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The Glee Project Season Two Concludes! Find Out Who Won!

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Glee Project Season 2 Finale winner

We are less than one month away from Glee’s highly anticipated season four premiere and the show just got one MORE new cast member!

The Glee Project wrapped its second season last night and crowned ONE lucky winner, who will go on to appear in SEVEN episodes of the hit Fox show!

The competition was pretty fierce all season, but the show’s writers, along with Darren Criss, Dianna Agron and Amber Riley, ultimately had to make a decision!

So just who took home the title of The Glee Project season two champ??? Find out and view the winning moment… AFTER THE JUMP!

It was Blake Jenner!

(No relation to Kris or Bruce!)

Congrats, buddy! Make good use of that seven episode arc!!!

[Image via Oxygen.]

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10 comments to “The Glee Project Season Two Concludes! Find Out Who Won!”

  1. Wynn says – reply to this


    I'm so disappointed in Ryan Murphy. I knew that Blake was going to win, but really feel that one of the other two would have been better. Like Glee needs another good looking all American boy.

  2. amy diedrichson says – reply to this


    I feel the exact same way Wynn the other 2 girls would have been a stronger prescence on the show

  3. 3

    I have a different opinion. Blake was the full package - he not only filled that all american sexy jock role, but he can do it with depth & sincerity & nuance. He's the character the show can get the most mileage from, and perhaps even prime to fill the spot of Finn.

    Glee already has Arty in his wheelchair and played with Quinn in one as well. Honestly, they'd be overdoing it a tad there if they'd included Ali.

    As for Aylin, while being pretty fantastic, what differentiated her most was her Muslim American story. Unfortunately for her, that story is transferable & easily cast to another actor. Just like whatshisface "the christian" from season 1 who's Christian backstory was cast to Sam Larsens character. thems the breaks.

    I'm so happy Blake was chosen, and can't wait to see him get into the groove. Especially if he can really ACT - which will set him apart from all the season one winners. If he can act, they Glee project did it's job & found a gem.

  4. 4

    I am SO disappointed that Blake was the winner. While I will admit that he is a very talented actor, I feel that Blake is just TOO GENERIC! Any pretty face could have whatever his role may be and to be quite honest, I feel that Blake's voice is very average and he has no spark. He's just an attractive, all American looking guy.
    Yes, Ali, may have been done before with Arti and Quin for a little bit, but she has that extra something and really does make you feel happy just watching her.
    My pick, however, was Aylin. Her voice is FANTASTIC far above most of the other contenders this season (especially better than Blake) and she would have been something new and interesting on TV. I think Ryan missed a GREAT opportunity to further push boundaries by not choosing Aylin. I hope she continues to push forward though because she is a beautiful and talented girl and truly believe great things are in store for her.
    Back to Bake… Ryan tweeted "just wait to you see who they are dating" in reference to the winner. Well, I'm not going to be shocked when Curt and Blain break up and Blake is Blain's new boyfriend, or if he's dating that lead guy from the Worblers. But whatever Ryan does with Blake, I hope it's good and i do wish Blake success as he did win the competition fair and square! (Even if he wasn't my personal choice!)

  5. 5

    i am also seriously disappointed. i mean sure, he seems like a decent guy. but hollywood is lousy with pretty-boy jocks (and glee doesn't exactly have a shortage of them either). does there really need to be a grueling competition to pluck another one from obscurity?

    i don't buy that there was some objective criteria that put blake over the top - except perhaps his pecks and associated popularity ratings. the fact that only straight white guys have been awarded the big prize on this show is enough to make me consider skipping the next season - of both shows. at least last time the straight white guys were a little weird.

    i think i heard that nene leakes is joining the glee project next season though. perhaps she can bring a desperately needed new perspective. bad job guys.

  6. 6

    oops, i meant pecs. or is it pex?

  7. 7

    the thing that's fascinating about Blake though is that they were hunt hunt hunting for his weakness but discovered that the shotgun impression of blake as generic IS his achilles heal. And his poem clinched it. He has depth, and my fingers are crossed that the writers will craft a character that defies expectations - it's my gut that's why he was chosen.

  8. DavidMalcolm says – reply to this


    So I had a longer comment written but apparently it was too long and the site designers don't know how to do a word count check within the page … lame.

    Essentially this boils down to Blake being talented but not amazing and Ryan being unable to imagine writing a good character for a woman to play. The best characters on Glee are actually just gay men played by women. Rachel is a neutoric and needy gay man and Santana is a bitchy gay man. Both are great characters but both aren't really women. Then again who am I to complain? Every character in every novel I write ends up being gay cause I feel like they won't make sense otherwise.

    It's a shame because Aylin truly stole the whole show.

  9. 9

    Blake had the most talent. thats why he won. duh

  10. Sue says – reply to this


    Very disappointed that Blake won. He seems like a nice guy, but there's nothing different about him, just another all American boy. I felt sure they were going to pick Aylin as I can see a really interesting character being written around her. Also, I don't think any other show has a Moslem character. I'm not remotely looking forward to seeing Blake as he is too much like Finn so its all been there done that