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Kristen Stewart Stews In Silence Over Robert Pattinson?

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Aw, baby girl… while you may have pierced Robert Pattinson's heart with your pointiest pair of stilettos, we can't even imagine what your 'momentary indiscretion' has done to your own well being!

A mistake, yes… a punishable offense?! We think not.

One insider reveals:

“Her friends think she doesn’t know how to deal with this."

While R-Patz has been seen smiling on screen and joking with the press during his Cosmopolis promotional stint in NYC, it seems Kristen Stewart does not know how to endure the emotional turmoil that she brought upon herself when she decided to snuggle up to married SWATH director Rupert Sanders.

Not only has Kristen most likely lost her long-time lover for good, her career is starting to crumble under the weight of her actions! Ugh what a steaming pile of celebpoo!

We say take a break from the Hollywood scene, young Kristen! Explore the world, explore yourself! Figure out WHY you cheated and WHAT you want for your future… there is SO much out there to experience!

[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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43 comments to “Kristen Stewart Stews In Silence Over Robert Pattinson?”

  1. 1

    You don't think it is a punishable offence, yet you don't hesitate to take pot shots at her.

  2. 2

    No insided ever said that. FAKE.

  3. 3

    It's kind of insane what an unbelievable douche Perez is. Literally the biggest and worst bully I have ever witnessed.

  4. 4

    You're such a hypocrite Perez! You have been CRUCIFYING her for weeks! I find it absolutely crazy how much the media has attacked her for making a mistake that 80% of men in hollywood make everyday and we never read about it on Perez or watch it on the news. It's ridiculous leave her alone! She didn't kill anyone!!! Apparently no one else has ever made a mistake?!?!

  5. Mira says – reply to this


    If Perez is such a douche why do you come to his site?!?! All he is doing is telling what's out there and his opinion if you don't like it don't read it!

  6. mary says – reply to this


    Just don't understand what is so wrong with what she did? She is young and yes we all did this when we were her age if not younger. They will meet again in a few years and they will be better equipped to handle it under the Hollywood microscope.

  7. 7

    She's 22 years old. Why don't you shut the fuck up and leave her alone.

  8. 8

    Really, Perez? You've been an unbelievable bitch to her, at least have the balls to stand by your convictions.

  9. shely says – reply to this


    Leave Perez alone…!!! He's not the one that cheated.. plus if u don't like his comments get thef*** out of his site!!.. luv u Perez!!.. n to comment on Kristen situation there's only one word, Karma.

  10. Eski says – reply to this


    I'm pretty sure that taking a break from Hollywood is one of the reasons that they all staged this completely fake and ridiculous "cheating scandal" in the first place. Those two were never even really together, and not only does it build up massive amounts of Twilight press but it finally frees her from Hollywood and frees him from a "girlfriend" and the last chains of Twilight so that he can move into a more serious career and have the freedom to date women, like a normal 26 year old man. The director and his wife gained nothing but noteriety from this and the kids are too young to know so they didn't even have to suffer…I just feel bad for Kristen Stewart at this point. She is taking a lot of bad heat, death threats even, over what can basically be summed up as a scripted scene in the fake relationship that she has to have with her friend. She must really want out of the spotlight if she was willing to damage her reputation in order to make sure that she is somewhat un-hirable (not a word, I know). Good for Rob for keeping quiet in his interviews, although what can he really say? He's not going to bad mouth his good friend who is pretty much taking one for the team right now!!

  11. Eski says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah_smiles – Perez knows for a fact that this entire affair was a staged event by the Twilight people, that's why he is taking it easy on her. She's not actually guilty of anything. Interesting that he's encouraging her to "take a break" since, ultimately, that is what she truly wants to get from all of this.

  12. 12

    That doesn't mean I condone his hipocracy, bullying, and unethical behaviors. Believe me, the day will come when some of these people meet him face to face and he gets his or when he himself commit normal human errors and it is all over the media. It's one thing to report celebrity news and gossip. It's quite the other to actually experience sheer joy out of exploiting another's painful point in their life journey.

  13. 13

    Eski, you are kind of creeping me out with your delusions. In what universe is Mario being easy on Kristen Stewart? He is a hypocritical bully who has always hated her because she doesn't play the Hollywood game andshe dated one of his crushes. Mario is acting like a mean teenage girl right now. Of course, if Ms. Stewart was gay, maybe he would be more sympathetic, since apparently the gay community is the only group of people he wishes to protect.

