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Was Kristen Stewart Acting Like A DIVA Prior To Cheating On Robert Pattinson?!

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We guess all those conflicting emotions about potentially sabotaging her relationship were really weighing hard on Kristen Stewart!

The Twilight actress, who was known to be pretty laid back before ultimately cheating on her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, with Snow White director Rupert Sanders, is now being said to have been acquiring more than just a few diva-licious habits in the months before everything went down!

In fact, witnesses attending a New Jersey wedding with her back in June have reported that she made quite the fuss while there, and forced her personal assistant to accompany her - so she could carry her shiz and fetch her drinks during the reception!


Doesn't sound very necessary, gurl!

Obviously, there was a very clear trend of behavior going on with her, and we just hope that she can get her act together in light of everything that's happened!

Experience is sometimes the best lesson, unfortunately!

[Image via WENN.]

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25 comments to “Was Kristen Stewart Acting Like A DIVA Prior To Cheating On Robert Pattinson?!”

  1. Demode says – reply to this


    Was Perez Hilton Acting Like A BULLY Prior To Kristen Stewart Cheating On Robert Pattinson?!

  2. 2

    Just waiting on the story to come out of you being involved in a scandal, drugs, arrested, or all of the above to come out. Karma is something else. Stop posting about this girl 24/7

  3. yeah right says – reply to this


    And we are just hearing about this now. It is funny back then people were saying they were nice and she talked about wanting a baby with rob. My how things change.
    Cause you know all Divas forget their dresses and then change into pants, shirts and sneakers for the reception.
    This isn't made up or someone trying to sell a story for a quick buck at all.*rolling eyes*

  4. whoeffincares? says – reply to this



  5. iscm13 says – reply to this


    see - things like this always come out. mind you all the stories from the NJ wedding were that she wasn't a diva at all and instead was really shy and nice and even borrowed a dress from someone there so that she could attend appropriately dressed. that doesn't sound like a diva at all. i think that people just want to paint her into another box. first she was so awkward, and now she's hated. it's really not fair to her in my opinion. it's not like she's the only one that's had to deal with something like this. i still really really really want her and Rob to work things out.

  6. dahlia says – reply to this


    that's funny, cause at the time of the wedding, the wedding guests swore both were down to earth and not making a fuss over themselves, that they kept close to one another and acted normal. Now that there's a scandal, we just found some "sources" that tell of warning signs that kristen was already losing her marbles? BULLSHIT story yet again with Perez intent on dragging this girl through the mud.

  7. carlis says – reply to this


    this sounds so fake. Perez is on a campaign to ruin Kristen Stewart, he's like a fucking stalker.

  8. 8

    Oh please, that is nothing, wanna see a diva take a look at Madonna. She is not just the queen of pop but also the queen of divas. And being a diva is nothing bad.

  9. dina says – reply to this


    you're so full of shit perez about how you turned over a new leaf. You're still the lying gossip who spreads falsities that you ever were. There's a reason your ass can't get a date, people think you're not just ugly, but souless.

  10. twideo says – reply to this



  11. dori says – reply to this


    obviously false, everyone at the party at the time that commented said the exact opposite, that both of them posed for pictures all night and were great, just like Zac and Anderew were too.

  12. v says – reply to this


    I'm done. You have so much advertising on your blog that it takes forever to load (and i live in the country with the fastest broadband in the world); you are even more of a bully now than you used to be - covering your vitriol in sugary language does not make it any less bullying; your coverage of women is deplorable - poor kristen stewart is only one example of the poison you throw at all female celebrities; and your 'news' is always late and copied from everyone else online. you have nothing new, i am tired of your rubbish reporting and total meanness, so i'm out of here.

  13. Lestine says – reply to this


    I just remembered why I only pop in and out of this site these days. Another made up story, no photos, no source. Used to have a little guilty fun on here when I was bored at work. Too bad. Also Perez sounds like a real asshole the way he is bashing this chick. She made a mistake, it happens. Making shit up, finding any reason to say "cheated on rob", posting irrelevant photos…seems to me that you have a problem with women. You preach about acceptance and supporting the gay community. Then you bully and bash women on a regular basis. Seems like somebody has some deep rooted issues. Reading into it too much? Nope, I think it's actually pretty creepy. This obsession of yours.

