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Lauren Conrad Wants To Be Belle Makes A DIY Bookshelf Box! Watch HERE!

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She's crafty!

If you didn't know, Lauren Conrad has been busy making all sorts of DIY videos for Crafty Creations.

And one of her most recent how-to guides involves some books, a box, and the destruction of said books.

But don't despair, novel lovers!! Cuz after you cut the binds off the books, you can make yourself a neat lil' storage box for a shelf!

Wanna see what she does?? Play it (above)!

Some people are really getting upset by it, but we think if you can find some books that have seen better days or are gonna be thrown away anyways, why not??

Also, you can use the pages for a cool wall collage and show off your love of books that way too!

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12 comments to “Lauren Conrad Wants To Be Belle Makes A DIY Bookshelf Box! Watch HERE!”

  1. 1

    That's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. The finished product is a box where you store books that looks like a collection of books you don't particularly care about & decided to cut up. Don't people store their books on shelves anyways? Don't they want you to see the binding so you know what books they have?

  2. 2

    So basically, trash and destroy books in order to make something empty & pretty. Oh the irony of it.

  3. 3

    I think it is adorable. If you're going to do this, DON'T use children's books (donate them to your local library!) and don't forget to recycle!

  4. 4

    Re: Meggie246524 – "empty & pretty" were you talking about the box or lauren?

  5. ziggy says – reply to this


    that is the dumbest thing i've ever seen!why would you cut up books just to make your storage box look pretty??!!idiot

  6. diosa says – reply to this


    So you're destroying perfectly good books to decorate a box to then put books in?

  7. asddf says – reply to this


    she looks like a bitch here

  8. 8

    How come she didn't destroy any of her own books she's written? Wow, she went from making 80k an episode on the Hills to destroying books for an empty box. Okay…

  9. 9

    she needs to make a coffin and bury herself! this video kinda sums up how ridiculous and shallow she is…swapping books for a pretty empty box.

  10. wentodom says – reply to this


    WHAT? Do you know how many schools need books for kids in the library and this bitch is just cutting them up for an ugly craft project? She should be ashamed of herself. She took it off the internet too.

  11. Eveline says – reply to this


    I'm a fan of Lauren, but I can admit that doing this to the books was not the best idea.

  12. HailLemonySnicket says – reply to this


    Why trash lemony snicket books? she should of used twilight books instead ;D