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Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders: Where Does The Blame Lie?

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Kristen Stewart Rupert Sanders Blame Poll

SO much has been going on in the world of Kristen Stewart and gurl has NOT been happy with the way people have been placing blame on her and not Rupert Sanders!

While Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence can’t even seem to fathom how KStew could cheat on R-Patz with a married man, TV journalist Lisa Ling … well, she thinks she f*cked up too!

Of course, not all are out to chastise Kristen, with her former co-star, Jodie Foster, recently taking up for her!

Now it's your turn…

Kristen Stewart Vs. Rupert Sanders: Who's To Blame?

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Kristen Stewart Vs. Rupert Sanders: Who's To Blame?

  • Both (80%)
  • Rupert (15%)
  • Kristen (5%)

Total Votes: 47,795

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[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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34 comments to “Kristen Stewart & Rupert Sanders: Where Does The Blame Lie?”

  1. bobb says – reply to this


    why is rob not an option as he could be to blame for being so boring

  2. 2

    I don't recall there being any accusations of rape. So I'm gonna go with the blindingly obvious cliche…"It takes two to tango."

  3. MadnessCraves says – reply to this


    Honestly? 90% of the blame lies with Rupert. He's the older, married guy. He really should've known better. Kristen has to take some responsibility too as she didn't do anything to stop it. I suspect she was 'living in the moment' and didn't think of the consequences afterwards. She made a mistake. Time to let her go on and live her life. Whether Robert decides to take her back or not, is his choice. We don't know the full story here. Leave the poor girl alone.

  4. 4

    Does anyone actually believe Jennifer said that? smh…

  5. Amber says – reply to this


    Both are to blame.. He for being old enough to tell her young ass that he is not right for her SHE HAD a boyfriend, and She,, well needs therapy if she let her man go for that.. Sorry just saying.. Can anyone STROKE her ego any more..Won't as much A hold hands with Rob, but she will do this with a married man. in broad daylight.. Damn you are messed up. Yeah, your sick.. craving attention….Ain't nobody asking where she is.. Now we see that Rob is going to be OK..and he will.. she needs to stay outta the picture.. I mean, what was her fans, we all, are not happy with her and won't be happy to see her. Is she that hard up to hear she is pretty (NOT) to get an old man to rub up on ya.. Girl you need serious help.. and by the way have you looked at the man you tossed away.. looking soo good and in control..All he needed was you to do this to him, and the entire world loves him even more if that was possible.. So glad your gone. Stay in hiding… It's so nice when your away…

  6. 6

    Oh please, it's both. She knew what she was doing and so did he. They are both old enough to know that cheating is wrong. They both know that there are people who would be hurt by this.
    People who say things like "oh she's young and makes mistakes" are just making excuses. Yes, young people make mistakes, but cheating isn't something you accidentally do. You knowingly do it, you don't cheat on your significant other and then cry "oops". You either do it or you don't. And it's stupid to say he lured her in because he's older. She's not a child. She knew it was wrong. Everything is excuses, excuses, excuses. When the reality is they both cheated. Now let's move on.

  7. 7

    Re: MadnessCraves – I agree with you here for sure

  8. 8

    I don't know why this is necessary. Unless someone is raped, an affair is always the fault of both parties, not just one.

  9. amish says – reply to this


    What is this the 1950's? Can't a girl just get banged thedse days? SHEESH!

  10. Wow says – reply to this


    Why in the hell does Jennifer Lawrence feel the need to put in her 2 cents? Why doesn't she worry about her own damn relationship .. You see this Jennifer Lawrence? It's you being told to s t f u along with Perez Hilton and everyone else. It's not just Kirsten's fault it's also Ruperts fault and while shes losing work hes gaining work .. wtf is wrong with Hollywood and the world? So unfair. In order for her to learn she's obviously gonna have to make a mistake, no one became wise without learning from their mistakes AND SHES YOUNG. I swear the media is forgetting that she is only 22 so give her a fucking break .. Especially you Perez you really enjoy seeing her suffer you retard beaner.

  11. SMOON says – reply to this


    Plain and simple, both. I hate how people are saying that she's young and blah blah blah. She knew very well that he's a married man with children at home and he's an adult who should take his marriage seriously and not throw everything away for what clearly seems to be a fling.

  12. Sammy2010 says – reply to this


    Good grief, i can't believe I'm going to say this, but I'm really starting to feel bad for Stewart. Make no mistake, I am no fan of hers, i think she's a terrible actress and I'd be happy if I never had to find myself at my video ever again thinking "hey, this one sounds really good! But oh… Kristen Stewart is in it…". Also, I think cheating is deplorable AND I also happen to have a massive crush on Robert Pattinson, so when this whole scandal broke loose, conditions were ripe for me to get my KStew hate on. But now, even I am starting to feel like enough is enough. Yes, she totally effed up, but holy jeez, I think she's more than paid for it now. The backlash has grown to ridiculous proportions, and I'm sure she's done her own fair share of punishing herself. And the fact that she has been taking the lion's share of the blame while Rupert Sanders is pretty much getting a free pass has left this former KStew hater feeling… Kind of like I just wanna give her a big hug and tell her everything's going to be alright.

