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RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Contemplates Divorcing Juicy Joe!

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Teresa Giudice Joe Giudice Cheating

The upcoming episode of Real Housewives Of New Jersey is definitely set to be one of the most scandalous of the season!

We previously mentioned how in Sunday’s episode, Teresa Giudice’s hubby Joe is seen taking a phone call and calling the woman on the other line, “baby.”

Not only that, but he then proceeded to call Tre his “b*tch wife” and a c*nt!

Reportedly, Teresa viewed the ep before it's set to air and was “humiliated” at her husband’s suspicious phone call and supposed cheating.

If the cheating rumors DO prove to be true, Teresa stated:

"I am not stupid. I will not be with him. I will totally leave him. I can't defend him on this. I'm hurt and disappointed by him."

Good! She shouldn’t defend him because there’s NO excuse for his behavior…!

After Teresa confronted Joe about the situation, he said he couldn’t believe he ever said what he did and that he was “ashamed and embarrassed.”

Though she stated she’d leave Juicy Joe if he is two-timing her, she went on to say that they’ll “get past this” and that her hubby has a “black cloud over him.”

Whatever the case may be, we just hope Tre does what’s best for her and the couple’s four young daughters!

Perhaps Mama Manzo might end up being right, once again!

Tune in to see it all unfold, when RHONJ airs Sunday at 10pm!

[Image via WENN.]

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25 comments to “RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Contemplates Divorcing Juicy Joe!”

  1. lil ang says – reply to this


    People are nasty, relationships are a joke, if you dont have your finger on your partner, who knows what they are doing in their own private Idaho. Betrayal, lies, secrets, no self control, attention seeking scum bags. Whew…… where"d that come from???

  2. Red says – reply to this


    He's an abusive scum bag and she's ignorant for staying with him. She will do anything for a buck and she is one of the worst Real Housewives, next to Taylor to sell her soul for fame… And her poor kids will suffer.

  3. PatM says – reply to this


    I like to see Joe and Ramona hook up..Crazy Filth!

  4. marcella says – reply to this



  5. 5

    So not true. Scripted and was done so for ratings. The show was boring this season so they had to come up with a juicy storyline. All BS.

  6. 6

    All these people disgust me. Beginning with Caroline and her joke for children, who are all embarrassing failures in every thing they do. To me they are truly the epitome of NJ/LI/staten island trash. Sure Teresa is rash but she's more like one of a kind spectacle, where Caroline and Melissa Gorga are just stereotypically stupid ridiculous people, who are slobs in every single sense of the world. Right now the networks claws are on T, but I swear and promise that if they removed her from the show, the next one to be targeted would be Caroline. First it was Danielle, then Kim, then T, and there you go down the line.

  7. TruthBeTold says – reply to this


    If they remove Tre from the show, won't be a show. They rest are boring and are just barely hanging on to Tre's coattails. If they're not talking about Tre and Juicy Joe, they have NOTHING to talk about. And I agree about Caroline's kids. Why don't they go get REAL jobs?

  8. scoc2009 says – reply to this


    Bravo really screwed over Teresa. This whole season has been set up to make her look like a complete moron: filming before she saw season 3, her being unaware her friends/family/costars were talking that much crap about her in their testimonials, and editing the season to ONLY show Joe's faults and Teresa's catty comments. She is RARELY talking trash about anybody else on the show yet whenever any other two housewives are together…they only talk trash about Teresa. I love the show but I hate watching it now. So much hypocritical behavior. Grrrr.

  9. CC Diva says – reply to this


    Re: RedRe: Red – Teresa does what she does so her children do not suffer. She is the only housewife, besides Bethany, who has gone on to sucessfully create a market for herself. You sound like a very angry person.

  10. CC Diva says – reply to this


    Re: TruthBeTold – thumbs up to everything you said.

  11. 11

    Why don't they do the world a favor and off themselves??? In fact, all reality TV trash should off themselves.

  12. Kathy says – reply to this


    Re: scoc2009
    Bravo doesn't need to make Teresa look like a moron…she has demonstrated that she is more than capable of doing that herself. Her husband had talked to her and her children like this since the beginning of the show. He is disgusting and she is a fool for staying with him and defending him.

