with all these flat-broke Jacksons? I saw an episode of the very brief Jackson brother's reality show a few years ago. It was apparent then that money, or lack thereof, was a major concern. They all strutted around like they were still famous, talking about this comeback concert or that. It's like they truly didn't understand that no one was going to line up and pay for a ticket to see MJ's siblings. Janet made a ton of dough back in the day. If she's plowed through those millions, then that's just stupid. Criminally stupid.

  10. 10

    Well so it is true that Janet needs money or she will have to downsize her lifestyle.
    But, instead of downsizing, she decided to try and take the money Michael Jackson left his children. If no one else will dare to tell you, I will: Janet Jackson your behavior is selfish, greedy and pathetic. Just DOWNSIZE like everybody else!!!!

    I do pray someone in the Jackson Family loves Micheal Jackson's children: Prince, Paris,
    and Blanket Jackson. God Bless them, and, please allow their father, Michael Jackson to continue to watch over them.

  11. 11

    Janet was extremely successful, while no where near Michael's level of "success", but she did make bank at one time. She must have no financial knowledge if she's suddenly broke and needs her dead brother's money… Bitch, that money ain't yours, it's his kids. Go back on tour, or do something. You, at least, have some talent and could possibly earn your own keep again. #usedtoberichnowi'mabrokeassbitchmooch

  12. 12

    I almost gave a shit until I remembered that MJ was a drug-addled pedo who's family has been sponging off him for years.

  13. 13

    I feel bad for MJ's kids, and they ARE his kids! Tired of people saying they are no way his biological kids, it doesn't matter, he was the only parent they ever knew. All of MJ's estate should go to his kids, period! There is no reason MJ's grown adult siblings should be mooching off the estate, especially Janet. She makes more in a year than I will make in my entire life! She needs to learn to downsize like most of the country had to. His brothers are on tour, so they are making money, so again, no reason to mooch! By the time MJ's kids reach adulthood, I hope there is money left for them!

  14. jk says – reply to this


    Re: shameless
    There are court papers filed from Janet to try tio get money from MJ's estate/. No one made this up. They took Katherine to get her to fork over money to them and it back fired, The whole damn tribe wants to challaane MJ's will because they need money. Janet is not a super star and the only one who is not trying to rip of MJ's kids is LaToya for cripes sakes. His children said the MJ warned the ahead of time about his family. Looks like Joe and the rest of the mooches have no money because MJ is not there to write them more checks. You can say it is a lie all day long but it is a matter of public record ,Go look it up.

  15. djbuttnasty says – reply to this


    Are you all as illiterate as you are dumb?? The ESTATE filed to do this for Janet BEFORE the whole incident took place. Nowhere in the article does it say that Janet asked for any money or requested it. Them offering to pay her mortgage couldn't have meant that much to her seeing how she filed for the executors to be removed after they made the offer. Janet doesn't need them kids' money! She's co-owner of a bank with Magic Johnson. You guys sound foolish.n

  16. sade'joy says – reply to this


    yal so shallow …
    These are all lies.
    Im Sure Janet Has Her own Money , And Plenty Of It,
    Why Would She Need MJ's Money, Think People !