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Chatting With… 50 Cent (Part 2)!

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In case you missed Part 1 of our headline-making interview with 50 Cent, you can CLICK HERE to check it out!

In Part 2 of our chat, we discuss the rapper's rivalries, his thoughts on Kanye, starting controversy, his forays into acting, how he's doing that unusually, his new movie with Robert DeNiro, his many business ventures - including energy drink Street King, how he's giving back to those less fortunate. And more!

Read some highlights… after the jump!

Watch Part 2 of our interview with 50 above!

Perez: Now one of the things that you've also been doing recently is you've been doing more acting.

50 Cent: Right.

Perez: Do you want to do more of that?

50 Cent: I created my film production company, Cheetah Visions. So I raised $200 million, I broke it into a ten-picture deal, I sold the domestic price to Liongate. And –

Perez: I didn't expect all that. Wow. Do you have like — I don't have this, and I want this. Do you have like a guy and you say, "I have this idea, help me make this happen"?

50 Cent: Randy, Randy M. Yeah –

Perez: He's like your CFO or something?

50 Cent: And he works there. He's functional at keeping all these ventures I have to delegate responsibilities. It's impossible for me to do all these things at one time. And we — in that deal I did –

Perez: And what inspire — you know because some people are, when they crossover from music to acting, just want to be actors but you wanted to be more that. You want to now also be making the movies, and making even more money. I think that's amazing.

50 Cent: Yeah. For me, look, and a part of developing the film production company was making sure the movie starts when we say that it was going to start. A lot of times I've committed to projects and I was reading, and working on characters for the different projects that we were doing work on, and it just didn't start at the right period; they pushed it back, and pushed it back. And then it was like, "I can't do it now, I'm in the middle of this." You know what I'm saying, so it was like I had to pull out of projects because they moved them around.

Perez: So you have more control this way?

50 Cent: Yeah, so now it starts on the start date.

Perez: You have a movie coming out?

50 Cent: Yeah, the movie's coming out, is it the 21st?

Perez: Of August. What's it called?

50 Cent: "Freelancers." It's myself Robert DeNiro —

Perez: And this is one of the movies that you produced?

50 Cent: Me, Robert DeNiro, Forrest Whittaker.

Perez: So when you're producing a movie, you also find the director and all of that?

50 Cent: Yeah, and Jessy Terrero directed the film. He — I worked with him for a long time. He shot about 50 music videos for me and –

Perez: Oh wow!

50 Cent: And –

Perez: That's nice that you are paying back, rewarding those who you've had relationships with.

50 Cent: Yeah, I've worked with him for years, and I trust his eye.

Perez: What kind of character are you playing in the movie?

50 Cent: I play Malo, I play a police officer of a slain police officer in New York.

Perez: And you also very successfully have your energy drink?

50 Cent: Right.

Perez: What's that called?

50 Cent: Street King.

Perez: Street King. I had an idea. Caffeinated cereal. That's a good idea right? Because some people don't like drinking coffee in the morning –

50 Cent: Right, that's why –

Perez: So instead of drinking coffee, you could have caffeinated cereal. I'm an idea person too.

50 Cent: Do you know what I did, I thought about when we was approaching the Street King project, I was looking at it like I wanted make sure it taste good so it would be a young adults coffee. Versus — because I don't like hot liquids.

Perez: Yeah. I don't like coffee. Is that a venture that you did by yourself or you did that in collaboration — because I know that — well everybody knows you were involved with the whole Smart Wa — Vitamin Water thing. Did you do that with them or on your own?

50 Cent: No, I did it on my own again. I partnered with Chris Park on an actual project — excuse me. He helped me partner with the United Nations World Food Program.

Perez: So they are beneficiaries of the Street King?

50 Cent: Yeah, with every energy drink sold, you provide a meal with the United Nations.

Perez: That's awesome. Do you think people might think you're too nice now?

50 Cent: [Watch above for answer].

Perez: Russell Simmons?

50 Cent: Maybe, maybe Russell. That's it, maybe Russell. And I mean, Russell's not actively an artist, so I didn't put him in that batch.

Perez: Are there — who — so in the past you had a lot of very famous rivalries with other people. Do you still think of like trying to start rivalries with folks or be controversial now? Is that something you're thinking about?

50 Cent: You know, I never [watch above].

Perez: You never did that? Yes you did, don't lie to me.

50 Cent: Let me tell you –

Perez: I remember perhaps the biggest one is like when you really were like I'm going to — that with you and Kanye, like who's going to sell the most — that one.

50 Cent: That was — we was — we were like this close to each other –

Perez: You never really have any beef with Kanye theoe days?

50 Cent: — for the Rolling Stone Magazine issue. If we was going to actually have a problem with each other, we could of had it right there.

Perez: You like Kanye?

50 Cent: It quite the scene though. We went to all go see "The Undisputed Truth" Mike Tyson's –

Perez: You went to see the show, the Broadway show? So you and Kanye are friends?

50 Cent: [Watch above].

Perez: Well thank you for — what's next? The album? When does the album drop?

50 Cent: The album is November.

Perez: November. So you've been working for a while?

50 Cent: Been moving around.

Perez: You're going to do a tour you said most likely?

50 Cent: Yeah, in the US. I'm not going to be moving around internationally much outside. Just spot dating, not a full tour.

Perez: If you could take anybody on the road with you, have you thought about that yet?

50 Cent: I haven't — it's just — when I get closer to the actual launch, I look at who else has momentum around me, and try to package the best possible run.

Perez: Awesome. Well, thank you for coming.

50 Cent: Yeah, boy, I ain't scared of you.

Perez: I'm not scared of you either. Bye.

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2 comments to “Chatting With… 50 Cent (Part 2)!”

  1. nawtali says – reply to this


    aww. such a sweet heart. who knew?!

  2. 2

    hes such a lovely soul and i have the hots for him in that shirt just imagining those strong pecs under there mmmmmmthat was good when u werent cutting him off …

    cant wait to see his movies let me tell u this boy all the movies these days are just about like death one death after another diff ways of killing its sickening and hard to watch need something to actually watch …enough of this death stuff …