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Kristen Stewart's Steaming That The World Is Mad At Her Instead Of Her Married Director

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Kristen Stewart has been vilified by Twi-hards (and pretty much everyone else) across the country for cheating on their beloved Robert Pattinson — and she's not happy about it!

Although she regrets making "the biggest mistake" of her life, she is peeved that SHE is being painted as the bad guy in this situation and not Rupert Sanders!

Not only was he the married one, but she also believes he was "in a position of power over her" since he was her Snow White director and they would potentially be working together on the sequel.

On top of that, he's 41 years old, while she's just 22, so he's supposed to be the mature one in the scandalous relationship!

We don't disagree gurl, but he's not nearly as famous as you either! As sad as it sounds, it's much more fun for the public to make a scapegoat out of an A-list movie star as opposed to a first-time director.

It was shocking to see those pics of Kristen sucking face with Sanders, but it's not so shocking how the public is reacting.

No matter what, she still messed up and has to live with the consequences of her actions. Hopefully the controversy will blow over sooner than later so she and R-Patz can both move on with their lives!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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105 comments to “Kristen Stewart's Steaming That The World Is Mad At Her Instead Of Her Married Director”

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  1. SouthernJezebel says – reply to this


    Are you serious? YOU have vilified her. If you bothered reading the comments on all the posts you have vilified her in you would see that most of us have said exactly what you have written here. I don't believe this has come from KS at all. These words came from the majority of comments to all your bashing. You must be preparing to back off a bit, good for you.

  2. 2

    She is right. He got more famous after this and will properly get more job offers and the same goes for his wife. Think she is happy because of that, her name is now more known and people are interested of her again.
    This things sounds fishy to me, why would Kristen make out in such public place? She most have seen the papz.
    I think something BIG will hit the news stands soon.

  3. Beth says – reply to this


    Never liked her, never will. Always very unappreciative of her fans, never smiles, smug look, just a snob - she got what she deserved.

  4. 4

    Ah, the old "i'm a victim, he had power over me". Except that does not hold water at all. In Hollywood, the stars rule. This was this guys first job on a motion picture. There is no way she wasn't running the show. What a pathetic whore. She needs to realize that people are not pissed at her over fucking a married dude, it's the twilight fans that are most pissed because of their lover for Rob. Idiot twat.

  5. 5

    Kristen is right. Look at Angelina Jolie, she's even bigger than ever and is celebrated like a saint.

  6. Sydney says – reply to this



    Stop being a total hypocrite "Hopefully the controversy will blow over sooner than later so she and R-Patz can both move on with their lives!" yet you are the one who is on top blowing this way out of proportion. For someone who went on Ellen a while back and said your bullying days are over, apparently it was just empty words. You've been the biggest bully this world has ever seen. Actions speak louder than words and your actions speak VOLUMES beyond your words. I am not a Twilight fan, but in this "scandal" I've come to feel for Kristen Stewart and hope for all the best for her. No one likes a bully.

  7. G says – reply to this


    I really hope this is a lie because I can't believe Kristen can be so stupid and full of herself. Power over her, yeah whatever girl's been in the movie industry since she was a child and all of a sudden she's a naive little girl. What happen to the FU Kristen that she liked to flaunt before the scandal, I just don't buy this story if that's what she's selling.

  8. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Ugh! I'm SO TIRED of the "POOR ME!" KStew posts. She's the celeb in the public spot-light so she gets the bulk of the media attention - & unfortunately so does RPatz because of her WHORING AROUND HOLLYWOOD w/a MARRIED MAN (with kids, whose wife sh pretended to be friends with - ugh!) It doesn't get lower than this C@CK HUNGRY TWI-TWAT.

  9. Mary says – reply to this


    Holy shit, get off of her ass!!! You are the worst maggot of all. And YES, it's bullshit how much bashing she is getting, and he's kind of skating through it, even though he is twice her age. She is young, she made a mistake, move the fuck on already.. Jesus.

  10. Mrs_Bathscum says – reply to this


    Thing is, he's a total arse, but so's she. Did it seem ok to her to have sex with a married man because she wasn't the one who was married? To have sex with two innocent children's father? To have sex with a trusting wife's husband? It's not about culpability and weighing it on a scale, it's about the blatant lack of morality. Her little thrill seeking adventure destroyed four peoples lives.. the children, the wife and Rob's. No-one gives a fuck how wronged she feels. She screwed the married man in the bed, now she'll have to lay in the dirty wet patch and be forever known as that girl. Her talent is not sufficient for us to overlook what she did.. she was on a lucky streak, she was not skilled.