  14. Tasha says – reply to this


    Give it up with the Kristen Stewart bashing.. Getting annoying !!

  15. 15

    Poor Kristen, hope it doesn't end bad for her. Hope that her friends are really there and supporting her. Sure she cheated but that doesn't give the world right to slaughter her. If the table would have been turned then all the girls would still be screaming after Robert "sense he is now a player" and might have a shot of him.

  16. Eski says – reply to this


    Re: Really?Really.Really? – Lol, ok calm down! I'm not sure that you should be getting "creeped out" by so-called "delusions" that you read on a silly gossip site. Just breathe.

    I actually don't keep up with site very much so I don't know how he has been treating her other than the last paragraph of this post which seems to be saying that she should take a break, live life etc. I didn't realize he was totally trashing her. Poor kid :(

  17. 17

    stop talking about this Perez!

  18. sowhat says – reply to this


    Lately, i'm beginning to think their entire relationship was staged. How highly convenient they started dating when Twilight first came out..now even more convenient with a scandalous cheating affair now that Twilight is coming to an end with the last installment. Anyways, Stewart screwed herself over by complaint that her life was too easy and that she wanted her life to be fucked over. Well, she got her wish.

  19. INSIDER says – reply to this


    OK things are adding up here……
    Rob DOES NOT look Sad or heartbroken at all in fact seems Happy….Kris has dropped out of Cali and now, being dropped from Swath 2 ??? Like Rob she Hasn't been seen for weeks and the last know pics of her is in Sweats… Also Rob's Movie over in Iraq has been pushed back til next yr.!!! ?????????? I'm wondering if Kris Pregnant with Rob's baby and this is all down to hide the fact she is ??? FOR NOW…. Also her & Rob has Quit Smoking and No drinking for her and her boobs looking Bigger!!!????

    HELLO IN THERE…… Alsop the was a photo of Kris pulling up her T-Shirt and pulling out the front of her jeans looking at her belly…. Just makes you think… Hmmmmmm

  20. carlitana says – reply to this


    oh fuck off with your faux advice, all your posts have basically been telling her to kill herself.

  21. 21

    lol It's so obvious that you want her gone.

  22. Broken hearts hurt says – reply to this


    Robert and Kristen are not married… she made a mistake! She's young. She boosted Roberts career when she picked him at the start of the Twilight Saga… Robert should still respect her even if his heart is broken.
    Kristen Stewart is a beautiful and talented actress! Shame on Hollywood and the idiots for dropping her from Snow White. Kristen should continue to do Cali and other movies.
    The married guy with children is the one who crossed the line and probably did it on purpose… he manipulated Kristen… he knew who she dated and what the scandal would do! How many men have cheated on their wives and nothing happened to them for breaking up a good family!

    Robert and Kristen should take a trip and talk to each other and get past this pain.
    A mistake was made and punishment or hate should not be directed at Kristen Stewart.

    Kristen if you read this…. pull yourself together and do what makes you happy. It hurts so so bad when you hurt the one you love, and it's going to take some time to get over it.

    We have your back Kristen Stewart.

    P.S. Settle down twilight fans/R-Patz fans! Robert and Kristen had the chemistry to make us fall in love with Twilight in the first place. Cant wait for the last part of Breaking Dawn 2


  23. 23

    Kristen looking miserable as usual!

  24. yep says – reply to this


    If I were her I would retire, move to some tropical remote place and find happiness with my $100,000,000

  25. abraham cuellar says – reply to this


    Kristen is in bad shape it shows good morals while Robert is digging the attention reportedly, how can he be happy he just got cheated on he should be super depressed. Things happen for a reason and Im only confussed by RP :(

  26. 26

    It's so time to leave this young lady alone. Yes, she made a mistake, just like a rest of us, it's a learning experience for her. Remember, she is a 22 yr old girl and very impressionable at that age, unlike the 41 yr old man who easily knew better, and very well may have manipulated her. She and Rob need to work on their individual feelings right now figuring out their lives alone!!

  27. 27


  28. 28

    Re: shely – Good god you are a complete loser. Perez is a bully and is hoping Kristin kills herself. You probably are too.

