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Kristen Stewart Can't Quit Contacting Robert Pattinson!

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Kristen Stewart Phone Call 1

Has Kristen Stewart given up on winning Robert Pattinson back???

While it seems her cheating scandal with Rupert Sanders has damaged the couple’s relationship possibly beyond repair, it sounds like KStew is STILL holding out hope!

So much hope in fact, that she’s been desperately trying to get through to him in any way possible!

A source revealed:

“She’s sent Rob handwritten notes — dozens of them — begging him to take her back. She says things like, ‘I can’t live without you. I love you. You are the one, and I made the biggest mistake of my life.’”

Not only is Kristen supposedly sending these love letters, but she reportedly texts him multiple times a day, despite Rob’s one-word replies!

The insider stated:

“For every 20 calls and texts she sends, he maybe responds once. He’s being standoffish.”

Dayum! Talk about getting the cold shoulder!

KStew, maybe it’s just time to let things simmer for a bit…and let what’s meant to happen, happen.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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28 comments to “Kristen Stewart Can't Quit Contacting Robert Pattinson!”

  1. NoneOfYourB* says – reply to this


    Everyone knows that all of these "claims" are complete bullshit. The moment the public wisen up and realize they're being HAD, this web site will crash and burn along with your ass kissing ways.

    None of this is true. Anyone with common sense would realize this is ALL bullshit and speculation. There are NO sources! No one ever reveals anything to Perez, not a single celebrity would speak to Perez personally on the red carpet or not. This guy has NO sources and makes nothing but false claims. I can't wait until this chick takes you to court for slander.

  2. Laura says – reply to this


    Pretty sure I just read a story here about how she was keeping silent.. isn't it funny how she can be keeping silent yet constantly contacting Rob at the same time!

  3. 3

    Stop it!

  4. 4

    Gossip is a terrible thing Mario and this site is starting to fall b/c many people are over it. I used to log on ofter but now I just come out of boredum after checking out all of the other news sites. They don't continue to beat a dead horse with a stick and post repetitive stories on the same people several times a day. Please get it together.

  5. 5

    do you also hate on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for cheating on Jen?? not i didn't think so, you hated Jen (you still do, you´re just an hypocrite) the way you hate Kristen so why don't you just STFU perez!!!

  6. KStew Krew says – reply to this


    Horse shit…how does it taste everyone?, because that is all they can dish out here. This site sucks.

  7. 7

    She's better than him. She should realize that soon.

  8. Bitches says – reply to this


    Her fans have made me hate her, they are psychotic!!

  9. 9

    Hard to like this girl, her body language is so negative.

  10. duh says – reply to this


    Anyone lose a loved one, a favorite job, an animal, best friend, etc. Lose you best jewelry and you wouldn't feel or look great either. You'd feel like crap in the deepest sense of pain and despair?!

    Oh course she looks like crap… she's hurting something awful.

    She may be wearing his pants to send him a message! Come home!

  11. Mary says – reply to this


    Go fuck yourself. The fact that she has actually been dropped from a movie for this makes me sick. Asshole Chris Brown beat the fuck out of his gf, Brad Pitt cheated on his wife, etc… but this young girl made a fucking mistake and you are nailing her to the cross. You're a pathetic person, ugly on the inside and out. Watching her get bullied like this in the media has become as uncomfortable as it is ridiculous. People act like they didn't fuck up when they were in their early 20's. She is heartbroken.. take a fucking rest.

  12. 12

    Every post about these two is a flip-flop! Your sources must not be top notch if they're all saying different things!

  13. BlahBlah says – reply to this


    I am so confused I heard she was contacting him a lot, then it was him leaving drunken phone calls, then to pattinson wanting to talk to rupert directly then liberty, then is wants to met up with kristen to discuss there relationship, and back to were he won't talk to her…. I really don't mean to laugh because I like them both and I think they are cute together but I think all of this is kinda bullshit… just saying

  14. 14

    you can't just stop talking to someone who has been your everything for years and years….

  15. 15

    You know Pumpkin head, if I not knowing or caring about these peoples lives want to beat the shit out of you imagine what obsessed fans want to do to you. It must be a lonely life being afraid to leave the house.

  16. JO says – reply to this


    Put a sock in it!

  17. 17

    Whether these claims are legit or not the fact is that it's a really shitty situation for both of them. Most of us get live our personal mistakes and heartache in private while the pap ran around selling kstew cheating to the highest bidder with no regard to rpatz, ruberts wife and children. Of course what they did was wrong but so are we for feeding into the media frenzy of it all. Every have someone read your journal? And tell others what was in it? I have and even on a small scale it was a horrific time, I can't imagine having that shared with millions. Maybe one day we'll be a society that reviles in people's triumphs and not pain..we've become really disgusting.

