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Rashida Jones Wants John Travolta To 'Come Out' Already!

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Her words! Not ours!

There have been a variety of scandals and tragedies that distracted the public from all of those masseurs saying John Travolta made a move on them, but we still haven't forgotten about that!

Neither has Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones. During a recent interview, the actress openly admired Frank Ocean's courage for coming out and expressed hopes that more celebrities would do the same.

One A-list star she hopes will consider being true to himself is the Grease star, as she joked:

"A movie star. Like John Travolta? Come out! Come on. How many masseurs have to come forward? Let’s do this."

While she was thrilled that both Ocean and Anderson Cooper decided to be honest with the public about their sexual orientation, Jones continued to reiterate the importance of "big stars" coming out of the closet by adding:

"Let’s be honest: Anderson Cooper is a TV personality. Like Neil Patrick Harris — okay, yes, it’s great that he came out, but (A) these are both men who have lived in the gay community for a long time and I think everyone suspected, and (B) there’s something about these iconic stars, people who are almost godlike. Because with someone like Frank Ocean, yes, it’s fantastic that he did what he did and his letter was so beautiful, and he’s in such close proximity to all these rappers so he’s battling homophobia just by being honest. But big stars need to come out. Ricky Martin was huge. That was big; I was really happy about that."

We're happy when anybody decides to be true to themselves.

If John really is hiding that part of himself from the public (and his wife), we're sure it's not easy, and we hope he finds the courage to do what so many others in Hollywood have done.

[Image via WENN.]

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25 comments to “Rashida Jones Wants John Travolta To 'Come Out' Already!”

  1. thewillie says – reply to this


    as a gay guy, I've never understood why people are so fascinated/obsessed with someone's sexuality. why do you care? if it doesn't change who they are, then it shouldn't be a question about their sexuality… "are you gay, because I don't care if you are, it's cool" if you didn't care you wouldn't ask…

  2. 2

    Do what needs to be done to achieve what true happiness is..That is to live as you choose in the way that you choose with whomever you choose…Without regret.

  3. 3

    She needs to shut her mouth and mind her own fucking business. Rashida Jones is a no-class bitch.

  4. 4

    Re: thewillie – That is exactly what Ive been thinking all along. I,m not gay and I get sick of gay people like Mario making sure I know they are over & over & over & and over & over.
    Im also thinking he was no longer going to out people but this looks like he is also drifting back into this along with all his other old ways.

  5. Alyssa says – reply to this


    wait..so she thinks that it wasn't surprising when Neil Patrick came out because it was suspected all along..but she was SO thriled when Ricky Martin comes out?….um yeah..because NO ONE suspected or saw THAT one coming..oh geez..

  6. 6

    I like Rashida but isn't a choice for Travolta and his wife? Isn't "coming out" a personal choice?
    Re: thewillie – I think it is normal occasionally to be interested in whether someone is gay or not. Accusing someone of being gay or pressing them when they say it is "not your business" not ok.

  7. 7

    Those comments would make sense if she was a close friend and told John in private. Make public statements to out someone is cruel.

  8. 8

    wow I usually love her but this is so out of line. Coming out is a personal choice and it's nobody's business to comment on whether or now you think someone is gay. Dissappointed Rashida

  9. 9

    I thought it was common knowledge that John Travolta was gay…everyone already knows.
    I think it's the powers that be at Scientology that wont let him…is that right?

  10. 10

    People are fascinated by this because he is a married man. If he was single people might not care as much. Period.

    You people commenting here need to get off your high horses and stop pretending that you are above all that. If you were really above all that you would not be commenting on Perez Hilton.

  11. 11

    Re: rosebud99 – She is just saying the truth. Why do people have to be so PC all the time? Rashida is a cool chick.

  12. 12

    Re: Rockin69 – It is not about being PC - just common courtesy.

  13. 13

    When are you gay people gonna mind your own fucking business. It is none of your business who others sleep with. And stating that gay men should come out of the closet is so arrogant it's sickening. If a man want's to discuss his sexuallity, he can, but who the fuck are you to say someone should. Not everyone in the world is defined by their sexuality like you. Some people, believe it or not, are doctors, lawyers, activists, politicians, etc… that just happen to be gay. It is not who they are, it is what they are. Leave them alone. They are no less gay just becuase they don't broadcast their business to everyone like you.

  14. Demode says – reply to this


    Gotta love straight actors from rich & privledged upbringings, who have nothing to lose, tell gay actors that they should come out of the closet.

  15. 15

    tom and john are having a circle jerk as we speak

  16. 16

    Re: thewillie – Hi, your attitude is certainly correct and I could not agree more. I do have a question for you though. As a reasonable gay person, what are your thoughts about the obnoxious way perez presents himself and by extension the gay community. His hyper sexualization of straight people is disturbing to many. I really am interested in your opinion.

  17. 17

    Love her but entirely disagree with this. While kids struggling with their sexuality certainly benefit from role models who are open about theirs, I don't think it's fair to demand anyone in any job to come out. Not using John as an example, but with others they are openly gay…in their private life…and just don't feel the need to declare their sexuality to the world. I respect that just as much as I respect the ones who do come out, it's a personal choice and its whatever works for them. As long as they're happy and comfortable with that, that's all that matters. I mean…in normal life, I'm sure we all deal with people every day that don't tell everyone. I know one of my best friends is bisexual, but most of the people she works with have no idea, because she doesn't see a point in them knowing. Simple as that. She's totally open…with people she loves, end of story.

  18. Marty says – reply to this


    Keannu came out and was never heard from again.

  19. Gavin Jackson says – reply to this


    Where was this first reported? Link?

  20. 20

    Maybe he's bi and him and his wife have an arrangement or agreement. It's no ones business but their own.

  21. 21

    Seldon comment on gay posts as a straight female John - i tibut it is totally up to John as it is against his religion which he seems to feel strongly about.

  22. 22

    Quit trying to out other people. Not everyone wants to advertise what they like to stick where behind closed doors!

  23. Debi says – reply to this


    You need to get a clue. Worry more about your rep then anyone elses. Karma does bite and bites hard!!

  24. 24

    take ur std loving finger and point it at someone else

    hes happy his wife is happy who cares ?

  25. Zoob says – reply to this


    Clearly he is not happy cause if he was he wouldn't feel the need to cheat on his wife. I don't have a problem with gays, it's the fact that he is married and wants to live as if he was a gay single man. Not fair to the wife or kids.