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Mila Kunis: There's 'No Need' To Marry Ashton Kutcher!

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mila kunis ashton kutcher not sure about marriage

Sorry, Kelso! Jackie ain't popping the question any time soon!

Mila Kunis recently admitted she really doesn't buy into the whole notion of marriage!

According to one source, she said:

"I would love to find 'The One.' But I'm not sure about marriage. I see no need. I'll be with somebody because I want to, not because a piece of paper tells me I have to."

Ruh-Roh, Rashton Rutcher Ashton Kutcher!

We hope you weren't planning on putting a ring on it any time soon!

According to the very same source, Mila further explained:

"If the love of my life thinks it's important, then fine, I'll get married."

Ahhh! So you're saying there's a chance!

Mila continued expanding upon her personal secrets for making love work.

She revealed:

"You have to make compromises, but I don't believe you have to make sacrifices for love… I've met plenty of guys with Peter Pan syndrome, where they don't want to grow up."

We're not sure whether she means Macaulay Culkin but, either way, she offers sound advice!!

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Mila Kunis: There's 'No Need' To Marry Ashton Kutcher!”

  1. Lara says – reply to this


    Sing it, sister!
    While all the Jennifers and the Angelinas and the (insert any other diamond hungry chick's name here) are all out there salivating over "carats" to brag about, fancy-ass white dresses and "licenses," (waiting to be "bought,") here's a woman who knows it is ALL about the love, the respect, and the friendship… and nothin' else.
    Who knew that the 14 year old 'Jackie' actress was so down to earth?

  2. 2

    Mila, sweetie….Ashton is STILL MARRIED; you little Harlot Skank….

  3. mia says – reply to this


    Those are old quotes, why make up a story out of it now? Besides, who still believes what she says, anyway? Most of what you read in her interviews for mags is PR intended to create a likeable character which is attractive to a certain group of people.
    @ Lara - don't be naive. During the press junket for Ted she said her boyfriend must have a career and a house. To have a house where she lives one needs to be wealthy. Timberlake, Culkin, Kutcher - regular guys indeed. Bet you'll never see her dating a teacher, firefighter.. So yeah, it's all about love blah blah, so down to earth…

  4. 4

    IF ANYONE has peter pan syndrome its ashton when did she get SO MATURE ashton is still married and SHES A HOME WRECKER!!

  5. 5

    sound advice!!??………You're an idiot.

  6. 6

    You cannot believe what Mila says. I am so sick of her contrived interviews. I used to think she was down to earth but she is do fake, Ashton is too hamdsome for her.

  7. 7

    I'm with her. I don't think having a piece of paper is that important. It seems to be more of a thing here in the states. I've noticed a lot of times in Europe they don't necessarily get married. I know people who have been together years over there but don't have the certificate. I honestly don't think it matters. I can see how if you have kids it's different though.

  8. 8

    She's not a homewrecker..Ashton is. He's the one who cheated with some blonde bimbo on Demi. I like Ashton and Mila together, she's so beautiful.

  9. CuddleBearzies says – reply to this


    Oh, honey, oh no.
    "you don't have to make sacrifices for love",
    no relationship of hers will last.
    Sacrifice is the definition of love, but only us who have been in real relationships, experienced the heartbreak and pain of life but pulled through it together would know that.
    She is a lightweight.

  10. honeybooboo says – reply to this


    Re: CuddleBearzies – umm excuse you, she was in a relationship with macaulay culkin for EIGHT years. that's longer than most marriages now-a-days.