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Rihanna Rehashes Chris Brown Incident To Oprah: 'He Needed Help'

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It’s looking like Rihanna’s upcoming interview with Oprah delves even deeper into the domestic violence incident that occurred in 2009 with Chris Brown.

While we previously showed you a sneak peek of RiRi’s therapy sesh sit down with Mama O for Sunday’s episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter, we now have another glimpse!

Check out the clip (above) to hear WHY Rihanna felt the need to protect Chris, even after he left her battered and bruised.

Interesting…we’re glad she’s at least able to speak candidly about what happened that night and doesn’t seem to be holding those emotions in.

Supposedly, Chris has already seen the clips and, as a source stated:

“He feels horrible he did that. Watching [Rihanna's interview with Oprah] made him realize he made a big mistake and he’s been paying for it ever since.”

If anything, let this be a lesson learned.

Tune in to see the full interview, when it airs on OWN this Sunday at 9pm!

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32 comments to “Rihanna Rehashes Chris Brown Incident To Oprah: 'He Needed Help'”

  1. Kristen says – reply to this


    It's pretty unsettling that it took him watching an interview three years later to feel terrible for what he did.

  2. 2

    Good god, again? This nasty whore of a bitch needs her ass kicked again.

  3. G says – reply to this


    OH Rihanna. I feel bad and sad for you. You need help….he is a monster. She has very deep rooted problems. After all of these years she still puts his feelings first. You don't have to hate him forever, but at least acknowledge your self worth. You did not deserve that nor are you responsible for his actions. She has been on a downward spiral since Chris Brown. I hope her dearest friends and family get her the help she needs and help her live in a more positive way.

  4. a.k says – reply to this


    so obvious that she is still madly madly in love and still wants to be with her abuser. and she totally would be if the world wasn't judging and watching her..

  5. 5

    She's giving the classic response: "Poor Chris - I'm concerned about him - he needs help". He didn't need any help pounding the crap out of her, throwing a chair through NBC's window because he didn't like an interview question, getting another girlfriend, telling the world to shove it when he's asked if he's dealing with his anger, etc. He's a low life street thug who happens to have money - he can afford counselling if he wanted it. He doesn't want it - he wants to keep living his life like the selfish asswipe that he is.

  6. Barbz says – reply to this


    When will this girl stop playing the victim and use it to make her career. She became a bigger star after she was beaten. She has no talent cannot dance cannot sing but is a superstar because she likes to act out smoke weed and have people feel sorry for her for getting beaten up. It was an unfortunate event lets get over this and focus on what really matters THE MUSIC! Chris has already appologized, Rihanna accepts his appology lets move on!

  7. 7

    Watching this interview is heartbreaking. I love Rihanna and what she doesn't need is more harsh criticism. Tis really gives some insight on what an abused woman is feeling and thinking, I know from personal experience. I do agree that she may need professional help, I pray she gets it. We love you Rihanna!

  8. 8

    kristen stewart can't be forgiven for cheating on her boyfriend, but Chris Brown is forgivin for beating up his girlfriend? Interesting Perez, might want to think about the mixed messages you send when you take sides in these celebrity incidents. You forgive those you are a super fan of, and belittle the others every chance you get. Interesting.

  9. 9

    aren't they rekindling their love/sex?

  10. 10

    Just when you think Okra Panfry has SCRAPED the last bit of OOZE from the bottom of her SEPTIC TANK…….she still finds more…

  11. zania says – reply to this


    Re: a.k – Rihanna never denied what he did was wrong, she stated he needed help, she knows him personally and know his histroy from childbirth. CB came from an abusive home, but CB never abusive until that night. She is simply stating that he needs help, because neither Rihanna or CB knew that he was capable of violence. CB talked against DV in the beginning of his career, he always talked about his mother abuse. Cb probably having difficulty dealing with the fact that world see him as his step father, (WOMAN bEATER) after he was head strong against a man hitting a woman. CB was just on Trya Banks show two years before the incident talking about his mother abuse and how no man should ever hit a woman and how terrified he was of his stepfather, that he used to pee to bed. Rihanna is basically saying that he needs help, not to be stoned.

  12. 12

    "If anything, let this be a lesson learned." Could you get any more TRITE, you pathetic, shallow asshole? Is that how you dismiss it? What is it with you and your worship of trash? You promote Chris Brown and it doesn't seem to bother you that he's an asshole who throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way. Rihanna is no better. She's a drunken, no-class, self-absorbed dumb whore who's probably still doing him and will get what she deserves out of it.
    Re: zania – What Brown needs is for others to stop allowing him to use his past as a crutch. My father was an asshole who beat my mother. Did I allow him to define who I became? NO. One reaches a point in life where one makes choices about who and what one is. Brown is a legal adult (though it's clear he's a mental child … that's one stupid darkie). He makes a choice every time he acts and reacts like a worthless ghetto thug. At the end of the day, his father has ZERO to do with that.

  13. zania says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me – CB was 19 and most 19 years old boys are imature. I am not using his past for excuse, I am simply stating while his mother was abused for 10 years, she probably didn't know that it affected her children. As a child you act normal and do normal things, but when the first time something traumatic or a out of control situation, is when a mother notice that her past has affected her child. There are so many children men and women who come from abusive background and repeat what they witness. It is menataly damaging and sometimes when your brain breaks down, only thing that can help you is medicine. Rihanna is strictly stating that no one wanted to help him, he came from a clean imagine and loved by millions, than the world turned their back on him without wondering what happen, to this guy who was always happy, fun, talked against DV.