    Who'da thunk it?

  13. Jules says – reply to this


    @MewLover34…No no one believes that Jennifer Lawrence actually said ANYTHING about Kristen Stewart (except of course the lunatic fringe, perhaps) but, no one with their sanity intact believes it and they are in the majority. PH will throw this out there because it brings people to his site…Jennifer Lawrence is a very popular actress (and also well liked, talented, etc.,) and, oddly, because of this and because the media has long been trying to create a feud between the two when it doesn't exist, Jennifer Lawrence will be dragged into this bullshit. Jennifer lawrence has a great reputation and a very busy career and doesn't have the time for this baloney…but the real focus of this is and always will be Stewart and as far as this shitstorm is concerned, I give it another month before it blows over.

  14. Jules says – reply to this


    Oh, and if you need further proof that no one believes Jennifer Lawrence said anything about Stewart, just read the comments on the last article Hilton posted on the site…out of 27 responses I think maybe 1(!) believed it. That was probably a plant, or one of the crazies who wrote it. It's why this post appeared about Lisa Ling who, apparently did tweet something, but, there's proof. The article that appeared out of Radar that dragged Jennifer Lawrence into this baloney claimed a "source" said this and an "insider" said that and no one buys that shit anymore so, Hilton has to keep pushing it for all the responses it will bring and also because it bugs the shit out of them that no one buys their lies. Reporting the same lies (hoping it will bring legitimacy) yet, it still NEVER works.

  15. kristi says – reply to this


    The blame lies with them both. I think they are both gross for doing it and both of them knew what they were doing. By the time your 22 you should know that adultery is wrong.

  16. Monika says – reply to this


    We're human we make mistakes people. I really hope he can forgive her and take her back.

  17. Covington Beasley says – reply to this


    As a man, I blame Sanders (41) for being predatory, for seducing her (22). Few people can understand how powerful the strong under currents can be when a man ever so slowly shows a woman polite cheerful appreciation without coming onto her… until she has let down her guard, til she trusts him, til she begins to show that she likes his pleasant charming manner, until she begins to flirt a little just in fun of course… until she finds herself wondering the little things like what it would be like to kiss him, to be held by him… Us innocent men wait like predatory cats, waiting for her signal that she's ready… to be touched ever so gently, softly until she aches for more.
    Once again, I blame that dashing, charming, bleeding bastard Sanders for seducing her… and for tragically ruining a relationship that was cherished by untold millions worldwide.

  18. Rochelle says – reply to this


    Re: Covington Beasley – Damn, Covington, take me now!

  19. realist says – reply to this


    Re: Covington Beasley

    Finally, someone I agree with. I don't think this is the first time Rupert has made the moves on a young actress. Liberty has said their marriage has been rocky, but she stays. Don't project your ideas of marriage onto them. When you are 40 and look around, you'll see what the reality is. Rupert sounded creepy the way he spoke of her,. We don't know how they ended up where they were, with one pap getting the pics, with Rupert staring into the lens. She knows she's followed. I don't think she had any idea of what he had planned. She was probably shocked and panicked about how to handle the situation. How many actors show the strength of character to admit they did wrong. Took responsibility, apologized. No excuses. Under the guise of morality and 'for the children' you blame her. Not, their father. It's rather more disturbing the publics need for blood. That money somehow shields someone from mental trauma. Kristen's been a target as soon as she got Bella.Then she got Rob. The tabloids latched onto that, and have made up a version of Kristen that doesn't exist. Making up complete lies. You can see for yourself on Youtube or read her words, not some blog. As for the stupid 2 to tango, it makes a difference if someone is a professional dancer, and the partner is still learning the steps.

  20. 20

    Kristen is young, immature, stupid, and not married. Give the girl a break! Yes, she made a HUGE mistake but she will learn. Not sure if Robert will take her back after the humiliation so she's going to have to go back to her weed. I mean she left her ex for Rob, what was he thinking too? This Rupert guy looks pretty slimy to me and has probably cheated on his wife a number of times with young immature girls. Oh and he's also married with kids! What an asshole, he should know better with his age an all. Yes, they're both to blame but something about this Rupert guy irks me. Ewww.

  21. 21

    I think it's ridiculous that she is thinking people should blame him more (if she indeed is thinking that). If you're old enough to fuck around, than you're damn well old enough to deal with the consequences. She isn't 12 anymore. Why is she whining like that now?

