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Sex & The City's Richard Wright Helps Bleeding Homeless Man!

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He's the man with the most perfect, pink dick HEART!! Dirty martini? More like dirty bastard awesome human being!!!

James Remar, who played one of Samantha's main lovers on Sex & The City, and who is featured on Showtime drama Dexter as the moralist murderer's mentor/adopted father, apparently came across an injured homeless man recently and felt obliged to help him out!

One eyewitness describes how James encountered the man, who was suffering from a severely bleeding head-wound, outside of a grocery store Friday. James, a former EMT, then went into the store and bought bandages and antibacterial cream and returned to clean and wrap the injury. James even chatted with the man on how to properly care for the wound so it wouldn't become infected!

Apparently, James just felt it was the right thing to do!

AGREED! You see someone in need, you help if you can! 'Tis an easy, beneficial code to live by.

So many hearts for you James! We will never think of you as the man who tasted another woman's um… sushi… again!

[Image via WENN.]

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2 comments to “Sex & The City's Richard Wright Helps Bleeding Homeless Man!”

  1. 1

    James Remar has been a crush of mine sine "The Huntress" ws on TV-this is so good to readsd about him being down to earth and having a good heart…sigh.

  2. 2

    Wonderful and handsome man. He's a good person. Most actors would probably just recoil and continue to their business.