  18. 18

    Re: KStew Krew – Then GO somewhere else!!

  19. 19

    So where's your retraction that Stewart was cannedf from the "Snow White" sequel? Universal has called the report "false" and that not "one word" of a swcript has even been written yet! Read, if you can…

    Of course I am going backwards from page one… but yesterday the FAKE story she was CANNED was on the right column of every page! Today? Some shit about Kim K that NO ONE fucking cares about. You're a shit eating monster.

  20. just me says – reply to this


    i know it's a wrong place to write something like this… i have always had respect for the written words whether they are in the book or in the article. you make them sound so cheap and meaningless like there is no tomorrow…

  21. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    Why are you even giving any sort of relationship advice?
    Have you ever been in a relationship? And your right hand doesn't count.

    When are you going to stop publishing bullshit? Do you need to get punched in the face again by their people before you shut up?

  22. TwilightWoman says – reply to this


    someone she knows probably leaked out what was told in private..not nice.With friends like that who needs enemies.Made up story or not, it is common to want to contact someone alot when you want to be with them and something horrible happened.I agree, that she does need to just take a step back from him though…a needy person never looks good, it will just make her look desperate and allow him to be even more cold and vengeful towards her.So if you are your friends read this Kris, just go do something else with your time until he wants to talk and let him know you will be there when he is ready..stop all contact otherwise.

  23. 23


  24. 24

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  25. YOUR A TOOL PEREZ says – reply to this


    You are the biggest idiot that walks this earth perez.

    Are you in their phones to know how many times she calls and texts him and how many times he responds? Do you read the shit your write about after you do it?! Clearly you don't and i cannot wait to see how these two react if they ever see you walking down the street. You are a piece of shit nobody whose jobs is to try to ruin these peoples lives. You are a disgusting souless human being that needs to smarten up…. your not 12 years old so stop trying to create drama. Get your shit right you PIECE OF SHIT!

  26. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: Bitches – Agree 100%,she is beautiful,sexy,good actress and wild..she has it all,she doesn't need him..BUT she NEED TO COME BACK TO ROB BECAUSE OF TWILIGHT..so all their fans gonna be happy couse they will come back very soon..(for the movie) and about love,if you love somebody soooo much like she says..you don't cheat him

  27. 27

    Of Coruse she can't stop contacting him - Simple she loves him and is trying to make amends. She wants to see him and talk things out but he is being the A/HOLE that he is and blowing her off. He RAN OUT ON KRISTEN WHEN THE GOING GOT TOUGH instead of staying and talking things through. HE IS A COWARD. He is waiting for his friends and his parents to come up with his decision, because he can't make a decision on his own. Listen to us Rob this is what you need to say and do. He is not a kid he is a grown man.
    Kristen has realised the terrinble terrinble mistake she has made and how bad she has hurt Rob, but all she wants to do is make him see how sorry she is. Rob needs to forgive her and take her back. This is something I have read "I AM IN AWE OF YOU, I WANT YOU AND THE THOUGHT OF ANYONE ELSE HAVING YOU IS LIKE A KNIFE TWISITING IN MY HEART. This is what will happen if her lets her go and he will have no one to blame but himself and his stupid friends and parents.GO TALK TO HER. SHE LOVES YOU. SHE IS SORRY. HOW MANY MORE TIMES DOE SHE HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS. USE YOUR BRAIN. GO TO HER.

  28. God says – reply to this


    Perez … it's God speaking … Perez, I hope you are aware that hell is just waiting on you. The devil himself is already stoking the fire, where your soul will be burn in eternity. Do you know why, Perez? Because you are committing slander against people and have no evidence.
    Perez…You shit on others lives and feelings in a manner such as it has never existed before. The whole world hates you, Perez.
    And … I'm the goodness in person,I know, .. and yes .. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I must not lie: YES I ALSO hate you Perez. And I look forward to the day when you bite down on the grass and the most ridiculous of human beings finally finds its way to hell. But I'm afraid that not even anyone there will have something to do with you. Me->God .. says: Perez Hilton = the joke of mankind. I wonder if I should send Jeffrey Dahmer to earth again so that he can still pursue his most favorite hobby one last time.
    "Jeffreeeeey … hey .. get up from your cloud. Perez is waiting for you. He likes it very hard. And no, you don't need to drill a hole in his skull to pour acid in. He IS already a zombie and being a sex slave is his favorite hobby. So Jeffrey..what you waiting for??" AMEN