  11. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: ToriBorn – SERIOUSLY??? You're STILL trying to propagate the MYTH that this is a publicity stunt & she KNEW the paps were there? HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO EXPLAIN HOW A ZOOM LENS WORKS FU@KTARD? – Do you need one literally shoved up your ass before you finally acknowledge it exists? Y'ALL TWI-TWIT KSTOOGES ARE STUPID & INSANE. lOlz! :)

  12. Mrs_Bathscum says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – Angelina CAN ACT!

  13. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Mary – Stop trying to make "AGE" a factor when it wasn't. KStew is a GROWN WOMAN who's been making movies since she was a child. She wasn't naive - she was simply a selfish, self-centered slut who was "BORED" w/her perfect life & relationship. I don't feel "sorry" for low-lives who bring destruction upon themselves. She was looking for thrills & excitement & she got it. Oopsies! Lesson? Don't play w/fire if you don't want to get burned. And don't be a C@CK HUNGRY TWI-TWAT, lOlz! (FYI, PH made this post for you cry-whiners to blow gaskets under, get a clue. KStew doesn't think this nonsense - YOU NUTTERS DO - D'OH!)

  14. Susan says – reply to this


    I agree with Kristen, which does not mean I think she's innocent. I think it's grossly unfair that Mr. Sanders who is MARRIED and much older seems to be walking away unscathed while the attack on KS is enormous. Why hasn't his continuation in the flick sequel been put into question? This looks like a publicity attack based version of the fundamentalist muslim world in which adulterous women get stoned to death while the adulterous male gets a slap on the wrist.

  15. GOKSTEW says – reply to this


    I don't blame her at all for being pissed….She made a mistake so what as if everyone else in this world is perfect, please….If I have advice for Kristen then it is this, chin up don't stop living, work don't drop out…..you will be even better for it the sooner you get out and get it done. Some people say she doesn't appreciate her fans? How would they know that?? She's real, how normal is it to have millions of people screaming at you and chasing you? These people are actors not gods, they don't perform miracles…..people are weird.

  16. 16

    I'm not a big Kristen Stewart fan, never have been never will be, but I do feel sorry for her as she does seem to be taking the brunt of the backlash when really her and Rupert Sanders are equally to blame in this situation. It takes two to tango

  17. lori says – reply to this


    the woman is always seen as the whore and the man an idoit who just couldn`t keep it in his pants. this is how it always goes.

  18. Jamie T says – reply to this


    You have been vilified her since the day she started acting and made a name for herself, it escalated since she's been dating Robert. She is right in this and it doesn't matter that she is more famous than he was, doesn't change the fact he was older, in a higher position and married! Stop pretending you are not a bully!

  19. Nat says – reply to this


    Kscrew got what she well deserved being terribly mannered, selfish and inconsiderate slut. Hope her career is over. I hate her bottom jaw and arrogant empty face. Cosmopolis was marvelous. Great job, Rob.

  20. pplepu says – reply to this


    it's called misogyny and you are part of the entire problem. they both cheat and she is vilified. they both cheat, she looses her job and he doesn't. you and all the press are part of the whole misogynistic system. they both messed up but she will pay the price because we are so used to picking on the woman and letting the man slither away unscathed.

  21. 21

    I agree with her. She is a young girl who cheated on her boyfriend, a sh**ty thing to do but it happens. The guy was married and has kids and everyone is pissed at her because she cheated on Robert Pattinson. She cheated on her boyfriend, he betrayed his family. Perez you have a lot of room to talk considering every page has a story dissing Kristen.

  22. 22

    The MARRIED FATHER is more at fault! He's more guilty. He's MARRIED and HAS CHILDREN. He's a pig and while what she did was wrong, what he did was FAR worse.

  23. 23

    I think it is terrible that the media (Perez) is out for blood when it comes to this "girl child" who at 22 screwed up. I think most of us can think back to 22 and remember all the wonderful and horrible screw ups that we have made along the way to where we are now. At 41, it is a very different story. Married, with 2 kids and old enough to know better, but yes in the media he is pretty much getting off scott-free.

    She screwed up, leave her alone already, enough is enough.

  24. Devyn says – reply to this



  25. whatevez says – reply to this


    Didn't she want someone to fuck her over because her life was so dull. Well who knew that someone would be herself. I hope her life is more entertaining to her now! haha!

  26. PEREZ IS AN IDIOT says – reply to this


    Re: KStew is a TRAMPIRE – Either you are related to the asshole who owns this site or you ARE him under this ridiculous handle.
    Either way, you're pathetic.
    Get bent.

  27. bree says – reply to this


    she's right what a blatant example of the sexism that we're still facing today it's fine for a man to have an affair but if a woman cheats on her boyfriend there's public outrage? Let's be real they both messed up.