  29. helvete says – reply to this


    Seriously !! she is 22 and he is 41 and married and have two kids, who suppose to be smarter??!! come on! leave her alone and let her breath!

  30. Eski says – reply to this


    Re: INSIDER – It WAS staged. He's been sleeping with Ashley Greene for years and has steady girlfriends that he can't be seen with publicly because of the Twilight contract. It's sad.

  31. Renota Johns says – reply to this


    There once was a star named Kristen who was loose and fast twisting. But then she got caught and all was for naught, and now her ex-boyfriend won't listen. Wrong things have consequences. I hate that your in pain but you brought it on yourself.

  32. Laura says – reply to this


    Re: mary – I'll clear up any ambiguities for you then.. she almost ruined a marriage, she publicly humiliated the person she claimed to 'love' and threatened the success of any future films she partakes in. Being young isn't an excuse for what she did, we learn wrong from right at an early age and there is nothing right with what she did. I think I can safely speak on behalf of a fair few people when I say we 'all' did not do this when we were young. Can't recall any time I had an affair with a married man, how about you?

  33. Niki says – reply to this


    Not a punishable offense? Haven't you been leading the angry mob ever since news came out?

  34. 34

    wow, its unbelieviable that so many people think cheating is OK

  35. 35

    Re: Eski – tell this to the children, ignorant moron

  36. 36

    Re: Eski – stupid liar, must be a kristen fan

  37. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    "A mistake, yes… a punishable offense?! We think not." - ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???
    You have been publically crucifying this girl for WEEKS and now you are saying this??
    You are the biggest two-faced hypocrite I have ever seen in my life.
    You must think all your readers are retards and don't put two and two together.
    I don't know how anybody supports you.
    You are worth less than the shit on my shoe.

  38. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    Re: shely – Yes karma…and there is a special place in hell for bullies like Perez and his little dipshit followers. Such as yourself.
    Only a real piece of shit would condone Perez bullying people.

  39. Eski says – reply to this


    Re: lala44 – I'm not even a Twilight fan. The entire series is an embarassment to good literature everywhere!

    BUT, I'm really sorry that so many kids are so wrapped up in a fantasy world. The people who need to apologize to the kids is the management team. One, for lying to them for four year, two for monopolizing on their emotions, and three creating a fake affair that makes young girls think that it's okay to hook up with older married men. They should be ashamed of themselves. Kristen never should have gone along with. But, she seems to want out of Hollywood, so ruining her reputation is a great way to make sure she can get out for good. She had horrible stage parents, the kid never wanted to be an actress.

    ROB AND KRISTENS RELATIONSHIP HAS ALWAYS BEEN FAKE. Accept it and move on. Lots of Hollywood couples fake being together for the sake of publicity. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West everyone? And hello, Chris Humphries? But no one believed it until he spoke out. One day, Kristen and Rob will be able to be honest with everyone.

    Do some research and don't blindly follow what Hollywood tells you is true.

  40. YOUR A TOOL PEREZ says – reply to this


    Perez you waste of life… you are a bully and you are now saying its not pinishable?! You have done nothing since the news broke out but write horrible things about her… make "sources" up from that head of your and write and post photos that are so false its unreal.
    You really need to take a look in the mirror…. to write about the story is one thing but to attack someone when you don't really no what was going on???? Go fuck yourself…. this is horrible and no one should be treated like that. Look at you…. when you get older and uglier than you already are you willl think to yourself … wow i head a great life… no one liked me and for a living i talked shit about people. Come on perez you gross me out. If you want to be respected start respecting the people you write about!

  41. YOUR A TOOL PEREZ says – reply to this


    Re: Eski – eski…. you are just as much of a dumbass as Perez is. Stop acting like you know everything that is going on and what not…. you know shit. Perez is a bully and is always writing fabricated stories about people without knowing things for a fact. Bottom line this is why no one likes him. If you are making stuff up in that head of yours also then clearly you should seek therapy and get help for that.

  42. dr. mom says – reply to this


    if you start at 22 being secretive, unfaithful and hurtful when your 62 you will not change. tough changing those tiger strips. rob has done the right thing, leave her and move on, the trust was broken and he will always remind her of her cheating ways even when they are 62, i know.

  43. 43

    she isn't suffering that skank