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Robert Pattinson Refuses To Trash Kristen Stewart On Good Morning America

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The time has come!

While many were hoping for a more scandalous confession this morning from Robert Pattinson, those who tuned in to his Good Morning America interview got to see something quite different from the Twilight:

Genuine class.

As per his usual, charming self, Rob stammered his way through his answers to questions about Kristen Stewart's affair and became flustered when George Stephanopoulos pressed for details about how he feels being under the spotlight in such a difficult time.

Still, Rob keeps it together and as you can see in the video (above), he even manages to smile and share a few laughs with his host in spite of his pain.

We bet the Cinnamon Toast Crunch helped! Ha!

You're one of the good ones, Rob! We all see it … and we all love ya!

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31 comments to “Robert Pattinson Refuses To Trash Kristen Stewart On Good Morning America

  1. 1

    Rob always comes off as genuine, sincere, sweet, funny and kind. He just really seems like a nice, nice guy. His pain will pass and he'll find love again.

  2. 2

    I don't know why people are making a big fuss. Kristen Stewart is in her early twenties. For anyone to think she was going to stay in her relationship with Pattinson or marry him is naive. She's too young and needs to mature. The media is being too hard on her and too babying of him. Men in Hollywood cheat all the time and the media doesn't go after them near as much as what Stewart has endured. Sure what she did was wrong. But she's no worse than the average person. Time to move on from this story. It's not the first Hollywood break up nor will it be the last.

  3. 3

    He stammers his way through everything, really, but he's a cute little guy.

  4. 4

    of course he wasnt gonna trash her. only an absolute IDIOT would think he would do that on a TV show. He has way too much class for that.

  5. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – Thank you.
    Thank you for putting what we were all thinking into wonderful words.

  6. 6

    I feel sad that he's getting asked that question over and over, and he's right they don't genuinely care about him - they just want him to talk about it for viewers and such. Sad, but it's showbiz. I'm glad that he just continues to rise above. K. Stew really didn't deserve this guy, in all seriousness.

  7. Amia says – reply to this


    they've been together for almost 4 years, so I know he cares too much for her to start talking bad about her. I really wish the media would stop asking him about the affair, but I know its really gonna get worse when the Breaking Dawn promotional tour starts.

  8. carianin says – reply to this


    Pattinson is a class act. Kristen is 22 and that does not mean she is too young to know the difference between right and wrong. It's called the director's couch. She's a lousy actress.

  9. lillian kyeyune says – reply to this


    isn't he the man now. and people should stop forcing him to be a bad person.

  10. elizabeth says – reply to this


    Perez and Katy Perry are like salivating dogs over Rob Pattinson. Praying that Rob dumps Kristen so Katy can finally swoop in and get Rob for herself. She's a wolf in candy clothing and Katy's had an agenda for a long, long time. She's far from innocent and batting those cheap ass fake Katy eyelashes doesn't change anything.

  11. PEREZ IS A TOOL says – reply to this


    Perez is probably sitting at his computer crying like a little baby that Rpatz didn't say something rude about KStew….
    Perez your a selfish piece of shit… like really.

    He did take th high road… something that PEREZ does NOT know how to do. You an asshole perez no one likes you.


  12. Sandra says – reply to this


    Re: canuckistani – How is it naive to think someone in their 20's can be faithful to someone they love? I have been with my husband since 18 and have never been unfaithful. There is no reason for EVER being unfaithful. If you even think of being with someone else, break up with who you're with because you obviously don't truly love them.

  13. shutyourface says – reply to this


    the day i lose interest on robert is when the day he takes that stuck up, selfish, slutbag back . i really have a feeling that he will forgive and take her back once everything's calm down ><

  14. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Rob is one of the good ones. Kristen will always look at him as the one that got away. The one she let go.

  15. andrea says – reply to this


    Well, acting or not, he does come out having more class than his cheating probably ex girlfriend plus people will have more respect for him because of this! Sorry kstew but if you haven't notice, you really screw up big time!

  16. Sammy10 says – reply to this


    Class act right there.

    And for those trashing Perez, why the hell are here if you don't like him? Get a life.

  17. 17

    I saw the interview. Honestly, he didn't say much of anything about anything. He seemed more like a mush-mouth to me. He didn't even really promote the movie he's in. Have no idea what it is about.
    Whatever, he seems like a nice kid.

  18. Sammy10 says – reply to this


    Re: elizabeth – Katy Perry is with John Mayer now. Where have you been?