  28. 28

    Re: thebigboot – i never thought of that. SO TRUE. why is everyone attacking her?? like you said what about angelina jolie. brad pitt. like serously

  29. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: Mrs_Bathscum – Just wondering do you feel the same way about Angelina Jolie.??….

  30. 30

    Re: Sydney – well said!

  31. 31

    She HURT Robert Pattinson who by all accounts is a really nice person! By association she hurt all of his fans and her fans….why would anyone talk about the man and his wife who are of absolutely no importance to me personally while Robert is!!!

  32. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: GOKSTEW – "She's real"… Like when she was CHATING ON & LYING TO her live-in boyfriend for MONTHS in an illicit affair w/a married man (w/kids!) & being 2-faced poser to his wife whom she pretended to befriend - - "REAL" like that? lOlz! "people are weird"… YOU KSTOOGE TWI-TWITS ARE STUPID & CRAZY.

  33. missNYC says – reply to this


    She's right. He should be getting some shit from this, but he's not. She's getting all the backlash, and although she made a mistake… she is surely paying for it already and in the most difficult way which is by losing Robert. People need to cut her break and just mind their own business. She's a human being and people make mistakes. Its not the end of the world. Robert will find someone else and so will she, sheesh.

  34. 34

    Don't worry Kristen, I think you're both to blame and I don't like you based purely on your pathetic acting abilities. I don't even think your ugly, you just shouldn't ever be cast in a movie ever again.

    To be honest, as cold-hearted as it sounds, I'm kind of hoping this momentary indiscretion leads to you not landing roles in movies I would actually like to see.

  35. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: PEREZ IS AN IDIOT – Hi Tori - aka "Lady Who" aka "Yes You Bore Me" aka "AussieGirl71" aka "Perez is a Tool"… etc, etc. YOU MAD BRO? 'Cuz your selfish, self-centered starlet brought this ALL upon herself? Oopsies! The REAL "IDIOT" is you KSTOOGE TWI-TWIT :)

  36. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: Queen Bee 36 – Thank you… Its the same story ..nothing has changed.. We are women so according to men we loose… This experienced man gets a young girl and tells her everything that her boyfriend is not saying to her … and yes they study their prey ..he is not stupid.. He's married he has the kids and according to what his wife said this is NOT the first time .. And you know what .. it won't be the bastard last time.. He is just going to find a better way to cheat the next time .. My heart goes out to this young women child that ended up falling for the trap.. He is the scum of the earth.. As women lets focus on him yes him.. Stop kicking this kid when shes down.. We get it she screwed up.. Perez this is for you.. Por favor déjà a esta nina qieta ya.. Ya basta.. Abusador

  37. rose says – reply to this


    Re: Mrs_Bathscum – Ooh I see so that excuses her from being a tramp.. Oh so sorry…

  38. 38

    "Hopefully the controversy will blow over sooner than later so she and R-Patz can both move on with their lives!" You fucking lying prick! You're going out of your way to post as much about this ridiculous situation. If you were relevant, you'd be able to stir the pot even more (but you're not; you're just a desperate, hateful, bullying flamer who gets his rocks off perving on hetero men and young boys). You don't hope that ANYTHING will blow over, you phony piece of shit. There is a special kind of hell for psycho deviants like you, Mario. And I hope you find that out sooner rather than later.

  39. 39

    I would actually have sympathy if she had confessed before the story came out, that would show strength of character and owning up to your mistakes. Admitting it after cheating? Yeah, I'm sure she's super sorry… that she got caught. The fact that she's more famous than him, means that he really didn't have that much power over her. This was his first major film, I doubt he could have gotten the star of the movie, who is an A-list actor sacked.

    Age also has nothing to do with it, so I'm sick of "she's young" and "it's her first major relationship" arguments in her defense. My first relationship started when I was 14 and lasted until I was 20. There was no cheating on either side, despite it being long distance for two years. Cheating is never okay, and pointing to someone else and saying "Yeah, but they did it too and it's worse" is a cheap way to try and play it off. It's a choice and you made a poor one, don't try and gain sympathy for it and take take responsibility for the choice that *you* made when you *knowingly* cheated on your long-time boyfriend with a married man with kids.

    He's to blame too, doesn't matter if it was better or worse than what you did. Take responsibility for your own actions.

  40. 40

    Re: KStew is a TRAMPIRE – The idiot here is you. I am not any of those other people. But you are readily identifiable as Perez. You're an ignorant, illiterate cretin who jumps to idiotic (retarded) conclusions that have no basis in any reality in any universe. I don't even LIKE Stewart, nor have I defended her in any way. If you weren't such a dumb fucking asshole — a hateful dumb fucking asshole at that — you'd see that and STFU. You, Perez, should've been an abortion. The world would be a much better place without you and the hate you spew. Only the pathetic get their kicks persecuting others and Perez, you've not lived a blameless, perfect life. You perv on male children. Who are you to judge others?

