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Real Life Ana Steele Goes 50 Shades Of Buckwild On Her Christian Grey

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Not all sadomasochistic relationships are as inherently cute as the ones in E.L. James books!

53 year-old Ivy Leaguer Edward Sonderling and his 27 year-old submissive lover, Ana Steele Frankie Santiago are living through the kind of relationship we only expected to find in horror novels!!

After Frankie caught another beautiful baby girl biting on her boyfriend's ball-gag, she was NOT impressed!

In fact, the 4'11" Asian fetish model was arraigned yesterday on charges of stalking and aggravated harassment. She allegedly inflicted some pain of her own before the police took her down — on the windshield to Edward's fancy car!

Frankie simply wasn't happy her real life Christian Grey had eyes for a new Ana, so she supposedly texted him a barrage of threatening messages.

She wrote:

“If I ever see you with her I will not hold back. I have nothing to lose. I hope she has a disease you catch.”

Whoa!! Unless it's a fun disease like scurvy, curable by delicious fruits filled with Vitamin C, we would NEVER wish that upon anyone!

From the pictures we found of the dysfunctional duo, they once enjoyed a mutually beneficial but ultra kinky master and slave arrangement.

Ch-Ch-Check out more picture we were able to uncover of the (former?) couple's wild exploits (below)!

Edward, a Brown graduate, declined commenting much on the situation.

He only offered:

“I don’t think that I have anything to say about it. Why would I?”

One source reveals he was a little less Mum about the situation with her friends, boasting constantly about how he frequently beats her.

The source recalls Edward boasting, saying:

“She has had a lot of practice. I whip her every morning before breakfast.”


We realize this is was a consensual but that hardly seems as healthy a way to start your day as a nice half of grapefruit!

After reading about herself in news, Frankie vehemently denies SOME of the accusations.

She posted a message on Facebook just minutes ago:

"Fck' Yeah! I'm bad! 80% of it is not true, but thank you for making look like a rock star people. Shit I didn't even know, I just woke up… Now who wants an autograph? Also can somebody help me still get a real job? Or should I just sell my soul right now? MTV? LOL"

Hmmm, but which 20% is true?

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[Image via Facebook.]

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4 comments to “Real Life Ana Steele Goes 50 Shades Of Buckwild On Her Christian Grey”

  1. 1

    WTF..why should we care?

  2. mr grey says – reply to this


    exactly what i was thinking meister perez doesnt seem to have much to write about these days along with the new york post, bunch of shitty reporters and newspeople lost sight of what real credible reporting can bring out in people instead focusing on these small pointless yellow journalism stories, oh well this will fade to grey soon enough,

    Thank you , mr big pimpin grey gangster son

  3. Virginia says – reply to this


    If this is in fact a dominant/submissive relationship, I doubt this woman would have sent him threatening messages, and definitely wouldn't have "stalked" or "harassed" him.
    A true "submissive," involved in a sadomachochistic relationship, would most likely accept the dominant's behaviour, including the addition of another submissive… it's generally part of their psychological makeup.
    And I seriously doubt that this guy would be bragging about "whipping" her - unless he wants to capitalize on the popularity of that book, and gain attention from the media.
    And yeah… trust Perez to "sensationalize" the book, too.. probably jacks off to it every night.
    I don't care what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms … but in this case?
    I doubt that an actual sadomachochistic relationship exists between these two people.
    Just another fucked up "daddy's girl" pair.

  4. lalala says – reply to this


    no one cares lol seriously