  19. Jackrat says – reply to this


    I've watched Every interview of him since twilight and I have never seen him this sad.

  20. 20

    I love thbat Robert is able to keep a stiff upper lip but compared to interviews in the past (TONS of them!) he is really down comparatively-of course he'd be inhuman if he weren't so all I can do is give him a cyber hug and hope he can grow from it all. Really a class guy.

  21. 21

    Think you have something to learn from Rob, perez!! Genuine class.
    And if Rob isnt trashing kristen, why the hell are you???

  22. 22


  23. Uh says – reply to this


    That was the most awkward,useless,waist of everyone's time interview I have ever seen! Wtf? They just need to stop asking because he isn't even promoting his movie now,it's ridiculous . Also I think he should say something,so what if it's private,just say yes we broke up and i am fine now everyone can stop asking or we are working it out. People are never going to stop obsessing with him or making stuff anyway.

  24. Stacy says – reply to this


    1. He seems like a nice guy albeit quirky weird. Heck, I think I could even like him if I knew him.
    2. He is ugly as fuck (sorry twi-hards, it may be the beard, the haircut, who knows, but he is not all that appealing)
    3. One thing is to be shy and socially akward and othe thing is R Pattz. WTF!, he didn´t say a distinguishable word in all the interview.
    4. KStew may be an EMO but I think personal life should not interfeer with your job, specially when you worrk in the fabric of lies that is Hollywood. You don´t need her to be a good person for her to be a good actress; you just need her to be a real good liar and excellent in zoning out. Look at Pattinson, he cannot even speak but he can act, and speaking is crucial for this thing, I would say. Yes, she was wrong, she is young, but she is not a child and she did something she knew to be wrong, however, ruinning her carrer besides ruinning her personal life is just cruel and evil. Nobody would want to loose their job because of their personal lives. Keep things at work profesional and personal life in the private where they belong. She is not a rapist, a burglar, an abuser, a killer, etc., I think she can do her job as well or as bad as she has been doing it before this. She has paid enough.

  25. 25

    it´s bc he doesn't trash anyone like you do, moron!!

  26. meg says – reply to this


    Re: Stacy – Definitely agree with you he should acknowledge the situation ! It's awkward everyone is aware maybe say was hurt, moving on, doing well. Don't want details, don't want Kristen trashed just address it.

  27. KStew Krew says – reply to this


    Rob, hating you more each day dude. Did you say one useful thing in this interview…NO. And people have the gull to badmouth Kristen's interviews? Lol! Maybe he doesn't want to say anything bad about Kristen you dumbasses because he has unfinished business with her…like a possible reconciliation maybe. If he does reconcile it is none of our business. The classy thing for Jon Stewart and George S? to do would be to stick with the reason why he was there…promotional duties for his movie. Not q's about his private life. None of our business. Too bad, I think he needed more time away. He looked like shit and depressed, tried to keep up good front only made him look stupid. Come on guys a box of cereal and ice cream…. I can only imagine what he thought….douche bags….he looked like he wanted to hide in both and disappear. Poor Rob the victim….boo hoo. This wouldn't be a story if it wasn't about the fall of the golden couple….but what do you expect when you put them on a pedastool..someone had to go down. Good thing it was Kristen because Rob would never be able to handle the pressure of a public grilling. She is the easy target seeing as how so many people hated her for no good reason in the first place other than the fact that she bagged Rob. All the Rob whores can spread their legs in joy once more now that Kristen is finished with him. See if he can satisfy you too …lol. Just tired of all the aaaaawwwwww poor lil Rob crap.

  28. mike says – reply to this


    If I were rob I'd fill Katy Perry up to the brim with hot salty vampire spunk until it was coming out her nose. I'd insert two fingers from each hand into her anus, pull it wide apart until it was gaping open, then spit in it, then shoot rope after rope of sticky creamy,man chowder into it, then slip my fingers out and let it snap shut onto the head of my DONG, then push up into her, and then violently plow her tight brown velvet hole until she was screaming like a stuck pig, then deliver a second load directly into her colon, then go to sleep with it still deep inside of her, then say Kristen WHO?

  29. 29

    HE SAID HE doesnt have a publicist so these are his real answers hes not reading lines or making nothing up ..

    ill be his pr person


    yes she was good for a few hard rides but i got bigger fish to fry now im a super star didnt u see the tabloids i wiped the fat asses off the front page kristen who i say NEXT!!


  30. Debbie says – reply to this


    Charm is deceitful and beauty vain ….

  31. 31

    Charm is deceitful and beauty vain …