  41. 41

    You guys have to be kidding me, it takes two people to cheat and thus both parties should be taking the grunt of their actions. Even though I don't agree with Kristin Stewart cheating I don't think that she should get the pleasure of being penalized for her actions alone, the other party should get this honorable pleasure and I don't think he is. Be fair…you need to penalized cheaters.

  42. karenina says – reply to this


    yet another girl taking most of the flack. feminism is not dead. she is not a child but she is young and he IS/WAS in a position of power over her. Both cheated but he is a grown man twice her age and she is a young woman. Youth can be very confusing and hard and you might stray from the right choices but it should have been him who stopped it. Many young girls develop crushes on older men in a position of power (teachers, doctors, analysts) but being that he is much older and married he should have said "wait.. or i know you may think this is what you want but.."

    And all this hating because she doesn't smile? Women don't have to smile all the g-d damn time! I am not a Twilight fan but i have always like Kristen because she DOESNT smile. Women always think they have to smile or people ask them what is wrong. Men do not have the same request.
    The girl is native. who isn't at that age? just because she is famous and has more money than i ever will does not mean she's not naive. I know some incredibly intelligent woman and they are not without their share of naivety.

    When I was younger i had an affair with a man who was engaged… i regret it now… but there are complicated reasons why people do what they do - I'm just glad it was public knowledge and i didn't have to ever talk/tell anyone or explain myself over any of it! It would have been mortifying for what is really a youthful mistake

  43. 43

    You made your bed Kristen .. now lie in it. You will always be labeled as a cheating adulterer. PPL never forget. :D

  44. Mrs_Bathscum says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – well, brad had no children and she was single and there were no photos of them cavorting outdoors and they fell in love and have spent years committed to each other since. So no, I don't feel the same way, they fell in love not just into bed together. It's pretty evident that with Kristen and Rupert it's all about the thrill.. throwing away so much and hurting that many for a fling!!! eurgh. PLUS Angie CAN ACT

  45. 45

    Damn straight! Why is she taking all the heat when that married asshole just gets to carry on?
    Oh and Perez? You're the biggest bully Kristin has you stupid fuck.

  46. emmytori1 says – reply to this


    i feel so sorry for kristen. everybody is putting all the blame on her and not sanders. what is wrong with people. you have no life so you go into celebs lives,because they do have lives. kristen hold your head up high dont let people get to you. walk down the street go out to eat who cares what people thinks. you have a life too.

  47. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: karenina – well said.. We women are our worst enemy… He gets to walk around without a care in the world…'

  48. Heh says – reply to this


    It's not fair but Perez is right, it's only because she is more famous than he is nobody cares about that guy

  49. 49

    The problem with Kristen is that she is not likeable, only her twilight fans like her, but its also because of Rob, her lame attitude about her success and the people that helped her is really annoying, i didnt like her at all even BEFORE the scandal, she's not a good actress and she's not that pretty, some people say "but what about Angelina?" Angelina won an Oscar many years before she met Brad, and even though Brad was an idiot to Jennifer, they didnt have children and Angelina didnt pretend to be Jeniffer's friend while they were married, also Angelina helps people out of hollywood and is a goodwill ambassador, yes she is a homewrecker too but Kristen gave a new level to the word HO-mewrecker.

  50. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: Mrs_Bathscum – oh I see .. No kids so it's ok to bed a married man.. I didn't know there was exceptions to the rules about married men… So Brad had no kids yet he was married so he was free for the grabbing .. Angelina can act so we can excuse her adultery …no one is saying Kristen didn't make a terrible mistake.. But what about the married man???… Please understand I'm not here to insult anyone.. Just to understand the hate for this Kristen girl…why are we as women allowing this creepy man off the hook..

  51. G_F_Missouri says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit – she never slept with him…they only made out in her car….I find it funny how everyone wants to blame just her when he had a hand in on it too..

  52. 52

    They are both bad guys in this, because they both cheated. But he doesn't have even close to as many fans as Pattinson. Hell, I never even heard of the director until this scandal. That's why it only seems like she is being blamed for it all IMO.

  53. loveu1432 says – reply to this



  54. 54

    They made out - that's it. Boo-f*ckin-hoo. Pattinson needs to get over himself about it and Perez you need to realize you'll never get to f*ck Rob not matter how bad you want him. Kristen has a point. I don't blame her for being pissy about being vilified by everyone. The Sanders was lucky she came clean instead of lying and slapping a suit on him. Wouldn't be the first time in Hollywood. Kristen get on with your life and to hell with everyone else. Twi-hards grow up!