  22. 22

    shes not too young to know she did wrong look at the photo looks like they are secretly touching in that photo whos to blame HER for being a nasty slut

  23. 23

    This ongoing KS saga here reminds me of when there is a breaking crime on HLN with everyone beating it into the ground for months. It's real good for a few news cycles but we're reminded about recycling old stuff when JVM or NG has like a five year anniversary roundtable to discuss the casey anthony trial…

  24. Mrs_Bathscum says – reply to this


    See Kristen.. we think BOTH of you are assholes

  25. 25

    Re: Pumpkin John – Perez beats a horse long after it's dead largely because he's an obsessive twat who has no life, no class, and no ability to do anything more useful. For some twisted reason, he's got some issue with Stewart, even though it's highly likely she doesn't know Perez and probably hasn't even heard of him. He's got his nasty, stinky little panties in a twist because one of his hetero crushes (Pattinson) might've had his feelings hurt by Stewart. Perez very clearly has issues and needs help. He has spent weeks spewing hate at Stewart and bullying her. I personally don't care WHO is to blame in the Stewart-Sanders situation because it's nobody's business. My life will go on just fine without worrying over it. The chips will fall where they fall.

  26. Justmy2cents says – reply to this


    I blame both parties. It takes two to tangle. And this is not the first time Kristen fooled around on one of her BF. Rupert is being blamed as well and loses more in the end, his wife and kids…So yeah he is paying for it just as much as she is.. She doesn't even care to realize she helped destroy a family.. The fact she is pointing fingers shows me that she is not remorseful she just doesn't want to look bad in the public eye and trying to save her career..

  27. mdonner says – reply to this


    are you fucking kidding me right now? "who to blame"??? ok, there was this whole media spectacle and the Kristen girl made a huuuge mistake by apologizing in public, but come on! There were two people attracted to each other, they couldn't resist, so what exactly is the big deal? Both cheated, ok. We have billions of people cheating right now on this planet without the scrutiny of mass media . What is wrong with you guys? These actors are human, they make mistakes, c'est la vie. Get over it and stop torturing those poor people, they suffer enough. It's just gross to watch the tabloids and the blogs throwing themselves at the story just to get more hits, or to sell more magazines. The first without sin should be the first to throw a stone. Get it? Stop the bullshit and leave them alone.

  28. loco says – reply to this


    WHO GIVE A FACK ALREADY> RP HAS A 3inch dick that's why she cheated. hahahaha

  29. Krystina says – reply to this


    Re: Covington Beasley – This sounds spot on. Rupert is a sexual predator that knows exactly what he is doing. But I bet she will never fall for this trick again! This was a HARD lesson she has learnt. Too bad Rob is suffering as well. I am sure he is under the impression that he has no option but to dump her. Don't make the same mistake Rob, do things for the right reasons. If you love her, forgive her.

  30. cheap insurance says – reply to this


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  31. V.jeyn says – reply to this


    Both are to blame obviously. no excuses will be acceptable. This scandal is like a very disturbing and very bad fairy tale… we have the Cheating Princess romancing the Big Bad Wolf… if you have been on the receiving end of infidelity only then would you understand the pain. Stewart is getting the heat because she is the celebrity…also, cheating is already wrong…then you had to do it with a married guy. Either way you look its ugly..

  32. original article says – reply to this


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  33. Stupid Cupid says – reply to this


    Re: Rochelle – You could have written that about me, I was in my twenties, he was in his forties and married. It happend literally as you wrote it. Looking back I was very naive and he knew what he was doing (and that was the point of view from other people). He's still with his wife and if I saw him on fire in the gutter I wouldn't spit on him. Fortunately common sense eventually reared it's head and I dumped him but it messed with my head for a long time. I agree with 90% blame Rupert and 10% blame Kristen.

  34. blue says – reply to this


    They are both consentating adults, with partners, who knew what they were doing

    Kirsten Stewart did NOT ruin Rupert and Libertys marriage. Rupert HIMSELf did that the minute he fooled around with another woman behind his wifes back.

    Rupert sanders did NOT wreck Rob and Kirstens relationship. Kirsten did that HERSELF when she hooked up with another man behind her boyfriends back.

    * she is too young ??? no she is a grown woman who can vote, drink and clearly made the decision to cheat on her boyfriend with a man who had a wife and kids and worst of all she KNEW his wife and worked along side of her all the while stabbing her in the back

    * He is getting away with it ??? That movie was his big directors debut i doubt after this scandal he will have any credibility as a director anymore. Plus he seems 2 to be in the dog house with his wife and he stands to lose his family so getting away with it dsnt really come to mind

    They are both to blame it takes 2 to tango. They are both a sbad as each other. However i am gald thet both Robert and Liberty are doing so well after this whole scandal.