  14. You Suck says – reply to this


    Perez, I used to think you were a real cool guy til all this Kristen Stewart shit went down. You're finding any and every reason to bash her. I understand that you want Rob's dick, but it's not gonna happen, so give it a rest. Kristen made a mistake, like we all do. She obviously let her jealousy and insecurities get the best of her, and I know how that feels. She probably didn't feel good enough for Rob. She was probably constantly wondering why, of all people, would he want her? And she let those poisonous thoughts get the better of her, and I think that's what led her to her mistake. I just don't see how you can sit there behind your fancy computer screen and bash the shit out of Kristen while kissing the asses of people like Kim Kardashian, especially when there's proof of what a lying, greedy, selfish bitch she is.
    You're pathetic, Perez. Leave Kristen alone and stop posting obviously made up shit like this.

  15. 15

  16. 16

    Why are no "leaks" about The Guy That Cheated On His Wife coming out?

  17. 17

    That really doesn't sound that divaish. Isn't that what she pays her assistant for?

  18. "WAH! WAH!" - Twi-Tw says – reply to this


    "WAAAH! WAAAH! Stop being a meanie & posting the things people say about the highest paid, most amazing actress in the entire world! Kristen is the most beautiful person in the universe - NO MATTER HOW MANY BOYFRIENDS SHE CHEATS ON & MARRIED MEN SHE SLEEPS WITH!! It's not her fault, she was put under a spell like in twi-light - yeah, that's it - a spell! And I'm not crazy at all!!" - KSTOOGE TWI-TWIT FANATIC

  19. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Manda756 – a "personal assistant" at a private wedding is off the charts full of yourself obnoxious if it in fact happened this way. (Which goes hand in hand with her selfish, self-centered cheating)

  20. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: You Suck – "Kristen made a mistake, like we all do"… LOLWHAT??? A "mistake" is showing up at the wrong time for dinner - it's NOT carrying on a MONTHS LONG AFFAIR w/a MARRIED MAN (while lying to his wife, kids AND your boyfriend) NO BITCH, "WE ALL" HAVEN'T DONE THIS. – "She obviously let her jealousy & insecurities get the best of her & I know how that feels"… You obviously have a serious problem w/"projection" & think it's OK to contrive your own crazy, fabricated version of reality but attack people who actually tell it like it is. Have you always been an obsessed, delusional hypocrite, or is this something new w/twilight?

  21. 21

    @You Suck, @V, and @Listine - Agreed.

  22. Name says – reply to this


    Re: Prince Charming
    Exactly karma!! And Kristen is getting hers!! She kept saying fuck you to everyone,especially photographers and now they are doing just that….fucking her. She hated her fans,now they hate her….the non delusional With morals. She didn't want Rob,now he doesn't want her.

  23. wendil says – reply to this


    Mmmm it's like the media wants Kristen looks like the bad person ,yes she made a mistake,but she is too young ,and she can fix the things if she wants,but we have to say the thuth,the girl has BIg balls becuase she did what she wants,she can't stand the lie,that's why she cheated on Rob..TO BE FREE!

  24. Zuzi says – reply to this


    I love Kristen Stewart. And you are retarded Perez … you are just ridiculous…. all people would instantly leave the room where you come in.

    I am from Germany. I live in Germany .. and you are the reason why germans meanwhile avoid the u.s. !

  25. Dun Siego says – reply to this


    oh people, we are all so stupid. we hate perez hilton from the deepest of our hearts, but VISIT HIS WEBSITE !!!! … he doesn't matter WHY we visit his site and WHAT we write here … the only thing he is interested in is THAT we visit and HOW OFTEN we visit his website, cause each visit fills his bank account. he is laughing about all haters who leave comment after comment.
    PLEASE .. the only thing that we can do - and WE HAVE TO DO IT - to show him that he is a fucked up, retarded, opportunistic little parasite :