  55. LEAVEHERALONE says – reply to this


    Re: KStew is a TRAMPIRE – FIRST of all she is not whoring around hollywood!! He was a unknown director. SECOND of all she is NOT feeling bad for herself she knows she messed up big time and is trying to fix it but it's not easy with paparazzi outside her door begging for a picture. Everyone's acting like no ones ever cheated before!! It happens more than it should but kristen's huge mistake was just plasteed on a billboard for everyone to see and judge.

  56. 56

    Skank is a skank….you knew he was married and had small kids……yes he is a skank too, and is as much to blame as you….but I can have no respect for a woman who cheats with a guy she knows is married and has small kids! And while in a relationship of your own at the same time!

  57. 57

    Re: Yes You Bore Me – wow….you sure comment on a ton of stories on here all bashing Perez….sweetie…you need anger management classes asap. You are the one stirring up the hate. If you don't like Perez, which you obv. do, then don't go to his website!!! And by all of your lovely language, you are showing you're I'M AN IDIOT card.

  58. 58

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me why Angelina is considered a saint for whoring around with a married man yet Kristen is constantly attacked?? Does Kristen need to adopt 100 kids, like Angelina?? Move away from the USA, like Angelina??? They are both whores - but one is loved as a saint. AND Rupert definitely should be getting as much attention and grief as Kristen is getting. RUPERT was the married one.

  59. 4feicsake says – reply to this


    spoilt brat "oh he should have known better" she's just pissed she got found out as the complete whore she is and no one is buying her don't blame me I'm the victim crap. This is what happens when you give children everything they want, they expect to have their cake and eat it. She's just shocked that everyone has seen through her fakeness and have turned against her. She is just a vile person and the sooner people realise she can't act and her face is frozen into a look of pure arrogance the better

  60. 4feicsake says – reply to this


    Re: LEAVEHERALONE – Don't do the crime if you can't do the time!!!

  61. ika says – reply to this


    Re: Beth – i totally agree, i think the very same as u

  62. 62

    This BS needs to really stop. Why are the men never ousted? Here are just a few who cheated on their spouses without repercussions: Brad Pitt, Arnold, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Costner, Michael Douglas, Ethan Hawke, Alex Rodriguez, Mick Jagger, Kobe Bryant…I could go on and on. Also, nothing ever happened to Angelina Jolie for stealing Brad or Elizabeth Taylor for stealing Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds….If you want to turn the heat up, turn it up on Rupert..we know nothing of how or why this reltionship started…nothing!!! Let the girl work this out in peace!

  63. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: G_F_Missouri – thank you .. Not excuse …but thank you a agree

  64. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: lexxii – WOW.. Well said.. Let's turn the heat on this creep..

  65. kay says – reply to this


    If he wasn't married or had kids, then the affair wouldn't of been such a big deal. But that's how it usually goes, it takes two people to do such acts .. yet the girl is always labeled the whore. Again, this man is an adult with a wife and kids .. I'm sure if it wasn't with Kristen, it would've been with some other girl.

  66. 66

    i don't think the public is angry with kristen for cheating on rob, i think they are angry with her because it seems like her whole persona is a lie. with that apology statement she released, it is hard not to conclude that she is far from a girl who "just wants to act" she wants fame and power, totes obvs. why not choose theatre? broadway? B movies? the first time i ever saw kristen she was being interviewed on a balcony surrounded by a bunch of "twihards" who were yelling "Bella!!" and she got real pissed "um, my name is kristen" i work at a grocery store and i have customers who have gone to a play i was in who jokingly say "hey, maggie!" (maggie was my character's name) and i don't get all pissy about it. hell, half my cast mates called me that because when we were together we were in character. she takes herself too seriously and it comes off as if she thinks she is the shit. confidence is way different than being an absolute turd-muffin.

  67. 67

    I'm sorry, but this douche gets to direct the next film and Stewart gets kicked out? This has gone on so long because of people like Mario and people who are standing in horror as once again, the man comes out unscathed and the woman is freaking crucified!!

  68. 68

    Really, KStew? So long as you're 18 and over, you are going to be treated as an adult. And besides, it wasn't rape, was it? So dont blame the guy if you felt the need to spread your legs for just about anyone. I know you cant control yourself but maybe you need to get confined in a sex addiction centre.

    Id like to make it clear that i dont tolerate cheating of any kind so i dont like Sanders too. Its just that KStew is the famous one and she has more money so its better to even the score. We need to push her off her pedestal so she can be on the same level as her lowlife lover. I hate her so anything that would ruin her, im all for it. Bashing on Sanders doesn't give me the same thrill.