  13. Kathy says – reply to this


    Re: scoc2009
    I'm not sure you are actually watching the show. How can you say that Teresa is rarely talking trash about anyone else?? Are you for real?? That is all she does??? She even took a swipe at Bethanny and her Skinnygirl cocktails. Her problem starts with the fact that her brother treats his wife like a queen and her own husband treats her like dirt. People that are miserable can't stand to see any one else happy. She starts trouble and then plays the innocent card. She claims she doesn't hold grudges yet she continuously brings up the past, the past, the past. She needs serious therapy and if you don't see that perhaps you should join her…

  14. carrie says – reply to this


    Totally agree about all the manzo's. Why are the always on. It was bad enough with just Caroline but now her kids on every episode. All lauren does is wine about everything so sick of hearing about her weight, quit eating! They all need to get a real job. The show would be nothing without Teresa. :)

  15. keepingitrealinjersey says – reply to this


    Re: CC Diva – I cannot believe you said this. Are we watching the same show. Theresa continuously puts down everyone else and talks trash about them. I have never once heard anyone else say anything that was not true about theresa and actually worrying about her which I totally don't get because they should write off that insane crazy woman and her sick, disgusting husband.

  16. keepingitrealinjersey says – reply to this


    Re: keepingitrealinjersey – Lauren will not be complaining next season as she had lapband surgery and has already lost over 30 pounds.

  17. keepingitrealinjersey says – reply to this


    Re: CC Diva – So her children won't suffer??? Can't wait until her children are older and watch this show which they will (if they don't already). If I saw my mom desperately begging my dad to have sex with her and my dad calling her a c…, bitch and whore I'm sure that wouldn't hurt me. She's doing a great job of protecting them . UGH

  18. Jay Kay says – reply to this


    I agree… I'm not sure were watching the same show guys… Cuz Teresa is so competitive and always dissing the other cast member.. So always want to b on top, and she had nuthing better to do den to talk about others to make them look bad.. But when they lay it on the table, she doesn't ever admit things and is sooo in denial. Always want the attention n b the victim … The other cast member only speak true fact about Teresa . So that's not talking shit.. And her dude joe is soo rude. Sometimes I feel like Teresa is in love w. her own brother..

  19. LetsBeReal says – reply to this


    Teresa has what she deserves! She knows her disgusting husband is cheating on her and she sees him talking on the phone. What does she do? She screws him in the grapevines because she is trying to get his attention because she is insecure he has someone else. She is disgusting just like him. Two peas in a pod. They will never be happy! She is very selfish, phony, and rude to her family members who she sees at being wrong. Not the case indeed. And they have poor manners in the company of others.

  20. chemau says – reply to this


    Re: LetsBeReal – you are so right! when others defend Teresa, I am always wondering what show they are watching. She is so unreal that I am thinking she has an actual mental issue. Her husband-wow! cannot even touch that one. The scene of her begging hin for sex practically in front of the others was so sad. pity the kids because they do go to school.

  21. CryTears says – reply to this


    Re: scoc2009 – What the heck you smokin? All Teresa does is talk crap about EVERYONE!…then she lies about it, saying she isn't doing this or that when she's doing it…Didn't you hear/see the one when she told SHE WAS doing interviews with these tabloids for money….then almost in same breath when asked by Jacquie, she said NO…she wasn't talking to them! But then said she's "just" answering questions…well DUH! if you answer questions and they pay you money that is in fact selling your story to tabloids! What don't you get about that?
    I agree, tons of "cut/pasting" going on in these shows…more like real life tabloids!
    But Teresa's just naturally stupid…her low browed Neanderthol look is all for reals! She is a cavewoman for sure!

  22. shimmy says – reply to this



  23. Sue says – reply to this


    Re: scoc2009 – Do not make Tre more than she is! She is a liar, a cheat and one of the worst females I have ever had the misfortune of knowing!! She is truly I'll and one of her diseases is her husband, Joe. They are both like a cancer. Their evilness just spreads and spreads. I am so ashamed of Jac, Melissa, and Kathy, especially Jac and Melissa, They sat there and let Caroline go on her own and Jac pretending to be asleep because she is too scared of Teressa. You 3women ( I will not call you Ladies, because you are not Ladies) you all sat there knowing Teresa is a liar. SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!

  24. Ezrastyles says – reply to this

  25. vsantia2 says – reply to this


    Its really sad that Teresa has to find our her husband is cheating if it's true. The answer is what wrong with Joe that he's has to cheat with a wife that does it all, cook,work,etc….
    Teresa I feel bad for her… Girl take care of business there's alot of women with children are without a man……Once a cheater alway's a cheater