  14. 14

    Re: Meggie246524 – you dont know what he went through or why he threw the chair at the window…get a grip..

  15. 15

    how is it that Chris Brown gets more crap than actual abusers ….men who hit their girlfriends or wives repeatedly….Charlie sheen..Eminem…Nick Carter..Ochocinco….. all of these MIDDLE AGED men..Chris brown hit Rihanna on ONE occasion when they were fighting at 19 years old & THEY get the most crap? …I just dont get it..people were SO BEYOND harsh on Chris Brown..

  16. YeahYeahIKnow says – reply to this


    I have mixed emotions about this interview. On one hand you get a different perspective of the entire "event" that took place. She is opening up in away she hasn't before but on the other hand it's like it's been five years and you're still talking about this! I get it people want to know but the more you tell them the more they ask. I thought she moved one from that part of her life it's not moving on if you rehash the "event" it's just opening the flood gates all over again.

  17. YeahYeahIKnow says – reply to this


    *oops 3 years ago.

  18. 18

    Re: nicky12344 – people are HARSH on Chris Brown???!!!! he NEARLY KILLED Rihanna, we got photos, details and police reports of WHAT EXACTLY happened and yet, he is welcomed at the Grammys with open arms and is given awards all over the place. People like me HATE THE SHIT OUT OF HIM because he is a little piece of shit who will continue acting like a little bratz bitch because he thinks the world revolves around his shitty little autotuned "songs". and idiots like you still hope to suck his dick because you are a shallow bitch with issues. All the men you mentioned deserve some serious jail time too, let me be clear about that. Because 19 is no goddamn excuse to beat the crap out of someone you "love" and leave them for dead. Shame on you.

  19. dims says – reply to this


    omg!!!can rihanna please grow the hell up!!it happened years back and bear in mind that she's not and tha only girl beaten,everyday wonam are are violated and nobody brings that into attention!!she's not special and she should stop portraying herself to be some goddess.chris made a mistake,he learned from it and he moved on…it's high time she did!she cant keep running to the media holding this onto chris.this is total bull

  20. homo teddy hilton says – reply to this



  21. 21

    Chris Brown does need help. He witnessed his mother being battered. As for Rihanna, she is very mature, and even surprised Oprah for how mature her response were regarding CB and that phase of her life. You bitter bitches on here are even trying to drag Rihanna for taking the high road. She shouldn't have anything negative to say about him because it would make her look like a loser and she's obviously past him (which is why CB is fighting over her with Drake, because if he was truly happy with Karreuche Tran he could have looked past Drake's insults toward him).

  22. 22

    Re: homo teddy hilton – Racist, vile life form. Lighting affects the way people look. The reason she's lighter in some pics is because of FLASHING LIGHTS on paparazzi cameras.

  23. namers says – reply to this


    As a battered survivor (knife at my throat when the cops came, 30 years ago), what everyone is missing here (I don't know what Oprah's replies are) is what drove HER into that relationship (and behavior since). She's crying because she hasn't dealt with her own issues from her childhood (she's being triggered by the conversation.) They both came together to service each others unresolved crap. The fact they they still 'play' together is scary. Patterns beget patterns.

  24. tina says – reply to this


    if you rihanna can forgive chris brown THE ACTUAL PERSON WHO WAS INVOLVED why the fuck can't you people mind your business and move on they're both young everybody makes mistakes at least she's actually mature even to not hold grudges she was the victim. Chris does need help and you people bashing him every fucking day isn't helping him. If he wasn't a celeb you wouldn't give a fuck so shut the fuck up already and let both of them live.

  25. Cierra says – reply to this


    What people have to realize is that this Man was her BEST FRIEND IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. So of course she's gonna have some type of love for him always. That shit just don't go away. But it would not be smart for them to hook back up publicly so she has no choice but to let him go.

  26. Cierra says – reply to this


    Re: Meggie246524 – Why are throwing stereotypes calm down it's not that real. Your pressed for no reason.

  27. Cierra says – reply to this


    Re: dimsRe: nicky12344 – That's because he is a black man who committed a crime. It's harder for a black men to redeem themselves.

  28. Cierra says – reply to this


    Re: mswilde – Whoa ur so pressed you seriously need to calm down and take a breather. That man did absolutely nothing to you to make you "hate him" U can't sit there and say he doesn't have a chance to redeem himself ur not god. Not even god would say he doesn't have a chance. Your actually putting him on a pedestal believe it or not ur treating him as if he's not human something. Like he's not gonna make mistakes. No one is forcing u to listen to him music. U don't like his music than don't listen (it doesn't get more simple than that) U just can't relate to chris and rihanna's situation is all. I guess you've never had a female push ur buttons to the point where it pisses you off and u explode or had a best friend who hurt you ONE TIME but you still love them. And u can sit there and say u would never do what he did but life has a hell of a way of proving us wrong all u can do is hope you will never something you think is terrible ALSO MEMORIES DO NOT CHANGE. WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN THEM BEFORE FEBRUARY 8, 2009 WILL NEVER CHANGE……

  29. None of our business says – reply to this


    Re: homo teddy hilton
    youre just stupid guy, plain stupid, and seriously dangerous to society, you sound like a white hood wearer hiding behind a computer..

  30. Get a Life says – reply to this


    Re: Yes You Bore Me
    You sound jealous to me, get a life and stop worrying about them, how about you go do something meaningful to society instead of hating on anothers success, and yes i say success because youre writing about him not him writing about you

  31. The sole True Cost tog says – reply to this


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  32. Poetry says – reply to this


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