  69. Nancy B says – reply to this


    Oh My God Kristen…..you are a home wrecker…You knew damn well he was married with children….Karma is a Bitch…Now live with it!!! Sour PUss anyways!!! He's a bitch ass!!!

  70. thinkingclearly says – reply to this


    More proof that KStewpid is full of herself. "Not my fault"….Really? You were there, idiot. What part of "2 people cheating" don't you understand? You took Rob's heart and crushed it with your own selfish whims. You have given everyone a reason for your previous fans to turn away. No more excuses. Live with your ignorant insensitive decisions. Rob is gone forever.

  71. thinkingclearly says – reply to this


    Re: Sydney – That's because Brad is a jerk too. They belong together! Rob at least has some dignity and integrity. KStew? Stupid

  72. Sammy10 says – reply to this


    Re: FlaLady

    I'm over my Kstew hate, but I cant help but wonder why people keep comparing this situation to Brad and Angelina. They've maintained from the get-go that nothing physical happened until after Brad and Jennifer were divorced, and you know what? Even if that is a lie, there's no proof otherwise. There were no photos of Angelina rubbing up on Brad like a cat in heat in broad daylight for all the world to see. Thats the difference. People fall in love, its not something that can be controlled, and it happened to Brad and Angelina. Under the circumstances, I dont think they could have handled it any better than they did. Raging hormones, however, can be controlled. Kristen and Rupert just didnt have the willpower.

    And again, even if Brad and Angelina couldnt control their hormones either and they did get physical before he was a free man, at least they had the sense not to do it a in parking lot. In the middle of the afternoon. In front of a man with a camera.

    Thats the difference.

  73. 73

    Im tired of the poor Rob, poor Rob. Kristen made a very public statement declaring her love for Rob. She didnt leave him for another man. I don't believe what she did was heart breaking.If Rob is so heart broken he should stop listening to everyone else and follow his heart. Which will lead him to Kristen. Then his heart won't hurt so much if he gives her another chance. Heart breaking is when the person doesn't love you anymore.

  74. 74

    Re: Nat – Getting tired of the sex word coming up in all these blocks. Hey ucktards the photos do not show more than the two sharing a kiss and a few hugs. Whatever pics left have been bought by Ks's people. I wish they had given her the chance to buy them first. She would have paid them triple the amount they received. Again the PICS don't show much!!!

  75. 75

    Re: Sammy10 – Angelina was pregnant before Brads and Jens divorce was final!!! How awful is that. No one in Hollywood had to endure that.

  76. starr says – reply to this


    I blame her more than him since HE was the married man, don't have anything to do with the age difference, she's an adult as much as he is. Both are wrong, but he should be more ashamed of himself.

  77. 77

    Re: grundgess – Hormones and personality are not exclusively tied together.I'm tired of hearing poor Rob had his heart broken. Kristen didnt leave Rob for another dude. She made a public apology owning it, telling the world he means everything to her and loves him, loves him. To me that was heart breaking. I wish she had never done that. With the haters that wouldnt have been good enough anyway. I hope it touched the one person she made that statement to. That's all that counts.If he doesnt get back together with her. He'll be the one hurting even worse when he see's her moving on. He'll be the one to lose.

  78. 78

    Re: starr – Ahem, you must be a teenager. I'm a married woman with kids. I assure you he was more to blame. He should have known better being twice her age. In my eyes she still an impressionable young woman who made a mistake. Theirs no pics verifying it was nothing more than an embrace and a kiss, Rupig is the one making all the moves. He's the one who swore vows. This is Hollywood people fool around all the time, they just don't get caught. It wasnt hot and heavy, the pics werent even rated 13. Give me a break. Stop with the hate. Grow up.

  79. 79

    As a woman l know the one thing l would never ever do is sleep with a married man (and yes l have been attracted to a few)

    Called having respect for others woman have a unspoken code you do not sleep with ya friends bf/hubbys and you do not sleep with married men we just know better we would not like it done to us so we do not do to others simple rules , unfortunately men are known for thinking with there dicks fact (not all men )

  80. 80

    Re: lexxii – Yep and while were at it we should remind people Kristen wasn't married, or engaged. The pics ARE NOT THAT DAMNING!! Barbara Walters admitted to having an affair with a married man.Meg Ryan with Russel Crowe.Hugh Grant with a prostitute.Bruce Springsting with Patti Scafia.Bill Clinton with God only knows how many.The list goes on and on.

  81. 81

    Re: gabalici0us – Who says she slept with HIM??? The US pics don't show that. You guys are speculating. You dont know anything.

  82. 82

    Re: HurkaDurkaRe: HurkaDurka – of course she slept with him do you honestly think the first time she decides to make out with him is in public unhibited , she must have had some sense of comfortabilty with him , either way who cares she got caught only reason she fessed up do not forget this is a woman that once likened media attention to like being raped , yet she did that made public apologies weird huh she is dishonest l do not trust a word that comes out of her mouth

  83. realist says – reply to this


    Anyone who is bashing Kristen is just an ignorant, jealous,petty person with no desire at all for the truth. You just believe the crap, and don't look for yourself. There's plenty of info out there (youtube, interviews) that show the real her. But you don't want to like her. She doesn't smile enough. She doesn't like the rude, piggish paparazzi because they are rude pigs. She was doing a photoshoot in Europe this past winter and stopped to go outside where a bunch of girls were waiting for her. It's on video. She is sincerely touched by her fans, she took pics, signed autographs, and talked and laughed with the girls. When she had to go back inside she told the girls to go home "not to freeze to death because of her". The paps didn't like that she only payed attention to the fans. So this is what was reported: Kristen gave the paps the finger and said she hoped they froze to death. A complete ugly lie. You can see it for yourself, or you can continue to hate your imaginary false version of Kristen.

  84. me says – reply to this


    Re: KStew is a TRAMPIRE

    And you have proven that you are an immature little brat who knows nothing about life but think you know everything. You're a hateful evil twit who is unhappy and jealous and have no mind of your own. You believe everything you hear. As long as it's negative. You can easily go on youtube and see how Kristen is with her fans. Hear stories from the fans who actually in real life, had an interaction with her. And how exactly do you explain how a man can look DIRECTLY into the lens of a zoom camera, supposedly miles away. I think he set it up to blackmail her. It looks like he points out the camera to her, like I'm going to publish these if you don't do what I want. He's a creepy guy and she knows she's followed. Just kiss me a few times Kristen, I love you and that's all I'm asking for. Then I'll leave it be. She had the courage and ethics, yes ethics to apologise, to not make excuses. Robert is a smart man, and he chose her. He knows her, you don't.

  85. 85

    Re: Beth – I feel the same about you.

  86. 86

    The public needs to get a life, instead of worrying so much about some celebrities cheating on each other. There are more important things in this world than this shit. Fucking losers!!

  87. 87

    yes because noone knows who he is he doesnt have thousands of overweight fans crying over it…thats why…

  88. Mrs_Bathscum says – reply to this


    Why is this being compared to Brad and Ange????????? THEY FELL IN LOVE. They didn't get caught having an affair and Brad did not beg to be taken back by Jen HE LEFT HER. Listen married people have been known to have fallen in love with other peeople. It's sad for those involved but it does happen. Married men and their mistresses who are just fucking aka rupert and kristen don't give a fuck about who gets hurt, they are thrill seekers, they don't even love each other, if they did they would leave their partners not beg their forgiveness. No this is not the same as Brad and Ange fell in love when he was married, it's about a bratty girl fucking her director whilst being "in love with" her bf and a married man having a bit on the side.. Brad and Ange were never bits on the side SO NO.. IT'S NOT THE SAME.. DUMBASSES

  89. wth says – reply to this


    i think rob has a secret affair with reese witherspoon cos he just moved STRAIT in to her house suspisous or what anyways rupert is also to blame for all we know he could of forced her threatend her with the prospet of being fired or somthing but its unfair that rupert is getting Away with it when kristen is gettin all the blame so what she kissed him oh well its not like robert has never ever cheated on eny one

  90. RVD says – reply to this


    I think comments and media coverage such as this are way out of line. You continue to show pictures of the event, old story lines, and repeating the events; hoping to stir the public, and continuing to hurt them all. If you want to give a story, give facts, not fiction, stop rehashing and linking to the event. Stop everything and let them all heal. Take down your old stories, pictures and fan comments so they can't be found if you really care about her wellbeing. Oh, I forgot, you're in this for the money. You don't really care about her health and wellbeing. You’re just pretending you care. Ooops, my bad!

  91. RVD says – reply to this


    Re: gabalici0us – One question to all you people that hate, are jealous, and wicked with your words, including PH:

    "Will you hold yourselves unaccountable for your actions; shrug your cold, hateful shoulders, especially, if any one of these people are…so fragile…that they can't deal with their own guilt compounded by your harsh crassness and end up dead?"

    I think comments and media coverage such as this are way out of line. You continue to show pictures of the event, old story lines, and repeating the events; hoping to stir the public, and continuing to hurt them all. If you want to give a story, give facts, not fiction, stop rehashing and linking to the event. Stop everything and let them all heal. Take down your old stories, pictures and fan comments so they can't be found if you really care about her wellbeing. Oh, I forgot, you're in this for the money. You don't really care about her health and wellbeing. You’re just pretending you care. Ooops, my bad!

  92. Amy says – reply to this


    they are both at fault. she may be young but still should know better. as for the director, he is a disgusting pig who isn't going to have to face any sort of negative scrutiny. i hope his wife is smart enough to leave him. i agree that it is not fair that she is getting all the backlash and I think it is really lame that everyone is bashing her personality. rob was smart enough to leave her and that should be the end of it. so what if she doesn't smile all the time and would be considered awkward at best in the spotlight. it is a tough business and if you're shy and insecure I could only imagine how someone would feel consistently in the public eye. i know that is all part of the business but it is still something that is hard to get used to.

  93. RVD says – reply to this


    Kristen, forgive yourself and all who have hurt you. You are worthy of love!
    All you selfish, perfect, and judgmental people that can't seem to do anything but point fingers and sling hate, jealousy, viciousness and ridicule, forget the people directly involved in this scandal. "He, who hath no sin, cast the first stone." I am not a bible thumper but there is such a thing as basic human compassion. Where is your compassion?

  94. RVD says – reply to this


    Not only are you intentionally hurting "ALL" the people involved, don't you realize you are hurting yourselves and those reading your comments? (Robert Pattinson included…I am sure your hateful comments hurt him because you are hurting someone he cares very deeply for, even if you don't think so, he does! You are not helping him; you are hurting him.) What has Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson done to you to deserve the hurt you have caused them by feeding into this frenzy of hatred, jealousy, disrespect, viciousness, and anger that does not belong to you? Where is love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness? This is not support. Your vicious, hateful, jealous comments prove you are no better than those you point your fingers towards. You are being just as selfish, by not caring because you want to vent. Your words hurt just as much as anything Kristen has done, if not more, shame on all of you. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Tread lightly, please, for their sakes, and yours, because there is no excuse for this wickedness. Two wrongs don't make it right, nor, do billions of wrongs. Do not underestimate the power of your words, they can heal and destroy. Please choose to help everyone heal.

  95. Devyn says – reply to this


    Re: loveu1432 – CHEATER LOVER

  96. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    OH MY! – I didn't realize I'd riled up the KSTOOGE TWI-TWITS :) I must do my civic duty & dole out another dose of REALITY for the delusional nutters… ;)

  97. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: Mrs_Bathscum – "Her talent is not sufficient for us to overlook what she did.. she was on a lucky streak, she was not skilled"… A-to-the-MEN! :) You speak truth! (Unfortunately, the delusional KSTOOGE TWI-TWITS don't let "reality" get in the way of their FANatic obsession. As such, it's fascinating reading the incredibly crazy/stupid things they write, haha!)

  98. KStew is a TRAMPIRE says – reply to this


    Re: hoochpit – "Ah, the old "i'm a victim, he had power over me". Except that does not hold water at all. In Hollywood, the stars rule. This was this guys 1st job on a motion picture. There's no way she wasn't running the show. What a pathetic whore. She needs to realize people aren't pissed at her over fucking a married dude, it's the twilight fans that are most pissed 'cuz of their love for Rob. Idiot twat."… CURIOUS… – I've seen several unintelligent posts from you bashing PH & gays which are in stark contrast with this articulate post outlining how KStew screwed up. Did you write both posts & have a split personality (drunk-posting perhaps?) Or has one of the delusional KSTOOGE TWI-TWITS been using your handle to make it seem like KSTEW has more support than she actually does? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

  99. Sara says – reply to this


    They are both at fault but she is the bigger celebrity which is why it’s all falling on her shoulders. It was just a god awful decision on both parts but I have completely lost all respect for her. As for the part where he had power over her because he was her director, I think that complete BS because as a professional actress she belongs to an actor’s union where if her director is forcing moves on her, she can make a complaint against him. She seemed to want it as much as him and was only “sorry” after she got caught. I made a video about her cheating scandal. If anyone would like to check it out here is the link:

  100. Sara says – reply to this


    They are both at fault but she is the bigger celebrity which is why it’s all falling on her shoulders. It was just a god awful decision on both parts but I have completely lost all respect for her. As for the part where he had power over her because he was her director, I think that complete BS because as a professional actress she belongs to an actor’s union where if her director is forcing moves on her, she can make a complaint against him. She seemed to want it as much as him and was only “sorry” after she got caught. I made a video about her cheating scandal. If anyone would like to check it out please got to Youtube, my channel is called ReviewSomethingVlog. Thanks :)

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